Lost my extra small font size when i updated the p...

was wondering how i could get my extra small font back. it was gone after a phone update a friend did on the n5310

In addition to Jay's suggestion,
Open TextEdit Preferences and select Wrap to Page, and see if that makes a difference.
Also click on TextEdit > Page setup and just check to see if scale is set to 100%. It probably is. My guess is wrapping it to page should fix it.

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  • I lost all of my iPad apps when I updated the software.

    I just updated the software on my iPad and all of my apps are now gone. I checked my purchased apps on the iTunes store and the only app on there is facebook, but I had plenty of other apps as well, some of which I paid for. When I clicked update it said backing up iPad, so I dont know why they are missing.

    pat86 wrote:
    I definitely didnt unplug it before the step was complete, it was done with the update.
    Yes, it was done with the update, but at this point, iTunes has not yet restored the apps. Contact iTunes Support, tell them all of your Apple IDs, and see if they can see your purchase history. Contact them at http://apple.com/support/itunes/contact/

  • Images should grow or shrink when the user chooses a larger or smaller font size in ADE.

    Hi All,
    I use percentage values (in "width" attribute within "img" element) for image that should grow or shrink when the user
    chooses a larger or smaller font size. The adjustment affects not only the size of the text but also images but the images
    are getting distorted or blurred when user chooses larger font size in Adobe Digital Editions.
    Can anyone, please guide me; how to get non-distorted and non-blur images in epub package?
    If I directly use images, without svg format i.e. png or jpg files, then images get overlapped on body-text in two column display in ADE.
    if I directly use jpg or png with width attribute varying in percentage value then image shrinks and grows as user chooses smaller and larger font size but the problem of distorted image remains as it is
    <div class="media-group"><img src="images/pa0000016g26001.png or jpg" alt="Image" width="60 or 70%" /></div>
    Attached is the package (Book.epub) which has test cases.
    Please find below sample coding used in attached epub package;
    In XHTML:
    <div class="media-group"><img src="images/pa0000016g26001.svg" alt="Image" width="100%" /></div>
    In SVG:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!-- Generator: Adobe Illustrator 12.0.0, SVG Export Plug-In . SVG Version: 6.00 Build 51448)  -->
    <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.1/DTD/svg11.dtd" [
    <!ENTITY ns_svg "http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">
    <!ENTITY ns_xlink "http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink">
    <svg version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" x="0px" y="0px"
    width="386px" height="554px" viewBox="0 0 386 554" enable-background="new 0 0 386 554" xml:space="preserve">
    <image overflow="visible" width="772" height="1108" xlink:href="pa0000016g26001.png"  transform="matrix(0.50 0 0 0.50 0 0)">

    Hi DenisonDoc,
    There is no option right now to set properties globally primarily for Text fields. You may make sure fields doesn't contain anything.
    Select all the text filed from the form and right click any of the selected field make sure all of them are selected choose properties --> Appearance there you can choose Font Size and Font type.
    - End users cant change size and type of font. It is up to designer.
    Ajlan Huda.

  • Change font size when download into Excel spreadsheet

    Dear all,
    When the users export the Web report into Excel spreadsheet, how can we smaller font size and removal of bold. Use the font size 10 instead of font 19.
    Thanks in advance,

    take reference of this doc: https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/e02729a3-34bd-2a10-6594-b618617f6d57

  • Performance Assistance (F1) : very small Font size

    When we press a F1 key on any field. The Performance Assistance(help) pops up.
    1.The problem is the user cant read it as it has very small font size.
    How to change the font size and Make it Bigger.?? So it become Readable

    Hello Anupam,
    Please follow below steps to change the font :-
    1. Open SAP GUI
    2.Go to options
    3.Select SAP Signature Theme,
    4.Select Font and change the font
    5.Login into SAP.

  • Right side menu too small font size of letters in Windows 8.1 High DPI screen

    Hi, I just own a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and high resolution screen.
    When I start Adobe Reader, the document area seems to be readable, with "normal size fonts", but the options menú in the right side uses a very small fonts size and is hardly readable.
    I tried to change it using the Windows "change menu, title, icons size, but withpout success.
    Any solution for it?
    By the way, in a Lenovo Ideapad U430 Touch, there is not "magnyfying glass" combination key and the zoom function of the touch screen doesn't work either in that right side menu área (it works in the document area, not in the right side menu area).
    Any help will be welcomed.

    Hi, Pat, test done.
    Thanks for your suggestion, it was somehow helpful, or, let say, half and half.
    It was helpful in the way that when I opened the preferences Windows I was not able to see the full window, there was a part of the right side of the window that was out of the screen. So, when I changed the "scaling settings options and behaviour" from "Auto" (default value) to 100% everything was in the display.... So, this was of high help.
    BUT I was not able to find any way in all the suggested document for making the fonts used in the right window of the Adobe Reader, the one where the "Tools" and "Comments" menus are displayed more readable, bigger size, than the one that the product uses by default in the High DPI display.
    So, thanks for the suggested document that helped to solve the first point.
    Any other idea that could help for changing the fonts used in the "Tools" or "Comments" menu window?
    Thanks and kind regards.

  • How change font size when typing on iPad air

    How change font size when typing on iPad Air

    You can change the font size for apps that use the large text feature in Settings>General>Accessibility>Larger Text>On.

  • Adobe Form's First Page printing perfectly on 132 column sheet but further pages prints with small font size

    Dear All,
    We are facing a strange behavior of adobe form.
    we made form for SAP CRM which is printing in 132 column(28cm * 33cm) sheet. what we are observing is, first page is printing perfectly on the pre printed Invoice sheet but if invoice has more items to be displayed then second  page prints with small font size or you can say second page seems to be zoomed out to smaller page size. In Preview Second page onwards also looks perfect. Now we are in a fix what to do to come out of this issue.
    efforts made:-
    Adobe Page Size Adjusted.
    Select paper Source by Page Size ticked in Adobe form properties
    But still result is non satisfactory. Please Help.
    Ashkar Rizvi

    See my answers below:
    a) The size of the pages of PDF which you are printing. LETTER
    b) Does all pages of the PDF are of same size? YES
    c) What is the page size set in the Printer and what is the actual size of the paper which you have put in the tray? LETTER
    d) Does this problem also happens on the virtual printer which you might have on your system (Try either Microsoft MPS Document writer or Adobe PDF Printer) No VIRTUAL PRINTERS
    Thank you for attempting to help me with this... we have tried everything and haven't been able to resolve the problem.


    WE just bought CS3 and when I open my Dreamweaver 8 html
    files the font sizes are all over the place. I use size 2 for my
    titles and size 1 for some of my copy. While in Design mode, the
    size 2 type is not readable. I checked my settings and everything
    is accurate. Funny thing is...when I preview in my browser the page
    is fine. I have built 5 divisional websites and I'm on the last
    one! I have been using these settings for years and now I can 't
    edit unless I use the magnifying glass. Is this a bug in CS3?
    Anyone else have this problem?
    I initially created these on a Mac in DW8, and we just
    switched over to PC's when we got the CS3. I don't see where this
    should be a problem since I have worked on these sites on both

    Seems this problem is not just affecting me!
    For a unsupported solution see this message:
    http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=12&catid=189&threadid =1269482&enterthread=y

  • Screen size and font size unreadable to set the access permissions for Flash Player.

    I can increase my screen view size to make everything appear larger but the screen on Adobe website to manage the use of the Flash Player has very tiny writing that DOES NOT increase in size when I increase the size of my screen view.  It is not use user friendly nor compliant with common standards of web pages being accessible for people who have visual disablilities.  The font size looks like 6pt.
    What does it take to make this giant company allow the window size of the settings to be enlarged or magnified? 

    They will stay on the screen.  However, Process Monitor is only intended for advanced users.  It is recommended that users try to navigate to the troublesome registry key using regedit, and see if they can access it or not without an error.  This is far easier than trying to use Process Monitor, which is very complicated.
    I used Process Monitor to confirm that it was just that key which was causing the problem, and not others.  Process Monitor is not to be confused with the new Resource Monitor which is accessible via Task Manager in Windows 7 (and possibly Vista).  If you must experiment (and Process Monitor is very useful for diagnosing many deep-level problems if you know what you're looking for) Process Monitor can be downloaded from here:
    It replaces the older Sysinternals "FileMon" and "RegMon".  For those interested in the technical side, I had to setup a number of filters to be able to get the results display as in the screenshot.  First of all to just show Registry events.  Then to just show events from the manual Flash activeX installer executable.  The I added a filter to show only non-successfull results.  And finally, for the purposes of the screenshot, added a filter to just show those with "Access Denied", since other non-critical errors are also picked up due to missing keys because installation has not yet been fully completed I guess.   When experimenting, most of these filters were applied using the "is not" boolean logic, which will make sense if you experiment with the program.
    Without adding any filters, it picks up so many events (hundreds per second) that it's otherwise unusable.  e.g. 40,000 events within the first few seconds of opening the program. For this reason, I recommend simply using Regedit to diagnose the problem with the particular Flash registry key.

  • Can I have different font sizes and alignments within the same title?

    Apologies, haven't been able to search through previous discussions as I'm in Madagascar and my internet connection is not adequate today!
    I'm trying to put scrolling credits on a project. I want the list of credits - music, photos, text etc. - then underneath that a nice little thanks paragraph followed by the date and website. I want the paragraph, date and website to be centered, but when I try to do that it centres the whole thing and messes with the format of the credits part. Changing the font size also makes all the text the same, but ideally I need a couple of bits to be different.
    Does that make sense?
    There doesn't seem to be a way to just highlight the bit that I want to change - it's all or nothing. But I know it's been done before, because I've got a video made last year which has this exact thing as the credits. Unfortunately the person who made that isn't here at the moment.
    Any help very much appreciated, this has to be finished within the next few hours and I've been struggling for days. I tried to do it just as several screens of text instead of the scrolling thing, but couldn't format it properly for the credits.
    As a complete aside, I've just downloaded the same song 3 times from iTunes and every time it's dodgy and cuts out after 1/3 of the song. Don't know whether this is to do with my bad internet or what... but any help with that would also be amazing.

    Not currently possible.
    A computer/catalog is a unique construct.
    An iOS device can only sync to one computer/catalog at a time.
    You can sync many devices to one computer/catalog but not the other way around.

  • How can I keep tabs on the file size when importing from the Event Library into a Project? I want to ensure the movie will fit onto a 4.7Gb disc?

    How can I keep tabs on the file size when importing from the Event Library into a Project? I want to ensure the movie will fit onto a 4.7Gb disc?

    iDVD does not care about file sizes, as it compresses the file to the standard DVD format of mpeg2.
    It only cares about length i.e. max 2 hours including titles etc.
    iDVD encoding settings:
    Short version:
    Best Performance is for videos of up to 60 minutes
    Best Quality is for videos of up to 120 minutes
    Professional Quality is also for up to 120 minutes but even higher quality (and takes much longer)
    Professional Quality: The Professional Quality option uses advanced technology to encode your video, resulting in the best quality of video possible on your burned DVD. You can select this option regardless of your project’s duration (up to 2 hours of video for a single-layer disc and 4 hours for a double-layer disc). Because Professional Quality encoding is time-consuming (requiring about twice as much time to encode a project as the High Quality option, for example) choose it only if you are not concerned abo
    In both cases the maximum length includes titles, transitions and effects etc. Allow about 15 minutes for these.
    You can use the amount of video in your project as a rough determination of which method to choose. If your project has an hour or less of video (for a single-layer disc), choose Best Performance. If it has between 1 and 2 hours of video (for a single-layer disc), choose High Quality. If you want the best possible encoding quality for projects that are up to 2 hours (for a single-layer disc), choose Professional Quality. This option takes about twice as long as the High Quality option, so select it only if time is not an issue for you.
    Use the Capacity meter in the Project Info window (choose Project > Project Info) to determine how many minutes of video your project contains.
    NOTE: With the Best Performance setting, you can turn background encoding off by choosing Advanced > “Encode in Background.” The checkmark is removed to show it’s no longer selected. Turning off background encoding can help performance if your system seems sluggish.
    And whilst checking these settings in iDVD Preferences, make sure that the settings for NTSC/PAL and DV/DV Widescreen are also what you want.

  • I want to scale the font size programmatically according to the screen resolution

    I have done scaling the front panel and front panel objects by programmatically. but the text (font) size is still remain same. It’s shows very bad. So I want to scale the font size programmatically according to the screen resolution. Can u suggest some idea to implement?

    This is a duplicate post. See the original post for an answer:
    Eric S.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments
    E. Sulzer
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • When i updated the software on a new computer i lost my purchased apps and music how do I get them back

    I purchased a new laptop and tried to move my itunes to it .when I updated the software I didnt get my purchased apps and it wiped out my loaded music library can I get it back

    Works for music purchases, too.
    iTunes 10 for Mac: Download previous purchases from the iTunes Store:  http://support.apple.com/kb/PH1706

  • Problem...when i updated the software

    so my daughter Riley, her ipod always said "riley's ipod", and my other daughters said "maddi's ipod".  when I updated the software on rileys ipod, somehow when it "restored" it now says "maddi's ipod" and everything is identical to Maddi's ipod. all Ry's pics are gone, its as if it  never existed. I am so upset. any help out there??

    If the device has been used as designed, the pics and via taken with the device would have regularly been copied off to a computer.
    The first step in the update process via iTunes on the computer is a backup.
    Restore the device from the most recent backup.
    If data is lost, then it is merely the fault of the user for not backing up the device or saving their data regularly.
    Once the device is in recovery mode, the ONLY option is to restore.

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