Mac & Nokia Syncing Over-the-Air vs Bluetooth

Over the last 5 years, I've owned a number of high-end Nokia phones and Mac laptops. The principle source of my anguish has been keeping my Nokia's contacts in Full-sync with my Mac's Address Book ;-)
 I think I ended up buying 3-4 different iSync Bluetooth plugins for different Nokia phones over the years to accomplish this goal. I've been asking myself can't I use the Internet to sync my Nokia contacts with my Mac's Address Book? 
 That way I'd possibly have another implicit copy of my vital personal contacts info in a protected Internet server in case I need to restore my contacts?
  Am I asking for something that all PC users (not Mac users) get to enjoy? Is there any Mac-based modern server-oriented solution out there that circumvents all the issues that come with Bluetooth pairing and changing iSync plugins??
   I'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, opinions in this Mac & Nokia area. 

zitseng wrote:
teemukankaanpaa wrote:
We're currently working on Nokia Ovi Suite for Mac. Too early to say anything about the release date, sorry.
A Nokia Ovi Suite for Mac sounds great. I hope, however, it fits in and reuses things that are already in the Mac. For example, I love the currently arrangement of an iSync plugin to sync to the Mac's AddressBook and iCal, and NMT to sync to iPhotos, iTunes, etc. It would be better to sync directly from iTunes like how it works with an iPod Touch or iPhone, but I suppose Apple doesn't want 3rd party hardware to enjoy this level of seamless integration. Perhaps it would be nice to have NMT integrated as a System Preferences pane.
My point is, don't recreate things that already work beautifully on the Mac.
Btw, NMT is broken on Snow Leopard. Any information on when this will be fixed, or if this is being looked at? 
If Apple is not going to all Palm to have direct access to the iTunes database, you can be 100% sure that Nokia will not get access. Apple is protecting their territory I guess. There is nothing wrong with the way NMT works except that it does not work well. In my opinion as a .v1 user, it has never worked really well. It seemed that NMT was more of a hobby than a serious attempt to create functional software.  
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    Hello there, eocrbhll.
    The following Knowledge Base article should be helpful:
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    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.
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    Roy, no, I have no indication that Notes are being sync'd over the air, by Mobile Me. That is why I made that comment, that Apple needs to clean up the Notes sync interface so that it is consistent with the other MobileMe sync aware apps. To me It appears that the Notes sync was just added in, so my guess is iOS 4.0.1 will clear that up a bit.
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    Hi there miperrito42!
    I have an article here that can help you troubleshoot iTunes Wi-Fi syncing:
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    Take care, and thanks for visiting the Apple Support Communities.

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    That is not very productive when the calendars are not syncing. I am not sure what troubleshooting you have done on your end but let’s start with the first article below to get it sorted out. It will have you check the settings even though you have not changed anything, it may be a good idea to double check. If all looks good after that troubleshooting, then the second article will be your follow up to get it working again. 
    iCloud: Troubleshooting iCloud Calendar
    iCloud: Advanced Calendar and iCal troubleshooting
    Take care,
    -Norm G.  

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    if turn on in iPhone settings the info dissappear. I'm perform the instrucctions step by step but after sync with itunes the info appear ok when pass to the last step in the instructions to perform the settings on the iPhone, the info is dissapeared.
    What I'm doing bad and how to resolve it?

    yes, and I'm check it in the web and
    It have the correct info. The problem
    Is only in the iphone.
    Thanks for your help!!!

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    The iPhone does not support OTA syncing - all data is synced via a USB connection with your computer through iTunes only.
    Server stored mailboxes for your .Mac account are kept synchronized since you are accessing the account as an IMAP account - the same applies to any IMAP account accessed with the iPhone.

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    On your iPhone go to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then select your MobileMe account. Turn off the items you don't want synced over the air.

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    POP (post-office protocol) is only for email retrieval (and SMTP, simple message transfer protocol, for sending).
    If you want to sync calendar/contacts, then it is done over SyncML (synchronization markup language).
    Also "proprietary" synchronization protocols, like Microsoft's ActiveSync allows message/contacts/calendar/tasks synchronization.
    Nokia supports ActiveSync over-the-air through the Mail for Exchange software.

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