Keywords not transferring with pictures on copy and paste to a new computer. In lightroom on old computer but not in lightroom on new computer? Not all pictures, but a lot of the new ones.

Keywords not transferring with pictures on copy and paste to a new computer. The keywords are in lightroom on old computer but not in lightroom on new computer? Not all pictures, but a lot of the new ones.

I actually found under  EDIT then Catalog settings / then metadata that the automatic write changes to XMP had been unchecked. Once I check this, it updated and connected all the keywords to the pictures. Now when I copy and paste the keywords show up as I can now detect them in Adobe bridge when before I couldn't see them even though they were in lightroom. . Thanks for your input.

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    Use the email form to contact Apple here >  Apple - Support - Mac App Store - Contact

  • I can not find out how to copy and paste firefox does not allow it

    Firefox does not allow me to highlight html documents when on line and then copy and paste
    When I left click to highlight it just moves a ghost copy of the whole document away from where you begin.
    I can not find out how to copy and paste firefox does not allow it

    What is your Operating System?
    How do you highlight the HTML document and copy the selected text to the clipboard?
    Can you attach a screenshot?
    Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot.

  • Working with image sizes/copy and paste

    I have two different jpeg files open in photoshop cs4, one is 72 ppi, 8 inches wide by 6 inches tall at 16.67% zoom. The other is about 60 inches wide by 45 inches tall, 72 ppi, at 100% zoom. I was wanting to take an element (a person) out of the 8x6 image and paste it into the 60x45 but when I do it's super small, smaller than I want it. I tried playing with the zoom and resolution but can't get two differing image sizes to match up in size. Can such a thing be done and if so, how do I do it? Thanks in advance

    jiyasa wrote:
    BTW, what is the ideal image file format for print production? I mainly use extra large JPEGs and punch in 300 for the overall resolution and so on.
    300 ppi at actual size is "default" standard for book and magazine print, unless you're specifically told otherwise.
    IOW, it boils down to pixel count again. Remember, resolution = pixels per inch. Think of ot as a simple equation, and like any such equation, you can calculate one if you have the two others (or let the Image Size dialog do it for you).
    Resolution without a physical print size is meaningless, an "empty" figure.
    As for file format, you can't go wrong with TIFF, lossless and cross-platform, and with support for anything you might conceivably want to put into the file. But jpeg is usually accepted in a pinch (e.g. if you have to mail them).

  • I can not figure out how to copy and paste, the instructions said to open the user.js file in my profile directory but there is no such file. How can I fix this?

    I searched the site for a fix but the instructions weren't very clear about inserting files and lines. I could not find the user.js file and i was not sure how to create a file, but i could create a folder. Could I use a microsoft word file or what?

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    as above firefox has stoped working on some things ?

    I tried what you suggested on the tools site....made all the changes...didn't help. Then I just uninstalled the whole firefox that i had used forever....and re-installed all over again....tried it, same error msgs....tried the tool site again on that, and still same error msgs. why don't you folks have a phone number i can call and talk to an actual person to walk me thru this problem? am an old 70 yr old lady who has always depended on firefox.

  • I'am trying to copy pictures from Print Shop to send as a e-mail, not an attachment but putting the picture in the actual e-mail. The lettering from the Print Shop document will copy and paste but the picture will not. How do I get it in the email?

    I create a document in Print Shop Delux download pictures from that program to make a flyer. I'am trying to send the flyer to someone and they do not want it as an attachment so I'd like to send it in the body of the e-mail. They lettering on the flyer copy and paste but the picture will not copy and paste. How do I get the picture to copy and paste in the body of the e-mail. I can't copy and paste the whole document because in did a insert text box for the picture.

    Click the image , hold your mouse button, drag it and bring it to Firefox window from task bar below and release it into the body of your e-mail.Works on Gmail, Yahoomail , Hotmail....May not work on other e-mail service providers.

  • I am having troubles with 3 things: scrolling with my laptop mouse, controlling my laptops volume with F9 and F10 keys, and I can not copy and paste images.

    I am having troubles with 3 things: scrolling with my laptop mouse, controlling my laptops volume with F9 and F10 keys, and I can not copy and paste images.

    Try disabling graphics hardware acceleration. Since this feature was added to Firefox, it has gradually improved, but there still are a few glitches.
    You might need to restart Firefox in order for this to take effect, so save all work first (e.g., mail you are composing, online documents you're editing, etc.).
    Then perform these steps:
    *Click the orange Firefox button at the top left, then select the "Options" button, or, if there is no Firefox button at the top, go to Tools > Options.
    *In the Firefox options window click the ''Advanced'' tab, then select "General".
    *In the settings list, you should find the ''Use hardware acceleration when available'' checkbox. Uncheck this checkbox.
    *Now, restart Firefox and see if the problems persist.
    Additionally, please check for updates for your graphics driver by following the steps mentioned in the following Knowledge base articles:
    [[Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems]]
    [[Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL]]
    volume controls issues are windows, not firefox.
    How your copy and paste your image? from where to where

  • Can no longer copy and paste from MS apps

    Could be a nightmare a-brewin'.
    As webmaster for a transit company, I'm responsible for
    updating the schedules for our 50+ bus routes three times a year on So I opened one up today in Dreamweaver 8 and
    launched our brand new version of Excel Mac 2008 to copy and paste
    schedule times into a web page. And it didn't work!
    Up til now, Excel has been an irreplaceable tool for
    converting data from our weird, 70's-era bus scheduling software
    [Hastus] into something Dreamweaver can understand. But no matter
    how much I fiddle with options under Copy and Paste preferences,
    today I got nothing -- literally. It's as if there's nothing
    whatsoever on the clipboard. Earlier, I'd noticed the same problem
    with our new version of Word, but since I rarely paste anything
    into Dreamweaver from Word, I was only mildly irked by it. Given
    the thousands of bus arrival and departure times on our site,
    however, the inability to insert data from Excel into DMW would be
    a disaster!
    Am I just missing something, or is this some kind of "How
    dare you use anything other than one of OUR products?"
    gotcha from Evilco?

    This has been an issue with Office 2008 for Mac even with the
    CS3 version of Dreamweaver. I believe the only workaround is to do
    a paste special as text only but you will lose formatting this way.
    You can do a search on this forum also for other suggestions
    because I didn't follow the old topics before because I didn't
    upgrade till recently, but there might be some other tricks around

  • How do I copy and paste multiple keyframes?

    I've used previous versions of Final Cut in the past, but primarily have done my editing with Adobe Premiere.  One of the companies I am freelancing for only has Final Cut X on their machines.  I'm a bit confused about keyframes.  Keyframing in the inspector seems severely limited.  I could use some help.
    Basic example:  Say I want to zoom and pan into an image... then have it sit there for 5 seconds... then zoom and pan back to its original location.  I can't figure out how to do this at all with Final Cut X. 
    In Premiere I would accomplish this extremely easily.  
    #1 I'd set my playhead at the location I'd like START my zoom IN/pans and set all my necessary keyframes.
    #2  Then i move my playhead to where I'd like to END my zoom IN/pans, change all my parameters and this sets my necessary keyframes.
    #3  I move my playhead further to where I'd like to START my zoom OUT/pans to where it originally was... and set all my necessary keyframes
    #4 I move my playhead to where I'd like END my zoom OUT/pans to where it originally was... and simply copy and paste my keyframes from step 1...
    The reason why I copy and paste my keyframes from step 1 is because often my parameters are very specific.  I'm not necessary zoomed in 100% at the beginning with my position set exactly where it needs to be.  Say, for instance, I'm working with an image that is zoomed at 75% and perfectly positioned at some random position somewhere in my frame... without the ability to cut and paste keyframes, I'd have to go back to keyframe 1 and write down all the parameters... then go to keyframe 4 and re-enter them.  Massive pain in the butt.
    How is this properly accomplished in Final Cut X?  I can't even see my keyframes on the timeline... every tutorial I've found just says "set keyframe 1 and keyframe 2 in the inspector" and that's incredibly limiting.

    That is kind of a bummer, really.  Maybe I'll need to adjust my workflow, but it seems like it's a MASSIVE drawback of Final Cut X. 
    For example:
    Say I have an image on the screen at with Postion X: 97.3px and Position Y:  -69.3px  with the zoom set to 136.3%... (keyframe 1)
    And say I want to move that image across the screen to Postion X:  32.5px and Position Y: -23.5px with a zoom set to 85.3% ... (keyframe 2)
    Then say I want to let it stay in that position for 10 seconds ... after 10 seconds I'll set more keyframes by clicking the appropriate keyframe buttons and the settings will once again be set for Postion X:  32.5px and Position Y: -23.5px with a zoom set to 85.3% ... (keyframe 3)
    Now say I want it to go back to the original position and zoom.   In premiere I'd just highlight all my keyframes from Keyframe 1 and paste at the new location of the playhead... with Final Cut X, i'll need to go back to Keyframe 1 and literally write down on a piece of paper:  97.3, -69.3, 136.3% ... then go back to Keyframe 4 and type them all out.   This is just a simple example, though.   The more individual parameters I'm setting at specific points... the bigger pain this will be.   Lame. 
    Even with the link you shared... it appears to be completely amature compared to the keyframe editing capabilities of Premiere Pro.  In searching a bit on google to confirm the lack of features, I found someone else complaining:  
    "You cannot expand any parameter that has more than one attribute (like crop or scale or position) - making it useless.
    You cannot add bezier handles to keyframes
    You cannot copy and paste keyframes
    When you copy and paste attributes, you have no choices as to how they will be pasted, etc... it is dismal.
    All in all, it is a step backwards from FCP"
    Personally, I'm a bit surprised... the more I learn about Final Cut X, the more I am starting to like it.  I know a lot of professionals hated it when it initially came out, but I chaulked it up to unfamiliarity with the new software.   For me, this keyframing thing is by far the biggest drawback I've found to yet.

  • CS4 problems copying and pasting masked items

    The problem: Copying and pasting a placed image combined with other Illustrator art with multiple gausian blurs that have been masked/grouped. Placed image type does not matter. PDF, JPG, TIFF, etc placed in Illustrator CS4 (or 3). Some images are complex and others are not.
    What happens: After copying and pasting, the masked (grouped) image breaks apart into separate components that are no longer masked/grouped. Happens with different files with different images on different computers. WIth or without text in document. Sometimes image pastes correctly but most times it does not.
    Hardware/OS: 3 separate iMacs (20" and two 23") all with intel chips but different processing speeds. All running latest and most updated version of Leopard. All with 4 MB Ram and more than a 100 GB of free hard drive space.
    Software: Illustrator CS4 (latest update) and CS3 on one of the 23" iMacs.
    Solutions tried so far: Ran Onyx, repaired permissions, scripts, cleaned caches, zapped PRAM and on one iMac, ran Disk Warrior. Tried in Safe boot mode and tired with a new user account. Created new files with new images and tried old files. Tried opening files from the server and from the desktop. Threw out illustrator prefs and emptied trash.
    Thought it may have to do with font conflicts but some files don't have fonts. Turned off font management programs (Suitcase on one iMac, Font Explorer Pro on others, all updated to latest version) and restarted so only system fonts loaded. No luck. Turned on fonts used in various documents, still no luck.
    Thought it may have to do with memory issues after copying masked items. Sometimes the copied image would paste correctly and then the next time I pasted it, it would not. Before pasting a second time I would copy a small item (to clear the memory) and then paste it and then recopy the masked item and paste that. Still no luck.
    Checked activity monitor but nothing looks to be a memory hog or out of place. Happens on all three iMacs and while the OS and Illustrator are common to all three, Fonts and font management tools are not. No weird plug-ins or third party extensions installed. Plus it happened in safe boot mode so all extraneous fonts and such should have been deactivated.
    Curiously, if I drag copy the masked item using the option key, the masked item copies fine. I know this can be used as a work-around but I would like to resolve this as sometimes the designers need/want to use command-c/command-v.
    Not sure what else to try. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you.

    This might work, this might not. I have copy paste problems
    on a regular basis and all that works for me is closing Captivate
    down and then re open and continue. At worst, a reboot tends to
    solve this glitch in my experience.
    Good Luck


    I am new to Win7 and Lenovo Technologies.  I am not sure if this post belongs here or if my problem has to do with Lenovo password management, which I have not yet set up on my new ThinkPad W700. 
    I am unable to copy information from a text file and paste it into a Win 7 dialog box.  I am in a process of loading software from my old machine into the new one.  I have all relevant information on keys, etc., in text files within my installed software archive.  Manual retyping is a pain!  The copy and paste function works just fine outside of the dialogue boxes. 
    Can someone advise me what I need to do in order to allow the pasting of information into the dialogue boxes possible?
    Go to Solution.

    The copy and paste into dialog boxes works just fine.  I suspect that my earlier problem was due to not being familiar with the new computer's keyboard.  I am used to the CTRL key being located at the bottom left of the keyboard.  The new keyboard has the Fn key in that position.  I must have pressed Fn instead of CTRL.  The old habits die hard.  I feel like for not noticing this earlier.

  • Why can I no longer copy and paste a link?

    Since updating Mozilla I have tried sending a link, but can no longer copy and paste it. I don't even understand what an anchor is....

    I am not the only one with this problem, which I didn't have before updating Mozilla. So what are Firefox going to do about it?

  • Copy and paste take too long

    I am having trouble with Adoby Illustrator "copy" and "paste" functions. It take a very long time (as long as 30 min) to copy a simple line and even longer to paste it. This probles is getting worse. My file size is unusual as well. A comparable file is 155k and this one is up to 65 meg and growing.
    What is wrong and how do I fix it?

    Location of prefs file:
    How were you able to try the solutions if you did not know where the prefs file is???
    Try again, and actaully what they labeled as solution 2 & 3 need to both be done to fix this. In the meantime do NOT copy anything from the infected file to any other file, or this will spread like wildfire to all your files.

  • Copy and paste text from Callout

    I used the Callout tool to make some corrections using Acrobat Professional 8.xx and sent the document to my client, who opened it in Reader. He was unable to copy and paste my comments to a Word document he was preparing. I am guessing I have something turned on to protect my document in the Acrobat Pro. What might it be?

    He is probably getting the same thing I now get when I view the document  in Reader, which is a pointer with the Textbox icon attached. The  selection tool does not work in the Callout boxes in Reader. In my case,  I am using a Mac for Acrobat Pro 9 and Adobe Reader 9.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Has anyone updated to 10.5.3 yet?

    Have you done it? Frankly, I'm terrified. I've had so much trouble getting the darn thing to work that i don't want to mess it up! I rely on that thing for ichat, radius auth, dns, and a couple other things. though, i never did get ical server workin

  • Uncheck "Goods Receipt" on Purchase Order

    Hello Experts, please, how is it possible on Purchase Order / Delivery Tab to uncheck field "Goods Receipt"? This field was checked by mistake and now it is grey in ME22N. Because it is checked now it is not possible to post the invoice in MIRO (no i

  • Mplayer cache option greatly reduces performance

    Hi. I needed a larger cache because I have some videos stored on another samba server and it's laggy. I set options: cache=20000, cache-min=10 , and that helped to play those videos smoothly, but that caused all 1280x720 mp4 files stored on my local

  • CS5 crashing during print setup

    Everytime I click on Print Setup in the print dialog box, the application crashes.  This happens everytime, regardless of what printer I use.  Attched a screen shot and can supply the .txt file from the error report if needed.

  • Adobe Captivate v6

    Hi, We would like our users to use some features of Captivate that require "Admin Mode". As a large corportate, we dont allow users admin rights or raise applications to run as admin. How do we allow users to use these features.  Is it possible to su