LSMW: standard import method for G/L account centrally?

Do you know if there it's an object in lsmw in order to import G/L account centrally?

Have you checked Business object: BUS6030, in LSMW??
I have not used this one.
Best Regards, Murugesh AS

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  • Lsmw direct input method for ct04

    Hello Friends,
    Im using lsmw direct input method RCCTBI01 obj 0150 method 000 for creating characteristics value.
    In lsmw im getting erro at "specify file" stage as "no logical path has been specified. I have come to conclusion tht i have to define some logical path in FILE transaction code but im not clear what needs to be done .
    Pls let me know how to define logical file path for ct04 transaction.

    First choose or create a directory by selecting say TMP as the logical file path and then click the assignment of physical paths to logical paths.Double click your operating system eg. UNIX then specify the directory followed by a generic filename e.g. /tmp/<FILENAME>
    Now click logical file name definition and create a new name, say ZCT04_FILE give the logical path as TMP and then specify the file name e.g. CT04.TXT and the format ASC.
    The file will then be created as /tmp/CT04.TXT

  • LSMW using BAPI method for ME21N

    Hi to all,
    I am using LSMW BAPI method for the transaction ME21N Iam able to post a PO document successfully, But in my flat file I have a header and followed by item in the same line, while I was posting with same header for different line items its posting different PO's for different  line items but suppose it has to post one document with multiple items.
    My flat file fields are like this : (where as ABCD my header and rest are line items) I am using only one structure 'podata' in LSMW and I am not using any identifier.
    header--Line items
    A B C D S P Q W E X
    A B C D 1 D 3  F K L
    Business Object -     BUS2012     
    Method                -    CREATEFROMDATA1
    Message Type    -    PORDCR1
    Basic Type         -     PORDCR101
    As per my requirement if I have multiple line items for the same header then only one PO should be posted.
    Could you suggest me, How can I achieve this.

    Hi Jurgen,
    Thanks for your reply.
    As poer your suggestion, I passed my flat file data into a single file and in the begin of transaction, I divided the data into 2 structures as Header & Item.
    Still I am unable to achieve the desired results, can you please elaborate more on how SAP internally joins the structures again.
    To be more clear my flat file data look like this :
    217836     NB     1826162667     0127     00   1     LEAN SIX SIGMA PRIMER     MRO     Z     4.00     EA     60.00     1     EA     
    217836     NB     1826162667     0127     00     2     LEAN SIX SIGMA PRIMER     MRO     Z     4.00     EA     860.00     1     EA     
    217836     NB     1826162668     0127     00     1     LEAN SIX SIGMA PRIMER     MRO     Z     4.00     EA     160.00     1     EA
    217836     NB     1826162668     0127     00     2     LEAN SIX SIGMA PRIMER     MRO     Z     4.00     EA     560.00     1     EA     
    The bold ones being header and the remaining Items, the underlined field is PO number.
    In normal process this file is considered to have 4 records, and tries to create 4 PO's.But my requirement is to create only 2 PO's with 2 items each.

  • Working on LSMW using IDoc method for processing Open Sales Orders

    We are currently in middle of creation of a new instance of production for a different Business SBU. We are looking to utilise the LSMW tool using IDocs for uploading / transferring the open orders to the new box. If some one has worked on LSMW using IDocs, please get in touch and if you could share any documents on the process of utilising the LSMW tool using Idocs for any kind of conversions, it would be great. The following is a sample case.
    1. Each order will have multiple segments with different qualifiers under various segments.
    2. Multiple line items would be available under each order.
    Issues we are currently looking to solve :
    1. How do you manage to loop through the qualifiers during processing for the same segment.
    2. How do you prepare the tool to recognise the multiple line items of the same order.
    3. What kind of strategy needs to be used to create the input data file(s). Like, splitting the header and detail level information ?
    Note  : The volume of data we are looking at is somewhere around 40-60 thousand orders worldwide.
    Thanks in Advance.

    hI vikram check this link
    and reward points if helpful

  • Problem while writing the data (LSMW direct input method for Creating BOM )

    Hi all ,
    I am unable to create a BOM using LSMW standard dirrect input mehtod .
    While i going through the *Read data *  step , it is reading the data but unable to write the data .
    My input text files are correct , Is it a problem with respect to the Logical Path or Logical File ......
    Please let me know the Possibilities of arising this problem .

      Check this document:

  • LSMW using IDOC method for scheduling agreement - MM

    I am using LSMW IDOC method to create Scheduling agreement. i am using message type : PURSAG_CREATE. I have completed the field mapping and when i tried to process the idoc i am getting the following error.
    No instance of object type PurchSchedAgreement has been created. External reference: # 1
    There are no clue why this error is popping up.
    please let me know if anyone faced similar issues.

    try entering the values in WE19 and do the posting for teting purpose, make sure you are passing all the values.

  • LSMW using IDOC method for scheduling agreement

    I am using LSMW IDOC method to create Scheduling agreement. i am using message type : PURSAG_CREATE. I have completed the field mapping and when i tried to process the idoc i am getting the following error.
    No instance of object type PurchSchedAgreement has been created. External reference: # 1
    There are no clue why this error is popping up.
    please let me know if anyone faced similar issues.

    Are you using external number range for scheduling agreement, then you have to pass the SA number too if not then check with your MM functional consultant to change the number range from external to internal provided it is agreed by your customer

  • LSMW-direct Input Method for Vendor-XK01.(Urgent)

    Hi Experts,
    When we are uploading vendor master details thru lsmw using Direct Input we are encountering an error message in the step Create Batch Input Session and the error is Special character for empty field is /.
    Beacuse of this the session is not getting created.
    We are passing only mandatory fields not the entire fields specified in the program RFBIKR00 Method : 0001 ,Object 0040.Hence its taking nly / for the empty fields.
    Please advice how can we rectify it.

    check whether  you are passing all the fields mentioned in the structure difined by you. if u delcared some fields in your passing structure and you  mapped all these fields with standrd structure  you have to pass compulosry those fields otherwise you have to put a validation at the field mapping.
    double click on the mapped field. insert the validation.
    ( suppose u have a field qsskz in your structure and for some records  you are not passing any value to this field then you have to add following validation)
    if itab-qsskz is initial.
    blbf1-qsskz = '/'.
    blfb1-qsskz = itab-qsskz.


    Dear Gurus,
    A LSMW project (DIRECT INPUT METHOD)has been created for PP master.
    But Now They have Lost Previous File which they have prepared Earlier.
    Now to Create a file for the Same Project wat fields need to be taken.
    By taking only Source structure fields it is giving error.
    In project some constant fields are also there.
    pls guide me.
    With Regards,

    have Lost Previous File
    what does that mean? did they lose the source that should be used to load the data from?
    without source you cannot load data.
    Had you ever got this source file? how? by mail, then check your old mails and take it from there, ask the sender to he/she checks the SENT folder in his mail system. Maybe someone has a local copy of this fille.

  • Lsmw direct input method for  mm01

      What are the fields required for FERT material in Direct input method..
    And also what are the views to be select for FERT material....

    hi soumya..!!!!
    i find ur link it work only for ur data..
    then when i try for my data.... it show tax error msg..
    the error msg shown below..
    transaction: 0000000001 Matl no.: 7FDUMMY001
       E MG                  172: You have not fully maintained the tax classifications
    transaction: 0000000002 Matl no.: 7FDUMMY002
       E MG                  172: You have not fully maintained the tax classifications
    transaction: 0000000003 Matl no.: 7FDUMMY003
       E MG                  172: You have not fully maintained the tax classifications
    transaction: 0000000004 Matl no.: 7FDUMMY004
       E MG                  172: You have not fully maintained the tax classifications
    transaction: 0000000005 Matl no.: 7FDUMMY005
       E MG                  172: You have not fully maintained the tax classifications


    Dear QM Experts,
    1.     I am doing LSMW by recording method for QP01 transaction code
    2.     I am facing one problem while recording in inspection characteristic screen
    3.     While saving another screen opens prompting to put inspection method, plant and version for inspection method.
    4.     This is not at all needed as per the requirement.
    I removed default Plant for Inspection Method version, Version Number of the Inspection Method while recording LSMW in inspection characteristic screen. Still it is happening.
    Surprisingly when we create inspection plan though QP01 it never asks for these things.
    Any remedies?
    Best Regards,
    Thanks is advance
    Anand Rao

    Do not use Recording for QP01.
    There is a pragram named "RCPTRA01". It can be selected in step1 of lsmw>>Object Type and Import Method>> Standard Batch/Direct Imput>>Object 0240;Method 0000;Program RCPTRA01; Program Type B.
    Then Step 2, define source structure. In fact you may go to step 4 to have a look at the structure of the target structure. It would be easy to copy that. The source structure would be as below, ZBI001 would be the top level and the others the same lever under ZBI001:
    Source Structures
            ZBI001                    Transaction Header Record for Data Transfer of Routings
                ZBIMPL                   Batch Input Structure for Allocation of Mat. to Task Lists
                ZBIPKO                   Batch Input Structure for Task List Header
                ZBIPPO                   Batch input structure for task list operation
                ZBIPMK                   Inspection characteristics for batch input of task lists
    In step 3, define source fields for source structure. For easy define, you may click "Object Overview">> Table to get the possible fields of the related structure, and then copy to Excel; after that, you may copy the fields directly from Excel to fields difining window in step 3.
    Step 4, assign the source structures to target structures, the target structures are named the same as the source structures above, just without the letter "Z". For example, assign ZBIMPL to BIMPL, ZBIPKO to BIPKO, except ZBI001 is assigned to BI000 and BI001 as well.
    Then Step 5, you may find there are RECTY and default settings are "00" "99" "01" "03" "09" "18" for BI000, BI001, BIMPL, BIPKO, BIPPO and BIPMK. Let alone "99" and imput these value to field "RECTY" in corresponding source structure fields
    Then you may run auto field mapping in step 5, and make some values constant, like PLNTY=Q etc.
    Then a problem with the profile under field "PROFIDNET". Run TCODE 'SPRO' to IMG>Quality Management>Quality Planning>Inspection Planning>General>Maintain Profiles for Default Values>Profile: default values plan/general. You may find there is a box named "Entry tool", tick that box, if not it is not possible to run QP01 in lsmw. And at the same time you may find the profile is 0000001. Key the value to field "PROFIDNET" and make the rule as constant.
    For step 6 there is nothing to do
    in Step 7, unlike other objects, you can use just one .txt file for uploading the inspection plan. When specy file, select "Data for Multiple Source Structures(Seq.file); Delimiter: Tabulator; File structure: Field order Matches source structure definition(as in Seq.file) I find not possible to put field names at start of file, so "Field Order Matching" is very important
    Then how to prepare the file? We can accomplish this with 5 excel sheets
    the fields orders for my customer is like this:
    1)for RECTY 18(Inspection Charatristics):
    2)for RECTY 09(Operation):
    MATNR     RECTY     VORNR     STEUS     WERKS     LTXA1     UMREZ     UMREN
    3)for RECTY 03(Header):
    4)for RECTY 01(Allocation of Material)
    MATNR     RECTY     MATNR     WERKS     LIFNR     KUNR
    5)for RECTY 00(Transaction Header)
    Creat a new blank sheet and copy the fild contents of these 5 sheets into it, then you can sort the fields in A to Z order with Column A(MATNR), B(RECTY), and C(MERKNR), then the seq.file to be uploaded is completed.
    for example:
    10001042     00     QP01     20090119                                                            
    10001042     01     10001042     1200                                                            
    10001042     03     20090119     5     1200     4     PC     0     99999999          Screw\M16x45\GB/T5783                         
    10001042     09     0010     QM01     1200     inspection     1     1                                        
    10001042     18     10      inspection on material     C101     1200     JF035     1200     GUD5     PC                              
    10001042     18     20      Inspection on size     C102     1200     JF034     1200     GUD5     PC
    Then copy start from Column B, i.e., without the material numbers in Column A, to .txt file.
    Specy the file in Step 7 in lsmw.
    the step 8, assign this .txt file to all structures
    then step 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Creast Session and run it in at the end.
    Actually this program is not possible for QP02. If you want to make some correction on the inspection plans in SAP, you'd better delete them and upload the revised one.
    This program is very similar to CA01 Production Routing and thus also applicable to CA01. But I recommend using  Object 0170;Method 0002;Program RCPTRA02; Program Type D for CA01, because it provides testing transfer at the end so that you can check out logical errors, and much fastee. Pity that for QP01 there is no such program
    Currenty I am acting as Data cunsultant for an Elevator Manufaturer in China, hope my experience would help for you. My MSN is zhangxiaojun at msn dot com

  • Standard SAP report for variance analysis of SD and MM

    Dear All,
    I want the standard SAP report for the vendors and customer varaiance analysis for the posting done in MM and SD with the GL balance in FI .It should be same as the report we get from the transaction code MB5L.
    Thanks in advance

    The 1AB library contains reports for variance analyses. This is an important report for Cost Center Accounting (CO-OM-CCA) supplied in the SAP R/3 System. Additional information for  report can be found in the documentation for the reports. Choose Extras->Documentation from the report itself.
    Hope I had been able to help you out. Please assign points.

  • Howto test new or modified network infrastructures with standardized testing methods?

    I'm sure many of you regularly do tests of new or modified network infrastructures before going live. And you developed detailed plans and schedules how to test, how I did too.
    Does anybody know if there exist standardized testing methods for this cases?
    Like recommendations how to check features, performance, hardware failures, convergence times, software updates, network management etc.?
    Does Cisco offer information concerning that?
    Especially for software testing there exist many methods to check if it's working properly, but for technical it infrastructures I did not find any informations.
    Best Regards

    I guess you are looking for something like this -
    should say I don't own the book or have ever read it.
    I have never come across a set of standardised testing methods in the same way software has but that's is not particularly surprising when you consider networking as an industry is a long way behind other parts of IT in that respect.
    We are all still using CLI for most of our jobs :-)
    I suspect with SDN that there will be a far more extensive range of testing tools available in the long run but we aren't there yet.
    Personally I do pretty much what you already have. When I was involved in design we had proof of concept labs where we could test it would actually work and which often fed back into the design.
    Then we had to test it with the existing production environment to see how it impacted on what we already had.
    If all that went well we then pretty much knew what tests we needed to run when we implemented it into production.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Any T code to track changes done?

    HI, I want to know if there is way to find out what changes has been done in all customer and Vendor , GL master data over a given period. Any T code to track the changes? regd Vijay

  • Business rules sequences showing up in multiple applications

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