Mac OS no longer available after trying to remove Windows on Bootcamp. How can I restore Mac OS without the Mac HDD in options?

Mac OS no longer available after trying to remove Windows on Bootcamp. How can I restore Mac OS without the Mac HDD in options?
So what I did was, I had bought my iMac from a shop and asked them to do bootcamp for me. However, they installed 32 bit instead of 64. My fault, I did not make my self clear about it. So after it has been delivered to my house, I realized that I wanted the 64 bit. I tried to remove windows on bootcamp but honestly, I have not experienced this before. So I failed. I believe, I did something wrong.
So I opened the iMac and it keeps asking me to go to windows. Windows OS also corrupted.
I tried the Option Key but the only option is Windows 7 only. So using a different keyboard, I press option and it only shows Windows HDD and the Mac HDD has gone.
What am I going to do? How can I restore Mac OS without the HDD anymore?

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Try using Lion Recovery

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    You need 10.6.8 or later to access the App Store. Start with:
    Snow Leopard General requirements
    Mac computer with an Intel processor
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    What aspect of Microsoft Office? Office is a suite of programs... Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.
    You've got several potential options. Libre Office and Open Office (both googleable) are 'open source,' free, downloadable programmes that will open most MS Office programmes and perform many of the functions of MS Office. Might be an idea to have a look round for reviews (etc) first, to see if they sound like they'll match your needs.
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    But if you're heavily reliant on MS, want ALL the bells and whistles of MS, or need to regularly transfer files between MS programmes on other computers and your laptop / desktop computer, then they might not be the best of ideas. Keynote - IME - can have some difficulties in transferring formatting to Powerpoint.
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    Hello afnanmoh,
    The following article provides information regarding the reinstallation of applications that came with your Mac.
    OS X Mountain Lion: Reinstall apps that came with your Mac

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    You don't. You have no choice but to restore at this point. The update did not complete successfully. iOS needs to be restored using iTunes.

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    You can use iTunes gift cards in the App Store. I don't think Apple supports "gifting" of apps as yet and we wouldn't know when they may do this in the future. This is a user to user forum, not Apple.

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    Here's Apple's link to information about scanners that are supported by Mac OS X:

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    Creating an iTunes store/iBookstore/Mac App Store account without a credit card

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    but, When I opened 'MPEG' files on the PC, there were nothing problem to see.
    How can I open and import 'MPEG' files on the Mac? Plz help me

    You may need to purchase Apple's MPEG-2 Playback Component (it's included with FCP and DVD-SP). Also try opening the file with VLC Player or MPEG Streamclip.

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    Click App store icon in the Dock to launch App store.
    Click Featured or Top Charts tab.
    Quick Links should be available.

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    If your App was faulty in some way you should write to iTunes support.   If you simply want to delete it, most Apps carry uninstall (not delete) instructions.
    Incidentally, I believe you cannot delete the record of your purchase from iTunes.   That will always stay on your purchases list and be marked with a dark grey square as INSTALL..

  • I have a mac book pro with Boot Camp that also runs windows.  I upgraded to Lion and somehow it crashes the mac side peridoically.  I am told I need to "clean" it and reinstall lion using the recovery drive.  will that delete the windows partition too??

    I have a mac book pro with Boot Camp that also runs windows.  I upgraded to Lion and now the mac side crashes/freezes periodically, especially iphoto.  I am told by the genius' that I probably need to "clean" it and reinstall lion using the "recovery drive" which resets everything back to default and reinstalls the lion operating system.  My question is will this also delete the "windows" partition drive and all that data too.  If so that will be a huge pain in the ___ to back up and reinstall boot camp and windows. I want to shoot the lion.

    There is no system like Acronis for the Mac platform. You can try using the buiilt in Disk Utility to create an Image of the complete Mac drive but I have found that this does not work very well as on tryiing to restore it gives errors sometimes.
    You can use SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner to create a bootable Clone of your system partition. But that is only for the System partition and not the complete drive.
    If you use Boot Camp to install Windows on your Mac neither of those two programs will clone the Windows side.
    Neither will Disk utility as Mac's can not create or write to a NTFS partition. So some other program is need for that.

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    I have Snow Leopard 10.5.8 and want to uprade to Lion, not Mountain Lion.
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    See Step 1 to make sure your Mac can run Mountain Lion >  Apple - Upgrade your Mac to OS X Mountain Lion.

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    If you want to set which OS your system boots into (provided Windows is installed using BootCamp and not a virtualization option such as Parallels, Fusion, or VirtualBox), just hold the "Option" key down when you turn your computer on.  Continue to hold the key down until you see the options for booting into the OS of your choice.  Just click on the arrow under the one you wish (tap to click won't work here if you have it enabled... you'll need to physically click the trackpad).  If you want to change which OS your system normally boots into, just go into System Preferences in OS X and select "Starup Disk".  Whichever OS you select here will be the OS your system will automatically boot into.

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    I have just purchased a Mac Book Pro for one of my kids. We have iPads and iPhones etc in the household. With his new laptop the messaging feature means that whenever anyone face times or messages a different family member, he also gets that on his laptop. How can we prevent this?

    Messages > Preferences > Accounts. Remove the Apple ID that he shares with your family.

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