Livecycle Designer 8 - Is it possible to have button to clear fields after user has clicked submit by email button so user can reuse form to send another response with different answers?

Users will use form to fill in stats for enquiries so they want to keep form open, complete a form, click button to submit by email, then click another button to clear form, form now ready to accept form's responses.  They dont' want to keep opening form each time form needs to be completed.
Hope you help.
Thanks Sandra

Thanks for your response, not sure what you mean by a loop.  I put together
a draft form to show staff in our Knowledge Centre the sort of thing
Livecycle Designer can do.
(See attached file: Library  Request  Form_pub_0001.pdf)
They are currently writing out on form and manually putting into excel to
keep stats on the requests.
Due to current Global Financial Crisis my section does not want to spend
extra money at the moment seeking assistance from our tech heads.  So we
are looking for least work no expense option for keeping stats.  I am a PA
who just happens to have Livecycle program on my computer.
We use Lotus Notes so I thought the staff could save copy of Library
request form in the stationery folder.  The staff using the form want to be
able to do the following:
1. open the Library request form at the beginning of the day;
2. when a request comes in, complete the form and click on Send by email
3. click on a Clear Data button to clear all data from all fields so the
form is open ready for when the next request comes in.
Staff are time poor and, as this is only one of their numerous duties, they
don't want to keep going to a location and opening a file which can be very
slow on some days
Each day form may be filled out by approximately 15 staff who may receive
anything from 0 - 4 requests a day.
I am not a tech head so script writing is a deep, dark mystery.  Can you
help using the form above as an example for achieving step 3 above.
Sandra Smith
Personal Assistant
PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia
Office: ++61 (2) 8266 9069
Fax: ++61 (2) 8286 9069
[email protected]
             <[email protected]                                        
             >                                                          To
                                       Sandra K Smith/AU/TLS/[email protected]
             08/08/2009 12:25                                           cc
             Please respond to         Designer 8 - Is it possible to have
             clearspace-200985         button to clear fields after user
             0098-481178-2-216         has clicked submit by email button
             [email protected]         so user can reuse form to send 
                    another response with different
if i understand this correctly, you just want everything cleared whena
buttons is pressed?
you can either do it individually:
on button click:
or do a loop, using child/paretns..

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    Two issues may affect the ability to successfully receive the PDF submission:
    First, the built-in PDF "Viewers" lack the ability to submit PDF form and form data, viewers are not compatible with Live-Cycle XFA PDFs, and they lack Extended Reader Rights proprietary to Adobe Software. End-users will need to disable the default built-in viewer, and enable Adobe Reader as the default PDF viewer on the default browser.
    Visit the following website to learn how to enable Adobe Reader:  Acrobat Help | Display PDF in browser | Acrobat, Reader XI
    Second, submitting to an email address may not send; because, the default client-side email may not be configured correctly. To bypass client-side email software you can set the submit button action to point an URL of a server-side script, such as PHP or The script can take the submission and send using SMTP account without the need for OUTLOOK or web-mail.
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    I have tried creating the form a number of different ways (i.e. converting PDF created in inDesign, just in Acrobat from scratch, just in Livecycle Designer from scratch) with no success and the same result.  I have found I can change the email address if I go to Acrobat X Pro: Edit > Preferences > Identity but this is not an adequate work-around and does not fix the issue of the subject.
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    I have searched the web and this forum for answers but have not found an answer. 
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    I have created many forms before using CS3 and have never encountered this problem.  At the moment the only way I can see to fix the problem is to go back to CS3 which seems ridiculous.  I thought later versions of software were supposed to work better not look the same and not work (sorry for the rant, frustration is getting the better of me).
    I need to use the Distribute Form as it states in the LiveCycle help:
    If you do not use the Distribute feature, form recipients who use Adobe Reader cannot save modifications to most PDF files, including forms filled with data.  They must either immediately return their data electronically or print the form and return the paper copy.
    I am using Acrobat 10 Pro and Livecycle Designer on Windows 7 64-Bit
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    What you are seeing is the intended behavior and I'm not sure why is has changed.
    When you distribute a form, it substitutes the email address you originally set up with the button with the one specified in your identity preference and the subject is set to "Submitting Completed Form". It makes a number of other changes to the document that make the distribution workflow possible. I do know that different code is used if the form is being used in a version of Acrobat/Reader prior to 9.
    With an acroform (not XFA), you can save a copy of the distributed form, allowing you to edit the scripts that among other things set the subject line of the email, so that a different subject line text is used. You can then re-enable the form and it should work OK. The problem is knowing exactly what needs to be changed and finding it, and I'm not certain that this is possible with an XFA form. I normally work with acroforms and know where to do it in Acrobat, but things are different in LiveCycle Designer.

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    I have a simple form which has worked fine for the past couple of years, but since updating it with Livecycle Designer ES8.2 recently, the 'submit by email' button is not working for many who have downloaded it.
    Works fine when I try it here and it worked fine last year, but not with this latest version of the pdf apparently.
    If anyone has a moment could they have a look and see if there's anything obviously wrong? (It has a couple of required fields before the button will work) It's at
    XP Pro SP3, LC ES8.2, Acrobat 9

    i have had this problem too. it looks like you are getting the xml data file because the pdf opens as read only in acrobat reader and cannot be saved. one thing that solved the problem for me was to open the file in acrobat pro and use the distribute form wizard. this may just be a roundabout way of doing the reader extension paul mentioned, but in my case it worked.
    open the file in acrobat pro (if you have it)
    go to forms > distribute form...
    when you get to "how do you want to collect responses.." select "manually collect responses in my inbox" from the dropdown menu and click next
    then you will get to "how do you want to save your form"... click save a local copy and send it later the click the browse button and select where you want to save the document.
    then click finish
    go to where you saved the file and it should have the file name with "distributed" after it. send out that file and it should be able to save and return a pdf when the recipient clicks the submit by email button.
    from what i remember the first time you go through the dist form process you have to fill in contact info, email etc. whatever email you put for this will be the email the form is returned to when you hit the submit by email button. from what i remember it even overrides the email address programmed into the sumbit by email button. if you want to change the contact info later you can change it in Edit > preferences > identity
    hope this works for you

  • No XML file attachment when using Submit by Email button

    Hello all -
    I'm using LiveCycle Designer 8.0 to create a simple form, and am using the Submit by Email button to return the user supplied data. When I save the form and test it with Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.1.1, the email goes through just fine, but there is no attachment. No XML file, no nothing. Just a blank email with my signature block at the bottom. Has anybody else experienced this? Any ideas on what could be wrong? All I want is the XML file.

    You have multiple options to sending whole PDF format.
    1) Set the submit button to submit whole PDF format by using a mailto: [email protected] in the submit button action URL.
    2) Set the submit button to fire a javascript that submits whole PDF format. See Adobe's Javascript reference guide for instructions.
    Note: Methods #1 and #2 require Adobe Acrobat or Extended Reader Rights; because, Adobe Reader users are restricted to submitting just the data formats; such as FDF,XML, XFDF, XDP, and HTML. Beware extending reader rights to a PDF form using Adobe Acrobat places end user EULA restrictions, such as not more than 500 end user submissions for each form.
    My Recommendations:
    #3) Set the submit button to point to a URL of a server-side script; such as Then set the format to a data format; such as FDF, XML, XFDF, or XDP; and use and iTextSharp (Free) to merge the data with a blank PDF form; and attach the submission to an outbound SMTP mail message and send without 3rd party email software such as MS OUTLOOK.
    #4) A combination of #1 and #3; where you enable usage rights on the PDF using Adobe Acrobat; and send to a server-side script which bypasses client-side email software.
    Check out the following website for online examples that submit to a server side script:

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    I'm using the built-in Submit By Email button in Livecycle Designer 9.
    <event name="event__click" activity="click">
    <submit format="pdf" textEncoding="UTF-8" target="mailto:[email protected]?subject=EBSS User Renewal Request- Approval Needed Request"/>

    If the PDF submits to a server-side script URL it can bypass client-side email software.
    Try the online PDF submission examples and see if it works for you in Mozilla FireFox:
    You should also make sure the browser is using the Adobe Reader plugin as the default PDF reader.

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    I have created a really awesome form using Adobe LiveCycle. I inserted a "Submit by Email" button in the form which attaches the form (as pdf) to the email and populates my email address in the "To:" Field with Outlook.  I tested this thing out a million times and it works perfectly. So i went ahead and sent it out to my distribution list. So far no one has been able to send the attachment. They have all been resulting in faxing it to me.  Nothing happens when they click on this button. I was think that this may have something to do with them only having Reader? and not the full version of Adobe? It did work for one other person in my office, but they have the full verison. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

    Did you enable the reader extensions?  From what you are saying, it
    doesn't sound like you have and so those with Reader are having the issues
    You may need to take your form into Acrobat and "enable Reader Extensions"
    - the way you do this depends slightly on the version of Acrobat you are
    running but you should be able to find it in the help system.  If not,
    write back

  • Submit by Email Button Trouble

    I have created a form fillable pdf with a Submit by Email button. The problem I am having is that some people I send this to fill out the form, click on the Submit by Email button and nothing happens. It doesn't work at all. Others have no problem with it working. Have you experienced this problem, or can you offer any suggestions how to correct this? I really need for this to work 100% of the time, or I will just need to remove this feature. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    When it doesn't work, do you know what PDF viewer is being used? It won't work with certain non-Adobe PDF viewers, such as the Preview application on the Mac or Google Chrome browser's built-in PDF viewer. It also may not work even if using Adobe Reader if the client doesn't have a propertly set up email client or the email client is otherwise not compatible. It will never work 100% of the time when sending by email.
    If you want to increase the reliablility significantly, you should look into setting it up so the form submits to a web server. This has the added benefit of being able to be secure without too much trouble, unlike email.

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    I have attached a copy of the XML file that is generated when the "Submit by Email" button is clicked. I only want the data from the "YTDIncStmt" subform to be included in this file. The "MasterData10K1", "MasterData10K2", and "MasterData10K3" are the actual data connections to the MS Access database.
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    I have the very same problem! I am importing data from MS Access and trying to export XML data that I can sync with Quickbooks. But the XML file contains some of my binded MS Access fields, which Quickbooks doesn't know what to do with, and rejects my xml files. I am also looking for a way to submit only selected XML data.  You ever find a solution/work around?

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    When you set up a submit form action, you have the option of choosing the form data (FDF, XFDF, HTML) or the complete PDF. Choose the latter. For this to work with Reader (prior to 11), the document has to be Reader-enabled, which you do by selecting: Advanced > Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader

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