Logic for Output type determination of shipment

Hi All,
I have a requirement where in when a shipment is being saved (on create/change) i need to put a logic in an enhancement to identify if a particular set of output types will be generated or not for that shipment.
Any info on how i can do this? Is there any FM that can fetch that data.
Ashiq Ali

T. Code  VOFM
Requirements > Output control
Check routine 605
Chek this where you can find some logic for Output type detremination of shipment type

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  • Assigning the output  type to the shipment number

    can any one tell me how to assign the output type to the shipment number.
    Ex: ALTR to all my shipment numbers. By default, its taking other output types.
    Thanks in advance.

    Please check which output-types for shipment have been maintained in transaction code VV7x (Output-Condition Records).
    Menu path: Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Master Data -> Output -> Shipment
      - VV71 - Create
      - VV72 - Change
      - VV73 - Display
    Or go to customizing (TCode: SPRO) to verify how they have been maintained:
    Menu path: IMG -> Logistics Execution -> Transportation -> Basic Transportation Functions -> Output Control -> Maintain Output Determination for Shipments

  • Maintain archiving parameter(s) for output type RD00(appl.V3)

    Hi Guys,
                 While trying to get the output for billing documents I'm facing a error : Maintain archiving parameter(s) for output type RD00 (appl.V3)
    At the time of output determination,the archiving parameters for output type RD00(application V3) were incorrectly maintained in customizing.
    Additional information:
    SAP object:
    Archiving object:
    Maintain the archiving parameters and repeat output determination for the required document.
    Expecting the solution.

    Can you check what you have in the Storage System Tab in the fields Storage Mode and Document Type.
    It should be Print Only and SDOINVOICE respectively.

  • Repeat Output-Type determination

    Dear all,
    We have a new output-type for printing invoices. Now we have to reprint a lot of "old" invoices with this new output-type.
    Is there a possibility to repeat the output-type determination for a big quantity of invoices (like mass change)?
    Thanks for your reply.
    Best regards,

    Use the T.Code "VF31" for this purpose.
    Goto the T.Code "VF31".
    Give the Output type.
    Give the transmission medium.
    Give the processing mode as "1" if it is for the first time.Else give the value as "2" for repeat processing.
    Enter the sort order as "01".
    Enter the billing document number range.

  • Picking output type determination

    In fact, the output type determined by the system for the picking is EK00.
    Now, I need to create a new output type and determine it or EK00 depending on the user (in order to use a printer on another).
    By the moment, I have created an output type called ZEKS using tcode V/38 and I defined the program and form using V/53.
    Now I'm stalled, where can I configure the output determination and conditions tables for the picking output types?
    I found a transaction called ovlt where expedition point and output type is informed, but I can't add any information there.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Oscar,
    Picking Output Type is determined in transaction v/23. You can only have one per shipping point unfortunately. If you need more flexibility, you should use delivery output or lean WM and transfer order output.
    Best regards,

  • Creation of Process code for output type

    Could someone help me out in defining processcodes for output types.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Yaseen,
    The Tr.code WE41 and WE42 are also used for maintaining process codes.
    To maintain process codes in WE41 or WE42, Go to these Tr.Codes and Click on the Change button. Then click on "new entries" button to create your new process code.
    FYI, Outbound process codes are stored in SAP Table TEDE1 and inbound process codes are stored in SAP Table TEDE2.
    Hope this helps.
    Sam Raju
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  • Invoice list: What is the standard setting for output type LR00 ?

    Hello all,
    They have messed up our system. What are the standard settings for output type LR00 ?
    Program RVADIL01,
    Form ??

    Dear Rad,
    > Program RVADIL01,
    > Form - SD_INVOICE_LIST

  • No processing log for outbound delivery for output type

    Dear Gurus,
    I want to see processing log for output type for outbound delivery .
    But when i click processing log push button for output type for outbound  delivey  , one error is comming as 'NO PROCESSING LOG FOR OUTPUT TYPE'.
    Could you please let me the reason ?
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    What transaction are you running when you press the [Output log] button?  If you're in the create transaction, then I think the output log should be available but if you subsequently go in to VL02N and press the Log button, the I don't think the log is available.
    Regards,   Andy

  • Regarding the 'Dispatch time' settings for output type...

    Hi Experts,
    May i know what 'Send with application own transaction' means when we configuring output type in SPRO for 'Dispatch time'.
    Cause i knew if we set it as 'Send immediately', then this output type will be triggered upon saving the orders.
    But i dont know what that item for..Could you kindly help me on this...
    What it means if we set the dispatch time as 'Send with application own transaction' for delivery output..??
    Thank you very much.

    If you choose 'Send with application own transaction'  when maintaining condition record for output type,during order,delivery and invoice saving the output type signal is yellow,that means unless you select that output and trigerred for printing it will not goto the spool.i.e in simple words the output is for manual printing.......
    Let me know if you need any clarifications on this..

  • No archive exist for output type YWNK

    in order to see the output message (print) I click on the print icon within contracts (T-code ME33K).
    I get the message 'No archive exist for output type YWNK'. How else can I see the output print. I have
    to preview the output. What is wrong in this case. What has to be made. Pls help.
    Marco M.

    Try to check if that message was uploaded in the contract you need to see else u need to create it

  • Change "SAPScript" email subject/body for External Send(5) for output type?

    I'm emailing a SAPscript form (converted to PDF) generated via Transmission Medium 5 (External send) for output type (EK00) and need to change email's subject and body of email created by SAP code.  Any suggestions on how to change email's subject and body?

    Also if u want to add a body to the mail.  See the below form (sub routine) which needs to be mentioned in NACE.  Either u can keep this routine in the driver program or u can put in separate report program.  All thing u need to is see the below code and mention the name of the program and form name in nace.  Double click on output type in nace. u will find a tab stripped screen in right.  In the screen u can see the first tab as 'General data'  and at the bottom a block with title 'Replacement of text symbols' can be seen.  There u need to pass this program name and form name.
    Execute ur program and test the result.
    FORM text_symbol_replace TABLES pt_lines  STRUCTURE tline
                              USING ps_thead  STRUCTURE thead
                                    ps_nast   STRUCTURE nast.
        lv_kunnr LIKE vbak-kunnr,          " AN0465 Add AKKUMA1 02/19/07
        lv_new_cursor_column LIKE sy-tabix," Cursor column
        lv_new_cursor_line   LIKE sy-tabix," Cursor row
        lv_changed,                        " Indicator
        lv_matnr     LIKE vbap-matnr,
        lv_vkorg     LIKE vbak-vkorg,
        lv_vtweg     LIKE vbak-vtweg,
        lv_name      TYPE thead-tdname,    " Name
        lt_lines     LIKE tline OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
        lv_currentprogram LIKE sy-repid.   " Program Name
      DATA :
        ps_lines LIKE tline.               " Structure
        lc_int TYPE nast-nacha VALUE '5',  " External Send
        lc_comma TYPE c VALUE ','.         " Comma Separater
      DATA: BEGIN OF ls_fname,
              dsnam TYPE nast-dsnam,       " Spool Name
              dsuf1 TYPE nast-dsuf1,       " Spool Suffix1
              dsuf2 TYPE nast-dsuf2,       " Spool Suffix 2
            END OF ls_fname.
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <lfs_nast> TYPE vnast.
      IF ps_nast-kschl EQ gc_zj17.
    Fetching vbak-kunnr.
        SELECT SINGLE kunnr                " Customer
                 INTO (lv_kunnr,lv_vkorg,
                 FROM vbak
                WHERE vbeln EQ ps_nast-objky.
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
          SELECT SINGLE matnr INTO lv_matnr
           FROM vbap
             WHERE vbeln EQ ps_nast-objky.
          IMPORT xvbak-kunnr TO lv_kunnr FROM MEMORY ID 'YSOLDTO'.
          IMPORT xvbak-vkorg TO lv_vkorg FROM MEMORY ID 'YSALESORG'.
          IMPORT xvbak-vtweg TO lv_vtweg FROM MEMORY ID 'YDISTCH'.
          IMPORT xvbap-matnr TO lv_matnr FROM MEMORY ID 'YMATERIAL'.
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
          CONCATENATE lv_matnr lv_vkorg lv_vtweg
           INTO lv_name.
                    id                      = '0001'
                    language                = ps_nast-spras
                    name                    = lv_name
                    object                  = 'MVKE'
                    lines                   = lt_lines
                    id                      = 1
                    language                = 2
                    name                    = 3
                    not_found               = 4
                    object                  = 5
                    reference_check         = 6
                    wrong_access_to_archive = 7
                    OTHERS                  = 8.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            CLEAR lv_desc.
            LOOP AT lt_lines.
              CONCATENATE lv_desc lt_lines-tdline
                     INTO lv_desc
                SEPARATED BY space.
            ENDLOOP.                       " LOOP AT lt_desc
            CONDENSE lv_desc.
        ENDIF.                            " AN0465 Add AKKUMA1 02/26/07
    Fetch Region.
        SELECT SINGLE name1 ort01               " City
          INTO (gv_name1, gv_ort01)
          FROM kna1
          WHERE kunnr EQ lv_kunnr.
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
          CONDENSE gv_ort01.
          CONCATENATE ':OC:'
                 INTO ps_lines-tdline SEPARATED BY space.
          LOOP AT pt_lines.
            pt_lines-tdline =  ps_lines-tdline.
            MODIFY pt_lines.
            CLEAR pt_lines.
        ENDIF.                             " IF ps_nast-kschl EQ gc_z..
      ENDIF.                               " AN0465 Add AKKUMA1 02/19/07
      IF pt_lines[] IS INITIAL AND NOT ps_thead IS INITIAL.
                  id       = ps_thead-tdid
                  language = ps_thead-tdspras
                  name     = ps_thead-tdname
                  object   = ps_thead-tdobject
                  lines    = pt_lines
                  OTHERS   = 1.
        IF sy-subrc NE 0.
        ENDIF.                             " IF sy-subrc NE 0.
      ENDIF.                               " IF pt_lines[] IS INITIAL
      IF NOT pt_lines[] IS INITIAL.
        lv_currentprogram = 'SAPMV45A'.
                  endline = sy-tabix
                  header  = ps_thead
                  program = lv_currentprogram
                  changed = lv_changed
                  lines   = pt_lines.
    Subrc Check not required.
                  new_cursor_column = lv_new_cursor_column
                  new_cursor_line   = lv_new_cursor_line
                  lines             = pt_lines
                  OTHERS            = 2.
        IF sy-subrc NE 0.
        ENDIF.                             " IF sy-subrc NE 0.
      ENDIF.                               " IF NOT pt_lines[] IS INITIAL
      IF ps_nast-nacha EQ lc_int OR ps_nast-nacha = '2'.
        IF ps_nast-dsnam IS INITIAL AND ps_nast-dsuf1 IS INITIAL.
          ls_fname = ps_lines-tdline.
          ps_nast-dsnam = ls_fname-dsnam.
          ps_nast-dsuf1 = ls_fname-dsuf1.
          ps_nast-dsuf2 = ls_fname-dsuf2.
        ENDIF.                             " IF ps_nast-dsnam IS INITIAL...
      ENDIF.                               " IF ps_nast-nacha EQ lc_int
    ENDFORM.                               " TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE

  • Deletion Log for output types

    Hi all,
    Where can i find the deletion log for output types
    need to know the username and timestamp.

    Hi Mayank,
    some of the NACE settings are customizing.
    If you enabled the customizing change recordings (which should be ALWAYS enabled on dev system's client), you can browse the changes with the Change Log Browser of customizing tables
    To enable the client recording, please find
    If recording was not enabled, no change logs are availible.
    You may reconstruct "old" values by drilling into (released) TMS customizing transports to see which values where included but that's pretty technical view of data.
    Best regards,

  • How to create an output condition record for output type

    For SD LE shipping...
    Create an output condition record for output type
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            Hoo Laa
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            Hoo Laa

    Hi Hoo,
    Follow the path.
    SAP Easy Access -> Logistics -> Logistics Execution -> Master Data -> Output   -> Shipping - > Create.
    Tcode: VV21.
    Hope I have clarified your query. Do reward if so.
    Nadarajah Pratheb

  • Dynamic layout elements determination logic for output of Pro-Forma Invoice

    This is my requirement below. Please give the suggestion    
    Business requires output to be generated in name of the client, with client logo and scenario specific data elements. To do this in Standard SAP will require to define hundreds and hundreds of layouts. By making most of the client/scenario elements on the layout we can greatly reduce the number of required layouts and reduce implementatuion effort and lead-time.
         The goal is to define a generic table that will hold most of the dynamic layout elements for different document types and countries, including logo, sender address etc.
          For this we will create Z-versions of the output types BA00 ( Order Confirmation, ZPRI (Pro-Forma Invoice) and RD00 (ZD00 Invoice).The layout text blocks will be permanently fixed.The print Program user-exit should call the Z-table that holds the dynamic layout elements and retrieve these elements and merge them with the matching layout text block.
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    Hi Janardhan,
       Even I have faced the similar situation.but what we have done is instead of calling the dynamic text elements..Why don't we call the text elements based on the required condition ,Then u dont have to maintain all the text elements required in the table.In the table we can only have the doumnent type,client name,logo name and address.
    In the print program if u r using script layout then call the required text elements (write_text) based on the client name and document type that is fetched from the Z-table,Otherwise if u r going for smartforms then with in the layout give the condition under the conditions node of the window or the text.

  • Automatic Output Type Determination

    Dear All,
    I have a situation where I want my system to determine which Output Type to be selected automatically, by which I dont have to select for the particular output type.
    Can u suggest me some input pls ?

    Hi Indrajit,
    For Automatic Output Determination
    1. Use Condition Technique
    2. Create  Condition Records
    You need to maintain ouput condition records from below T-Codes
    T.Code: VV11 - Sales Documents for Sales orders (Output type = BA00)
    T.Code: VV21 - Shiiping Activities  for Deliveries (Output type = LD00)
    T.Code: VV31 - Billing Dcouments..for Billing   (Output type = RD00)
    T.Code: VV71 - Shipment              for Transportation
    T.Code: VV61 - Handling Units       for Packaging
    T.Code: NACE (Group)
    Just maintain them and you will get the output type automatically.
    It will help you,

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