Linking Headers to open to a page giving more description

I am drawing a blank on how to take a header and make it a live link that will open to a new page of information. I am not looking to do a dropdown or pdf file.
Is this possible?
Thank you.

Can you provide a link?

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  • OBIEE Guided Navigation Link - How to open in New page.

    I am using Guided navigation links in OBIEE dashboards to link some of my reports.
    When i click on the Link it opens the report on the same page. Instead i have to open the report in a new page. This Option is available in 'Link OR Image' section, not in 'Guided Nav. Link' section. Please suggest me if there is any way to achieve this.

    We have the same need: from within a report we have guided navigation to a detail report, that uses the values of the record in the master report as filterparameters. When clicking a row in the master report , we should open the detail report in a new window, while leaving the master report in the dashboard open. How can we achieve this?
    Swami just mentioned the Link or Image object to indicate that this possibility of choosing the same or a new window is present there, and asked where to find the same choosing option for guided navigation.

  • Open Skillbuilders modal page from report

    I want to open the Skillbuilders modal page from within a report. The first column in a report represents the primary key of the table the report shows. What is the best way to do that?
    The idea is this: in the report region, there's a button CREATE that opens the modal dialog by Skillbuilders. A user can enter some data, clicks submit, modal dialog closes and report is refreshed. That's working now. Now I want to add a link to the first column in the report, that also opens the modal dialog, passing the value of the primary key of the row the user clicks on.
    I'm not that experienced with Javascript, I guess I'll have to create an dynamic action with a jquery selector, and as a true action, a javascript call to open the dialog. Can someone give me a start?
    Thanks in advance!

    You actually do not need that much javascript in this case. Simply design your column as you would normally do to create a link column.
    <li>Column Link: Provide a link text</li>
    <li>Link Attributes: onclick="return false;" class="show_modal"</li>
    <li>Set the target page and provide any items you want filled.</li>
    onclick="return false;" is to prevent the default behaviour of the anchor tag: navigate to the location specified in the href attribute. We want to open the modal page instead.
    Now to have the modal dialog open, create a dynamic action.
    <li>Event: Click</li>
    <li>Selection Type: jQuery Selector</li>
    <li>jQuery Selector: .show_modal</li>
    <li>Advanced > Event Scope: live (so the links will work after pagination)</li>
    For the true action, select the SkillBuilders Modal Page plugin, and make sure these are specified as following. This will take the location in the generated link columns and open a modal page for this location.
    So, this would open your edit page with the correct id (which you set up in the column link).
    <li>URL Location: Attribute of Triggering Element</li>
    <li>Attribute Name: href</li>
    If you set it up like this, you have the convenience of the standard column link definitions, no need for any javascript save onclick=false and no need to fill up page items and deal with submission to session state.

  • New Project for Oracle Open Source Projects Page

    Another SQL*Plus clone but this one is written in pure java, feel free to add it to the Oracle Open Source Projects page:
    SQL*More is a tool to execute commands against SQL databases in the same vein as SQL*Plus for Oracle. Key features are platform independence, database independence, a self-contained networking stack, a terminal friendly CLI implementation, and macro-like commands.

    Happy to, but we'll need your project URL.
    Cheers, OTN

  • IWeb • How Do I Make Links in an Embedded PDF Document Open in New Page?

    On this page I have a PDF document that is embedded.  I tried an IFrame, but everything seemed to work better for me with the "Embed" code.  I am open to changing this if it would be better.  Here's my problem.  I can get the PDF document to display fine, but when I click on the links in the PDF document, the destination page opens in the embedded window.  I want the links to open the destination in a new window.
    I created the part of the document with most of the links (Pages 8.5 - 56) in Numbers and cut and pasted the table into a Pages document to create the completed document on our site.  I exported the docuemnt from Pages as a PDF file which is what you see.  There is also a link to download the file on the same page which works just fine.
    I have tried to insert the target="_blank" code but have not been able to get it to open the destination pages in a new window.  I am inserting the code by using the Insert/Widget/HTML Snippet Feature in IWeb.  Here is the code I am using.
    <embed src=
    style="width:850px; height:1000px;
    scrolling="auto" >
    I am not a coder and have just used Google to find the code to cut and paste and have played around with it to get to the place I am.  If anybody can tweak the code I have or offer some totally new code for me to insert that will get this to work would be greatly appreciated.
    Please keep in mind that most of the people who visit and use this page are government employees and are almost exclusivey using Explorer. 

    Thank you Jeff,
    I tried your original suggestion and now my inserted html widget reads
    <embed src=
    style="width:850px; height:1000px;
    scrolling="auto" target="_blank">
    It is live on my site.  You can see that the embedded document still opens the destination links in the embedded window.
    As for your other two suggestions, thank you as well.  I am aware of those techniques and did not use them because that is not how I want the other PDF links on the page to behave.  The catalog and autocad blocks downloads in the box at the top should simply download (or behave however the client's browser is configured to handle downloaded PDF documents or zip files.)  I don't intend to force those to open a new window.  I could also have our client click on a link to the PDF document and open it in a new page (like in your second suggestion) but I was hoping to embed the PDF and have it automatically viewable on our Download • Terms • Prices Page with all of the PDF search functions intact as well as the links be active.  My only complaint at this point is that the links in the embedded PDF document open the destination page in the embed window instead of a new window.  I only want to force a new window because the destination window doesn't behave properly when it opens in my embed window and it is difficult to figure out how to go back to the my PDF document when a destination window gets opened in the embed window.  The code you sent didn't do the trick.  Or maybe I didn't get it exactly right.  That is why I included it above.  Thanks for trying though.  I appreciate the effort.
    I would be willing to bypass the imbed/iFrame route altogether if I could just somehow drop the Pages document into the IWeb page and retain the search and link features, but I've not been able to figure out how to do that.  When I was exploring how to directly drop a Pages document into an IWeb page is when I stumbled on the method of embedding a PDF document into an IWeb page to retain the important search and link features.

  • Clicking on a link to open a new page or tab gives me a blank page.

    If I click on a link to open a new page or a new tab, the page that opens is always blank and no address is in the address bar. Also, occasionally, my refresh button is "grayed" out so I can't hit that either. I think this is some sort of security setting blocking it. Can anyone help.

    Thanks Jason, I had the same problem and did exactly the steps above. Problem solved! You rock! :)

  • When I click on a link in an email, it does not automatically open the site page? When I receive an email with a link in it, if I click on the link to open the page, nothing happens. It does not open the internet to that page.

    When I click on a link in an email, it does not automatically open the site page?
    When I receive an email with a link in it, if I click on the link to open the page, nothing happens. It does not open the internet to that page.

    I don't appear to have a toolbar either.

  • When I click a link to open the page in new tab, it open the new page beside my page.

    After I update FireFox to version 3.6.8, I could not open the new page in the last tab, it always opens the new page in beside the tab.
    Mmm…I could not make sure the new page or new tab I said is the same with you…?? (I use Chinese version so that I don’t know if it’s the same or not…)
    A window could open several pages with different tabs, and I could click different tab to different page, right?
    If I right clicked a link to open the page to “new tab” in the same window, the new tab opened in the last tab of my window.
    But after I update FireFox to version 3.6.8 and I click a link to open the page to “new tab” in the same windoe, the new tab will open beside my page. (Mmm…Open on right of my page.)
    I would like the “new tab” open to the last tab in my window, not “beside” the tab I used. How could I change the setting??)
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == After I update FireFox to 3.6.8

    That feature isn't new to 3.6.8, it was changed in 3.6.
    Type '''about:config''' in the URL bar and hit Enter.
    ''If you see the warning, you can confirm that you want to access that page.''
    Filter = '''browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent'''
    Double-click that preference to change the value to '''''false'''''

  • File, Send link doesn't open a new email. Using Firefox 11.0. Outlook 2010 is the Mailto default and W7 default email program. On the About:config page network.protocol-handler.external.mailto is set to regular font (not bold) "default Boolean true".

    File, Send link doesn’t open a new email. Running Firefox 11.0. Outlook 2010 is the Mailto default and the W7 default email program. On the About:config page, network.protocol-handler.external.mailto is set to regular font (not bold) “default Boolean true”.

    I assume you have tried toggling the setting in Firefox between Outlook and, say, Gmail:
    orange Firefox button ''or'' classic Tools menu > Options > Applications
    In the search box, type or paste '''mailto''' and pause for the list to filter.
    Change the setting and OK to save it, then return to the dialog, change back, and OK again.
    You also might want to toggle the setting at the OS level between Microsoft Outlook and the native Windows Mail client in a similar fashion. In Windows XP you could use IE's Options dialog, Programs tab, for this, but I'm not sure in Windows 7.
    Since one possibility is a problem in your Firefox settings (including the possibility of interfering add-ons), and another is a problem at the Windows level (e.g., Registry settings), it would be useful to try to identify which one it is. One quick way to distinguish is to create a new Firefox profile. It will start up with all factory settings. You can switch back to your existing profile after testing.
    First, I recommend backing up your Firefox settings in case something goes wrong. See [ Backing up your information]. (You can copy your entire Firefox profile folder somewhere outside of the Mozilla folder.)
    After closing Firefox, start up again in the Profile Manager as described in this article: [ Managing profiles].
    With the new profile, can Firefox successfully create a message in Outlook?

  • All downloads through Firefox are not opening correctly. Bookmarks open up a page with links flush left down the page that do not work. All file downloads do not open correctly with the same issue as bookmarks. Want to avoid losing all my bookmarks so don

    Something happened in the last day with FF. IE downloads files correctly. FF Delicious bookmarks open up a page with blue links that look like an outline but they are not my links. My downloads do the same. No virus.

    That can be caused by having some bookmarks with a long title in the main Bookmarks menu.
    The width of a column in the Bookmarks menu list is in current Firefox versions automatically adjusted to fit the bookmark with the longest name.
    You can check the names of the bookmarks and make the longer ones shorter.

  • How to change a text item to have a link that opens a different page?

    How to change a text item to have a link that opens a different page?

    Hi Denes,
    I understood what the code will do. But it did not work.
    ...a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:2:&SESSION.">LINK</a...
    By default, P5_TASK_NAME displays Task Name which is passed from Page 3.
    So I changed your code as follows so that P5_TASK_NAME value may be displayed with a link.
    ...a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:3:&SESSION.">:P5_TASK_NAME</a...
    But P5_TASK_NAME value appears without any link and does not open page 3.
    Then I created a new text item (display only) in the same HTML region in page 5 and entered the following code in the default box:
    ...a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:3:&SESSION.">LINK</a...
    When I ran the application, it displayed the whole code as text.
    How can I display P5_TASK_NAME value with a link to open page 3?
    Would appreciate your help.
    ... to be replaced with < or >
    Could you please let me know how to display link code correctly?
    Edited by: GUY3 on Mar 11, 2009 4:20 PM

  • Firefox is set to open a new page when a link is selected, however it opens underneath/behind

    Firefox is set to open a new page when a link is selected, however it opens underneath/behind the page containing the link. In other words I can't see the new page because it is beneath the one I'm looking at.
    75% of the time this happens, 25% of the time it works as it should.

    Do you mean that it is opening links in a new window? If you would rather have a new tab instead, you can set that in Options > Tabs. Some links are set up so that they will open in a new tab or window. I know of no way to make those open in the same tab, short of changing the code on the page.

  • Page Viewer to have links open a different page

    I have a custom HTML page i have created that has links to site pages. I have a page viewer web part on my home page that points to this custom HTML page. I want it so when you click on a link on this html page, it doesn't just take you to the page
    within the page viewer, but have the whole page navigate there.
    I do not want the link to open a new tab or new window, just navigate from the home page to the page.
    Any ideas?
    I had it in a content editor before and it worked fine, but for some reason it changed all the hyperlink text to red, even though there is not one line in my css file to have any red text anywhere. Strange.

    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to redirect a new page directly outside the page view without tag or new window.
    It could be achieved setting target attribute to _parent for <a> tag.
    <a target="_parent" href="/sites/zhengyuGuo/">Click here to continue</a>
    The link above will allow us open the link in the parent page.
    More information:
    Redirect the parent page from IFrame:
    Best regards,
    Zhengyu Guo
    Forum Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact
    [email protected]
    Zhengyu Guo
    TechNet Community Support

  • Hi, I have this green mark (with pointing arrow looks like a link) on some words show on my window screen when I open a web page, I wonder if it is a virus link or such. Need help how to get rid of it. Thanks

    Hi, I have this green mark (with pointing arrow looks like a link) on some words show on my window screen when I open a web page, I wonder if it is a virus link or such. Need help how to get rid of it. Here's the example:

    If the third link you posted (the link containing the word "majority") does not look like the following then you inadvertently installed adware.
    That particular page should resemble the following:
    The word "majority" in the third paragraph should not be a link and should not have the green icon associated with it.
    To learn how this may have occurred, and how to prevent it from occurring in the future, read How to install adware
    Most so-called "news" websites are nothing more than entertainment outlets that cater to prurient interests, and contain advertisements that leave the user about three clicks away from installing junk. If you decide to frequent those websites, Safari's "Reader" feature helps minimize that exposure.
    Try it:

  • URL Links won't open pages in browser

    Hi, I'm in a Connect session right now, and every time I try to open a link (via a shared powerpoint, or using "Browse To" in a Web Links object, or clicking a url in a chat window) instead of opening a browser page the system tries to download the HTML file and open it for editing.  I'm sure this has something to do with a Flash or Connect setting, but I can't find where to look.  And I can't use the in-Connect Help, because it won't open!    If anyone can help me figure out what's wrong and how I can fix it I'd really appreciate it.

    First of all click Safari/Reset Safari, next click Safari/Preferences/Extensions and turn off extensions. The re-test
    If the problem persists, try using safari in safe mode:
    Use this link to see how to do this:
    If Safari works ok in safe mode, then your problem points to something 3rd party related.
    Have a look at this:
    I hope this helps

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