Line chart's marker size is not changing

I am using Crystal Reports 2008 and trying to change a Line Chart's marker size.  The default size is 35, but every time I change it, it returns back  to 35 again.  Is there a bug in the application?

Hello Al,
You need to turn of Auto Arrange in Chart Expert > Options > Layout
Changing the marker size conflicts with the Auto Arrange so it is not possible to change the Marker size with it enabled.

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    Try unmounting the volume on your iMac using Disk Utility. Then mount it again. You may need to reboot the laptop or relaunch its Finder process (using the Force Quit window) after remounting the drive on your iMac. Remember that no process may be accessing any files on the drive you plan to unmount, or the unmount will fail. Unmounting and remounting an external drive on my iMac made it become visible on my MacBook Pro after it had disappeared.

  • Flex Line Chart Vertical marker

    Hi, I have a flex line chart and what I want to do is have an
    a vertical marker that extends to the outside the chart area at the
    last point.
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    Here is a perfect example of what I cannot decipher:
    ^ You can even see the source code here. I believe they call it a "chart cursor".
    Any idea what the mouse is doing, and how to get that line into a standard FLEX Linechart?
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  • Line chart with different "colors": Values not available are displayed as 0

    I defined a line chart with more than one lines (aka "colors" in the chart wizzard) - each line representing the (monthly) values of a year. x axis are the 12 months of the year; y axis are the values.
    When one defines such a line chart in BIP client there is a choice between sum, average and count for the data values.
    This is no problem for my template as there is only one value per month/year - so I used sum.
    The problem: for the actual year there are no values for future months . But bip nevertheless shows 0 for this month/year... Can one prevent this?

    Solved it finally - unavailable values must explicitly be passed to the report with nothing contained in the value tag.

  • Using CSS to change line chart tick mark font

    I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, but I can't find any reference to help with this.
    I have create a dark-background theme for my CSS and have run into a bit of a blind spot with the CSS. My chart has a dark background, and I can find no way to change the color of the font on the tick marks. I have resorted for now to setting the individual axis objects setTickLabelFill for now, but it would be nice to be able to set this in CSS.
    With this, I can change the font size of the axis labels and tick marks, but the font name and color are ignored for the tick marks:
    .axis {
    -fx-font: 14px "Palatino Linotype";
    -fx-text-fill: white;
    Thank you for your help.
    - Jim
    Edited by: 871682 on Aug 2, 2011 11:47 AM

    That did work in 1.3, and I hoped it made it into 2.0, but that setting didn't help.
    Setting the -fx-text-fill in -axix-tick-mark .label doesn't work either, or any variation I tried.

  • Changing Paper size does not change page break?

    I am using Oracle Report R6i.
    I have created a matrix report showing months horizontally and items vertically. By default, the report displays a vertical line (Page Break Line) at 8 inches (as shown in Ruler).
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    How can I extend that page break line so that atleast 6 months to be displayed per page.

    Changing the size used by the printer with the page setup dialog does not affect how Reports formats the output. You need to change Reports page size for this.
    In 6i, the page size for Reports is controlled by properties against the Section objects (header, main, trailer) in the navigator.
    In 2.5 you would set the vertical and horizontal page size in the Reports property palette for all sections. With the introduction of individual sections in 6i, each section can have it's own page size.
    In your example you probably want to change the page size against the "main section" to 13" x 8.26" to get the report to format in Landscape. Also remember to set the ORIENTATION parameter or property to "Landscape" so that the printer is set to Landscape as well.

  • Hiding lines on a line chart (Display marker only)

    I would like to only view Markers along with bars in combination chart. Need to make lines transparent or hidden (disable).
    The X category  axis is (different companies), so connecting line is not appropriate.
    There are setting to hide other elements: Markers (Enable or Transparency), Column (Transparency).

    I don't think that is possible out-of-the-box. What you could do is the following:
    1) Create a Bar chart
    2) Create a XY chart (this will be your markers). Create a new series on the XY chart. Point the x-values to the x-axis labels on you bar chart. Point the y-values to the values you would like to display as markers.
    3) Disable display of most of the elements of the XY chart, e.g. chart back ground, legend, vertical axis, gridlines etc.
    4) Move the XY chart on top of you Bar chart
    This will work, but might take a little fiddling :o)

  • Font size WILL NOT change.

    I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0.0
    I have a BMP file of a certificate and I want to have only certain areas where the user can write the details.  So, I did the following:
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    Saved the file.
    Forms - Form Tools - Text Field
    Drew the filed and gave it a name.
    Double clicked on it
    Clicked on Appearance.
    The default font is Helvetica.
    Changed the font size to 18.
    Clicked on Close
    File - Save
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    The font size is ignore (it's tiny!!!!)
    How do I change the font size?????

    I am updating to the 9.4 version, as we speak.
    It turns out that the issue is that the number shown for the fount is it the NUMBER OR POINTS not the font size.  Changing it to Auto seems to sort the issue out.

  • Window size will not change in open browser window behaviours

    Despite changing the sizes of the window in the edit function of
    edit open browser window it always opens up as one big page.
    My code is
    <p><a href="popup.html"><img src="../Existing business1.jpg" alt="existing1" name="services" width="359" height="283" id="services" longdesc="http://Hr existing" onclick="MM_openBrWindow('popup.html','popup','width=430,height=300')" /></a></p>
    Can anyone help?

    Which browser(s) are you testing?
    Have you got a URL to your test pages yet?  That's the best way to get help.
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists

  • Log file initial size is not changing

    Hi Team,
    I have a database on SQL Server 2008 whos log file is 187 GB while total backup size of database is 5 MB.
    When I am taking log backup and full backup and trying to change the initial size of log file then it is again reaching to 187 GB strange?
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    If you don't need log backup (no point-in-time restore, no log-shipping, etc.), put the database into the SIMPLE recovery model.
    Shrink log:
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    Here is a screenshot of the problem:

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    we use  dynamic SGA and automatic memory management.
    Is it natural things ? If so, I would like to explaint about to our customer.
    Why the show parameters sga_max_size was 7.6GB ?

    DUPLICATE POST. please continue with our original post. Please mark this question answered and check the following link:
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    However, when I deploy the package on a 15" monitor, all screens does not fit within the explorer screen... Why ... Any settings is missing ....
    Needs some help
    Ravi Shankar Swamy

    Well, first think I did was this action. However, the client does not like that resolution, since you see very small fonts. Now, do I have to re-design every thing for the lower resolution or any settings exists to change globally ... windows.height and windows.width... or anything else.
    Ravishankar S

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    Dear all,
    delivery dates in schedule lines on line item in sales order is not dates are different in schedule line of partial qtys.i have to do same delivery date on all schedule lines.

    Hi Praveen
    1. Schedule Line dates can be changed manually or by doing an availability check only.
    2. In case if you change the delivery date in the header it will not change automatically in the line item level.
    3. You need to do it manually only.
    kindly let me know more details.

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