LSMW upload for Vendor and Customer Open items

Hi Experts,
1. I wanted to use to use LSMW to upload through FB60 for Vendor Invoices through recording, but the problem is Amount in Document Currency is 'USD' and Amount in Local Currency is 'INR'. While recording it is not allowing to input values in Amount in Local Currency while my upload file has values in both Amount in document currency as well as Amount in Local currency. Any help with this regards?
2. Do i need to open the all fiscal years which are there in upload file?
3. Any better option to upload the Balances with LSMW?
Any useful information will be Highly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance

Hi Rajkumar,
To upload Open items of Vendor and Customers, in LSMW, you will have two files header and line items with  a link linking both the files.
Now, Suppose if you have to enter an amount in USD, then in the header file, enter USD in the currency field and give Exchange rate also in the header file and give the exact exchange rate which should be the value of your Amount in Local Currency INR.
In such cases, you do not enter directly the amount in local currency field.. It is a calculated figure..
Yes, depending on the posting date, all those fiscal years need to e open for which you are posting the data.
LSMW is a tried and tested method for uploading open items.. Simple Go Ahead...

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  • Foreign currency valuation (new) for vendors and costumers open items

    Dear friends,
    Is there any option  that when i run the foreign currency valuation program (fagl_fc_val) for vendors and costumers open line items not to generate the reverse posting? I have read in the sap library that the reverse posting is optional and the when you pay the invoice the system works the difference out between the valuation and the exchange rate of the payment, but i can not find it in customizing.
    thanks in advance

    I also like to add that it is best to post reversal because normally the revaluation entry is posted on the last date of the month and the reversal entry is posted on the first day of the following month, which means that the following month will have a new entry on the last date independent of the entry made in the prior month.
    The idea of posting the valuation entry is to value the customer and vendor open items which were posted (let us say 3 months ago in a foreign currency) with the latest exchange rate as of the end of the month. This way these payables and receivables stand corrected.
    Is there any reason why you don't want to post the reversal entry?

  • Profit centre needs to be updated in Vendor and Customer line item reports

    We are using ECC 6. 
    Profit centre is updating for vendor and customer line items in document level.  But the same is to be reflected/updated in profit centre field in FBL1N and Reports.

    Use this T codes you will get Profit center wise  S_AC0_52000888 Paybles (vendor balances )
    Tcode for Profit center wise receviables S_AC0_52000887  (customer balances )

  • How can i clear the vendor and customer open line items at a time same vendor as a customer of the company (same vendor same customer and equal invoices )

    my vendor and customer are same . purchase invoice due100000 and sales invoice amount is also 100000 at a time with any manual action , have any setting for cleared both vendor and customer line items at a time ...........

    X Ltd. will be Vendor & Customer.
    Purchase Invoice is booked under Vendor SAP number & Sales Invoice is booked under Customer SAP number. Then you can transfer amount from Vendor to Customer or vice versa with T-code F-04.
    Then if you have transferred amount from customer to Vendor (F-04), Vendor account will have two entries Debit & Credit. Then go for clearance with T-code F-44 clear Vendor.

  • FI Open Vendor and Customer Line item

    Dear Experts,
    Do we have to migrate the Tax code in the Vendor and Customer Line Items during data migration?
    I read somewhere that is it not necessary to do so.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    Hi ,
         It depends on the legal enviroment and sometimes on the settings used in your system. It is a matter of whether the Tax code information is needed in any circumstance that could arise subsequent to migration.
    Examples where you must migrate the tax codes:-
         i) Deferred VAT is used.
         ii) Prepayments with Gross Display.
        iii) Prompt payment discounts are VAT relevant.
    Kind regards

  • Printing confirmation of balance for vendors and customer-urgent

    Thanx Vamsi for the reply.
    I have got 1 more doubt.we are using CUSTOMISED correspondence types.The annexure we give has only the open items.But the users want a list of cleared items to appear in the list.
    Will the confirmation have only open items ???? or can it take even the cleared items along with it.Can the print program be modified to take even the cleared items along with it.
    Kindly advise.
    Thanks in advance

    We are using print program SAPF130K and SAPF130D for vendor and customer respectively.
    My query is can we bring even the cleared items alongwith the open items in the same print program???
    Now we have line items of open line items only?? As per our exploration into the program... we get only open items..
    Also we are using SAP10 and SAP11 as the correspondence type.Kindly advise as to correspondence type should be changed so that it can print both the open and cleared items?
    Please reply ASAP as it is very urgent.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Profit Center population in the Vendor and Customer Line items

    our client is asking for  getting profit center in the vendor and customer line items  where in the view FBL5n and fbl1n we are not getting the profit center populated - in the new gl i understand that there is a standard report based on the gl account.
    but our business is not satisfied with the report and expecting report at profit center level.
    Can any one suggest any way of doing this.

    Dear Vijay,
    Let me provide you my view of solutioning for this. This is an enahcement that needs to be done
    1. You can get the profit center from the given vendor and customer line item at the time of posting, using an enahcement you will be able to capture it.
    2. Existing the profit center field is not populated in the BSIK,BSAK,BSID and BSAD tables
    3. Hence, in the same enhancement once you capture the profit center , you can write the code that profit center is updated in these tables also.
    4. This will help you to do the vendor line item wise selection in the FBL1N,  FBL5N profit center wise.
    Constraints of this solution:
    The only constraint remains where in the for a given document if there are multiple profit center, then the system will do the splitting profit center wise for a vendor line item, which will not populate the profit center in those tables as there is only one field available in the bsid etc.. tables.
    This basically would be the one the soltuion where in as seeen from the end user ther eis no change in the front end interface , the way they are doing always they can do.
    You need to also take care the % of document splitting means cross profit center postings /cross document splitting charactericstics postings and the volume involved in this. so that you can suggest this to your client.

  • Profit centerwise Vendor and Customer line items view

    Deal ALL,
    We have not activated Business Area.
    We have 10 plant under one company code. Client is booking the vendor and customer invoice as per the cost center and profit center of the plant. Payment and Receipt is also made according the bank maintain for each plant. As one customer or vendor is dealing with all the plants.
    Can any body can help me out how to get the vendor and customer line item display according plant or cost or profit center wise, so we can make or receive payment accordingly.
    Request you all to reply.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Try the transaction codes for Profit Display by suitable config in TCode O7F1, O7F2, O7F3
    Assign Points if useful

  • Can I use one Business Partner repository for Vendor and Customer?

    Can I use one Business Partner repository for Vendor and Customer? or do we have to use Vendor and Customer Repository separately. How can we do that? What are the pros and cons? can any one provide some examples:

    Hi Deepak
    The key purpose of SAP "enabling" the facility of multiple main tables in a repository is to primarily "manage" those master data objects that are related to each other. Typical examples will be a) Customer - Material, b) Supplier - Material, etc.
    While, it is pretty easy to add multiple main tables in a repository, it is also important to understand the purpose of doing so based on the business requirements.
    Besides, you got to be aware that in case you are "fixing" any issues with one main table (master data object) for which you have to unload the repository, the users will not be able to use the repository that has a main table defined for other master data object. Hence, there are pros and cons of using this capability of multiple main tables.
    So, it is really important to understand the "W's" - What, Why, When, Where, Who of Data modeling before actually working on the "H" - How to in the SAP MDM tool.
    Hope this helps.

  • Tcode for Vendor and Customer Trial balance

    I want to generate Vendor trial balance & customer trial balance. I want name of each vendor and customer with the normal and special GL balance written against it
    Vendor A     -    Rs.100-
    Vendor B     -    Rs. 2300-
    Vendor C     -    Rs. 1000
    Total -- XXXXX -
    > This should match with my Vendor Reco account total.

    If standard report does not suffice your requirement, then create your own.
    FOR vendor USE K in transaction code instead of D.
    The following example I have given is for customers.
    The only difference is in transaction codes. For customer you go to FDI1, for vendor you go to FKI1 (reports).
    For Customer you go to FDI4, for vendor you go to FKI4 for forms.
    Remaining all are the same.
    Go to transaction code FDI4
    Select Form Type RFFRRD20 Line item analysis
    Give your form name and description
    Structure (Two axis) - as defaulted
    Click on Create
    You will have lead column
    Delete the rows 2, 3 and 4
    Double click on column 1
    Enter the customer numbers from 1 to 999999
    First column double click (A)
    Slelect following values
    Due date analysis 1
    Days for net due date 0 to 30
    Give the short name, medium name and long text for the column.
    Repeat this step in next columns like 31 to 60, 61 to 90, 91 to 120 and 121 to 99999 days etc in other columns and select due date analysis 1. (B,C,D,E)
    Create one more column by way of formula. To create a new column you need to double click on blue line. Put formula add all five columns you have created above. (F = ABCDE)
    You prepare one more column with
    Due date analysis 2 (G)
    Now you prepare one more column add (F+G) = This will be total open items = over due and not due.
    Now go to FDI1 and prepare a report - assign the form created in FDI4 to the report.
    Characteristics you need to select are
    Account Type (Select Account Type as D for customers)
    Document Type
    Special G/L Ind
    Company Code
    Change the output types and options according to your requirement.
    Refer FDI2 and FDI3 for other standard reports created.
    Refer FDI5 and FDI6 for other standard forms created.
    Save your report and execute.

  • Fbl1n and fbl5n display at time line item wise name for vendor and customer

    Could you tell me how can I include Customer or Vendor names for each line items in transaction FBL5N and FBL1N, please? Customer Accounts are displayed well, but in several cases we also need the name of the certain Customer or Vendor account names. This would be important for consolidation of customer accounts of the same customers.
    It is possible to include in these reports the u201EName1u201D, but they are empty in all cases. Could you tell me how it is possible to correct this problem, please?

    hi YSR,
    See if you want to have the Vendor/ Customer name or number to be displayed when you execute it. I mean on the Vendor/Customer Line Item Display.
    THEN follow the below steps........
    After executing the FBL1N or FBL5N Click CTRL+F8 or Change Layout.  From the Pop screen select the Vendor from the Right side of the screen and then drag to the Left side of the screen, then click on Copy as.
    Then Save the Layout or CTRL F12, save the layout with the new name that you want.
    When you want this Layout as the default each and every time then u have to do 1 more step....
    After executing the same layout go the
    MENU> Settings>Layout-->Administration...
    there you select the layout that u have created and then set that layout as the Default settings Check mark on DS.
    So that each and every time when u execute it the same layout will be displayed with the fields that u have selected....
    Hope this will solve ur issue......

  • Additional field Profit Centre for vendor and customer

    Hi All,
    We have created a web Dynpro application for posting documents for one of our client. The application is designed to park the document and has various level of approval before it is posted.
    The issue we are facing now is that they have done a screen enhancement for the customer and vendor line item where they included an additional field for profit centre for cross profit centre posting, which could be only posted directly.
    Since the Web Dynpro application is designed to park and post we are unable to store the profit centre value passed in the customer or vendor line items. Someone please let me know if we could store the value temporarily till the document is posted.  We do not have profit centre field in the standard table for the vendor or the customer.

    The Trading partner field in customer and Vendor master is used to identify the affiliated companies involved in intercompany transactions.
    The trading partner field is copied into the account receivable and payable transactions from the customer and vendor master. The Trading partner field also appears in the line items of the offsetting clearing accounts via substitutons.
    The trading partner field subsequently can be used during consolidation to eliminate intercompany receivables and payables from the balance sheet and eliminate Intercompany sales and expense figures from the P&L statement.
    Customer or vendor invoice: Trading partner information is captured from the customer and vendor master.
    Invoice receipts against clearing account and transfers with clearing: While posting Invoice receipt during an Intercompany transaction, the invoice receipt can be posted to a clearing account instead of expense account. The selection of open items must be restricted to those with a certain trading partner when posting a transfer later on, as the trading partner is copied into the transfer line item.
    Customer and Vendor Payments: If document types for payments are configured to allow for more than one trading partner in a payment document then the trading partner is copied only on the customer and vendor line item and not on the offsetting entry.
    Assets transferred between company codes: If an asset is transferred between group company codes, two accounting documents are generated in each of the involved company codes. The trading partner of each document must be set to the company id of the other company code.
    When goods are received from group company code the trading partner is picked for the inventory and GR/IR line items from the vendor mentioned on the order. If invoices are open as on the balance key date then group-internal provisions are created from the GR/IR accounts. These provisions can later be eliminated in Consolidation system.

  • Payment History for vendor and Customer in AP and AR

    Hi Guys.
    Has anyone done the upload of PAyment History from vendor/Customer in AP and AR modules in FI from legacy system.
    if ye s how can we do it ? It is F-06 and F-07 transactions.
    Please let me know if there is a BAPI?
    Thanks for the quick help..

    Thx for the quick answer Andreas. n further discussions we found that the actual requirement is to only have the payment history data for both the vendor and the customer only as a referece. I mean they dont want to have the actual accounts posted for historical data, since we have to anyway have a conversion for the GL accounts related data afterwards.
    I hope i cleared what we want here. Do we have any way we can update the data in this case. Is there anyway we can have data stored in LIS possibly for such cases..
    Any ideas

  • Rounding off differences for Vendor and Customer payment

    Dear All,
    Rounding off differences for vendor payment in T Code F-53 is giving the following error when I want to post.
    Item category 06000 not allowed in accounting transaction 1000/0001
    Message no. GLT2001
    The online document splitting is active in your system. Here, each document is assigned to a accounting transaction variant and each document row to an item category.
    You determine for each business transaction variant which item categories can or must be posted here.
    The following error occurred for the document you entered:
    Item category 06000 in accounting transaction 1000, variant 0001 is not allowed.
    System Response
    The document cannot be posted.
    Check the document entered, the derivation of the business transaction variant, the derivation of the item category, and the assignment of the item categories to the business transaction variant.
    Please advice

    Thx for the quick answer Andreas. n further discussions we found that the actual requirement is to only have the payment history data for both the vendor and the customer only as a referece. I mean they dont want to have the actual accounts posted for historical data, since we have to anyway have a conversion for the GL accounts related data afterwards.
    I hope i cleared what we want here. Do we have any way we can update the data in this case. Is there anyway we can have data stored in LIS possibly for such cases..
    Any ideas

  • Template Option for Vendor and Customer

    Hi All,
    MDG Version EHP 7
    I am working on Vendor Like UI , Is there any option where i can use a already created Vendor or Customer as a Template and create a similar record ???
    Currently when i use the search UI or Create UI i do not see any options for using a Template.
    Vag Vignesh Shenoy

    Dear Vignesh,
    I am not sure about the template.   But SAP provided the Reference option to copy the existing vendor detail to creating the new Vendor/Customer master record.  With this field you can create the vendor/customer easily.  No need of any template.  Thanks.
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