Keychains bug with german umlaut

Recently i found a strange behavior within keychains. If the name of a keychain contains a german umlaut e.g "geschäftlich" i'm not able to activate sync keychain with .mac. i set the marker at "sync keychain with .mac" and click save. When i open the keychain settings again the dotmac setting is again NOT enabled and the keychains don't get synced.
If i make a new keychain "geschaeftlich" which contains the same items as "geschäftlich" everything works fine.
As far as i remember keychains worked with "umlaute" until at least 10.5.2

Probably one of many issues with the transition to MobileMe. I'd file a bug.

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  • Cannot renew code signing certificate - maybe bug with german Umlaut?

    Since one month I expierence a message that I should renew my code signing certificate and today I thought it is time to stop this message.
    Because I could not find anything about renewing the certificate in Mountain Lion I used the KB-article that discribes the process for Lion.
    after that I get this in at my terminal:
    sudo /Applications/ --recreate-CA-signed-certificate ' Signierungszertifikate für Code' 'IntermediateCA_MYSERVER.DOMAIN.DE_1' 7D3E2458
    when I press return I get this:
    /Applications/ Cannot find the certificate: Signierungszertifikate für Code
    I checked it again and again - I cannot find any typo or something like that - so maybe Mountain Lion wants to renew the certificate in a different way or certadmin cannot cope with german "Umlaute" - "für" - in english for - but I did not gave this name it was given by the system when I setup the server one year ago.
    Every hint is welcome, bye

    I am stupid - I read the KB article again and there it says
    "When entering the hexadecimal serial number, ensure that all letters are entered in lower case."
    I retyped the command with lower case hex numbers and everything was fine

  • IPhoto doesn`t work correctly with german "umlaut" (ä,ö,ü) in keywords

    iPhoto doesn`t work correctly with german "umlaut" (ä,ö,ü) in keywords. They get to ä̈,ö̈, ü̈ when I write the keyword a second time. Can anybody tell me why. Thank you. Heinz

    It apparently does not like non-standard English characters - use A-Z and 0-9 adn you should be OK
    report to Apple - iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto feedback

  • Wrong email display name with german umlauts (MS Exchange 2003)

    We use 6 iPhones with Exchange 2003 and get wrong email display names with german umlauts (ä,ü,ö) - but the email-body is right.
    We get special characters instead of umlauts, so the display name split into pieces. Anwering is not posipble - we get a failure-message.
    We changed the standard-internet-mailformat on the exchange-server to unicode utf-8. First it works fine, after a few hours the names displays wrong again.
    So we use this hotfix:
    Same result: First it works fine, after a few hours the names displays wrong again at the iPhone.
    Any ideas?

    Do you have commas in the display name? We used to have "Müller, Thomas" <[email protected]> and then got the split up and special characters you mention. Tests have shown that when leaving out the comma in the display name, e.g. "Thomas Müller" <[email protected]>, everything worked fine.
    Guess it's a question of whether a company wants to change its naming convention for a few iPhone users...

  • Characters With German Umlaut in webservice

    i have a requirement wherein i have to pass Characters With German Umlaut in my web service but when i see the trace they are getting converted into dots.
    does anyone have solution for it?

    Ideally this should not be a problem. Please provide more information.
    Where you are checking trace? (PI?)
    Are you getting response or request as dots?
    Can you check encoding?
    Check this out, to me it seems problem related to encoding:
    The problem mainly arise because of mismatching of encoding: ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8.
    so double check encoding type provided in request and response.

  • SAP Gui 7.20 PLevel 3, ALV Problems with German Umlauts u00FCu00F6u00E4...

    we have updated our SAP Gui to version 7.20 lately and have some serious problems now with entering German Umlauts 'üöäÜÖÄß' into any editable ALV grid.
    This means when typing in e.g. 'ü', the grid immediately removes this character and replaces it by, well, by nothing. It just ignores this character at all.
    SAP Gui is currently at patch level 3 . The correct version is 7200.1.3.3190, build 1196830. Running German Windows XP clients with service pack 3. ERP is running SAP ECC 6.0.
    Is this a known problem? Has sbdy. a workaround this?
    Edit: Just found the release notes for SAP Gui 7.20 Lvl 3:
    2010/09/02     Texts get garbled while typing umlaut character in ALVGrid, Note 1503081
    This note, however, is not open for public view. OTH this means SAP was aware of this problem and tried to correct it to no avail so far.
    Edited by: Michael Fritz on Nov 19, 2010 11:19 AM

    Hi Martin,
    where did you get this info? Any official SAP note available? Do you encounter similar problems?
    We, too, noticed that uploading and downloading files from directories with German Umlauts, this fails now,too. There may be problems with files, too, however, we did not check this so far. The previous SAP Gui, I guess it was 7.10, didn't have any problems with this.
    I start wondering if SAP Germany have ever tested this? Or do they not use Umlauts anyway

  • Apex 4.0 Cascading Select List: ajax problem with german umlaute

    Hi everybody,
    Apex 4.0
    Dad PlsqlNLSLanguage: GERMAN_GERMANY.WE8MSWIN1252
    I have problems with german umlaute and ajax cascading select lists (Cascading LOV Parent Item).
    The data is populated without a page refresh in the select list when the parent select list changes but special signs like german umlaute are shown as weird characters.
    Seems like there is some charset problem with ajax.
    This is the only part of the application where special signs like umlaute are messed up. Everything else is fine.
    I allready tried to figure out if I can escape the umlaute in the javascript (file apex_widget_4_0.js) but no success here.
    Can anybody help me with this issue?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Markus,
    your specified character set in your DAD is wrong. As mentioned in the installation instructions at , Oracle APEX always requires AL32UTF8.
    3. Locate the line containing PlsqlNLSLanguage.
    The PlsqlNLSLanguage setting determines the language setting of the DAD. The character set portion of the PlsqlNLSLanguage value must be set to AL32UTF8,
    regardless of whether or not the database character set is AL32UTF8. For example:Regards
    My Blog:
    APEX 4.0 Plug-Ins:

  • Character encoding problem with german umlaut in propertie files

    I use propertie files to translate application to multiple languages.
    These files contains german umlaut (e.g.: Wareneingänge).
    If I rebuild my application then this files are copied from ../src/view to ../classes/view.
    The file in ../classes/view contains "Wareneing\ufffdnge" instead of "Wareneingänge" which is displayed as "Wareneing�nge".
    My browser-, project- and application settings are UTF8.
    Previously the settings for project and application where "Windows-1252"
    I have found an workarounds but maybe this is a bug in Jdeveloper TP4.
    Therefore I post this problem. Maybe someone can confirm this behaviour.
    Replace "Wareneingänge" with "Wareneing\u00e4nge" in the ../src/view file
    (Zaval JRC Editior does this for you :-) )

    I think to remember that the same was required for properties in 10.1.3 as well. Not sure if this is an issue in JDeveloper 11. I'll take anot and have a look though

  • 3.1EA2 Old bug with German language settings still exists

    In the past I wrote several times about a bug in SQL Developer when running in German language mode. This bug is still not fixed in 3.1 EA2:
    In new folders for user definded reports only the options "Kopieren" and "Speichern unter ..." ('Copy' and 'Cave as') are available, when SQL-Deverloper runs in German language mode. Other options like "Bearbeiten, Neuer Ordner, Neuer Bericht, Ausschneiden, Einfügen, Löschen" (Edit, New Folder, New Report, Cut, Paste, Delete) are missing. A workaround is to force language to English with the line
    AddVMOption -Duser.language=en
    in sqldeveloper.conf
    I mentioned it first in Re: Folders with limited functionality about version and then in 30EA2: Limited folder functionality with German language 3.0 EA2 and German language bug with user defined reports still not fixed Beta Release 3.0 EA3
    Edited by: user1775992 on 22.11.2011 03:30

    I have raised a bug on this issue and I am actively looking into it.

  • Legend map request with german umlaut

    i have a problem sending a legend map request that contains a german umlaut.
    I'm trying to use the pl/sql function for sending and parsing a xml request from the mapviewer documentation (chapter 3.1.16, example 3-19).
    my request looks like this
    <map_request datasource="mvdemo" format="PNG_URL">
      <legend bgstyle="fill:#ffffff;stroke:#ffffff" profile="MEDIUM">
          <entry style="C.YELLOW" text="Übernahme"/>    
    </map_request>The resulting image does not contain the umlaut Ü but a little square instead.
    I tried replacing the Ü with Ü ;
    <map_request datasource="mvdemo" format="PNG_URL">
      <legend bgstyle="fill:#ffffff;stroke:#ffffff" profile="MEDIUM">
          <entry style="C.YELLOW" text="Übernahme"/>    
    </map_request>This works when i manually send the request on the mapviewer map request page, but it doesn't work when i use the pl/sql function.
    The documentation says that the request has to be url encoded, so i tried using utl_url.escape on the whole request and on only the umlaut. Both doesn't work.
    Thanks for help in advance,

    Hi Cleber,
    which MapViewer version are you using? This may be related with the PDF graphics library version. This library has been modified to better handle the legend texts. I tested your request and it appears to be OK with the current library. You can send me (by email) a picture of your legend, and I will confirm if this has been fixed.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver FTP connection doesn't work with german "Umlaut" like "ö" in the severadress

    Today I tried to establish a FTP connection to the serveradress "ftp.mö", but I get the error message that the program couldn't connect to the host. As Dreamweaver works perfectly with other serveradresses and I managed to establish a connection to "ftp.mö" with other programs, I think that the problem is the german "Umlaut" "ö". Did anyone recognize the same problem and does someone know a solution?
    Thank you very much for your help

    Here is the English translation of your previous post -
    Hello Maximilian,
    I got a even looked at my provider. Usually there must pay the original domain for the agreed period and agree a new. However, they show a accommodating for so short "duration" of a few hours like you. Try to contact your ISP phone support.
    Anyhow, I think you have covered the options!

  • AS2 Sender problem with German "Umlaute"

    Hello experts,
    I have an AS2 sender adapter sending orders into my SAP system. My problem is though that it deletes all German "Umlaute" before converting it into XML.
    I used to use the "CallBicXIRaBean" to do the Encoding with ISO-8859-1 and it did not work. So now I am using the "CharsetConversion" to do that but it still does not work.
    In the Module of the AS2 sender I am using:
    1) CharsetConversion
    - sourceDest --> MainDocument
    - targetDest --> MainDocument
    - sourceEnc --> ISO-8859-1
    - targetEnc --> ISO-8859-1
    2) CallBicXIRaBean
    - mappingName --> E2X_ORDERS_UN_D93A
    3) localejbs/CallSapAdapter
    - 0
    Does anyone have an idea what I have to change?
    Thank you very much for your help!
    Best regards,

    Hello Iddo,
    Thank you for your answer.
    When I expect Umlaute in a message I always use ISO-8859-1 and not UTF-8.
    The Umlaute are actually deleted. For example the German "für" looks like this "f". Or "Präferenzsituation" looks like this: "Prerenzsituation". So it kills the Umlaut and the following character.
    The sender insists that he sends the messages with Umlaute. Now I activated the AS2 Message Dumping and hopefully will see what the message really looks like. Maybe the Umlaute are already deleted when they get to the AS2 adapter. I hope to find out soon.
    Best regards,

  • Problems with German umlaut in OCI query

    I have some problems in getting results, if I search for data with a German umlaut like "ä", "ö" or "ü".
    In SQL*Plus the following query returns on row:
      6        WHERE  SYSBE.STATUS = 'aktiv'
      9                 FROM  PM_PROJEKT_MITARBEITER PMPD
    10                 WHERE  PMPD.PROJEKT_ID = 26 AND
    11                   PMPD.MITARBEITER_ID = SYSBE.ID)
    12           AND (REGEXP_LIKE(SYSBE.NACHNAME, 'hö', 'i')
    13              OR REGEXP_LIKE(SYSBE.VORNAME, 'hö', 'i'))
            52 Höfling
    AlexanderIf I execute this from PHP via the oci8.dll no rows will be returned. Yesterday the DBA helped me to trace the query and it looks exactly the same as above.
    Can anyone help?

    Are your NLS environment variables the same on both systems? Were they set prior to starting up Apache/IIS?

  • No hostcontainer with german umlaut in filename

    Acrobat javascript does not recognize its hostcontainer in pdf files wih a german umlaut (ö) in the filename. Are there any solutions for this issue?

    Ideally this should not be a problem. Please provide more information.
    Where you are checking trace? (PI?)
    Are you getting response or request as dots?
    Can you check encoding?
    Check this out, to me it seems problem related to encoding:
    The problem mainly arise because of mismatching of encoding: ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8.
    so double check encoding type provided in request and response.

  • Pages 2.0.2 has problems with German umlaut characters and hangs.

    The problem has occured when I had the idea to rename the style names to have exported html files wider accepted by other browsers.
    Therefore I tried to rename used style names by replacing encountered umlaut letters by their transcriptions e.g. "Überschrift 1" by "Ueberschrift 1" and so on. But when doing so, the program was freezing while the last changed style name was vanishing and did not come back at all.
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   computer chess programming

    I cannot reproduce your problem. I rename überschrift 1 to Ueberschrift. Logically it moves to the bottom of the list, but it is still there and nothing hangs.
    Does this happen in all your documents or only one?
    Does it happen using all templates or only one?
    Are you working in German all the time, or have you switched to English in the mean time?
    Do you have access to other computers with the problem, or have you seen it only on yours?
    Have you renamed other styles like "Text" or "Titel" without problem?
    If you start Pages in English, do you have the same problem?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Can DMP file is used as source to load to target???