LED Cinema Display 27 Random Loss of USB

I have a brand new 27" LED Cinema display connected via Mini Display Port to my 2006 Mac Pro with an ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card.  The display's USB cable is connected to a USB port on the back of the Mac Pro.  My keyboard is the newest Apple extended keyboard (wired) that is plugged into the back of the monitor.
The problem is that randomly (about one out every 8 boots but with no pattern or rhyme-or-reason), I have no USB connectivity from the keyboard.  I am unable to enter my user name and password to log in.  While it is in this state I have pulled the monitor's USB cable from the back of the Mac Pro, waited 15 seconds or so and then plugged it back in.  This does not fix the problem.  The only solution so far is to force shut down the computer using the power button on the front of the Mac Pro, then disconnect the monitor's power cable, plug the monitor's power cable back in and re-boot.  So far 100% success with this process.  Somehow removing power from the monitor resets its USB bus.  I just don't think I should have to do this once or twice a week... or more.
So I have a solution but it is a pain in the rear and involves crawling under my desk.  I could try plugging the keyboard directly into the Mac Pro and abandon all use of the USB ports on the back of the monitor but would hate to give up functionality that I paid for.
This only occurs on boot... I have never lost USB connectivity while the computer is running if it boots and works properly... even after sleep.
Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

I installed Mountain Lion last night. Playing around a bit before going to bed I noticed that my keyboard seemed to fade in and out, sometimes what I typed showed up, sometimes not. This morning I was using Messages, tried the camera. First I got a warning saying no camera was attached to Mac (built in iSight?!?!?!). The unplug/plug method didn't address this. Restarted Mac Pro, camera showed up but there was major lag, like it was someone's video sent to me from a bad connection not locally streaming video! Also, graphical anomalies kept popping up in the video. (a note: none of this was happening with my MBP with FaceTime camera after ML install)
And then it hit me.
Due to the short span of the mini display cable on the LED Display, I have to use an extension cord for the MiniDisplay and USB. Removing the MiniDisplay extension cured my video issues. I removed the USB extension and put in place another USB hub testing my previous post. So far, with keyboard and Wacom plugged into the Displays USB, no issues. It's early though so who knows. I wouldn't mind trying a straight connection to a Mac Pro USB but Apple has made the cable far too short and working with my head next to the tower just isn't desired.

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  • USB Speaker/LED Cinema Display Problems After Upgrade to Mavericks

    I just upgraded to Mavericks this morning.  My set-up includes a new (Late 2013) 27" iMac and a 27" Apple LED Cinema Display, with the mini display port and USB connected from the display to the iMac. 
    I have a set of Bose USB speakers that I had plugged into the USB port on the Cinema Display for audio.  I didn't want to waste one of the USB 3 ports on the iMac so instead was using a USB 2 port on the Cinema Display.  This worked fine before upgrading to Mavericks.
    Now with Mavericks installed, if I have the speakers plugged in, I get a tone that sounds like very loud feedback.  If I plug the USB speakers into one of the USB 3 ports on the iMac however, it works fine.
    Does anyone know if this is a known issue with Mavericks?  I've read some other posts about display issues, but they were referencing USB displays.  In this case the display is connected via mini displayport, but the USB connection on the display seems to be causing issues.
    Anyone else experienced this?

    I've been experiencing additional issues with USB speakers. I plugged them into a USB port on the iMac itself (as opposed to the LED Cinema Display) and the feedback was gone.  However, now I get situations where the audio appears to randomly "die" on the system.  If I go into Audio preferences and switch the audio output to the internal speakers, the audio comes back on.  If I then switch it back to the USB speakers, it continues to work until it randomly dies again.  This happens typically 3-5 times a day.
    If I just use the internal speakers as the audio output, I don't get any issues with losing the audio.  The USB speakers worked fine on the iMac before upgrading to Mavericks, and still work fine on my late 2011 MBP still running 10.8.5. 
    I've read about other similar issues (http://www.imore.com/losing-audio-os-x-mavericks-heres-what-you-can-do-about-it). Still waiting for a fix.

  • Apple  LED Cinema Display -- USB Port + iSight Camera not  working

    I see an unusual problem with my brand new LED Cinema display. When i put my Macbook pro in sleep mode it deactivate all the USB ports and isight camera in LED Cinema Display. When I turn the computer back on I cannot use USB or iSight camera. I tried below solutions -
    - Restarting the Macbook pro and LED cinema
    - Completely draining the power in both LED Cinema and Mackbook pro.
    - Resetting Macbook pro.
    - Upgrading LED Cinema to latest and greatest firmware ( firmware update 1.0)
    Did anyone encounter this problem ? If yes please post your thoughts or any solutions.

    After numerous attempts of powering down/resetting the macbook pro and led cinema i was able to make the USB ports work. However I was able to successfully reproduce the problem once again by putting the mackbook on sleep mode.
    I finally ended up shipping my led cinema back to apple for a replacement. I will try the test case with the new one when it arrives.

  • When my mac book pro is connected to my LED cinema display, itunes start and stop playing music randomly... Even when i stop it, it start again, and again, and again...

    This problem appear recently, at the same time as i've done ios6 update and everything which appear at the same time with all apple software.
    i've tried to reinstall 10.7.5 with reinstallation of itunes, but always the same problem...
    So, when using LED cinema Display,  i keep itunes sound volume at zero, to avoid this problem.
    Somebody with the same problem and a solution ???

    It is better to take it back to the genius bar.
    Your MBP is under warranty and let them fix it for you.
    Nobody here can help you with hardware problems.

  • Does anyone have two 24" LED Cinema Displays on their Mac Pro?

    I'm wondering if there are any other Mac Pro users out there with two 24" LED Cinema Displays? If so, are you able to adjust the brightness of both displays? For me, no matter which brightness slider I adjust in System Preferences, only the brightness of one of the displays is adjusted.
    I originally created a thread last September:
    If you have this problem too, please report it to <http://bugreporter.apple.com/>. My original Radar bug was #7222745, and it was found to be a duplicate of #6828443. Based on the IDs, I'd say this has been a known issue for at least a year.

    I am using logitech G19 mouse and Naga Razer Epic, my current suspect that is their official driver which make my OS X 64bit kernl go nut. Does Logitech Control Center work for later version of their products such as G19?
    If I plggued in the G19 without installing their official gamepanel software, The heyboard still work, volume control slider works like a charm. I just get no advantages from the LCD screen (kind of pointless).
    If I install the razer mac driver, I keep seeing error log in console for the kzcorengineand razercorenginer process.
    Idid clean install of Mac OS X and have not experienced freeze except once when I was plugging in my 500gb transcend external drive. This Ext. Drive require two usb slot for power and transfer data.
    I am not sure if the freeze was coincidental or related to the transcend external drive I used. I did a directory permission repair and a repair to the mac drive, how things seems to stabilised.
    However I want to take my test further to install office 2011 to see if it cause those random unpredictable freeze again.
    Sigh, I paid $200 for such a good keyboard, but they have bad apple support. I dont like the apply ketyboard and magic mouse. It's immpossible to touch type on and even harder to play any game at all.
    Wayne, when you use your logitech product, do you install the product specific driver for each product plus LCC? or you just install LCC.
    Thank you

  • Annoying Screen saver/Login window/Apple LED Cinema Display Bug

    Hi all,
    After upgrading to 10.6.4 I have a really annoying problem.
    First the relevant setup information: MacBook Pro 17 inch (2009 model), 8 GB RAM, 10.6.4, Screen saver activates after a few minutes with password protection and a few minutes thereafter the screen is put to sleep.
    Here is what happens: whenever I have an external Apple LED Cinema Display connected and I move the mouse while the screensaver is activated, I am able to type my login and password, but after that in just a matter of seconds (usually 3-4 seconds) the both screens become blue and all my programs close and Mac OS X jumps to the login screen (all data that was not saved is gone, all open windows also gone). This bug does NOT happen if the Apple LED Cinema Display is not connected.
    Anyone else experiencing this issue?
    Best Regards,

    Hello guys, thank you for answering.
    Yes, the USB cable is plugged.
    At the moment I'm avoiding to flash the VRAM. But I found out that restarting my system gives me access to the controls again. It does randomly stop working. Sometimes I can adjust the cinema display settings but not the macbook screen settings. In my opinion it is definitely a bug.
    There is any way to submit a bug somewhere?

  • Brightness Control and 2 x 24" LED Cinema Display

    I think I've discovered a bug with the Display System Preferences panel.
    I have a new 2009 Mac Pro with one ATI 4870 and one Nvidia GT120, each having a 24" LED Cinema Display attached. When I keyboard brightness buttons (F1,F2), only the one display changes brightness. When I use the sliders on the Display System Preferences panel, both sliders control the one display. So I can change the brightness of one display 3 different ways, but no way to control the other (or both at the same time, which is most desirable).
    What is even more interesting, is that the controllable panel changes depending on which monitor's USB connector is connected into which USB port and in what order they are connected. After trying different USB combinations, I once got the slider on the left screen to control the brightness of the right screen, and vice versa, but the controls are seemingly randomly reassigned on system sleep, and I havent been able to duplicate that behavior since.
    What is the best way to report this? It appears to be a bug in the USB code associated with the brightness sliders and the Display Preferences panel. My desired behavior would to have the keyboard buttons control the brightness of both displays at the same time.
    Thank You

    No problem with my 24" and a 2008 Mac Pro with an nVidia GE120. I'm betting that the problem isn't with the monitor but with the video card. I also have a unibody Mac Book Pro and discovered the color shifting problem without any monitor attached. It started occurring when I used my Huey Pro Pantone monitor calibrator on the LED display of the MBP. Recalibrating the display exposes the color shift. Putting the monitor back to the shipping calibration makes the display problem go away completely.
    At the same time, I never noticed any problem on the 24" cinema display before calibrating it, and exposing it to the hardware monitor calibrator exposed a way out of gamma color. After recalibrating the monitor in hardware, the picture is utterly flawless - best I've ever seen on a display of this size. I think the Apple software calibrator is a piece of junk and I suspect that it messes with the monitor in unhelpful ways. I'd suggest having the monitor professionally calibrated and see if that cures the problem.
    Also, it will be interesting to see whether anything in the 10.5.7 update fixes any display issues being reported prior to the release yesterday.

  • How to connect multiple Apple LED Cinema Displays to MacBook Pro

    I have an Apple 24 inch LED Cinema display that I run from my MB Pro. I mainly use the MB Pro+ screen for document editing.
    I would like to run a second Apple 24 inch Cinema display from the MB Pro. I am presently running another monitor successfully via a Dynalink USB splitter but would really prefer to run a second Apple monitor. I have enquired at two Apple Stores and browsed lots of sites. Multiple monitors from MB Pro seems ok (as long as it's not two Apple monitors). I would be surprised if Apple is content to pass up the opportunity to sell more of these superb screens.
    Grateful for any advice and suggestions

    In addition to the one from Atlona, there are:

  • How to connect a new 27" LED Cinema Display to an older Mac Mini?

    I bought a 27" LED Cinema Display (no Thunderbolt) but don't know how to connect it to my wife's older Mac Mini. I presume the Atlona adaptor is the solution, but I haven't bougt one yet.
    robbert keegel

    The cord attached to the display splits into a Mini DisplayPort, USB, and a MagSafe connector (for powering a laptop).
    There is a separate connector on the back of the display for the AC power cord.
    <http://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/2316/as-images.apple.com/is/image/AppleIn c/MC007_AV1?wid=326&hei=326&fmt=jpeg&qlt=95&op_sharpen=0&resMode=bicub&op_usm=0. 5,0.5,0,0&iccEmbed=0&layer=comp>
    "What’s in the Box
    LED Cinema Display
    AC power cord
    Printed documentation"

  • LED cinema display doesn't work under boot camp

    I just installed Boot Camp and Windows 7 x64 on a Macbook Pro 2010 (6,2) with and NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256MB video card. The Boot Camp drivers automatically installed during the process. I plugged in my 27 inch LED Cinema Display, which works just fine on the OS X side. However, the screen was dark, as if it wasn't plugged in.
    Audio does go through the Cinema Display.
    I have tried to repair the drivers twice by running the Boot Camp support software.  I also tried to run the NVIDIA driver installation software separately. It failed.
    So, what can I do to get the Cinema Display working?

    I found a solution that worked for me. I deleted from my USB drive the Boot Camp support software that I had downloaded from the Apple website and downloaded in its place the support software through the Boot Camp Assistant program. I ran setup.exe, did the repair option and restarted. I then went to the NVIDIA driver install application on the USB drive and ran it. This time, it worked! I restarted the computer and both the laptop display and the Cinema Display lit up.
    Originally, and during the previous 3 times trying to repair the drivers, I saw the ATI graphics driver getting installed. Somehow, it appears that the NVIDIA drivers didn't install before.
    I hope this helps others.

  • How do i go about troubleshooting a 27" LED cinema display?

    I am using a MacPro 5,1 (the tower, NOT the MacBook) with a 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor. I have a 27" LED Cinema Display (2048x1152) connected by the display port. Both were purchased new in 2011.
    A while back (a year, maybe) my display refused to work. I unplugged the display from the power source and reconnected the port. I switched to the other port, but nothing seemed to work. Luckily, I have an extra, identical display (which was purchased at the same time as the original). I connected the extra to the computer and viola! Works perfectly. Okay, so there was something wrong with the display. I set it aside to figure out later (which we all know means it just sat in the corner collecting dust)
    Here's where it gets weird. Several months down the road, I come in to work and the exact same thing happens. Except now, I'm swapping out with the original display. It works! So the extra monitor gets shuffled to the corner to do the dust collecting.
    So, now here I am again, several months later. I come in this morning and no display. I plug in the extra display and wouldn't you know it, it inexplicably works.
    I don't believe it is either of the ports on the tower. But I also don't believe it's the cables or the display. I kind of think there may be some sort of pixie or trickster playing pranks and giggling at my confusion. More likely there's some sort of technical explanation, but I'm not clever enough to figure it out. Any sort of advice, suggestions or protection spells would be appreciated.
    If any more information about the hardware is required, just let me know.

    If you have a USB keyboard, you can plug that in to the back of the Cinema display to adjust the brightness.

  • Apple 24 LED cinema display iogear dvi kvm

    I want a good kvm solutiuon for swtiching a 24" LED Cinema display. I am swtiching between two mac computers. I have the altona minidisplay port kvm, which works ok, but I find it to be a little flaky. I purchased the 2 port professional startech USB kvm/hotkey with the displayport to minidisplay port cable. Unfortunatley, this did not work. The apple display would not power up.
    I was thinking about returning this and purchasing the GCS1782 iogear dual link DVI. I would need a mini-dispaly port to DVi converter. Has anyone tried something like this?
    As far as I know there is only the altona minidisplayport kvm (now discontinued) and I am not really happy with that. I am kind of pulling my hair out. I want a reliable, hotkey mac compatable, kvm solution that is easy use.
    Any advice would be great!!!!

    As another suggestion, I would also be interested in a HDMI KVM solution as well....

  • 24" LED Cinema Display with my MacBook (2008)

    I would be so grateful for some assistance and advice ....
    Today I received my new 24" LED Cinema Display ... unfortunately, it did not come with any written instructions or directions. I tried to hook it up to my MacBook using the USB connection, but this did nothing to power up the monitor.
    I called Apple Support, who advised me that I needed an adapter for a "mini display port" and a "mini dvi". But when I went to the Apple store, I was told that no such adapter existed. The guy at the Apple store said that the new monitors are not compatible with my Macbook ....... but how can this be, when the Cinema Display system requirements list "MacBook" ......?
    Is this really true, that I have no recourse? Please someone help me if you can. It would break my heart to pack up this beautiful monitor and send it away.

    Click here for a converter. The USB and FireWire ports on the display are there so the display can act as a hub; neither video nor sufficient power is transferred through them.

  • Select Default iSight Cam with Dual LED Cinema Displays

    I have two 27in LED Cinema Displays, both of which have iSight Cameras.  When I try to facetime, by default, the right monitor camera turns on, but I want to use the left camera.
    How do I select which camera on which monitor I want to use?  Both monitors are connected via thunderbolt.  I'm using OS X Mavericks.

    You can try the old trick of first launching a camera app that you do NOT want to use - QuickTimeX > New Movie Recording perhaps - to have it engage the ONE display iSight camera.  After you can see that your camera is engaged with the unwanted app, you can hide that app if desired.  Then launch FaceTime and see if the other connected camera is accessible to FaceTime.
    If FaceTime cannot then recognize the second Display iSight, check your System Information utility to see if your Hardware > USB > USB Device Tree recognizes both Display iSights.  If the device tree recognizes only one Display iSight, your lowest cost workaround may be to connect a Mac-compatible webcam to one of your available USB ports so it is recognizable .  The external camera may then be selectable in your FaceTime menu without the two-application trick.
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    Mac OSX 10.10.2

  • New MacBook Pro & 27" Apple LED Cinema Display Don't Go to Sleep

    I recently purchased a new 13" MacBook Pro (MacBookPro8,1) and a 27" Apple LED Cinema Display. When they are connected the computer occasionally has a problem being put to sleep. When clicking sleep, the monitor will take a little while to shut off, but in about 10 seconds, it will turn back on. Immediately when turning on, the image on the screen is quite scrambled (it does correct itself). Usually, if I attempt to put it to sleep multiple times, it will end up working. When it does go to sleep (correctly), the screen will turn off much faster than the times where it doesn't sleep.
    Anyone else have a similar issue they found a fix to? When speaking to Apple support, they thought it was part of an issue with 10.6.6, however, the update to 10.6.7 did not solve the issue.
    PS - I keep my MacBook Pro lid closed when using the display.

    Is your 2.6 the CTO upgrade from the high end 2.3 15"?
    Yes, both will work under OSX and Windows. One note, when you boot Windows, you need to unplug the USB from the LED Cinema display or Windows will not boot. Once booted, then plug the USB back in to regain brightness, etc controls.

Maybe you are looking for