Last price copied from purchasing document

Hello all,
I have business requirements where they would like to hide the price at Purchase Order from buyer. They would like to have this control so that buyer could not change price unnecessarily.
I tried using role to control where I remove ACTVT = 09 (display price) under authorization object M_BEST_BSA. With this ACTVT=09 remove, buyer is not able to see the "Net Price" column anymore.
My problem is when buyer creates Purchase Order with an expired info record.
When buyer creates a Purchase Order with an expired info record, although there is an error "Please enter Net Price" and when buyer keys in the info record, the price somehow is adopted from the last purchasing document and thus, buyer could create a Purchase Order.
I understand that in MM customizing there is an option to set "Do not copy price" which need to be maintain in buyer's profile at "Parameter" tab which we are currently practicing.
However, business has disagree with this option because buyer is still able to delete the parameter maintain in their profile.
Discussed with Basis before to remove authorization from user to maintain user parameter (SU3) however, they also rejected my suggestion.
Thus, I need your help to figure out if there is any other option to solve this issue.
Thanks a lot in advance.

For further clarification the PO is referencing a contract and as such not pulling the pricing information from the info record and instead pulling the price from the conditions on the contract. 
I want to change the pricing date category from " No Control" to "5 GR Date" however I'm receiving the error message stated and unsure of how to make this change.
The intent is not to create a new PO each day the condition record is created and instead we are utilizing one PO referencing one contract with multiple date delimited condition records containing the daily pricing.

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  • Sale price copy from purchase price

    Hi Experts
    how to copy sales price from purchase price

    Hi Experts
    when i do MIGO system shows message
    Sales price for 10.04.2009 BK0000000000000059 EA A001 could not be found
    and suggest proceed when i proceed that way t.code is  VKP2
    and mentain then system show message below
    No conditions could be found for the item displayed
    i menton price in t.code VKP5 ALSO

  • Last price in a purchase requisition

    Hello to everyone,
    is there any way to get in a purchase requisition the last price of a purchase order for a material without any development?

    The price which you see in the Purchase Requisition generally comes from Material master record.Same you can see in MM03 under accounting 1 view.
    This is the valuation price which generally fetches in MMR after calculating Moving average / standard  price .
    The same price will fetch in Purchase requisitoin which signifies the valuation price of material.
    So it will never fetch your Last PO price in the PR.
    Hope it helps.

  • Customisation settings for VC Configuration copy from Purchase order to GRN(Goods Receipt note)

    Hi Experts
    I was looking for Customisation settings for VC Configuration copy from Purchase order to GRN(Goods Receipt note),
    Please share.

    Hi Ritesh
    Thanks for your reply,
    I checked  both of these transaction  we need to select 3 option Characetrstics frm configuration(prio) and classification. I will check that, I had one more question
    In PO VC configuration is called for class type-300  and  in GRN VC configuration  is called for class type -023. How it will fetch the variant class configuration to Batch class configuration?
    Once we had faced some issues the copy from PO to GRN was happening for some batches & some batches it was not happening.
    yes we have activated Mill Functions in our ERP box.

  • Copying from sales document type QTH to HU is not supported

    guys i was trying to create a contract based on a quotation created by me  here QTH is my quotation type and HU is my contract type the error i encountered was thiss.
    Copying from sales document type QTH to HU is not supported .

    In VTAA maintain the copy control settings from Quotation to Contract
    I think you can copy the AV document type which is quotation for contract.

  • Price determination from purchase info with scale

    I have a problem on price determination result of SAP.
    I am trying to set up purchase price determinaton as below;
    [ Purchase Info  Condition record ]
       item:  A
           0 kg          1000 yen
         20 kg            900 yen
    [ Purchase Order ] 
        item     matnr       quantity           price
         10       A                90 Kg             900 yen
          20      A                10 Kg           1000 yen
    item 10 and 20 have same material number.
    Entering line one by one, at that time, price is as above I expected.
    but after pushing final check button or save button,
    price changed like below,
        item     matnr       quantity           price
         10       A                90 Kg             900 yen
          20      A                10 Kg             900 yen
    I expected  item 20's price is 1000yen , but final check just before save
    document,  item 20 price changed to 900 yen.
    Maybe because of total quantity exceeds threshold of 20kg.
    Are there any way to change this behavior?
    PS. incase of Sales order, different from Purchase order, the result is
    item 10 is 900 yen and item 20 is 1000 yen.
    Thank you for any help.

    it s really interesting issue!
    this may not be the right  solution but i ve tried and it worked right.
    1-go to ME12  click the conditions tab on header line.
    2-click the scales and click the details for scale type and choose "B" "last scale"  for the scale type.
    save and exit..
    you ll be able to do PO-migo-and miro.
    i hope it ll help.

  • Cannot switch base units on Goods Receipt PO copied from Purchase Order

    I am wondering if there is a simple trick or setting for this or if we have to use a UDF/FMS...
    When using Uom for sales and purchasing, you cannot switch between Yes and No for base units on the target document(GRPO) when copying a PO to GRPO.
    For example, enter a purchase order selecting 'No' for base units and enter quantity 1 for item with Uom case(25 pcs in a case). 25 are ordered. If the warehouse receives 23 instead of a full case from the supplier,  they want to be able to enter 23 on the GRPO(copied from PO). They don't want the warehouse staff calculating what percentage to put in for quantity (23/25 = 0.92),  they would just like them to use the drop down box and change the base units to Yes and receive the quantity 23 units.
    Any suggestions?

    How often this would happen?  If it is very frequent, my suggestion would be considering it when you create PO.  You know, if you could change that option, the link between PO and GRPO will be broken.  It is not recommended.

  • Text copy from Purchase Order to Inbound Delivery

    Dear All,
    We would like to copy header texts from purchase order to the inbound delivery document.
    I could not found the customizing point copy-rules for theses documents.
    Is this possible and where have we to configure it?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    my situation is:
    - a WM managed warehouse, society A;
    - a HU managed warehouse (without WM), society B;
    - a purchasing process of HU from society A towards society B.
    Society B have a scheduling agreement; when a delivery schedule appears, in society A born a sales order and a delivery. After the registration of the delivery good issue, an idoc transfer information for inbound delivery creation.
    This process is ok without WM, but with a WM managed warehouse the idoc has the following problem:
    "V51VP - item was not found - process cancelled".
    Can you help me to transfer these HU?

  • Copying from sales document type L2 to RK is not supported

    Dear Experts,
    Can any guide me please regarding my issue,
    My process is linked with service order,after creation of service order,I am going to DP90 Tcode with this it will generate debit memo request,and I will do the billing from vf01.
    Now I want to make some  invoice correction,
    so I have copied the standard RK invoice correction document to ZRK
    and i have assign this for my sales area in sales document header,
    now I have raised the order from va01,and I have given the invoice document number,
    for this I think I have to maintain the copy controls,
    can any one help me out how to maintain the copy controls for invoice correction.

    Dear JP,
    As you said I have maintained the item category,I have only two item categories,one is L2N,L2W.
    I have copied the standard document  from VTAF,and I have maintained the copy controls like this,
    Copied from RK to F2 as ZRK to ZL2 header data
    Data T   052  billing doc header
    Data T  103   billing bus header data
    Data T  003   billing header partner
    Copying requirements as   021  billing header
    Tick on copy item number
    Then item category maintained as
    Item category as L2N
    Data T  153  Item from billing document
    Data T  104  billing bus item data
    Data T  004   billing item partner
    Copying requirements  as  000
    Pricing type         u201CEu201D
    2nd pricing type  u201CDu201D
    And the same for L2W,but I have not maintained for u201CG2Nu201Ditem category,but I has copied automatically?
    Then I have raised the sales order from va01,its ask the billing document number,I have  given the billing doc number and press on copy,its has open the sales order,
    Here I have two issues,
    1st its generating the two same line items,with G2N item category
    EG:if I have given 2 materials line items then its generating the 4 line items with the same material.
    2nd I am not able edit any line litem,it all are coming in non editable mode,how to make editable field,and make the changes for price and quantity.
    After saving the document again I have to do the billing from vf01?
    please suggest me,so this will be added advantage to the user.

  • HP LaserJet M1536dnf won't fax or copy from Automatic Document Feeder.

    HP LaserJet M1536dnf - Put a fax to send in the ADF.  Display shows "Document Loaded"  Enter Phone # to send fax. Press "Start Fax".  ADF feeds fax through the scanner and display shows "Storing Fax: Page 1".  After page is scanned display changes to "Fax Job Added".  Machine then returns to "Ready" condition without sending fax.  If Fax is placed on flatbed and phone # is dialed, then "Start Fax" button is pressed, display shows "Fax from glass? >Yes". press "OK".  Display then shows "Load page 1 Press [OK]".  Display shows "Storing fax: Page 1".  Display then changes to "Another page? >Yes".  Then i press an arow next to the "OK" button to change Yes to No and then press "OK".  Display then shows "Dialing & phone number".  When connection is made, it sends the fax.  It goes through a similar scenario when attempting to copy from the ADF.  Load original in ADF and press "Start Copy".  ADF feeds original through scanner & display shows "Copying Page 1".
    Machine then returns to "Ready" without feeding paper to print the copy.  If you copy from the glass it prints a copy.  This unit is used only as a stand alone fax & copier.  It is not connected to a PC.  PLEASE HELP!

    Dear X-23,
    I'm sorry to report that your reset didn't correct my problem.  I tried that fix earlier today.  I'll have to see if I can connect it to a PC and try the download fix that you suggested.  I'll let you know if I'm successful.  I do thank you for your reply.

  • Regarding-Copying from sales document type

    Hi Friends,
    I am trying to create Good Stock return with reference of sales invoice. While entering the reference number system is giving a error message which says u201CCopying from sales document type ZEXP to RE is not Supportedu201D. How to resolve this issue?
    Shankar G

    Hi Shankar,
    You need to maintain the copy controls from Invoice to Sales document. Because your Invoice type is customized.
    You need to copy from F2 to RE and make the changes as per yopur requirement ZEXP to RE . Then try to create the return order with reference to invoice.
    I hope its clear.

  • Copy and paste copy from another document

    Somewhere I've changed the color type is presented when you create a new text block and can't find where to change it.  So everytime I start a new block of text or when I copy and paste from another document (word, email) the copy color has to be manually changed to black to see it.  Where do I change this preference?

    Thanks for speedy reply.  So that fixed my new doc - when I put in new copy it is black.  On the previous document, with no text select - click on the text tool and swatch shows it will be black.  Draw the box on the layout - swatch switches no color (white box with a red slash).  So, I unselect everything again, click on the text tool and it shows it will be black.  Click inside the text box and it goes invisible again.  Switch to color  - click on text tool and it shows it will be black, but as soon as I draw the text box - shows it will be invisible.  Shut down Indesign, restart - nothing gives.
    Again, thanks for your reply.  This isn't major just one of those little annoyances that is so minor with all the other stuff going on ... but with snow leopard problem - I just don't want to mess with too and I can't fix the other.  giggle. 

  • New document type to be copied from old document type

    Dear Sir
    i have created one document in document type draw no i want to delete that document from draw and i have to copy its all document to my new docmuent type Z09 please guide how can i do it.

    Hi Kunal,
    normally you cannot just change the document type for a document info record. So you have to create a new document info record of type Z09 and maintain the same data for it in transaction CV01N. Since this new document info record is created you can delete the older wrong document info record which is no longer used.
    Another possibility could be to use a DMS BAPI sequence. Here you can read out the whole data with BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL2 from the initial document info record. Then you can hand over this data to BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2 and change just the document type to Z09. At the end execute BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT to create the new document info record in your database tables. Afterwards you should be able to see the new document in transaction CV03N as well with the same data.
    I hope this could be useful for you.
    Best regards,

  • How to Copy from Billing document F2 to Credit or Debit memo?

    I know the Menu path for copy control of billing document to billing document which  is as follows
    SPROIMG-Sales and Distribution-BillingBilling Documents-Maintain Copy Control of Billing document--Copy COntrol: Billing Document to Billing Document where I give the Source and the target.
    Now I have a scenarion where F2 invoice has ForTrade/Customs information in the Header of F2 invoice which can be viewd through VF03->Header->ForTrade/Customs tab.
    Now that inforamtion has to be transferred to CR/DR which is now not being copied although I have set the copy controls between the billing document.
    So, can anyone help me by providing the information for the following questions?
    1.How will I acheive the copy of Foreign trade to CR/DR from F2?
    2. When I copy from F2 to CR/DR, which all information from F2 will be copied to CR/DR?
    Thanks for the help.
    Anupama Rao

    The foreign trade data is copied from delivery to billing and any order doesn't contains the foreign trade data and when you create a credit memo request CR by copying F2 invoice the foreign trade data is not copied to CR and when you create a G2 invoice from CR the foreign trade data is not copied because it doesn't exists
    the optimal solution for this is to keep the incompletion for foreign trade in the G2 and L2 inovices

  • Automatic tax change on copying from base document

    while making goods receipt PO im changing the excise value from tax ammount field as per my client requirement, as the excise ammount is not fixed on any formula it is varying while importing.
    when i go to AP invoice and copy from Goods Receipt PO then it carries all the correct value as it was saved in GRPO, but tax changes when when i change the document or posting date as my invoicing date is diffrent from GRPO date.
    How can i keep the same value of that tax in target document even on changing date.
    Plz help out.

    do one thing.....
    open A/P Invoice Document....Then Goto the table format from Form Setting Option...and Unchek/Untick
    the TaxCode option...
    and then again copy same invoice from Good Receipt PO....May b its work at this time......

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