Lightroom 6 Develope Module will not load files, can't see photos.

Lightroom Develop Module will not show files. I can see photos in library, film strip. I'm fully paid member of adobe cloud and registered. I've signed out and in again but this did not resolve the issue. The problem happened after moving from lightroom 5.7 to 6. All worked OK in 5.7, using canon 5D mark 2 CR2 files version 2.2. I have photoshop 2015 CC and when I go to camera raw ( version 9 ) The photos do not show here as well. Both are blue boxes with an X across the page just like in the Develop Module in Lightroom 6. Again files could be seen in ACR photoshop 2014. As am using the latest updates of lightroom and photoshop creative Cloud, not sure why I can't see files in the develop module in lightroom and in camera raw in photoshop ?
By Michael.

I'm no expert on GPUs and graphics cards, so I suggest you read this thread:
GPU notes for Lightroom CC (2015)
My impression. though, is that most people don't experience a huge speed improvement using the GPU, myself included.
But this will probably change in future versions, at the moment only certain functions in the Develop module use the GPU.
As for differences in GPU support between Photosop and LR, I assume that PS supports older and less powerful GPUs than Lightroom does.
Edit: But the bottom line is that LR doesn't support GPU acceleration with you graphics card, so leave it off.

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    Your preferences and configurations will not be deleted. Of course, I'd advice you to back it up anyway and then completely remove LR.
    You find all the files here:

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    Really stuck at this point. Any help greatly appreciated.

    I am now having the same problem.  On my recent trip, I had no trouble importing.  Now a few days later, with the same computer, same camera, same SD card, same card reader and same destination folder and import options the import functionality hangs and I have to force quit Lightroom.  
    No folder permissions have been changed.   I am the administrator and only user of this mac.   I clicked on your link above but it didn't take me anywhere with an answer.  I have even tried copying the pics from the SD card to my hard drive with same result.  
    I have got to find a solution to this problem -- I didn't spend thousands of dollars on a new computer and cameras just to get stuck at this point.  I don't want to abandon Lightroom and seek alternate software, but I will if this issue can't be solved.
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    Go to your Pictures Folder and find the iPhoto Library there. Right (or Control-) Click on the icon and select 'Show Package Contents'. A finder window will open with the Library exposed.
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    From the recovered Masters/ Originals folder, drag the individual Event folders to the iPhoto Window to import them to the new Library.
    Important: This is a last resort solution. It will be as though you never used iPhoto before. No edits, no keywords, no albums, no books, no slideshows etc. Just the original photos.
    Takeaway message: You always need an up-to-date back up of your iPhoto Library

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