Losing serial numbers under Vista x64/Boot Camp

I have Vista x64 installed under Leopard 10.5.2 under Bootcamp (running fine). I installed a 64-bit version of an animation program that required that I enter a bunch of serial numbers for its various modules. The app ran fine after I finished. But when I exited out to Mac OS and later came back into Vista, all the serials were gone and I had to enter them again. This is repeatable. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Thanks much.

Snow Leopard changed things

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  • S10 RAID configurat​ion = AHCI = Blue Screen under Vista x64

    I'm trying to setup a SATA RAID 1 configuration on my new S10 and it's really a nightmare...if I enable the Raid option in the BIOS it enables also the AHCI feature and my Vista x64 (pre-installed on the S10) don't boot, it just show me a blue screen that I don't even have the time to read. If I disable the AHCI option it's ok I can't boot again.
    The question is simple, how can I achieve to install an updated AHCI driver for Vista x64 in order to boot and then use the RAID features of my S10 ?
    I've tried do download the latest version of the IMSM from Intel (x64 vista version) but it does'nt want to install saying that I haven't the required configuration. My S10 uses an ICH 9 chipset, so I don't understant why I can't install this update.
    Please what is the solution to have AHCI and RAID working on an S10 WITHOUT REINSTALLING Vista (I don't have any installation CD and don't wan't to) ???? Note that my system is up to date regarding the ThinkVantage drivers (and windows updates also)
    Thanks by advance for your help
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    I finally achieve to configure AHCI under Vista x64 on my S10 (but still a problem with RAID..), here's how I did :
    - Open registry, go to the Key \HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\msahci
    - Set the DWORD "Start" at 0 (it was 4 on my system)
    - Restart your computer then Enable immediatly the AHCI feature in the BIOS
    - Vista will start without BSOD using it's default SATA AHCI driver. Let it detect & install your AHCI periphals before going to the next step
    - Install the latest Lenovo IMSM update for S10 from here : http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-69​984.html.
    - Restart the computer it should boot without any blue screen, go to the Vista device manager and check that your IDE ATA/ATAPI controller is "Intel(R) ICH9 SATA AHCI Controller".
    AHCI is active now, but RAID still doesn't work...here's what I did :
    - I backup my main HDD with R&R (after having installed AHCI)
    - I restart and enable the SATA RAID in the BIOS
    - Restart again, CTRL+I to open IMSM and create my RAID 1 array (2x500GB) under the name "Volume0" (all parameters to default)
    - Ok, raid array created, I now boot from my R&R emergency CD and restore my backup
    - 3 hours later I reboot...and blue screen again just when Vista starts (seems to be the same BSOD than with AHCI)
    - if I disable the RAID option in BIOS the (but let AHCI enabled) Vista boots again and everything seems fine, and it seems that my raid array is still configured for Windows since I see a Volume0 drive in the device manager. But RAID is disabled in the BIOS so what ?
    I am lost, I spent 2 full days on these AHCI/RAID problems and nothing seems to work correctly. Each test on RAID configuration needs 3 hours of restoration. I am very dissapointed to see how RAID is complicated to configure on the S10, it's is exactly to avoid this kind of problem that I bought a "workstation" and it's a nightmare.
    Hope you can help me, thanks.

  • Problems using vista with boot camp

    I am currently running vista with boot camp and I have been experiencing a few issues. First on the windows partition it claims that no sound driver is installed-is there an easy fix to this? Also I have been trying to plug in my WD My Book USB external hard drive but I cannot find it to use...although in the device manager it claims that it is working properly. Thanks guys

    When you first installed Windows did you install the drivers that came on your Leopard Installation disk?
    If not then boot into Windows and get to the Vista Desktop. At this time, insert your Leopard Installation disk in the drive. This should automatically begin installing the Boot Camp 2.0 hardware drivers on your partition. Once completed, you will be asked to reboot into Windows and then you should be all set.
    Axel F.

  • X-fi platinum gives out only static noise under Vista x64

    hello. I need some help getting x-fi to work under Vista x64.
    the card works great under XP. no problems at all.
    under Vista x64 drivers install fine. but the card only outputs very loud static sound. sometimes all the time, sometimes only when I try to play music. when I try to play audio the program usually freezes or acts like it takes much longer to play the sound. for example Vista speaker test shows speaker animation for much longer than normally.
    switching to Audio Creation mode usually helps some, but still only static.
    switching in Vista Sound->Recording devices causes a lot of static to be generated as soon as I switch to it (and nothing is being played).
    sometimes there's no sound at all (programs act normally then).
    I've tried all X-Fi drivers I could find (newest and older, including from X-Fi Vista CD) to the same result.
    tried 5. speakers and connect to front panel.
    tried installing drivers in safe mode. tried clearing old driver after driver un-install to reinstall the driver fresh.
    if it wouldn't work under XP I?would have sent it back, bet seeing that it works fine there I can only guess that it has something to do with drivers.
    any help would be appreciated. thank you.

    if anyone experiences the same issue, reformatting HDD and reinstalling Vista from scratch solved tho problem.
    I guess there was some conflict with the previous sound driver.

  • Quicktime 7.2 under Vista x64

    I am using iTunes 7.3.1 under Vista x64 Ultimate with no issues. However, Quicktime 7.2 doesn't work very well.
    When I open .mp4 vidoes which run fine under Windows Media Player, Quicktime Player seems to stubmle.
    I get the following errors:
    -The video screen turns green
    -Video stutters
    -Audio seems to play ok
    I am running on an AMD 3800 x2 with nVidia 7900GTO video card (using latest WHQL video drivers from nVidia).
    Are there known issues with Quicktime with Vista x64?

    I have the same issue with QT running on Vista. The new version of QT that just came only made things worse!!! Now the tv shows I purchased from iTunes shuts iTunes down when I try to view them. At first, I was getting the green screen, video stuttering, etc.
    I tried ALL the recommended fixes:
    - Changing the settings in QT to take off Direct3D
    - changing the settings in QT to "safe mode"
    - Updating my Nvidia graphics card driver
    - Going into my bios to ensure my hard drive was not using the RAID array
    - Uninstalling QT and reinstalling
    This is DEFINITELY a QT (Apple) issue. They simply do not support Vista. I have already stopped purchasing video media on iTunes until QT is updated to run smoothly with Vista.
    All that to say... you can search discussion boards all you want, but there is no real fix for QT to run smooth video (audio is OK) in Vista.
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.01 GHz w/ 2Gigs RAM Windows Vista 80 Gig Video iPod
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.01 GHz w/ 2Gigs RAM   Windows Vista   80 Gig Video iPod

  • (D20) Marvell SAS/SATA Controller Utility under Vista X64

    Dear All,
    I am the new user for Lenovo workstation. recently I bought D20 for my work. I use the Vista X64 as my O.S. for D20 and I also setup the RAID5 under Marvell SAS Storage Controller.
    Everything running well presently, but I can not find the Marvell SAS/SATA Storage Controller utility to monitor the RAID volume under Vista x64 ? 
    Can you advise me where I can find it or how I can monitor the RAID volume under Vista X64 ? 
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    currently that's the only version available that i could find and the only one listed on the D20 driver matrix page.
    all you can do is try installing it in vista and see if it works.   most likely it will.
    ThinkStation C20
    ThinkPad X1C · X220 · X60T · s30 · 600

  • Windows 7 Pro (x64) - Boot Camp 2.0 or 2.1? Boot Camp (64-bit)?

    I recently got Windows 7 Professional (x64) - note it's NOT the beta - installed on my late '08 MBP (this was no cake walk...), and I have a question regarding Boot Camp versions. I'm pretty sure I have only Boot Camp 2.0 installed. When I try to run/install the 64 bit Boot Camp 2.1 version/upgrade for 64-bit Vista (BCUpdateVista64.exe), it simply won't start.
    I read someplace that this is supposed to happen, as 2.0 is better for my current situation (Windows 7). Other posts seem to suggest I should download and install 2.1 in order to get everything working properly. Which is it?
    Under Control Panel in W7, I have a blank icon that says "Boot Camp (32-bit)" and says application not found when clicked. Is there a 64-bit Boot Camp I can install?
    I ask all this mainly because I suspect it may bring about some answers regarding trackpad support in Windows 7 (x64). Thanks in advance!

    Snow Leopard changed things

  • Can't uninstall or re-install Vista drivers (Boot Camp 2.1)

    I'm having problems with my MacBook Pro's bluetooth support in Vista under Boot Camp so I thought I'd try to re-install the Boot Camp 2.1 drivers. However, whenever I run the setup program, it just gives me a useless error message saying it encountered an error before it could start the install, and to please try again later. Rebooting doesn't help.
    So I thought maybe I could uninstall all the Apple stuff then start again. But when I try to uninstall "Boot Camp services" from the programs and features control panel, it starts to uninstall, but then gives up silently as it nears the completion of the "gathering information" dialog.
    So I can't uninstall or re-install this thing. Anyone know how I can fix this?

    Ric - wrote:
    I'm having problems with my MacBook Pro's bluetooth support in Vista under Boot Camp so I thought I'd try to re-install the Boot Camp 2.1 drivers. However, whenever I run the setup program, it just gives me a useless error message saying it encountered an error before it could start the install, and to please try again later. Rebooting doesn't help.
    So I thought maybe I could uninstall all the Apple stuff then start again. But when I try to uninstall "Boot Camp services" from the programs and features control panel, it starts to uninstall, but then gives up silently as it nears the completion of the "gathering information" dialog.
    So I can't uninstall or re-install this thing. Anyone know how I can fix this?
    It may be too late, but have you tried going into the drivers using Vista's control panel and either removing the drivers or reverting to precious drivers?

  • Second monitor very dim on Vista 32 Boot Camp 2.1

    I have a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT graphics card driving two Apple Cinema HD monitors (first is 23" and an older 24") and after installing BC 2.1 the second monitor becomes dim and the NVIDIA control panel can't be used to get a satisfactory setting nor does the brightness button at the front do anything. The 23" monitor is fine and the brightness buttons on the side can be used perfectly. When I run OS X I find the brightness has been turned down to the minimum setting on the 24" monitor- having changed it in display properties on OS X, it becomes dim again when Vista is started on BC (it remains bright during the startup process for Vista!). It seems this is a BC 2.1 issue as when I roll back to installation disk drivers the problem disappears. Any ideas?!?

    Hi Stefan
    Thanks for the suggestion. However, in the Boot Camp Control Panel with BC 2.1 I have two tabs (Startup Disk and Power). I seem to recall that under a previous version there was a Brightness tab. This may be a problem with BC 2.1 installation- I can't seem to locate drivers install facility for BC 2.1, only Update to 2.1 seems to be available.... Kuldeep

  • Windows 7 x64  Boot Camp 3.1 Nvidia 8600M GT problem

    I'm running windows 7 ultimate x64. I also run snow leopard and had the corresponding version of boot camp installed (3.0 I believe).
    I installed bootcamp 3.1 when the apple software update suggested it. It said it installed but on reboot it has messed up my graphics card - in device manager it shows as an unknown device. I can't install any nvidia drivers (they just fail saying that nothing was altered), I've tried uninstalling bootcamp 3.1 and reinstallling 3.0 but it's still the same - no graphics drivers and I can't install any new ones?
    How can I get the nvidia drivers to install? I've tried from all sorts of sources and no luck. I tried using drivesweeper to clean the drivers off (after uninstaling them) but on reboot it says the same ones are still there. What do I have to do to undo the damage Apple have done?
    thanks for any help,

    Hrm, it's been ages since the op, but here's my 2 cents.
    I have a macbook pro with windows 7 ultimate x64 installed through bootcamp 3.1. Here is how I ensure clean driver installs.
    1. Download Driver Sweeper
    2. Install
    (make sure to let driver sweeper run as admin)
    3. Uninstall graphics driver
    4. Reboot into safe mode
    5. run driver sweeper
    6. check nvidia display box
    7. click analyze
    (should list all the nvidia related files, folder, registry entries left behind)
    8. click clean
    9. reboot normally
    10. reinstall desired graphics driver
    (i use 197.16 w/out any problems so far)
    11. reboot
    Also, as a nice, but probably not necessary step, when I'm in safe mode and after I have used driver sweeper, I like to run Auglogics Boostspeed to do a quick junk file scan, track eraser scan, and advanced registry scan before I reboot normally. This is the method I use whenever I install/uninstall graphics drivers. I've never had to deal with bad installs since I started to use this method.
    This method works with all driver types listed in driver sweeper and if it's something not listed in driver sweeper, I've found doing a reg/file clean in safe mode with a reliable cleaner does the trick.
    If it's still not working I'd restore to before bootcamp installation or uninstall bootcamp and the graphics driver. Do a reg/file clean. Finally reinstall bootcamp, and restart from step 3 listed above.
    IF IT STILL doesn't work out, I'd do a fresh reinstall following this guide:
    http://www.simplehelp.net/2009/01/15/using-boot-camp-to-install-windows-7-on-you r-mac-the-complete-walkthrough/
    Hope this helps.

  • How to make iSight work with windows vista on boot camp

    I just installed window vista on my mac, everything work perfect but the the cam, i got a MacBook pro and my boot camp is 2.0
    Please advise,

    last update wrote:
    I just installed window vista on my mac, everything work perfect but the the cam, i got a MacBook pro and my boot camp is 2.0 ...
    forgot to mention, I only need my cam to use with MSN messenger nothing else,
    I don't use Windows®, but the results of this search of the iSight Forum may help you:
    If you need more, try the results for this search of the Boot Camp Forum:
    If you have not yet seen it, also take a look at http://www.apple.com/support/bootcamp/
    Mac Pro Quad Core (Early 2009) 2.93Ghz w/Mac OS X (10.6.3)  MacBook Pro (13 inch, Mid 2009) 2.26GHz (10.6.3)
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  • ATI driver installation issue with Windows Vista on Boot Camp (new iMac)

    I've just purchased a new 20" iMac with Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz.
    Then I installed Windows Vista Ultimate on a Boot Camp partition.
    Vista installation was eventless and worked nicely.
    Now the problem has begun...
    I downloaded the latest ATI graphic card driver (Catalyst 7.7 for Vista 32) from the ATI website. The Catalyst software did not recognize the graphic card and installed nothing. I still have generic Microsoft standard VGA video adapter, which keeps me from playing any recent 3D games...
    Someone please help me on this so that I can start playing Oblivion...
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    Hi and welcome to Discussions,
    I still have to find a verification for this, but:
    Aplle has up to now always used the Mobility versions of the ATI and NVIDIA graphics chips in the iMacs and MacBooks, MacBooks Pro.
    I assume that the in the new imacs, they are also using the Mobility version of the Radeon 2400/2600.
    The ATI drivers you can download from the ATI/AMD website are only suitable for the Desktop Radeons, NOT for the Mobility Radeons.
    ATI/AMD does not provide drivers for the Mobility Radeons, but are refering to the Manufacturer of the Computer for Drivers, which is Apple.
    Sorry to say, but it seems you have to wait for a new BootCamp version which you include Driver support of the new iMacs.

  • Wifi under windows 7 boot camp keeps dying

    I have been running windows 7 64 bit under Boot Camp for just under a week, and last night have started to have some pretty serious issues with the built in wifi.
    Periodically, without any consistent cause, when I am booted into Windows 7, my internet connection begins to degrade.  Not disconnect or anything, just taking on like 60% packet loss or more, pings to both my default gateway (the wifi router) as well as to anything further out on the internet.  My ipad, iphone, macbook pro are all fine and able to use the internet at the same time without issue, its only the imac booted into Windows 7.  I can reboot with no change, still completely unusable (unable to load even a single web page) for Windows 7.  reboot to OSX, no issues.  Its not the router, or the ISP, its JUST when I'm in win7 using wifi. I've changed IPs, used a static DNS, measured wifi, etc.  I was using this setup for almost a week before the issues started, and I'm assuming its something wrong with Windows7.  Fully patched and up to date, both OSX and Win7.
    I finally figured out that I can temporarily fix the problem by resetting the driver for the wifi interface under the Network Adaptor troubleshoot wizard in Windows, this buys me between 5 minutes to half an hour before the issue starts up again.  Nothing else I've found will fix the issue even temporarily. 
    I finally ran a 50 ft ethernet cable from the imac to the router and this has for now solved the intermittent issue, but its not sustainable this way as I cannot leave the cords like this.  But clearly there seems to be an issue with the wifi driver in windows that boot camp is using.
    Can anyone provide some suggestions of what to look for within windows or a way to debug this more directly?  I used the BootCamp assistant to burn a DVD of drivers at install time and I believe they were the most recent versions, but not sure how to check further.  Device manager reports I am using the Atheros AR938x Wireless adaptor, and this is a mid-2011 27" iMac running Lion. 

    I'm having the same problem. Wifi loses connection after 5-ish minutes.
    Wondering if it's an issue with the 802.11n drivers...? Seems a little more stable on the "g" networks.
    This has been happening since the latest OS X update. I have a mid-2010 Macbook Pro 15".

  • Need help installing my graphics driver in windows vista via boot camp

    New to mac so first time on forum as well.
    Love the Mac but i also want to get on some old games. C&C The First Decade mainly.
    I am currently using below.
    Mac mini Mid 2011 processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core it
    Memory 4 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3
    Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6630M 256 MB
    Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5
    Installing windows vista home premium 32 bit
    I have installed windows vista home premium using boot camp assistant and downloaded the windows drivers as well. After i have installed windows i installed boot camp using my Mac OS X snow leopard which installed boot camp 3 or 3.1 i believe and i eventually got apple updates for 3.2 which is what i am now runnning on vista. I had trouble getting my sound to play through my speakers at first but eventually got them working and now it is my graphics driver that i cannot seem to get working. In vista(I also downloaded service pack 1 and 2) when i go to control panel and check out my device control it shows a yellow exclamation point next to the adapter. I guess i need help in getting my graphics installed correctly on my windows. Is there something i should take off to install the correct driver? Or do i just need the correct driver download? If i have the correct driver how do i upload it onto my windows side in the device control.
    When i try to run c&c generals/zero hour i get a directx 8.1 error, red alert 2 is black but i can hear. i know these games can work i installed the graphics correctly the first time when i did not have sound as this is my second time installing windows so the game did load when i did not have sound.
    I was thinking about saying forget this i can't waste hours of my time anymore but i have to be close to getting everything working if i had graphics before and no sound but sound this time and no graphics. I was also thinking about just buying windows 7 home premium sp1 64bit system builder dvd off amazon and reinstalling windows using windows 7 but i want to make sure i can play these games before i spend the money. I thought my mini couldn't support windows vista and if it did only boot camp 4? how am i getting this far to get things to work?
    What is the driver i need to install to get these games working? What do I need to do or what am I missing???
    Do i need to install a different boot camp off apple and find a driver that will get mine to work in vista?
    Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated i have been at this everyday for hours.

    Also is there something, say maybe a driver, that was installed i do not need that is blocking me from installing the correct drivers? What driver in my boot camp folder do i need to install to get to the correct display to run those games.

  • Installing Windows vista using boot camp..

    I am trying to isntall windows vista using the boot camp and it says IMPORTANT: back up your disk before partitioning it or installing windows. I'm not quite sure on what that means or if i should continue in the boot camp because I don't know what that means......

    *"I'm not quite sure on what that means"*
    It means just what it says... backup your files prior to installing Boot Camp...in the event something goes wrong.

Maybe you are looking for

  • A new problem , the dvd driver icon disappeared in the computer

    i have a thinkpad T410, 64bit family premium .  when i double click computer. i can't find the dvd driver icon. and this driver doesn't work as well. what is wrong whith that ?

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    I got an update for windows internet explorer but it never started to download and i couldn't close the download window. Then my laptop froze so I switched it off and tried to reboot. It comes up with all kinds of options but non work they either fre