Linking to local video on iPad

Hello, I'm trying to link to a local file on the iPad from a pdf or ePub and have no idea what the file directory is for QuickTime movies in the Videos application. Does anybody know how to link to a local file on the iPad? Thanks very much.

Ther is no file directory structure on the ipad. Apps save any associated files within the app. THe best tool I have used to mitigate this is Goodreader. You can saave files in goodreader and also open email attachements with it.
The Goodreader app writeup in itunes or on the ipad app store will tell you all the file types supported.

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  • Local Video/image slideshows on iPad

    Hi there
    We're struggling to use the iPad as a viable platform for pitching/presenting to clients.
    Right now we've made a website that links to video content but that makes us dependent on an internet connection.
    Is there a method/app available that would allow for a browsable, ideally non-linear way of showing images and video on iPad, where the media is stored LOCALLY?
    thanks for any help, I'm coming up empty!

    I'm more than happy to pay for it if there was one that played video/images locally. i'll take a browse around, the apps on ipad store aren't well sorted.

  • What time (local) is the iPad mini available for pre orders

    What time (local) is the iPad mini available for pre orders

    Internet wise? Best to ask apple.
    Lower right hand corner of this page is a 'contact us' link.
    Click there and find the appropriate phone number and ask them.
    May be midnight, may be later. They're the only ones that know for sure.

  • How to take print images,videos from iPad

    How to take print or copy images / videos from iPad?

    You can import photos and videos from the camera roll to your computer. Click on the link for more information.
    iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your...

  • Links to Google Video Fail

    I recently upgraded to iWeb'08 and I use it to create a blog that links to videos posted to Google Video. When I enter the link in iWeb, it appears correct:
    However, when the site is published (just to my local machine, so no issues with FTP substituting character sets), the link becomes n
    and this link does not work in Safari.
    Is there a way to force iWeb to not replace '?' and the '=' in the original URL?
    Since Google provides the URLs to the videos, I can't easily change them, and I would prefer not to have to hand edit the .xml files.
    Any solutions or suggestions are appreciated.

    Try to redo the default browser setting and temporarily set another browser as the default browser.

  • How do I upload video from iPad to revel?

    How do I upload video from iPad to revel?

    Pn the iPad/iPhone app, you can upload videos that were taken on the iPad/iPhone. You upload them the same way you do a photo, see this link:
    see this link for supported file types:

  • AirPlay buffering from local video file [NOT WORKING]

    We have been trying to play videos on our Apple TV, (Actually 2 of them, neither worked). WE have a local video file on our mac (iTunes Version 11.3.1) and we have been trying to play the video n out Apple TV using AirPlay. We can select the Apple TV from the AirPlay list but when we go to watch it all it does is buffer. It buffers for ever. This happened on both our Apple TV's (one is a ten. 2 and the other a gen. 3). We have also tried using our other mac which also runs iTunes 11.3.1. Our network works fine, (Apple Time Capsule) we have backups going to it and everything. This issue only started about 3 days ago; before that everything worked perfectly for more then two years. (Across two different routers). Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    Just linking to the file won't work. You'll have to call
    navigateToURL with that file's path. This will load the file in the
    default browser.
    There's no other way to launch applications from AIR

  • HT1766 How to send videos from ipad air to the cloud to free up storage space on ipad

    How do I send videos from ipad air to the cloud to free up storage space on ipad?

    I had a similar/same problem - when I deleted the video locally, it did not appear as a Cloud video.
    To solve this, I deleted it locally, signed out of iCloud, powered of the iPad, powered back on, opened videos (empty), signed back into iCloud.
    Now all my videos are present in the cloud, and none locally.
    Not a great UX though

  • TS1741 Link Apple TV to my ipad

    How do I link my I pad to Apple TV even to use as a remote, would like to send video from iPad to appletv

    What do you mean by connect?
    You either use airplay in conjunction with compatible apps or you can mirror using an iPad 2 (or later) to display content from the device to the ATV
    Is that what you are having trouble with?
    More information on your issue and what you are encountering would be helpful.

  • TS3276 An email sent from my iMac has a button linked to a clip hosted on Vimeo. When received, the link functions on iMac and iPad, but opens a window of app icons on iPhone and iPod touch. Any ideas what's wrong?

    An email sent from my iMac has a button linked to a clip hosted on Vimeo. When received, the link functions on iMac and iPad, but opens a window of app icons on iPhone and iPod touch. Any ideas what's wrong?

    For anyone else reading this thread, it is worth knowing that sometimes an email is, or can be, corrupted thereby jamming the works. The solution above is good, but I just wanted to suggest another one.
    If the problem arises, go to an online mail access service, such as and login to you mail account there and delete the offending message.
    Problem solved.
    And George, as this is all entirely voluntary, whinging about no takers may not endear people to you. Besides which, a few minutes of searching on Google would have found you a number of solutions.

  • TS1506 how to download or transfer a video from ipad mini to computer?

    I would like to know, how I can download or transfer a video I recorded from my ipad mini to a computer? or how I could send it through an attachment to my email?

    There are many ways to transfer videos from iPad to computer:
    1. photo stream
    My Photo Stream FAQ - Apple Support
    2. autoplay in windwos ows-7

  • How to download youtube videos to ipad without using a computer.

    How to download youtube videos to ipad without using a computer???  Looking to download some videos people created using Dr. Jean music.  My kid used Dr. Jean in preschool and wanted to keep singing them at home.
    Looking for a friend that doesn't use a computer.  I myself have downloaded some kids educational stuff and added to itunes and then put on ipod/ipad using firefox. 
    Is there an easy way, so they don't go to the photo roll??
    thanks in advance.

    There are some Apps you can use, but be careful they will only download these videos inside the App, so you won't ba able to play them in your video app or share them.
    Most popular is the app called "Video Download" but there are a lot of alternatives for free and even with more quality which you can pay for.

  • View videos with iPad

    view videos with iPad   change default systems to use diff flash drive?

    Not entirely sure what you mean, but if it's that you want to download and install flash then you can't - it is not supported on the iPad ( Browser apps such as Skyfire claim to support flash bu their reviews are mixed. Also some websites, especially news sites, have their own apps in the App Store, so you could check to see if any of your favoutrite sites have apps.

  • In airplane can't access paid video cause it's in cloud how can I get out of cloud so I can view video on ipad

    CCan't access paid video on iPad why

    Are you referring to being in Airplane Mode, or on an actual aircraft? If you purchased a movie, you would need to download it to the device, and would need to do that while you could still connect to the Internet.

  • How do you view Windows Home Server 2011 Video on iPad 2

    I have uploaded iPhone 4s .mov files from iPhone 4s to Windows Home Server 2011.  The iphone can play these back but the iPad Safari reports downloading but does nothing after that.  Will not play video.   I can email the iPhone 4s video to iPad 2 and view the video but just not through web browser.

    I think your MOV files are compatible with the iPad, but are not recognized as being compatible in Safari.  This is something that should be reported by providing feedback to Apple at <iPad Feedback>.  If more people report the problem, Apple is more likely to fix it.
    To work around the problem, you can convert the MOV files to MP4, which should be compatible.  One program that can do this conversion is HandBrake.  <Download HandBrake>

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