Lock Purchase Order fields after goods receipt

Hello everyone,
  I need to be able to set a couple of fields in ME22N as display only after goods receipt has been done for the PO. Is there any config that I can do to get this done? Any idea or suggestion?
  Thank you very much for your help!

You can change PO after GR in standard SAP and there is no standard customization feature available to block that.
Use ABAP to check for GR against the PO and block PO fields once GR is posted.
Use tables MKPF for GR posting, EKKO and EKPO for Purchase Order.
ABAP will have to change the field status of Purcahse Order screens as blocked, if GR is posted.
It might be added as a subroutine that gets triggered after each GR posting.

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  • How to change Purchase Order currency after Good receipt and Good issue?

    I've a PO created last year. The PO currency has been entered wrongly.
    My store colleague has been performed good received and consumed it.
    Now, I am not able to change PO currency to correct one, due to this message:-
    Currency can no longer be changed
    Message no. 06489
    As a basic rule, the currency cannot be changed if there has already been a goods receipt against a document.
    If the document contains external service and/or limit items, or if an invoicing plan has been assigned to an item, the currency cannot be changed following the receipt of an invoice either.
    If external service items exist, the currency also cannot be changed if services that have actually been performed have already been recorded or if the item in question has been assigned to a preventive maintenance (servicing) plan.
    Is there anyway to change PO currency after Good receipt and Good issue? Thanks !

    As a basic rule, the currency cannot be changed if there has already
    been a goods receipt against a document.
    If the document contains external service and/or limit items,
    or if an invoicing plan has been assigned to an item,
    the currency cannot be changed following the receipt of an invoice either.
    If external service items exist, the currency also cannot be changed if
    services that have actually been performed have already been recorded or
    if the item in question has been assigned to a preventive maintenance (servicing) plan.
    Answer in question itself,need to cancel all documents of wrong currency in order of LIFO,
    Create a new purchase order.

  • Display Purchase Order Approval after Goods Receipt

    I would like to know if there is a way to view/display purchase order even though it was already received (Goods Receipt)? I would like to know who are the approvals of that particular purchase order, the units/quantities and the amount.
    Thank you.

    Hi Reno,
    But if the PO was already received in full it will not be anymore available in the Approval Status Report.
    Is the Approval Decision report available to Logistic personnel?
    Hi Demarillas,
    If the document is approved and u want to check the details of who approved the PO and when, you can make use of the Approval Decision Report, located in Administration --> Approval Procedure --> Approval Decision Report . Also there is another report to check with the status of the documents sent for approval which is Approval Status Report .
    Hope this helps.

  • Purchase orders pending of goods receipt.

    Is it possible to obtain the list of Purchase orders pending of Goods Receipt?
    I need to know the third party P.O pending of goods receipts.
    Is there any program?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi oscar
    You can list of Purchase orders pending of Goods Receipt by Tcode ME2N and select field
    Source of list - ALV
    Selection parameter - WE101
    As per your requirement Assign Plant and Compnay code.
    Just execute.
    it list list all po whose gr is pending

  • Report with open Purchase orders and open Goods Receipt (without invoices)

    Dear All,
    We require a report in purchasing which will show:
    1. open purchase orders
    2. open goods receipts
    We do not want POs and GRs that have been created into invoices to be included in the report.
    At the moment we tried ME2N with RECHNUNG in selection parameters but it includes invoices. We have tried other selection parameters and reports but the results are not helpful.
    I have also checked SDN but there is no correct answer. Most of them specify the ME2N with RECHNUNG as a solution but this does not work for us.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Try ME2N, Select WE101....Also Select ALV
    go to next screen....Go to change layout
    Select to be deliverd(Qty) and Value, also to be invoice(Qty) & Value.
    Hope Help U!
    Pardeep Malik

  • Customisation settings for VC Configuration copy from Purchase order to GRN(Goods Receipt note)

    Hi Experts
    I was looking for Customisation settings for VC Configuration copy from Purchase order to GRN(Goods Receipt note),
    Please share.

    Hi Ritesh
    Thanks for your reply,
    I checked  both of these transaction  we need to select 3 option Characetrstics frm configuration(prio) and classification. I will check that, I had one more question
    In PO VC configuration is called for class type-300  and  in GRN VC configuration  is called for class type -023. How it will fetch the variant class configuration to Batch class configuration?
    Once we had faced some issues the copy from PO to GRN was happening for some batches & some batches it was not happening.
    yes we have activated Mill Functions in our ERP box.

  • How to copy characteristic values from Purchase Order to MIGO Goods Receipt

    Dear all,
    I have a configurable material X,
    then i create a purchase order for that material and then i input characteristic value in the Purchase Order transaction and save it
    However when i do the Goods Receipt transaction via MIGO and using the Purchase Order number that i have created, after i entry the batch number and want to check the classification, the characteristic value are blank, so it is not copied from the Purchase Order
    I've tried guide from
    but i do not find the configuration for copying rule
    Is there any one who can resolve this problem??

    You define the copying rules for a movement type in Customizing for Batch Management under Batch Valuation ,  Valuation for Goods Movement in Inventory Management , Activate Batch Classification for Goods Movements in IM. Please refer below link. Thanking you.

  • Goods-Receipt Block for Purchase Order depending on Goods-Receipt Date

    I want to set up the system so it can block the Goods-Receipt for Purchase Order respectively Scheduling Agreement if the Goods Receipt is about to take place 30 days or more before the Desired Delivery Date.
    For Example: If I have a Purchase Order with the desired delivery date 30.09.2008. I want to set up the system so, that it bans (forbids) the Goods Receipt before the 01.09.2008.
    If possible I would want to do that without additional programming. Is it possible to set up the system using only customising settings?
    Thanks for your help

    Hello Marius-Bodgan,
    as this question is marked answered I assume you have received an solution for your requirement. Could you please share the solution with me by posting it here? I have the same requirement and did not find any possibility to do this in customizing.
    Thanks in advance,
    Found the solution in thread Re: Goods Receipt
    Edited by: Emanuel Penalver on Jul 15, 2008 11:48 AM

  • Disabling selected Purchase Order field(s) after released/approved

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirement to disable specific Purchase Order fields after released via ME29N.
    For example, in Purchase Requisition - I can "Release Indicator - Field Selection Key" to control Purchase Requisition screen layout. However, for Purchase Order - the configuration for "Release Indicator" consist only standard default "Chgable" options.
    Is there a way to customize the Purchase Order "Release Indicator" for screen layout based on customer requirements other that using the default as mentioned above?
    Thank you.

    Hi Padmasri,
    I understand your explanation on the standard SAP behavior.
    Nevertheless, I'm looking for some flexibility to meet customer requirement. Like in Purchase Requisition, there is option to further customize the screen layout by linking it to the "Release Indicator".
    Therefore, apart from the standard 6 options given by standard SAP, can we add/customize the options? For example, my customer may one to change a field in the Purchase Order even after released.
    Thank you.

  • GR Based invoice tick to be made done after goods receipt

    I need a way to do mass updation of GR Based Invoice tick in PO in which goods is already received.
    Some of POs released without this tick and migo is already done. but now I want to tick that check box
    but in system it is in non editable mode.

    Hi, Madhu,
    I had the same problem. This field becomes readonly when a good receipt or an invoice is booked. Mass maintenance, LSMW and CATT do not help. But you can use SE16N to set (X) the EKPO-WEBRE field and the goods receipts and the invoices take it into consideration as it was set in the first place.
    Now, running SE16N for a few items it's ok, but if you have thousands of items to modify it becomes out-of-hand. I tried a LSMW on SE16N, unfortunately with no success. Then I tried a Windows program to record the keyboard and mouse actions combined with a tab delimited text file with PO number and PO item and, voila, I have 33000 items modified. The program I used is AutoIt, but there are many free programs doing the same thing.
    Three notes:
    1. Use it on your own risk. SAP Note 457511(FAQ: Purchase order change and goods receipt in purchasing) warns: It inevitably leads to follow-on errors because of mutual field relationships.
    2. SE16N it's not a good place to fool around.
    3. In this way you use SE16N online, so it takes A LOT of time.
    Hope it helps,
    Edited by: George Palaghean on Dec 14, 2009 12:34 PM

  • How to activate the Check box in Purchase Order after Goods Receipt

    Hi All,
    How to activate the check box after Goods receipt of Purchase order in Item view (Goods Receipt is completed).
    Where t make the settings in SPRO.
    Shailendra Hadkar

    SPRO - SAP IMG- Material management - Inventory management and physical inventory - Goods receipt - create purchase order automatically - activate auto Po creation for movement type.
    Then activate the auto PO creation in Vendor master - Purchasing view
    Check it out.

  • MPN Material Field in Goods Receipt for Purchase Order

    I have created PO for MPN material "MFG-A" for IM material " 123". ( ECC 6.0)
    Already the material "123" is maintained with other MPN material "MFG-B"
    The have checked the " MPN Change" check box in the respective Mfg Part profile( IMG: OMPN) 
    While I am doing goods receipt, the MPN material field is in display mode.
    But in other system the field is in change mode.
    Default the system will show "MFG-A" as the MPN material is maintained in PO.
    But I need to  change the MPN materail at the time of GR.
    I would like to change the MPN material from "MFG-A" to "MFG-B" while doing GR time.
    kindly guide me what are the settings required to change MPN Material Field in Goods Receipt.
    Thanks in Advance,

    I have maintained all the settings.
    But the issue was, I have not put the field "MPN material" (GOITEM-EMATN) as input field in field selection group in Inventory management.( it was in display mode )
    Once I have changed to input option, I can able to change the MPN material while GR.

  • Restrict changing the tax code in purchase order after goods receipt.

    Po is created with tax code x1.
    Gr is done for partial quantity.
    IR is still pending.
    User has changed the tax code to x2.
    This case we want to restrict the tax code change in PO after goods receipt.
    Please advice.
    Ravi Kumar

    Hi Sumit,
    Po created with wrong tax code x1.
    Stores person has done the receipt and consumed the stock.
    Now user has suddenly realised that tax code is wrong and changed the tax code in PO.
    In IR we will use correct tax code and post the accounting entry.
    Stock values will be adjusted properly. to stock ac if stock is there and to price diff ac if stock is consumed.
    Point is user's are asking that how system is allowing to change the tax code after receipt.
    Point to be attended is restrict the change of tax code by any means after Gr has happened.
    what are the possibilities to restrict the change of tax code.
    Ravi Kumar

  • 2LIS_02_ITM delta missing after good receipts

    Hi everybody:
    We are using 2LIS_02_ITM for extracting purchase order, in some cases, delta changes are not uploading to BW, it seems, when good receipt is posted.
    We have found the note
    Note 485650 - BW: Missing entries in delta queue after goods receipt.
    But this note is for SAP_APPL 4.6 and our version is SAP_APPL 4.7 patcht level 14.
    We have no be able to find a note for our release but we think that the poblem should be similar than described in that note, but any other clue is good received.
    Thank you.

    LBWE -- maintain Lo **** pit
    Step by step
    Go to RSA6 and check the availability of the data source
    if data source is not available then go to RSA5 (all business content object available here) make a copy of the required DS.
    RSA6 - check the DS is available or not..
    lbwe - lo customising **** pit...
    select required fields - hide - inversion...
    do statistical setup run
    login to bi
    replicate DS..
    go to info package
    do initalization delta   (Delta Q will be generated only after a successfull delta initializtion done.  when you do the same system will load historical data from setup table after loading from set up table (init delta) delta Q will be get posted with records for all changes/creation which is happening in R/3 (related to MM) through events. )
    i suggest you should go for unserialized v3 (store and transffer on demand )
    1. V3 Unserealized ---unsort records
    Unserialized V3  -> Update Q> (V3 Coll. Run)---> Delta Q
    [When a transaction happends those delta will be get posted in Update Q, in order to transfer those record from update Q to Delta Q you should do V3 collective Run, (the process of loading data from update Q to delta Q is known as V3 Collective Run) ]
    2. Qued Delta  [SAP recommended]--
    It will not sort record or stop record while transferring to to delta q but will continue until the whole record finish.  it will have the track of failure record
    3. Direct Delta  --->Delta Q
    it will directly post records to delta Q when transaction happends
    hope it will help you
    binu v. rajan

  • Change Conf.Ctrl (ekpo-bstae) after goods receipt on ME22N

    Hi all,
    we have the following issue:
    is it possible to change the field  "confirmation control key" (ekpo-bstae) after goods receipt on transaction ME22N?
    Thanks in advance and best regards.

    Let me explain in details about your requirement
    It is not possible to change the confirmation control key after a goods
    receipt because it is very complicated or impossible to calculate the
    MRP-relevant quantities or the reduced quantities for MRP new when
    there exist some confirmations yet. With the confirmation control key
    ou fix the rules for the calculation of the MRP-relevant quantities.
    If you then change the confirmation control key (and before you had
    some confirmations) and with this change you get completely new rules
    it's impossible to get the correct MRP-relevant quantities.
    Note 451060 discusses potential problems that may occur when the
    customization of an existing confirmation control key is changed.
    The reason why after a partial good receipt the field confirmation
    key is greyed, and the reason is that there is a link between the
    confirmations and the GRs. If you change the confirmation control key
    this link can get lost (the link is the field ETENS in tables EKES and
    EKBE). If this would be possible you would get a lot of inconsistencies
    in the system.
    Note 451060 contains the changing of the customizing of the
    confirmation control key, which is nearly the same as if you would be
    able to change the control key in the purchase order after a goods

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