LR 5 RC3 File Renaming Buggy?

I have a bug with renaming files on export, for example I use this below.
The first file out comes out as oz-print-0002.jpg, then the second is oz-print--.jpg, then oz-print-2.jpg (this is strange).
The first file comes from a cr2 the second is a tif that I edited in CS6, should they not all be renamed, as per the settings in the export looks like a bug?
It should not matter if one file is a *.cr2 and a *.tif or even a virtual copy should it?
Anyone have any idea why this is happening? I will call support if I cannot find out.

Aha.  Found it by right clicking the File Handling bar.  Didn't see that under any documentation.  Got help from the Chat line, by Sooraj.

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  • Files Renamed when importing to LR4 and now can't find them in LR3

    Help!  What should I do???
    Yesterday I installed LR 4 Beta.  I had a folder with 300 images in it on LR 3, obviously all files had names.  I imported these photos into LR4 to work with LR4 and they were renamed in the process.  Now in my LR3 folder, all the files still have there old names and the "missing photo ?" and I assume that's because the name has been changed and LR3 can't find them.  Any thoughts on an easy fix?
    Matthew Kraus

    Thanks so much for helping me with this.
    I must admit, I didn't pay too much attention when importing this "test"
    group of photos to LR4, therein lies my problem.  Now that I look at the
    import settings that were used:
    1. Files were not added or copied, they were "moved" to a new location and
    also renamed.
    2. Files were renamed starting with "264" using my regular import template.
    Listed below are the first 10 photos with their original LR3 and he
    changed LR4 names.
    1201_001 changed to 1201_264-2
    1201_002 changed to 1201_265-2
    1201_003 changed to 1201_266-2
    1201_004 changed to 1201_267-2
    1201_005-Edit-Edit changed to 1201_268-2
    1201_005-Edit changed to 1201_269-2
    1201_005-Edit changed to 1201_270-2
    1201_005-Edit-Edit-2 changed to 1201_271-2
    I have a back up of my images on an EHD from several days ago which has the
    original file names, but this backup only has 203 of the 268 images I
    imported yesterday and are renamed.
    Thanks again,
    Matthew Kraus
    2012/1/11 Dorin Nicolaescu-Musteață <[email protected]>
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  • Restoring from backup to new location + not wanting files renamed

    Hi there - I am a newbie to this forum.
    I have a Win XP machine that recently needed to have the hard drive wiped and the OS re-installed. Fortunately I had a recent backup of all my data so I'm in a good starting position for a restore. However I have some questions as the re-install of the OS has had a change in profile name.
    Before my machine was wiped, I had a "Daniel" profile and so my "iTunes Media folder location" was set to C:\Documents and Settings\Daniel\My Documents\My Music.
    After my PC was rebuilt, a new profile was created called "dnl". iTunes has been re-installed (version The first time I launched iTunes the "iTunes Media folder location" was set to C:\Documents and Settings\dnl\My Documents\My Music. I did NOT choose to have iTunes browse/load my files and so currently iTunes shows no files or playlists.
    I have recreated the C:\Documents and Settings\Daniel\My Documents\My Music folder from my backup so all the music files and the previous libraries are presently in this location. However even if I change the "iTunes Media folder location" within iTunes to point to the "old" location, it doesn’t find the files or libraries.
    I have tried deleting the following files from C:\Documents and Settings\dnl\My Documents\My Music\iTunes:
    iTunes Library Extras.itdb
    iTunes Library Genius.itdb
    iTunes Library.itl
    iTunes Music Library.xml
    I did this assuming that the next time iTunes was launched, it would refer to the old location (as specified as my "iTunes Media folder location"), find the old library files there and use them. However it seems to ignore them and simply re-creates the files above in the location I deleted them from.
    So…I am unclear as to the best strategy to have iTunes point back to the old location to find the music files and retain all the playlists I had.
    I found this thread: It mentions a method that will find all the files in the old location and move them to the new location, retaining playlists, artwork etc. Once the data has been copied, it advises to delete the files from the original location.
    However I see that it mentions checking the ‘Keep iTunes Media folder organized’ option. From reading other threads I know this to be a source of one very irritating problem – it renames all the file names. I have specifically ripped my music using software other than iTunes for the express purpose of being able to tag the filenames with more specific info than iTunes would. I like the files to named <artist>-<album>-<track no>-<track title>.<file extension> and am not a fan of the very basic filenames that iTunes assigns.
    So…I want to have iTunes simply point back to the old location and not do any file renaming. I am happy enough to have iTunes simply point to a location that isn’t technically part of my current profile. I don’t have a desperate need for the files to be moved to the dnl profile.
    So…I am guessing there has to be some other file (or registry setting?) that knows where best to point to? Can this modified?
    I would be appreciative of any assistance.

    Hi Daniel, welcome to Apple Discussions.
    The default location for the iTunes library folder is <Profile><Music>iTunes with the media folder at *<Profile>\<Music>\iTunes\iTunes Media*. For XP the <Music> folder is My Documents\My Music.
    When iTunes starts up it looks for a set of library files in the last location it used. If that location is also the default location and it can't find the library files it assumes it has just been installed and creates a new set.
    Changing the location of the *iTunes Media* folder in preferences does not change which set of library files it opens, nor will it automatically detect all the media in that location.
    Ideally you should restore the folder iTunes and all its subfolders from your backup into *C:\Documents and Settings\dnl\My Documents\My Music* and start iTunes. All should work perfectly and, as far as iTunes is concerned, you will be using the same library as you used to. Any iDevices should sync without problems.
    If you media was not is the usual locations or you are unable to restore the entire iTunes folder then things become more complicated. Post back if you still have trouble and I will try to go into more detail.

  • Custom File Renaming Template Keeps Changing

    I'm having issues when creating a custom file naming template in Tiger with LR 1.3.1.
    When importing files, I created a custom template to rename the files with YYMMDD_{original file suffix}{Master}.tif to get this: 071217_12056Master.tif. The first import goes fine. But when I import another batch of files and choose the template all I get is 071217_Master.tif.
    I tried creating the template by hitting F2 to rename the photo and get the same results. The really odd thing is that some of the other templates have their characteristics jumbled around so that what I thought was the "orig file-name" template might actually produce something like 071217_.tif.
    The original file suffix suffers the worst in terms of disappearing without cause. This behavior was occurring in the 1.2 ver. as well. I've deleted every single template thru the editor, recreated them again and still get the errors.
    Hopefully someone here can provide some clues?
    Thank you!

    It sounds as though your import preset either isn't working or wasn't setup correctly.
    Using the full screen import panel, make sure Copy or Move is selected and then select your Import Preset....what does the File Renaming panel look like? "Rename Files" should be ticked, Template should read "Custom Settings" (or the specific rename preset if you've saved it) and the sample should show the correct rename format, like so:
    So does yours look like this, or different?

  • Bridge Photo Downloader File Rename convention

    I use a custom file rename preset (YYMMDD + TEXT + FILE NUMBER SUFIX) in BR CC. This custom preset is not available in the Adobe Bridge CC Photo Downloader Reneame Files drop down menu. Neither is the custom preset formula availble in the advanced rename dialog.
    I end up importing files with the Bridge Photo Downloader (Do not rename files) and then rename files using the Bridge Batch Rename saved preset.
    Is there a way to add a custom file rename convention which is not availble in the Bridge Photo Downloader?
    The idea is to rename files during the file ingestion process.

    Thanks for the idea. I tried that but it didn't work. The exact same problem happened again with what appears to be the same crash log: Thread 18 Crashing (see below for that specific section)
    Additionally now in the last week I am experiencing Bridge crashing 1-3x/day regardless of the Photo Downloader.
    Adobe, please advise.
    Thread 18 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit):
       eax: 0x00000000  ebx: 0x903bd3e4  ecx: 0x00000001  edx: 0x00000011
       edi: 0x00000080  esi: 0x00000000  ebp: 0xb0a07858  esp: 0xb0a07810
        ss: 0x0000001f  efl: 0x00010287  eip: 0x903bd433   cs: 0x00000017
        ds: 0x0000001f   es: 0x0000001f   fs: 0x0000001f   gs: 0x00000037
       cr2: 0x00000000

  • File rename doesn't add leading zeros to renaming files sequence? And a pat on the back to the LR de

    First of all, LR truly rocks. Any Adobe folk reading this, please take this note as a massive pat on the back for your team. There's a lot of childish and naive negativity from people posting in this forum. And I suspect from folk who are not really your key market for this app. I feed my kids by running a photography business and have been shooting digital since the early 90s...ya know...
    LR will be looked at as a massive sea change in the development of digital photography. The first time the entire workflow process is truly viable from end to end. What will make LR the ultimate winner in it's field is simply the integration with Photoshop. Aperture, Capture One etc cannot ever beat LR regarding this and so, just like the way that Excel and Word and Powerpoint all work together and everyone uses them, LR will inevitably become the de facto standard way of managing RAW images for pro photographers.
    Even with the few bugs (specifically file movingon Mac OS10.4.9) LR has shaved HOURS off our workflow. We shoot around 250 gigs of images a month in our weddings and event business. Now all of our editors use LR. No more Capture One etc for us.
    Here's the question - There seems to be no way to add leading zeros to a file rename command. So if you rename a batch of images they appear as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 etc so now when I look at them in Bridge or other apps, they are now sorted 1,10,11, etc
    Now let me tell ya this is a pain.
    Any comments or comfort that is is a known issue would be appreciated. All we want is a way to have the rename add the leading zeros like most other apps do...
    Best to all
    William Henshall
    PS By the way, I am a HARD *** about shoddy unstable software sold to pro photographers as the "prefect solution" that doesnt work as advertised...I am that guy that the tech support guys at certain companies dread. Yep, I simply expect an app to do what it says, just like the car I buy. I once resorted to sending the CEO of a certain software company an invoice for my time restarting, reinstalling the OS and bug finding another similar app. You can image, I got a personal call...heh...

    <br />
    <br />I just changed a folder of 85 images' names, and typed in 001 as my starting number. While no zeroes were prepended, the pix show up in order both in the Finder and in Bridge CS3.
    <br />
    <br />Say a bit more about file moving on your Macs.....
    <br />
    <br />
    <span style="color: rgb(102, 0, 204);">John "McPhotoman"</span>
    <font br="" /></font> color="#800000" size="2"&gt;~~ John McWilliams
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />MacBookPro 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo, G-5 Dual 1.8;
    <br />Canon DSLRs

  • Weird file renaming permission issues

    We have a file rename permission issue. Here is the background:
    We created a 2008 R2 DFS namespace called UserData with Read/write share permissions for Administrators, Everyone and System. UserData has been granted NTFS permissions as follows:
    Everyone (This folder only): Traverse folder / Execute files, List folder / Read data, Read attributes, Create folders / Append data
    CREATOR OWNER (Subfolders and files only): Full control
    SYSTEM (This folder, subfolders and files): Full control
    Domain Admins (This folder, subfolders and files)
    We then enabled folder redirection for users My documents folder through GPO, setting the following:
    Setting: Basic - Redirect everyones folder to the same location
    Target folder: Create a folder for each user under the root path
    We also unchecked Grant the user exlusive rights to documents.
    So, now to the really weird behaviour. We logged on to a Windows 7 (x64) client computer with a user who gets this GPO settings and that is not local administrator on the client. The folder is redirected as expected and we can create, delete and write to
    files in anyway we want. We can also rename files if we choose an entirely different name and if we choose a longer or a shorter file name,
    but we cannot rename the file to something with the same letters but different casing.
    Examples of what will work:
    "test" to "testing"
    "test" to "cool"
    "test" to "COOL"
    Examples of what will NOT work:
    "test" to "Test"
    "test" to "tesT"
    "test" to "TEST"
    We the get this error: "File Access Denied. You need permission to perform this action. You require permission from S-1-5-21-220..... to make changes to this file."
    Eventhough I'm pretty sure the share and NTFS permissions of the share are correctly set we have of course checked all the permissions when logged in and the user has Full NTFS control and Read/Write Share permissions.
    We have encountered the same problem on a customer company as well, with a different domain with no links to our domain what so ever. I have also seen similar problems from other people when trying to find the answer on internet. Here is an example:
    Anyone have any thoughts?

    Resent discoveries:
    If I log onto a Windows 7 (x86) Enterprise I face the same Issues.
    If the same user logs on to one of the DFS servers holding the namespace and accesses his folder we experience
    no problems renaming files.
    Customer company states that all is working fine when user logs on to a Windows XP with SP3.

  • Use plug-in metadata for file renaming?

    Hi there,
    I'm writing a plug-in that adds a new export method to Lightroom and that defines some plug-in metadata fields.  I'd like the users to use these metadata fields to define their file renaming pattern in the export dialog. That means I'd like to create a token pattern from a plug-in metadata field.
    Is there a way to accomplish this?

    I don't believe there's any way to incorporate plugin metadata fields directly into the builtin renaming patterns.   A couple of possibilities for alternate solutions:
    - Appropriate an existing metadata field that the renaming patterns know about (e.g. Description Writer) and have your plugin set that field with the desired custom metadata using photo:setRawMetadata(). 
    - Use or adapt the Exportant plugin, which provides greatly expanded file renaming possibilities.  The author Role Cole contributes here and is very helpful.

  • Adapter module for file renaming

    Hi all,
    I want to rename a file before writing into target directory. Is it possible to do this using adapter module? Im using File adapter at the sender and receiver.
    I tried renaming the file using DynamicConfiguration method.I want some custom constants to be added to the file name. I want to know if file renaming is possible by writing an Adapter module ..

    Writing a module would be too much effort deploying and using..Instead u can use a dummy mapping to target and use a piece of Java code for transformation..
    chk my blog will save u effort..XSL may not be required in ur case

  • LR 5.7.1 File Renaming start number field is missing

    Installed Lr CC 5.7.1 on a MacBook Air OS 10.10.2 - in the Lr import window in the File Renaming panel the Start Number field is missing and I can not add a start number to the files?  Any suggestions on what is causing this issue and how to repair this Start Number field omission?

    Sounds like you are looking for the "sequence" field. The "original file number" is also a good one to use.

  • Why is moving between folders glacial, while file renaming instantaneous?

    Any ideas as to why moving images between folders are glacial (1-2 per second), while file renaming instantaneous?
    Both do the similar operations to the file system, both need to update the SQLite entry for the file, but orders of magnitude between their performance? This on a recent Macbook Pro, running "all" Lr versions including 4.1beta with the catalog (120' images) on a SSD, while the images are stored on a FW800-attached disk.

    IIRC, there have been reports that this problem can be avoided (more or less) by not having the Grid shown during the move (due to LR not trying to update the Grid).

  • Batch file rename.  I have multiple files I want to rename, that have a date in their name in the mm/dd/yy format. The slashes seem to freak out the batch rename function.  Any workarounds that would help me avoid manually changing each name?

    OS X Yosemite 10.10.2, Macbook Air,
    Finder batch file rename function. I have multiple files I want to rename, that have a date in their name in the mm/dd/yy format. The slashes seem to freak out the batch rename function and it won't work.  I took out the slashes and worked fine.  Any workarounds that would help me avoid manually changing each name?  I should point out that I want to leave most of the name intact just change the first word in each name.  Also the files I'm working with are in PDF format.

    That's a comment in the file. It has no effect at all.

  • Files renaming themselves

    I have had on ongoing problem with files renaming themselves most often with a numeric file name. It has happened with Quark , Illustrator and Photoshop files. There is no pattern... it happens randomly at different times. File names are less than 31 characters. Sometimes when I have linked files in Quark from Photoshop, the linked names willl change but not neccessarily the file name itself on the hard drive. Sometimes both names change, sometimes only the linked name will change in the usage box in Quark, sometimes the file will rename itself on the hard drive. For instance, a file recently named SPI6007_past_presentadult.qxd has renamed itself on my hard drive as QXP-1055969291.qxp In this case, it has created another file and did not replace the original. This has been an ongoing issue and I have worked at several agencies with several different computers and several different Mac Operating Systems. Any help is much appreciated. Out IT guys are stumped.

    I have had this problem over our network. I transfered a folder with a Quark file and about 50 pieces of art. Most of the art had changed to numbers. I would have been sunk if it were not for the folder still on the server. Still had a lot of changing to do. Other computers on network have not been affected--yet. I have had problems with Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator files changing from app files to Unix files. I have searched the discussion pages and have not found a beneficial solution. One thing I have done is to install Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator on our server. This forces the system to recognize the icons and . I am telling our artists to let the program add the extension and for them not to delete it. This will solve the problem from this point on. We still have lots of art that do not have extensions and will cause problems. One site that was somewhat helpful that I would recommend is You will find some information there about resetting launch services. Good luck.

  • File renaming and second copy

    If I import RAW and tick 'Copy as DNG' and 'Make a second Copy' and 'File rename: Prefix-Date-Image#', the 'second' copies are not DNG and not renamed.
    If I import JPEG and tick 'Copy' and 'Make a second Copy' and 'File rename: Prefix-Date-Image#', the 'second' copies are renamed!
    So why in case of RAWs are the second copies not renamed? This bug precludes the use of more than one camera at a shoot.
    How come??? I recall this was an old issue; is it too difficult to repair such a simple bug???

    If this is changed, make sure it is a choice as otherwise the copy function is of no use to me. I do not want LR to make changes to the original files that I copy for backup in any way. I use the function for how it was designed (a temporary back up with no changes made to the files from the card) and make back ups of the files in the LR catalog separately. Once everything is safely backed up I can then delete the temporary copies.
    I would guess there are lots of others like me who don't want this situation changed as we have been doing this for several years now since prior to LR 1 when the thing was in beta..

  • File Renaming w/ Illegal Chars

    Making a file renaming program and making it so that the user can't name files using illegal windows characters (|"/\><*?)
    Now I have created a case where it detects the user input if the user inputs illegal chars:
    for(int c = 0; c < file2.length; c++)
                      char[] characters = t[c].getName().toCharArray();
                      String sin = "";
                      StringBuilder sb3 = new StringBuilder();
                      boolean tst = false;
                      for(int g = 0; g < characters.length; g++)
                         sin = "" + characters[g];
                         if(sin.equals("\\") || sin.equals("/") || sin.equals(":") || sin.equals("*") || sin.equals("?") || sin.equals("\"") || sin.equals("<") || sin.equals(">") || sin.equals("|"))
                            tst = true;                                                               
                         characterError(c+1, t[c].getName(), sb3.toString());
                         defcontests[2] = false;
                      }Now it works for all of the illegal characters, but when the USER inputs / or \ , my case doesn't detect it as an illegal character. What am I doing wrong? The program doesn't recognize my \ and / characters.

    Well, to start with, this might be more simplistic. Since you're only comparing one character at a time, you don't need the strings:
    // starting inside of the c loop
    char[] characters = t[c].getName().toCharArray();
    StringBuilder sb3 = new StringBuilder();
    boolean tst = false;
    for (char g : characters)
        switch (g)
            case '\':
            case '/':
            case ':':
            case '*':
            case '?':
            case '"':
            case '<':
            case '>':
            case '|':
                tst = true;
    if (tst)
        characterError(c+1, t[c].getName(), sb3.toString());
        defcontests[2] = false;
    }Then, look at the local variable "tst". Its condition is actually directly related to whether or not there are characters in the buffer:
    // starting inside of the c loop
    char[] characters = t[c].getName().toCharArray();
    StringBuilder sb3 = new StringBuilder();
    for (char g : characters)
        switch (g)
            case '\\':
            case '/':
            case ':':
            case '*':
            case '?':
            case '"':
            case '<':
            case '>':
            case '|':
    if (sb3.length()>0)
        characterError(c+1, t[c].getName(), sb3.toString());
        defcontests[2] = false;
    }And that works just fine for me. I tested a few strings using that code and, each time, the thread entered the if block at the bottom if any of the character cases appeared in the string.
    I couldn't find anything particularly wrong with your original code, though. Perhaps your if block at the bottom of your loop isn't behaving the way you think it should? Try using a debugger to verify that it enters the loop properly.
    And, by the way, the String.indexOf method might be more helpful to you. It wouldn't be as efficient to test multiple characters (I don't think), but it would make your code simpler and that's always a plus. :)

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  • How can I save a jpeg? Cntrl-click on does not work as it did in version 2

    In Firefox 2 I could hold down the Control key and click on an image to open a window with a "Save as" choice. Then I could name the image and chose a location to save it to. In Firefox 3, the window opens as before but the "Save as" choice does noth

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    I connected my 60gb ipod to itunes. I installed the firmware 1.3 update on my ipod. After that, my ipod went into disk mode on its own, and a pop-up said I needed to restore my ipod with itunes. I restored it. Now the tracks (encoded at m4a 256 bitra

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    Dear Friends, I had installed Oracle Informatica 8.6.1 and Oracle DAC Server ( on Linux server (RHEl 32 bit) Now i want to install Informatica and DAC Clients on windows machine. Where to download the software and in the existing Dump i do

  • Transferring old computer to new

    I just bought a new iMac 10.6 and I'm trying to transfer my files from my older macbook (bought in 2005-6-ish). I followed all the steps through Migration Assistant with a firewire connection. It has transferred applications etc, but not the contents