Line item type

If I know a line item type name how can i find how many Rate Categories currently receive this line item type?

Other than writing a BI or other custom report, you could do it in multiple steps:
Run report REAVAR01 for the Line Item Type in question (as the only parameter)
This will list the Variant Program/s that use the line item type.
Then for each Variant you can do a "Where used" to see which Rates the Variant (hence the line item type) is used in.
I hope it helps.
Ivor M.

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  • What is Line item Type for "RECONNECTION" ?

    Hi everyone,
    Can anybody please tell me what is default line item type for RECONNCETION ?
    Thanks in advance.

    In reconnection and disconnection document, Line item is call activites. the table is EDISCACT. you can see all categoty type in data element DISCACTTYP.
    For more details. Please read [Customer service SAP Help|].

  • Line item type Info Object ????????/

    Hi friends
       just for clarification is there any 0 Info Object available for Line Item Type field (i.e,  LINETYPE (char 5) in FAGLFLEXA Table)....or do I need to create a custom object...

    No need to waste much time here. If you are not able to find any relevent IO in Buisness content also , then create a new z-info object.
    With rgds,
    Anil Kumar Sharma .P

  • How to not select an invoice if a certain line item type is present?

    I've created a report that lists all invoices that have a particular line item type on it.  For example, I wanted to produce a revenue report by item type, "P-Tank". So, the invoice table links to the invoice line items table. Each line item record has a "resource id" on it. The resource id links to the resource type table. So, if invoice #8 has, say, three line items and one of them has a resource type of "P-Tank" then I report on it.  Basically, I'm making a report grouped by Resource ID and the Resource ID must by of Resource Type 1, 2 or 3.  So, this report I've solved.
    Now, I want to report on those invoices that do not have either a resource type 1, 2 or 3 item on it.  If I use a formula:
    "Not ({resource_type.resource_type_id} in [1, 2, 3]) that doesn't work because it just omits the line item that is of resource type 1, 2 or 3....but still leaves the invoice on the report with the other line item types. * I want to identify any and all invoices that do not have either a line item resource type 1, 2, or 3 on it.*
    Any help is much appreciated!

    Hi Abhilash,
    That didn't seem towork.  I'll simplify the example to see if we can find the answer easier this way.
    I'm using two tables: invoice; and invoice_items
    An invoice can have many items on it.
    I don't want my query to select any invoices that have a Tank item on it (Tank has a resource id = 8).
    So, I'll join the invoice table to the invoice_items table:
    invoice.invoice_id = invoice_items.invoice_id.
    The result set looks like the following:
    Invoice #        Invoice Item #     Invoice Resource ID
    22                              1                               8
    22                              2                               9
    23                              1                               5
    So, because Invoice #22 has a line item with resource id = 8 on it I do not want Invoice #22 to appear on the report at all, regardless of what other items and resource id's are on it.
    I have tried joining the two tables in every manner (e.g. inner, outer, not enforced, enforced, etc) and even when I put the condition, invoice_items.resource_id <> 8, it still brings up Invoice #22 but just omits the one line item and leaves the record with resource id 9 (in the example above).  I don't want Invoice #22 to appear at all in the report.
    Does that help clarify the problem?

  • Modify Sales order line item Type

    Hey Guys,
    I was wondering if there is a way through the DI or UI that I can change the type of a line item in a sales order matrix. I can change it through the Business One client to sub total or text on a line item and add comments. Is it possible to do this through code via DI or UI?
    Any examples would be helpful.

    Something like this.
    ComboBox cb = (ComboBox)oMatrix.Columns.Item("COLUID").Cells.Item("row").Specific;
    Normal lines have "" (empty) value
    Textlines have "T" value
    Subtotals have "S" value

  • Copy service line items to new line items in the same contract (ME32K)?

    Hello friends,
    Requirement: There are many contracts (account assignment K) has service line items  (type 9). I need to copy a contract line item along with its service line items (1 or more) into a new line item in the same contract. I tried bapi_po_change but it says Contracts can't be processed with it, as only in this bapi we have a structure for ESLL services. BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE or create don't have structure for to achieve this through a bapi or a fm?
    So, in what way I could accomplish this? I came across some threads, which was helpful, but is not solving the purpose
    Any guidance here would be of great help.
    Thanks in advance.

    This BAPI can be used to create new service items in the contract but won't change existing lines. You can query the contract lines that you want to copy and later call the BAPI to recreate them

  • Subtotal line item in invoice

    There is Subtotal line item for an invoice -with line item type SUBT -
    I have some invoices where it is present and in some cases it is not present.
    Does anyone know the reason for this and from where it gets populated / calculated.
    In billing documents there is no such line item type.
    Thanks in advance.

    Check this path once:
    SAP Utilities ->Invoicing->Define Sort Criteria for Bill Print out.
    Check the corresponding documentation as well.
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  • Line item concept and doc_item ???

    Hi everyone,
    Can anybody explain what is Line item?
    I have created one application form of form class IS_U_BI_BILL
    I want to get old meter number, new meter number, opening readning, closing reading, multiplier, kwh
    and charges for different  line types given to me..
    I know that those are around doc_item node. I am writing code in After exit of doc_item.
    Can anybody explain me how should i do this.
    Thanks in advance..

    Unfortunately I am not form developer, but I am billing consultant. I will try to explain why do we need line item types (BELZART).  Line item types we use to identify lines in the billing document for printing or for other purposes (IDE, Z-programms). All billing document lines and information are stored in the structure ERCHZ. For the better identification of the lines are used "line item types" which you can create in the customizing. There are also some standard line item types as IQUANT - for the technical information, IDEMAND - information about demand, or the lines as 00001 - billing of the energy etc. By programming of the forms you should firstly find your BELZART and after that to find your field for example quantity is in the field I_ABRMENGE, and also you can find there information - device number, meter reading results etc.
    I hope this information will help you.

  • Text in line item not written printed

    Hi Experts
                 While executing transection ME23N (Po order in line item type tab) we maintain text which is to be printed on print output or script output, But in my case this text is not written printed. Please help me.
                                                                                    Thanks in advance
                                                                                    Arun pathak

    Hi arya,
                From your case ,which method have you used to print,by using function module or include text element.if you are using function module means,you can refer this link,
    Link: [Re: ME22N Purchase Order Table]
    if not ,you are using include text element means ,check your Text Name,Text Object,Text ID,Language and tickmark the checkbox,Enter the value in Std paragraph parameter.
    Everything as perfect what have you maintained,then you have to check the output options declaration(Line & Column),if you maintained in template.
    <=<< Sharing Knowledge is a way to Innovative >>=>

  • Line item txt on sales order

    I changed my line item type to text on the sales order.  Now I want to add that text field to print on my order, but I can't find where it is stored.  I have checked the RDR1, INV10 tables, but the text I typed isn't there.  Anyone know what tables holds the data?

    It is RDR10, not INV10.

  • Repeted line items in blll

    Dear Experts,
    in my bill printout i am getting repeated line items .means if i have some shortfall charge (100rs)
    this amount also triggering in arrears line, actual arrears is (30rs) , but actual arrears are not fetching,
    when i see the doc overview (ea00)  i found that there are repeated  line items.avb.
    how can i del or change that line items, ?
    help will be more appreciable.

    In a print document the line items are divided on two parts on a higher level. The first set coming from bill document line items related to current bill period charges and the other set comes from the balance brought forward items ( you can say it arrears).
    The print document line items related to the bill document  are stored in table DBERDLB and the balance brought forward line items are stored in table DBERDL.
    You can see that every print document line item are linked with a unique line item number and a line item type. First you identify the line item is related with current bill document or balance brought forward items.
    To control how the line items will be generated in the print document for a bill document, you have to see the variant control of a variant program in the rate steps. Identify which variant program of which rates are generating that line item. Then see the variant control setting of that rate step. There may be several types of check boxes such as info lines written about calculation / qualtity etc. It geerates the information lines in the print document. Depending on your requirement you can tick or untick the check boxes. If you have ticked the check boxes for info lines written about calculation method, it might generate multiple line items for a single rate steps in the print document to display the calculation steps.
    To control how the balance brought forward will be displayed in the print document, you need a setting at the following path:
    SPRO-> SAP Utilities->  Invoicing->  Invoice Processing->  Item Selection in Invoicing->  Item Selection in Account Maintenance/ Define Sub-Items.
    In the above path for a clearing type, in the item selection for bill print out area you can define which accounting information will be included in the invoice line items and how it will be printed and whether it will be included in the bill sum total etc.
    Hope it will help.

  • Manual bill line item

    Hi All,
    We are creating manual billing for a particular period and we mention a certain line item type while doing so.I would like to know that after creation of manual bill doc,where does the entry for this bill doc with its line item type gets posted.I checked DBERCHZ but it does not have entries for manual bill docs.Also, i would like to know the difference betweeen DBERCHZ DBERCHZ1 and DBERCHZ3.

    I seem to have figured out the join...

  • COPA line item report, Number format  -output type - object list(ALV).

    I am preparing COPA line item report. I want to change number format (two decimal place). I did the changes in form level then I did the changes in drill down report as well and saved as save definition.
    But changes are not reflecting in- output type - object list(ALV).
    Please provide help in this.

    What t-code you are using to write this line item report ?

  • KR doc type posted without vendor line item a mandatory item category

    Hello Gurus,
    We have SPL document splitter activated in our ECC system. We have the business transaction variant 0300 / Z001 assigned to doc type KR. The vendor line is obligatory in the above business transaction variant (BTV). THe splitting rule is also assigned for this BTV.
    THe problem is that despite having the vendor as obligatory for this BTV, we are able to post the doc type KR (vendor invoice) without the vendor line item e.g.. doc with doc type KR and debit and credit to expense a/c.
    Please share your experience if anyone has come across this issue,

    To make the vendor line mandatory for KR document type, you can write the validation as below:-
    Step 1:-
    Create a message ID via transaction code SE91 for message class /EACC/MSG/ACC_COMP as you want to display to user.
    Step 2:-
    Go to transaction GGB0 and create the validation step at complete document level in Financial Accounting as below:-
    Pre Requisits:-
    BKPF-BLART = 'KR'.
    Create a exit code using user exit and check that line items have at least one vendor line item.
    For this take the help of ABAPer and create a copy of the program RGGBR000 and code your check here and assign to the application area GBLR in view V_T80D via transaction code SM30.
    Message created in step 1 as error message.
    Step 3:-
    Please also check that this validation has active status (Status=1) at line complete document level (level 3) for your company code in transaction OB28.

  • Error M8-688 - Creation of several vendor line items is not possible for document type RN.

    Hello All,
    We are using the Net Invoice Posting with document type RN(Invoice- Net). We are generating different vendor line items in the accounting document based on the withholding tax codes involved in the invoice posting. When it comes to net invoice posting system is giving an error message M8-688 - Creation of vendor line items is not possible for document type RN. Is there is any way to create multiple vendor items with net invoice posting? Please suggest.

    I dont think that there is any way because it is a hardcoded error message.
          IF NOT t003-xnetb IS INITIAL.
            MESSAGE e688 WITH pi_rbkpv-blart.
    SAP is checking the customizing for net/gross posting per document type in table T003
    And if it is set up as net, then it is a hard error.

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