Mac shuts down after start up and before it was acting very slow, please help!!!

Recently my imac has been running unusually slow when I open/close apps or when loading things, it sometimes would freeze or take about 20 secs to load etc.
So in an attempt to fix it it cleared all unnecessary files from my computer but nothing too technical.
Then yesterday i was told by my brother to go onto disk utilities and verify/repair the disk. Both times it failed and further repeats failed. After the repair disk failed a message along the lines of "back up data you want then restore the disk" something like that.
Now today when I started up my computer in the morning it was fine, then a couple of hours ago I restarted it, and now it won't turn on properly. It goes to the apple icon with a spinning loading wheel and a empty bar underneath and after about 20 secs it shuts down. So then I did the thing where you hold down cmd and r to open osx utilities and went to disk utilities again to try and repair/verify the disk and again the same failure and messages came up suggesting to restore my disk.
Being 16 I only understand so much and understand that I will probably have to put in the installation disk or something and "re do my computer from scratch." But I do have things I want to back up before I do so but due to the load up problem I have no way of backing up photos, music and files and i don't know if the time machine has backed up the data for me (I don't really understand the time machine). I'm currently using my phone to post this, any help would be greatly appreciated because I don't really know what else to do now. My imac is 21.5 inch that I bought around 2years ago late december time. Thank you for your time

Sounds like a classic HD failure. Take the machine to your local Apple Store or AASP, if it is still covered by AppleCare they will handle it at no charge. If you have been backing up then once the machine comes back restore from backup. I get you are only 16, so I'd explain to  your parents the computer needs to be taken in for service, if they bought it for you they would know if it is covered by AppleCare or not, assuming they originally bought the computer for you.
Good luck.

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  • Shuts down after start tone and grey screen with pin wheel...!???

    Hi all, first time here so please bear with me,
    even though i have had my imac for so long now, i have only in the last three to four months started playing around with it, i really am a newcomer to macs, and pc's come to that! so far i have only connected up to the internet and put a couple of home video's onto dvd, and play music.
    i have been reading a lot of the other posts and frankly i'm lost!
    it is about 20 months old and was bought in the uk, i live in cyprus and for that reason i did not purchase an apple plan.
    we do not have an apple store here although there is an apple dealer, however they are not soley apple and over here service leaves a lot to be desired! so i am reluctant to take it to them as they are likely to just keep replacing parts and eventually present me with a huge bill!!
    anyhow this is the problem:
    several times the screen went dim and froze, with a message saying to "push the power button to switch off and and then switch on again", it seems this happened each time when i opened azureus? after this happened a few times it would no longer open the desk top, it would load normally,ie. grey screen with pin wheel followed by blue progress bar and then just a blank blue screen, the blue tooth mouse however was still connected as the cursor would move. it has now changed again! start up tone and grey apple screen with pin wheel for about 30secs or so, then the fan seems to go into turbo mode for a few secs before switching off....i feel sick!! i was really getting to like my mac.
    i did recently install tiger, but there were no problems at all with that and it is running on a friends apple with no problems at all, more recently i added more memory which coincided with when i started using torrentspy and azureus,
    i did read in another forum something about possible memory probs, so i followed the tip to remove the memory and the back up battery and leave the computer unplugged for 24hrs, i replaced the battery but not the memory, i'm still getting exactly the same shut down result.....
    can anyone shed some light on this pleeease? i'm feeling rather desperate right now.....thanks.
    imac G5 20inch Mac OS X (10.4) airport card fitted, 1.25gig mem.

    Hi ino,
    My suspicion is that you have serious hard drive directory corruption caused by the crashes when using azureus.
    First step is to see whether you can boot up from your Mac OS X DVD . Put it in the drive while its on, and start up the computer again while holding down the "c" key. The computer should now start up from the DVD.
    Select the language you wish to use, and then choose "Disk Utility" from the menu bar (which menu it is in depends on which version of OSX you are using).
    Your HD should appear in a panel on the left hand side of the window which opens. Select it and then click on the "repair disk" button in the right hand section of the window.
    If Disk First aid is able to complete the repair now click on the "Repair permissions" button.
    Once this process has been completed try restarting the computer.
    If it still doesn't work, you may have to try an "archive and install", while booted from the OSX DVD.
    Be very wary with software like "azureus".

  • Mac shuts down after boot. Is it the logic board?

    mac shuts down after boot. Doesn't go beyond gray screen with apple.  Is it the logic board?
    I do not have the start up disks to safe boot or check the hardware.
    Any ideas what the problem is or is it junk?  It is 8 years old.

      Shutdown your machine.  Hold down the shift key.  Poweron.  Wait awhile Wait awhile while you harddrive
    is being checked.
    I'd let the machine sit for awhile in open firmware & see if it stays alive.  Do a few prints.
    Sometimes if volumes don't appear in Startup Manager (what you get when you hold down the Option key at startup), you need to reset the Mac's PRAM, NVRAM, and Open Firmware. Shut down the Mac, then power it up, and before the screen lights up, quickly hold down the Command, Option, P, and R keys, until the Mac has chimed twice more after the powerup chime. Then, before the screen lights up, hold down Command-Option-O-F until the Open Firmware screen appears. Then enter these lines, pressing Return after each one:
    "The reset-all command should restart your Mac. If so, you have successfully reset the Open Firmware settings."
    How to eject a cd from the internal cd drive:
    eject cd
    List of devices:
    Restore Tiger 10.4 & Leopard 10.5  DVDs are available from Apple by calling 800-767-2775 as of January 20, 2013.

  • Mac shuts down after 10 Min.

    My mac shuts down automatically after 10 Min., I must sign in again and the movie or whatever I just watch is still on in the back.
    How can I prefend this cutoff?
    I read all the comments, but no help. Even if I turn off the Mac or unplug it, it does not help.

    No, did not help. I take it to the store. Thanks anyway.
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  • My phone is always charged and always on but when i make or recieve a call it shuts down after 2 mins and just shows the apple icon and after another 2 mins will restart, any ideas what is wrong?

    My phone is always charged and always on but when i make or recieve a call it shuts down after 2 mins and just shows the apple icon and after another 2 mins will restart, any ideas what is wrong?

    You may have to restore your phone to correct the problem.

  • Early 2008 Mac Pro shut downs during start up and restarts to full power fans, Help!

    I have searched through all the forums all day and can't find anyone with the exact same problem.
    It doesn't matter if I'm booting up to Windows 7 (boot camp) or OS X.The computer will start booting... and anywhere between the "apple tone" and the login screen it will shut off all the displays, shut down the HDDs, shut down the GPU fan and spool up the main fans to 100%.
    I have reset the SMC and PRAM. All the diagnostic LEDs are displaying correctly (no overheating, GPU lights on). No RAM LEDs are lit up. The white LED on the front remains lit constantly. It won't stay running long enough for me to run the diagnostic disk.
    I first thought it was a GPU (Nvidia 8800) issue, but after removing it and booting up with no video card... the outcome was the same. I'm leaning towards a PSU failure, but I haven't found anything to back up my theory. I'm hoping it's not a logic board failure... I would think there would be LEDs lighting up or something more definitive.
    Can anyone help?!?!

    There are multiple threads and reports of issues with Icy Dock - there is one on Amazon that lines up properly.
    The drive sled length of 2009-2012 Mac Pro are longer. Maybe OWC needs to be clearer.
    You'e right half-way and maybe some corrupt plist or interferring process you have, or even another hardware item or cable - external - even printer drivers or something that refuses or does not like sleep. Controller card?
    All around I'd have to vote for Samsung 830 model. Then Intel 520. Crucial is out with x4 now (Or is it "V"?)
    SSD firmware continues to be trouble. Even May-June the SandForce firmware had major issue and reason to hold off any using theirs. Reason to see if yours needed to be updated. Someone last week with m4 found they had old firmware and needed to update it.

  • I-Mac shuts down after sitting for a while, why and how can it be fixed?

    i Mac shuts down when left for a time in sleep mode. Am I missing something or is this supposed to happen?
    It has never happened while anyone is using the computer but that may just be because it often sits over night without use.
    Am using a logitech Wave USB keyboard and mouse because my wife likes it.

    OK reset the SMC >
    1. Shut down the computer.
    2. Unplug the computer's power cord.
    3. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
    4. Release the power button.
    5. Attach the computers power cable.
    6. Press the power button to turn on the computer.
    and check all of the power connections.
    The iMac's are sensitive to power issues (sag or momentary outage) while in sleep mode. If in the Energy Saver preference "Start up automatically after a power failure" is unchecked (as it should be) then you could/would/should find the iMac off after a power problem.

  • My Mac book pro shuts down after starting

    My Mac book pro shuts down after a few second. I have to press the start button multiple time before uploading

    MacBook Pro (17 -inch, Mid 2009) OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.2
    Processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
    Startup Disk Macintosh HD
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB
    Serial Number W8******8YB
    Disk Utility Message:
    Repairing permission for "Macintosh HD"
    Warning: SUID file "System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ nt" has been modifiedand wil not be repaired
    Group differs on "Library/Printers/InstallerPrinters.plist";should be 80; group is 0.
    Permission differs on "Library/Printers/InstalledPrinters.plist" should be -rw-rw-rw ; tey are -rw-r---r--
    Repaired "Library/Printers/InstalledPrinters.plist"
    Group differs on " Library/Preferences/" should be 80; group is 0.
    Repaired "Library/Prefernces/"
    User differs on "private/var/db/displaypolicyd"; should be 0; user is 244
    Group differs on "private/var/db/dispaypolicyd:; should be 0 group is 244
    Repaired "private/var/db/displaypolicyd"
    Permission repair complete
    I was not able to fix the problem,
    TinTin 15
    <Personal Information Edited by Host>

  • Mac shuts down after 5 minutes  Help!!!!

    My computer: imac G3, DV Special Edition, 500Mhz, 384 mb ram, 80 gig hard drive
    This is an odd many others before me the computer just died one day. it would not start up, no sounds, just dead. A few minutes later I tried to turn it on and it came on, but 5 minutes later, it died.
    This is the strange part. I took the plug from the socket and waited a few minutes, then pluged the computer back up. It came on. But only for a few mintes and again shut off.
    This time I left the plug in the socket, waited a few minutes and tried again. Nothing.
    I then took the plug out waited about 30 minutes and it came back on for about 5 minutes and shut down. It only seems to come on if I let the computer sit idle with the plug out.
    I have noticed that the computer does not keep time properly.
    What I have done.
    1. I have pressed the Cuda Button, and yes it did start up, but only for about 5 minutes.
    2. I have tried to reinstall the system hardware, but the computer dies before completion.
    Should I replace the battery? What else can be done?

    I have the same problem. I don't have good news, though. I have replaced the battery, pressed the reset button, even replaced the power supply board (not the video board -- which is the only thing I have decided I'm not willing to do). My computer usually shuts down after 5 minutes, but will sometimes stay working fine for a couple of hours. I managed to update the firmware and OS to the very latest, but still it dies. Mine will also occasionally flicker and freeze, which can be restarted by holding down the power button.
    I would replace the video board, except the people trying that don't have quite the same problem (theirs don't start up at all), and there is no source I've found that would have new boards, so you would get a bad board, or the same problem eventually. Some people point to a transformer on the video board, but again the symtoms are not quite the same (they smell burt electronics or hear a hissing/crackling sound before it dies.
    I have just packed mine away and I'm working on a new G5, but I sure hope the old iMac can be fixed so my kids can use it. I just didn't want you to have to go down the same road just to find nothing helped. Good luck, and if you have any new ideas, I would be glad to hear them.

  • Mac shuts down when 90% POWER and its PLUGGED IN!

    I recently took over my husbands mac pro OS 10.4.11. At first, all was going well. Then I noticed one day, it shut down on me and I was like, that's weird, I had no warning. I did see other postings about this so it must be common or an issue with the battery. The thing is, its plugged in 100% of the time when I use it...if I do not have it plugged in, well, it shuts down after about 5mins...if that. I am not sure what is going on. Does anyone know (if it is the battery), roughly what a fix like this would cost? I read on other posts that you need the battery info, etc....this is what my mac says: Anyone have any idea just looking at this?? I greatly appreciate it!!!!!
    AC Power:
    System Sleep Timer (Minutes): 25
    Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes): 180
    Display Sleep Timer (Minutes): 25
    Automatic Restart On Power Loss: No
    Wake On AC Change: No
    Wake On Clamshell Open: Yes
    Wake On LAN: No
    Display Sleep Uses Dim: Yes
    Battery Power:
    System Sleep Timer (Minutes): 5
    Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes): 10
    Display Sleep Timer (Minutes): 1
    Wake On AC Change: No
    Wake On Clamshell Open: Yes
    Display Sleep Uses Dim: Yes
    Reduce Brightness: Yes
    Battery Information:
    Battery Installed: Yes
    First low level warning: No
    Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 3225
    Remaining Capacity (mAh): 3009
    Amperage (mA): 973
    Voltage (mV): 12562
    Cycle Count: 203
    AC Charger Information:
    Connected: Yes
    Charging: Yes
    Hardware Configuration:
    UPS Installed: No

    Actually, it just shuts right off, even being plugged in. For instance, it has been plugged in all day and my battery icon (at the top right) shows 98%...but the power cord (normally green light shows, is orange) just shut off on me about 5mins ago again. No warning, no programs saying they will close, just went black. No hibernation, etc...I had to push the "on" button to get it back on...It's so frustrating. Almost like it has had enough and goes off or like it's dying....So even though the battery shows fully charged, it still just shuts off....and I can be in the middle of typing or web surfing, doesn't happen when I just have it on but not using it (like a power saving thing) shuts off even when it is actually being used. I have no clue what to do.
    Thanks so much for trying to help me out. I really appreciate it!

  • Shuts down after start up screen

    Hi, Trying to help out a friend.
    Her lappy shuts down after the initial screen and sound.
    Power supply seems ok.
    Any suggestions?

    I went to apple today and they told me that the hard drive has unmounted itself. They have my macbook right now and they said they're going to replace the wire that connects the hard drive to the logic board and see if this solves the issue. If it doesn't work they will replace the existing 250GB hard drive in my macbook with a 500GB as they no longer make that size hard drives (cost of £130 for the replacement). The problem is that i dont have my macbook backed up so will there be anyway to get data off the od hard drive?

  • Sharp sound after start up and before shut down.

    Hello. I'm on Dell XPS L401x laptop with JBL speakers. Earlier I had Arch Linux installed. I am setting it up again after hard drive crash. I have Gnome 3 installed and sound is being managed by PulseAudio - Alas setup.
    Problem is that, whenever I boot up the laptop, there is sharp loud sound as if speakers were just powered on. Same sound pulse is heard just before the machine shuts down. Similar behaviour when I suspend it. Apparently, its a power issue. Speakers are being powered up and down, giving out the sound. But the sound is so sharp, that I'm afraid that it will break my speakers. Any solution to this? I am not using any power extra utilities yet.
    Last edited by akshay2000 (2012-05-18 06:35:41)

    karol wrote:Try … g_Playback
    I was so frustrated yesterday that I didn't even put enough information in OP - my bad. So, I'll put here whatever I've done.
    First thing, I added a line to disable power save to /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf
    After this, my startup pop vanished. However, suspend pop, resume pop and shutdown pop were still there.
    Then I went ahead and edited file /etc/conf.d/alsa and set value of 'power off on shutdown' to "yes". This setting apparently mutes the speakers before powering the machine down. After this, my shutdown pops are gone. However, my machine by defult starts muted, which is annoying.
    Anyway, I removed the powersave option from modeprobe.conf and start up pop is still gone.
    So, current state is: No startup problem. Loud pops while suspend, resume and shutdown. Shutdown pop is removed by editing /etc/conf.d/alsa:
    # Whether to mute the master volume when stopped ("yes" or "no").
    # Useful for bad audio cards which make a noise on system poweroff.
    brebs wrote:
    For the "before shutdown" pop - you may have to hack your initscripts so that the ALSA modules *don't* get unloaded.
    As a bit of reassurance, I've never heard of these annoying pops being the cause of physical damage.
    Its really nice to see you here brebs. I have been reading your posts about this yesterday. When you ask me to hack initscripts, exactly what is to be done. Will this work for suspend-resume. And thanks for the reassurance, but mine is less like a 'pop' and more like a spike!
    One more important thing! On my earlier setup, I DO NOT remember using pulseaudio at all. Apparently, Alsa was managing everything directly. Is pulseaudio really needed? My experience wasn't particularly pleasant with it. Firstly, it defaults my sound to HDMI soundcard and I'm unable to hear anything. Secondy, nder input device, it does not list my microphone unless I select 'all input devices' from the dropdown on bottom of pulseaudio volume control. Thirdly, in applications like skype and google video call, I have to manually go to pulseaudio and tell it to choose the internal microphone of my laptop. Otherwise, it loves to take input from HDMI card!
    Last edited by akshay2000 (2012-05-18 07:19:04)

  • Split X2 after Win 8.1 upgrade shuts down after 5 minutes and has to be hard booted to start up

    This has become extremely annoying. I upgraded to Win 8.1 after I bought the X2 just before Christmas. if I leave the X2 for just a few minutes, it will either go into sleep mode or just completely shut down (no way to know which it will do and how long it will take). In any event, it has to be "hard booted", in the sleep case, holding the on/off button down until it shuts off and then restarting, in the "just off" case, just pressing the on/off button to start it again.
    In either case, tons of crap regarding all of the applications - Explorer, Word, Excel, Chrome, Outlook, that had to be shut down (unexpectedly).
    I did not change the power scheme and it has been reset (probably more than once) to try and correct the problem.
    Thanks for anyone that can help me solve this really annoying problem.

    Hi SSteveX2,
    Welcome to the HP Forums! I can imagine that would be a frustrating with the random shutdowns. How long do you have it set before it goes to sleep? There are a couple of things to check. Start by running a System File Check to see if encounters any corrupt files. Another option is the using the HP Diagnostic Tools to see if it discovers any issues with your hardware. Run the System Test – Extensive Test.
    Thank you,
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!
    Thank you,
    I work on behalf of HP

  • The first generation mac pro shuts down after start up suddenly

    I have had mac pro since 2006 and have used it so many times without any problems starting up/booting successfully. Recently it was not booting well and i done pram clearance and worked for a while. Once after going into the desktop the screen just froze and i could hear a repeatitive clicking sound from the computer. I was able to shut down and did not use the computer for some time. i have tried to switch it on today and it goes through the normal dong sound and apple logo appears plus a grey bar underneath which fills to a bit and then there is a change in sound in the computer as if something coming to off and then there is the same repeated sound of faint clicking and the computer shuts down. can please anyone help me how to sort the problem out?

    Raj Karia wrote:
    how do i carry this operation out?
    Your machine info has changed from 10.6 to 10.3. No MBP ever shipped with 10.3, so I'm including directions for 10.6:
    Repair Disk: Boot from install disc (insert disc>restart>immediately hold down c key and keep holding it until you see “Preparing Installation”)>at first screen select the language and click Continue> click on the Utilities Menu in the menu bar>open Disk Utility>select your HD in the panel on the left side>click Repair Disk at bottom of main window. Run this at least twice, and keep running it until it says “appears ok” twice in a row. If that doesn’t happen, you may need a stronger utility such as DiskWarrior or if the directory is damaged beyond repair, you may need to reinstall the OS, or you may have a damaged HD (repair utilities can only repair the directory structure, not the HD itself). When this is finished, quit Disk Utility, quit the installer, and restart. Once booted normally, go to Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility and run Repair Permissions.
    how do i open up the disk drive?
    Not sure what you mean by this.

  • XServer shutting down after starting

    I am absolute new user of arch-linux
    I have fedora 20 X86_64 as host and installed virtualbox and successfully installed archlinux in it
    I got confused in the section in Beginner's guide to install xorg
    I installed
    xorg-server xorg-server-utils xorg-xinit
    pacman -S xorg-twm xorg-xclock xterm
    then installed
    then added the following lines
    and the rebooted
    after logging in 'startx'
    and then its starting and is auto-shutting down.
    What I am doing wrong ????
    Last edited by Neon10 (2014-01-29 17:42:56)

    Well, without a .xinitrc file, you will end up using the default one in /etc
    The last five critical lines of that file are
    twm &
    xclock -geometry 50x50-1+1 &
    xterm -geometry 80x50+494+51 &
    xterm -geometry 80x20+494-0 &
    exec xterm -geometry 80x66+0+0 -name login
    That starts twm in the background, opens three xterm windows, and creates an xclock window.
    I still have a feeling you need to install xterm and xclock, please check.  If they were missing, I have no idea why you would not have an error message.
    Edit:  BTW, I realize you posted the logs and seem to have referred to those for the error messages about xterm or xclock being missing.  The errors would show up on the console after you ran startx
    Last edited by ewaller (2014-01-29 18:27:47)

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