Legend needs to display Prompt values / Remove filters from chart query

I have 2 questions for the same chart so I hope it's OK to add them in one post.
Firstly I have created a chart & added three Select List filters which work fine, the query is below, problem is that when I change back to '-ALL-' I get no data, it has filtered out all records as no data matches the value of '-ALL-' does anyone know the code to get around this?
My chart query;
select null link, P_MONTH AS MONTH, SUM(CALLS) AS data
As I will have several queries like the one above for different options on the same chart, I would like the Legend to show what the user has chosen each time the options are changed ie;
Something like the bolded text in the query to display the chosen values in the legend;
select null link, P_MONTH AS MONTH, SUM(CALLS) AS *'P1_WAREHOUSE' || 'P1_ANS_UNANS' || 'P1_PRODUCT'*
Any ideas/suggests?

Woof777 wrote:
Any ideas/suggests?Try the APEX forum ;)

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  • Displaying Prompt values in webi report

    How to display prompt value in my webi report.
    For one prompt value I can user Userresponse function.
    In one of my report, I have a prompt for Date, which also should be displayed in the report under one field. I am using the below formula: =UserResponse("Enter Date:")
    But my new requirement is User wants a Date Range for a particual trasaction date. I created a report level prompt like
    Transaction Date Between "Enter Tran Date(Start):" and "Enter Tran Date(End):"
    I need to display the start date and end date user selected under one field Date in my webi report.
    how should I do that.
    Please share your thoughts.
    Ven Men

    Hi Ven,
    You have created a report level prompt like
    Transaction Date Between "Enter Tran Date(Start):" and "Enter Tran Date(End):"
    1.Drag two blank cell on report.
    2.click on one blank cell and on formula editor type following formula.
    =UserResponse("Enter Tran Date(Start):" )
    This will show you start date in the cell.
    3.Similarly in another cell type the following formula
    =UserResponse("Enter Tran Date(End):" )
    This will show you End Date in respective cell.
    Do revert in case of any queries.
    Sandeep B. Singh

  • Need to display null values against table

    Hi All,
    I have one table in which I only need to display null values along with the rest of columns. for example
    ename sal date
    scott 2000 15/07/06
    now my query should return---
    ename sal date
    hare krishna

    Maybe it is something like this?:
    michaels>  select column_name || ' contains ' ||
           dbms_xmlgen.getxmltype ('select sum(nvl2(' || column_name || ',0,1)) c from ' || table_name ).extract ('//text()').getnumberval() ||
           ' NULL values' null_columns
      from cols
    where table_name = 'EMP'
       and dbms_xmlgen.getxmltype ('select sum(nvl2(' || column_name || ',0,1)) c from ' || table_name ).extract ('//text()').getnumberval() > 0
    MGR contains 1 NULL values                                                                 
    COMM contains 10 NULL values  

  • HELP! I need to be able to remove power from a PXI chassis and replace a card without rebooting the whole system

    I do not have particulars on the controller, but I am sure it's an NI chassis
    and NI regular controller that has a serial cable leading back to the PC.
    I am making this PXI rack into a debug rack for instrument cards,
    so I need to be able to remove power from just the PXI chassis
    and then replace the card with another one
    or the same one and then turn the power back on and restart a
    diagnostic test on the card WITHOUT
    having to reboot the PC.
    Is there a PCIe bridge setup that would allow me to do this?
    Is there software that I need that can accomplish this?

    The Chassi is a NI PXI 1045
    and the controller is a NI-PXI-8331
    Let me re-enumerate my requirements:
    I have a number of NI cards as well as other manufactured cards in the system.
    One of these cards in the NI system is considered to be a UUT.
    That is, I am using the NI card cage system and other cards in the system to test a CARD
    during a manufacturing test of said UUT CARD.
    The UUT uses a PLX 9030 for it's PCI interfacing.
    This UUT is not designed for hot swap, and I do not bieleve it is plug and play.
    1. I need to be able to shut off the chassis and remove the UUT when the test finishes, replace the tested UUT
    with a unknown UUT, re-apply power and then test the new UUT WITHOUT having to reboot the PC.
    I have tried several things, such as disabling the PCIe busses in the windows control panel, and then removing power
    replacing the UUT with the next one, re-applying chassis power and then re-enabling the bus and SOMETIMES it works.
    I need a very robust way to do this.
    I also bought a CHROMA PXI-52906-E extender card with bus switches on it, so that I can remove power to the UUT
    without shutting off the chassis. The card is supposedley designed so that when power is re-applied to the UUT, the necessary
    signals to boot the PXI PCI interface is conducted, but I think something else has to be written to the card's PCI registers.
    I am by no means an expert in PCI/PXI, 
    but I seem to have exhausted all of my reserach online in how to meet my requirements.
    Perhaps there is a way for the NI8331 controller to capture PCI configuration data to the card's on system boot,
    and then "replay it" to my UUT after I re-apply power to the UUT?
    Or perhaps PLX makes such a tool?
    Any ideas?

  • HT1926 iTunes won't install everything it needs to run.  I remove it from my computer and reinstall it and it keeps saying it.  I am using Windows 7 and the latest update from iTunes.

    iTunes won't install everything it needs to run.  I remove it from my computer and reinstall it and it keeps saying it.  I am using Windows 7 and the latest update from iTunes.

    What does the error message say when you install iTunes and it fails?
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  • Need to remove prompts which is comes from Bex query

    Dear Experts,
    Currently i am working in webi report (4.0 SP2), Back end of this webi report is SAP Bex query, created by using BICS Connection. In bex query we have created different variables on Company code,vendor, business area, key date etc. from this company code and key date are mandatory variables.
    My Bex users need input screen to execute the report as per their requirement. But my webi users don't required any prompts. they want to manipulate data by using input controls.
    Req : How to avoid variables (Prompts) which is coming from bex?

    Hi Praveen,
    As per my knowledge, We can not remove mandatory BEx variables from the Webi prompt screen. Value for mandatory Query Variable has to be pass from Webi report.
    You can create another Bex Query without any variable and need to use for reporting in Webi.

  • How to display Prompt values in Narrative

    Within a dashboard page I have a table with a dimension hierarchy for organization. If you click a division it runs an action link to call a browser script (javascript in a text section on the dashboard) passing the division. If you expand the division and click a market it calls the same javascript function.
    The Javascript function then uses Go Path to refresh an analysis within an iFrame on the dashboard page and passes either the Division value or the Market value.
    The target analysis has two filters: Division is prompted and Market is prompted.
    So after all that my question is how could I display the two passed values from the Go Path call in a narrative on the target analysis? Or I guess the alternative question is how to display the filter values on the narrative.
    Sorry for the long explanation, but hopefully this makes sense.
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

    Use @n to include the results from the designated column in the narrative. For example, @1 inserts the results from the first column
    Assuming you want to show the selected value for Division from prompt.
    Add Division column in the report criteria and call it @1, where 1 is position of Division column
    You may hide the Division column from report, if you dont have to show in the report
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  • Need to display a value before the header based on a user parameter.

    I have a select on the user parameter list of values.
    I select the option hide the first column in order to show only a list of values and not the row_ids.
    I need to display the str_group_name within the header as a title. I insert a field in the header and in source select the name of the parameter p_groupid but the only thing that I get is the row_id value not the name. I use the row_id to pass it on my queries but I need the name value in the header. Any ideas? Please help.

    create a parameter called p_header.
    in the after parameter form trigger
    select str_group_name into :p_header
    from tbl_company_group
    where group_id = :p_groupid;Have the header field source be p_header.

  • JDEV 10G: how to display the value of the line chart using jChart in JSP

    I have draw the line chart in JSP using the JChart and now I wan to display the value label in the line there..
    but the value wasn't show..
    anyone can help me..

    what I do understand, you want to display the value of each point in your Line Graph.
    I guess you will be having BIGraph.xml file. In this file check the "Show Data Tips When Mouse is over bars" checkbox.
    Lets try with this.

  • Remove filters from multiple clips

    Is there any way of deleting effects filters from multiple clips, a reverse of the paste effects or paste attributes functions?

    Brilliant - Sounds so logical when you know how.
    You have saved me hours.

  • Incompatible magic value, removed filters issue

    Hello all,
    Some time ago, I had this problem with using applets in ADF web application which was solved by removing trinidad filter, as someone posted it on this forum.
    Now I have this situation where I need trinidad in web.xml for file upload. File upload is messed up when this filter are out - the whole page refreshes, open menus are being closed, there is no message when file upload is completed etc.
    I tried using or adfFaces filter instead of trinidad, but behavior is the same.
    Is there anyone who had similar situation?

    In reply to myself, I found the [http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/adf/learnmore/71-adf-to-applet-communication-307672.pdf] and actually read it to the end... Thanks Frank, a million thanks!!! Problem was in path to jar file... Applet does work with trinidad, after all...

  • How to display all value of metadata from nodes collection model in content presenter template

    Hi All,
    first of all the new look of OTN is great.
    coming to problem i am facing (i dont know whr to ask here or in portal forum).
    i am creating a content presenter template to display list of items.
    now as per requirement i need to create a drop down to filter the list.
    now while check- in a file author would choose a value in one metadata field lets say xCategory(which is a single select list).
    i have to display similar category list on portal to allow user to filter list.
    i could hv used view of xCategory but problem is files are targeted to role using ACL. so u see i cant display all category to all users.
    also customer wants this whole thing to be Dynamic i.e. they can add value of xCategory later that to could be only for specific role (on portal it should be role specific , author can see whole list not a problem there).
    so what i think is if content is given as search result so the category. so now if i can get the all xCategory metedata from 'nodes' collection model in template i can create drop down with out having any additional bean.
    somthing like this
    #{nodes.xCategory} (but this one is not correct).
    please suggest me any solution.

    you can do all of what you said with JSF. ADF Faces provides drag and drop functionality (have a look at the Web Developer Guide) that allow you to move nodes within a tree. The drag and drop framework sends an event notification to the server with a reference to the changed node.You can also have context menus on a tree node to help users creating, deleting and editing a tree nodes. JavaScript isn't required at all, even if you wanted to drag and drop a row in a table on top of a tree node to create a new tree node.
    I just finished a book project in which we explained this usecase. As soon as I find the time, I'll follow up with a blog entry on this as it seems to be a common requirement. However, as mentioned, the web developer guide on OTN explains drag and drop in ADF Faces pretty well.
    However, if you choose the "Search" link above, choose JDeveloper and ADF as the product to search for and type drag and drop as the search string, then you get lots of code sample posted in the past to this forum

  • To display percentage value dynamically in SSRS chart

    I have got a requirement to show percentage values in Y AXIS.
    X axis is year. There is legend color. Below the result set of the query, on top of this i have to do report. (Data set query cant be changed as it already using for other report)
    Sample Data
    Year Color
    2012 Black
    2012 Black
    2012 Red
    2013 Black
    2013 Black
    2013 Red
    2013 Red
    My requirement is like  year 2012, for black 66% (2/3) and for red  33%(1/3).
    How can we achieve this without using extra dataset and lookup? 
    Your help is highly appreciated.

    Hi Shamsuddeen,
    According to your description, you want to display the proportion for each color within each year.
    In your scenario, you can achieve your requirement follow steps below:
    1. Design a chart, specify the Category Groups with [Year] and [Color]. Then check the group name of the [Year].
    2. Specify the expression within Values panel like below:
    3. Right click the chart to open Seriese Label Properties, change the number formatting option as Percentage on Number page. Then preview the report.
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best regards,
    Qiuyun Yu
    Qiuyun Yu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Remove marker from chart legend.

    How do I remove a marker with no display name from a legend?

    Looks like no one wanted to tackle this problem. i guess no one suffered from this?
    in any case, i got a good tip on how to customize the XML in the flash chart, so that the marker doesn't show:
    a normal entry for the line chart section of the XML would look somnething like this:
    <line_chart left_space="5" right_space="5">
    <block_names enabled="no" />
    so, to remove the marker, set the dots radius in the location as follows, to 1
    <line_chart left_space="5" right_space="5">
    <block_names enabled="no" /><dots radius="1"/>
    worked like a charm! thanks Joel...

  • Can't remove decimals from chart value axis

    After several hours trying to create a simple bar graph in Pages and the same in Numbers (iWork '08) for a class assignment, I am at a loss. To any kind soul who can help, I will be very grateful.
    Here is the dilemma.
    In Numbers as well as trying this in Pages '08, I selected a blank document, clicked on the Chart icon, and in the Chart Data Editor I entered titles for 2 rows, and title for 3 columns along with their values. Then in the Chart Inspector I entered the following values under Value Axis Format: minimum= 3, Maximum= 26, and Steps=9.
    I Need to have along the y-axis (the left column, from bottom to top) the numbers starting from 3 up to 26, in increments of 3, i.e. 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24 and at the top 26.
    I have the correct sets of columns which is: 3 sets of bar graphs (2 bars side-by-side, 3 sets).
    The problem I have is that I NEED the left column of numbers, my y-axis, to be whole numbers. But Pages keeps converting them into whole numbers with 3 decimal places to the right. How can I fix this? I also keep running into a problem when entering values in Minimum-Maximum-Steps, in which I'll put 26 or 27 as a Maximum, 3 in Steps, and the Max changes to something like 96. This happens a lot, although the number changes to different values than what I enter. My Chart is a standard chart, not a stacked chart. I've tried searching and find no answers to this. And I do need the step increments to be exactly as I stated. There must be a way. I tried it in Excel 2002, and was able to do the entire chart in about 5 minutes. Numbers must be able to do this, I'm not even using calculations or formulas.
    I would insert a picture of the way the chart needs to look here, but I don't know how to do that in Posting this question.
    In God's Harmony,

    It would be useful to give us the used values so we may give you a response.
    I made a test with this setting:
    Minimum 5.0
    Maximum 9.5
    Steps 5
    and I got: 5.0, 5.9, 6.8, 7.7, 8.6, 9.5
    which is perfectly correct.
    It's our duty to check that ((Maximum - Minimum) / Steps) * 10 is an integer.
    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE lundi 8 septembre 2008 15:19:14)

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