Looking for a good document on family syncing with iCloud and multiple iOS devices

We have recently migrated off of Android devices for the whole family except for a Kindle Fire HD for my daughter.  We all have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch type device that we want to sync our family calendars/reminders/notes to.  Is there a good document on how to setup this family environment so that our notes/reminders/appointments are all in sync on each other's device. That way we all know what each other is doing. Do we each have to have a separate Apple ID or do we all share the same Apple ID to make this syncing work.  I think I get how to make this work between my PC, 2 - iPhones (work and personal) and iCloud Web.  Now how do I layer on my other family members into my calendar digital Cloud?  HELP ME PLEASE.  I HAVE A DIGITAL MESS.
Right now I have a personal Apple ID for my personal devices, new iPhone 6 Plus coming.  I have a separate Apple ID for my Work iPhone 4s.  My wife and kids have iPhone 5s.  Wife and son have an iPad.
Please tell me I don't have to go see Rush Limbaugh to figure out how to make all this work.

You could each have separate iCloud accounts with separate IDs, and also share a "family" account for syncing a family calendar, notes and reminders.  That will allow you to maintain still keep your contacts, and other data and photo streams separated while having access to the shared the family data in the secondary account.  It also gives everyone their own free 5GB of storage for their backups, etc.  The shared family calendar, notes and reminders will appear alongside your other calendars, notes and reminders in the corresponding apps on your devices.  You'll just need to be sure to select the correct account within these apps when entering data to ensure it is added to either your personal or the shared family account.
To do this, create your primary accounts in the usual way, by going to Settings>iCloud and signing in with separate IDs and turn on the data sets you want to sync with iCloud.  Then create a secondary account by going to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Add Account>iCloud and signing in with a different ID and have everyone add this account to their devices as a shared family account.  You can sync mail, contacts, calendars, notes and reminders with the secondary account, although you may want to just turn on calendars, notes and reminders.
You can continue to share the same iTunes store ID on all devices if you wish.  It does not need to be the same as the ID you use for iCloud.  Also, each person should use their own ID (such as the primary iCloud ID) for iMessage and FaceTime, otherwise you'll end up getting each other's text messages and FaceTime calls.
If you don't want to do all of this, and are primarily concerned about sharing your calendars, you can do that as explained here: http://help.apple.com/icloud/#/mm6b1a8694.
Another option to consider is to look into the new Family Sharing feature of iOS 8 if all of your devices will support iOS 8: https://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/family-sharing/.  The details on this haven't been released yet but should start to appear after it is released tomorrow.

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    If calendar events on your iPhone do not appear in your calendar on icloud.com, go to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Default Calendar and make sure you have selected an iCloud calendar as your default, and not something else like On My iPhone, Gmail, Yahoo or and exchange account.

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    If you can't do this on a computer, which would be much easier using drag and drop, then you will need to share the contacts with yourself in order to move them to the iCloud account.

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    You shouldn't try to sync data such as contacts and calendars with both iCloud and iTunes if that's what you're asking.  If you do, it will create duplicates in contacts and calendars.  You should sync with either iCloud or iTunes, but not both.  You can (and should) continue to sync your devices with iTunes to manage iTunes media (apps, music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, etc.).

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    Kindly advice me, I have iphone 5s and I forgot the log-in password (passcode), I tried to open it but my phone give 60 min. to let me try after I fail for the first one. I dont sync. with icloud or itunes. Please I NEED YOUR URGENT HELP!! MY IPHONE IS STILL STUCK.

    I can't, look at this image

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    Do a search of these forums for Calendar Connect to server never finishes. Or similar topic headers.
    Also look to the right at the More Like This area. This has been covered and a work around posted in one of the threads dealing with this issue.

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    Guess it's time to take a class at the Apple Store (there's an app for that)
    Two Questions:
    Question 1
    I have turned on iCloud in my iPad and iPhone5 for contacts, calendars, reminders, Safari, Passbook (iPhone only), and Find my iPhone/iPad. 
    I am not using iCloud for backups, email or photo stream because for many reasons I choose to avoid WiFi.In the iPhone User guide (page 57) it says, "if you use iCloud to store your contacts, calendars.....don't also sync them to your device using iTunes."
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    On each device I've gone into Settings-Store and activated Automatic downloads of Music, Apps, Books.
    Now, when I go to my PC and log in to iTunes to order an app, book, music, do I still have to attach each device to the computer in order to obtain the downloads?
    What about apps I obtain directly from a device?

    For your first issue, without connecting your iPad open iTunes on your computer and go to Preferences and on the Devices tab check "Prevent...from syncing automatically".  This will disable automatic syncing when you connect your iPad, allowing you to change your settings without syncing.  Next, connect your iPad, click on the name of your iPad on the left side of iTunes and to to the Info tab and uncheck the data you no longer want to sync with iTunes (such as contacts and calendars).  When done making you changes, click Apply at the bottom (this will sync your phone with the new settings).  If you prefer, you can then go back to iTunes preferences and re-enable automatic syncing.
    You will continue to sync your iTunes media such as music and apps with iTunes as you did before.  These are not stored or synced with iCloud (although you can redownload media purchased from the iTuens and app stores in the future if you need to; however, this has nothing to do with your iCloud account).
    If you have enabled automatic downloads for your Apple ID, when you purchase apps, music or books in iTunes using this Apple ID it will automatically be downloaded to your iPad.  If you purchase them on your iPad, they will be automatically added to your iTunes library when you sync your iPad.

  • Messages on the Mac (10.8.4) no longer syncs with iMessages sent between iOS devices

    I've been running Messages on the Mac since the Beta, and I've always had messages sync to the Mac and all iOS devices. In the last week, the Mac no longer posts imessages... only messages sent from the Mac trigger the Messages app to start tracking the message thread.
    I've got my iphone number and three emails in both the Messages preferences (using my Apple ID) and on all of the iOS devices. So I should be receiving messages to four addresses (one phone number and three emails). I did get a new iPhone 5 on Wednesday, but the issue started prior to loading the new phone with my backup.

    Hi, Ralph. Thanks so much for taking the time to address my discussion. While your solution did not correct the problem, it did bring clarity that it's the Mac–not the iPhone or other iOS devices–that is the entity having trouble.
    While going through your solution steps on the iPhone, I decided that I should probably take the same actions on my iPad (Wi-Fi Only). When I turned to the iPad, I realized that both the iPad and the iPhone have remained in sync with all messages: only the Mac has not been posting some iMessages.
    So I did perform your solutions steps, but they did not have an effect on the Mac Messages. I then removed my Apple ID from Messages on the Mac, quit Messages, and Shut Down the Mac. After a few minutes, I started the Mac, launched Messages on the Mac, and activated an iMessage account using my Apple ID. No improvement on the Mac side was realized.
    I think I have the issue better isolated to... Messages on the Mac was not accepting iMessages sent to or received from my telephone number. I've always had my Messages preference set to Start Messages from my Phone number (and again on my iPad and iPhone Settings), so I'm not sure what changed.
    Once I triggered a new message on the Mac starting from my Phone number and being delivered to my Phone number, the Mac seems to have regained its knowledge of iMessages–originated from an iOS device using a phone number and being sent to a phone number–that should also be synced to Messages on the Mac. I'll keep an eye on it this week before closing this discussion.

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    You'll probably have more luck getting suggestions if you ask in the iPhone app forum.
    Good luck.

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