Macbook pro freezes after sleep, after 6 months of not having that problem

I'm really frustated with my macbook pro. Like the tittle says, my computer freezes after waking up and the only thing to do is use the On/Off button. It is a macbook pro '13 2010.
This problem first happened around 6 months ago. Around Feb '11, i experienced the same issue. First thing i noticed was that the wifi suddenly stopped working. To try to fix it, I turned airport off and then couldn't turn it back on and had to restart my machine. Then when closing the lid and then opening it again, my computer would work for about 5 min and then freeze. Nothing worked and I had to shut it down using the power button.  Then the problem got worse because the computer started freezing randomly. I know it wasn't an application problem because it happened using different apps. I took my computer to an authorized apple service provider and they told me the harddrive had some bad sectors i think, and they replaced the harddrive because I was still under earranty at the time.
Now, Sept '11, the problem came back. First the airport problem happened and now my computer freezes when waking up, the exact same thing that happened 6 months ago. I went to disk utility and repaired disk permisions and still no solution. My warranty expired last month so calling apple won't be of any help. I installed lion the day it came out and was working without any problems until now, so I don't think lion is the problem.
Has anybody had this same problem with their computer? I don't know what to do or how to tell if my harddrive is causing the problem again.

All of the new unibody MBs/MBPs can use (6GB 4X2GB)
But yes you should definitely make sure the RAM is seated correctly and you didn't touch the gold part of the RAM during installation. Though if something was seriously wrong it would have made loud obnoxious sounds while you tried to start up.
Aside from Installation issues, you should reset the PRAM as noted previously. Hold down command-option-p-r at startup until it chimes twice.
OP, looking at Super Talent's website they don't even have 1066MHz chips listed in their DDR3 chips. All I see is a jump from 800MHz (DDR2) to 1333MHz (DDR3).
Either way, I can't imagine you got that great a deal for the RAM that even if it is seemingly the correct RAM you can get better deals in the links I posted in my other post.

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  • Macbook Pro freezes when sleeping after Lion install

    Anyone else experiencing this? I have the early 2010 Macbook Pro 15".
    Has always ran flawlessly. Installed Lion last week and over all Lion is running great on it.
    However occasionally when I close the lid and open it later my MPB doesn't wake up. Screen is black. Keyboad lights up.
    I tap my keyboard, the track pad. Press the power button quickly. Nothing. I have to do a forced restart.
    Initially it was doing it may once a day (maybe once every 9 or 10 times I put it to sleep).
    Then it started doing it more frequently.
    Yesterday it froze and I did a forced quit and a lot of my prefrence/system files got trashed apparently. Many of my apps stopped working or didn't recognize thier passwords and such or reported missing critical files. I tried various apps to repair the HD/files but it was obvious too much damange had been done. fortunately I had a Time Machine back up 12 hours old so I just did a complete restore (worked great btw).
    Everything's working great again except the sleep issue is still there.
    I've reset the SMC/PRAM. Still get the sleep/freezes.
    I'm concerned more forced restarts is going to trash my system folder again.
    Any ideas on what to do next?

    So should I just purchase new RAM and install it?

  • My macbook pro goes to sleep by it does not wake up. I have to restart it. I had recently to change the board in the attached Thunderbolt display.

    my macbook pro goes to sleep by it does not wake up afterwards. I have to restart it. I had recently to change the board in the attached Thunderbolt display, because I noticed that the same problem arose when the display was attached.
    Now with the new board, it can't be the display's fault. I hope it is not macbook pro's main board fault. Maybe hasthe notebook board been damaged by the faulty display?
    To bring my MacBook Pro to service will slow down my work. This is why I am posting this message, in the hope to be able to run a diagnostic test myself.
    Thanks a lot, in advance.

    Hello Aminetti,
    It sounds like your computer goes to sleep, and will not wake up, so you must manually restart your computer. I recommend the troubleshooting in the following article:
    OS X: When your Mac doesn't sleep or wake
    Reset SMC
    Reset NVRAM/PRAM
    Test with external devices disconnected
    Try Safe Mode
    Try another user account
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    All the best,

  • When my macbook pro wakes from sleep the curser is not there, no keys work and the screen is frozen so i have to reboot it

    Sometimes when my macbook pro wakes from sleep the curser has disappeared, the screen is frozen and no keys work. I have to reboot.

    Please read this whole message before doing anything.
    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It’s unlikely to solve your problem. Don’t be disappointed when you find that nothing has changed after you complete it.
    The purpose of the test is to determine whether the problem is caused by third-party software that loads automatically at startup or login, by a peripheral device, or by corruption of certain system caches. 
    Disconnect all wired peripherals except those needed for the test, and remove all aftermarket expansion cards. Boot in safe mode and log in to the account with the problem. Note: If FileVault is enabled on some models, or if a firmware password is set, or if the boot volume is a software RAID, you can’t do this. Ask for further instructions.
    Safe mode is much slower to boot and run than normal, and some things won’t work at all, including sound output and  Wi-Fi on certain models. The next normal boot may also be somewhat slow.
    The login screen appears even if you usually log in automatically. You must know your login password in order to log in. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin. Test while in safe mode. Same problem? After testing, reboot as usual (i.e., not in safe mode) and verify that you still have the problem. Post the results of the test.

  • Macbook Pro won't sleep after updating to 10.4.11

    I just updated to 10.4.11 reluctantly from 10.4.9 as whenever I do update I always have issues...I basically just went to software update last week and updated to everything I could. I've just been reading the forums and noted that updating is not always that easy...
    Well basically my computer won't sleep if the lid is left open, this is IMMENSELY annoying since I often leave my desk to work on drawings, and I don't want energy being wasted like it is at the minute. Call me picky but I just want my computer to work.
    I've reseted the PRAM, (option, alt, p and r), closed all applications, etc, but no luck...
    Its a 2.2ghz MacBook pro, 2GB. Thank you in advance

    The important thing for the future imho, is to always Repair Permissions before & after any update... seems to ward off most of these problems. Of course that is only good if the disk is Verified once in awhile.
    Using Disk Utility in Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later to verify or repair disks...
    About Disk Utility's Repair Disk Permissions feature...
    In fact I'd start with those 2 now, if that doesn't help you may need to reapply some updates by getting them directly from apple>downloads.

  • Macbook Pro won't sleep after installing Lion

    I have just installed Mac OSX Lion last night. Everything worked out fine until I realized that everytime I close the Lid or Press Sleep from the Apple menu, it will not actually Sleep. After I open up the lid, I actually have to press the brightness of the light for the light to comes up. Or else its just going to be blank/black. During I close the lid, I could actually see that the light isn't actually breathing and I wonder how do I fix this? I have tried resetting the PRAM though.

    I have the same issue with my MacBook.  I have it in a docking station hooked to an external monitor and after upgrading to Lion it will not go to sleep.  I can click the sleep button from the Apple menue, from the start menue where the password is entered, or even set up sleep hot corners and nothing works.  The only thing that worked for me was to take my computer out of the dock then restart.  Once I restarted I was able to put the computer to sleep, but only as long as it was no longer connected to the dock.  As soon as Lion recognizes there is an external monitor connected to my MacBook it prevents the sleep function.  I understand why they did this, because some people had issues with their computers going to sleep while plugged into an external monitor, but I'm not sure their solution is any better because they have now created several unnecessary steps for many people who use external monitors.  I hope Apple addresses this issue and comes up with a patch of some sort to give users the option to have it set up one way or another.  I'm also pretty ****** that they got rid of Front Row.

  • MacBook Pro Won't Sleep after Snow Leopard Install

    Neither closing the computer, or selecting Sleep from the menu will allow my computer to enter slumber. Shorty after closing its eyes, my computer will make that unsettling grinding noise and wake up.
    I've reset the PRAM, the PMU, turned off bluetooth, airport, all running applications. This only started happening after installing 10.6.
    I found a thread on MacRumors discussing this problem, but there was no fix yet. So I bring it here. Can anybody guess what's up, or should I just take it in to the Apple store?

    Don't bother taking it to the Apple Store. They won't be able to help. This is a bug in Snow Leopard. I don't know of any workaround or any way to make it stop. It doesn't happen all the time. Usually shutting down the machine will fix it. Sometimes, it will fix itself after a while.
    It is important that you never assume a machine is going to go to sleep successfully. Always wait for the pulsating light. If it does go to sleep, chances are it will stay that way. I used iLid Preference Pane to make sure that my machine doesn't accidentally wake up while it is in a bag or something.
    I've already filed a couple of bug reports about it. You can help you sending your feedback to Apple.

  • Macbook pro freezes during startup after Yosemite

    hello, i have a Macbook Pro (Retina, 15in, early 2013). I have since used it and never had any problems. i am also running the latest version of parallels (which i just updated before downloading & installing the update from Mavericks to Yosemite. Since installing Yosemite, i was able to use my macbook for about a day...suddenly during a login attempt i kept gettting the spinning wheel & the computer would just freeze.. ive been reading this comments & questions for the last 3 days & tried as much as i am capable of. I can not get the computer to boot in safe mode... i CAN boot it holding commandR...but than at that point i ran disc utility and it said no errors... I am utterly lost....this macbook doesnt come with a built in CD/DVD drive and i have NO CLUE how to properly back up anything...i DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO...can someone PLEASE help me using as much LAYMANS terms as possible? I truly appreciate ANY HELP!!! thank you in advance

    ... and i have no idea what else to do :?
    Return that RAM and buy either the Crucial ram ( for your system or buy from OWC ( I've used Cruical ram in many systems over the years with no issues, and have bought Samsung (factory fill) from OWC with no issues either.

  • Macbook Pro Freezes At Startup after installing ram

    Hey guys, hopefully some one has more knowledge than i do on this
    my macbook pro came with 4gb of ram and so i have decided to upgrade to 8gb. the manual and the computer itself sais i can upgrade to 8 gb no problem, (2x4gb) so i rodered the ram, and i have quadruple checked it isz the right ram. upon putting both 4gb modules in, it would start up, and the little loading wheel under the apple logo would spin, n spin, then stop. so, i took the ram out, i put in one old module and one new module, and it works, the computer registers having 6gb of ram. i mizxed up all the modules and both new ram sticks work, and both ram ports work, the computer will show me which is which in the about this mac thing, but it just wont except the full 8gb!!!
    i did not touch the gold metal on any ram sticks, i did touch metal to get rid of sttic, i have done the p ram reset, (but i didnt need to do it with the 6gb installed) and i have no idea what else to do :?

    ... and i have no idea what else to do :?
    Return that RAM and buy either the Crucial ram ( for your system or buy from OWC ( I've used Cruical ram in many systems over the years with no issues, and have bought Samsung (factory fill) from OWC with no issues either.

  • Macbook Pro freezes ALL THE TIME...not even a month old

    What is the deal? I got the Macbook Pro because it was supposed to be the best computer, and literally I can't do anything on it beause it is constantly frozen with the spinning color wheel. I HATE it. It's the most non productive notebook i have ever purchased. I have a slighly older version of the macbook pro and it works just fine. The only problems I have ever had with the older version started after I updated the software. Now the old macbook freezes occasionally, but nothing like the new one.
    Is it just a problem with Apple's new software???

    That is definitely not normal, but it's very difficult to say what the problem might be without more information.  Open Activity Monitor and look at the System Memory tab.  Compare page outs to page ins.  If page outs are more than 10% of the page ins, you're having memory problems and need more RAM.
    How much hard drive space do you have free?  If you don't have about 10% of your drive free, you can start having all kinds of strange problems.
    Try starting up in safe mode...  do the problems happen in that mode?

  • Yosemite upgrade: function keys no longer work, no keyboard lights and have to sign in twice after sleep mode.  Anybody else having these problems?

    Since I did the Yosemite 'upgrade' last week I have been having problems with my MacBook Pro that never happened before.  The most frustrating problems involve my keyboard which doesn't light up (checked my settings and they are correct) and the top row of function keys don't do anything so I can't adjust the volume, brightness, etc.  Then if my screen goes into sleep mode, when I wake it back up I have to sign back in twice - I never had to sign in at all after sleep mode before.
    I'm finding that in order to get it working properly I am having to completely shut down and start up again but when the keyboard problems are happening I can't get anything on the apple dropdown to work either (i.e. shut down, restart, etc) so I can only shut down by pressing and holding the on/off button.
    I've never had problems with my Macbook before and feel like Apple have completely ruined it in one update!  I've had a look through other posts on here but can't find anybody else having these problems so I would be really grateful if anyone could help me and offer me some advice on how to sort it out.

      Reset PRAM.
    Reset SMC.
    Choose the method for:
    "Resetting SMC on portables with a battery you should not remove on your own".

  • Macbook Pro wake from sleep fails

    I am having problems with my Macbook Pro 15" waking from sleep. I was not having these problems until I re-installed OS X a few weeks ago, and now almost everytime I close the lid and take it home from work it will not wake up properly. It appears to be "half" waking as I can just about make out the image on the screen, but the backlight does not come on, and I can not see a pointer so I have to hold the power button and hard reset it.
    I have also tried downloading the combo update to 10.6.3 and re-applying that to see if that helped, which it seemed to as I had a few days without a problem, then this morning I took it out to a customers site and it didn't wake up again.
    Anyone else having these problems? Anyone got any ideas for a fix?
    I appreciate any help/ideas!!

    mef13 wrote:
    Hi there.
    Both my wife and I have started having this problem with our MacBooks in the last few weeks. On waking from sleep the screen is black (though in the right light you can see that it's active, just not backlit), and the Mac goes to sleep again within a minor or so. Both Macs are less than a year old.
    I discovered a fix by accident: give the machine a sharp nudge once it's awake! Makes me think there might be a problem with the motion sensor, in hardware or software. May disable it if this continues.
    Hi Mike,
    I'm not sure this is really a solution to "sharply nudge" or slap your laptops. If the sudden motion sensor is bad, this is something we should be able to diagnose and have Apple repair. But I'm not entirely sure we have the same issue. For starters I have a 240GB SSD drive in mine that should have no sudden motion sensor, if I'm not mistaken.
    These are bright, horizontal bolts, that shoot in perpendicular lines. The irony is that I cannot record them on-screen directly, but have to do so using a hand held camera. I also used the "Apple LCD Tester" and the striping does NOT appear on any of the solid images it kicks up.
    I have yet to be able to isolate the source of the disruption and (as I mentioned before) it has a brand new logic board and the problem persists.
    BTW, it's not my intention to hijack this thread. I think these threads are related and the only reference I've found in all of the discussions is the one mentioned here. I can start a new thread if I've violated protocol.
    Thanks again for everyone's help.

  • MacBook Pro freezes during start up and safe boot

    MacBook Pro freezes during start up and will not start in safe boot in recovery, it goes back to apple screen with spinning gear

    does your MacBook Pro have a removable battery? If so, then it originally came with grey installation DVDs. If it doesn’t have a removable battery, look on the bottom of your MacBook Pro for its serial number (it’s etched there in tiny print). If its serial number has eleven characters, write down the last three of them; if it has twelve, write down the last four. Include the three or four characters in your reply; they can determine which model MacBook Pro you have, and the model will determine whether it originally came with grey installation DVDs or not.
    If your MacBook Pro did originally come with grey installation DVDs, then you’re going to need to find them (or buy a replacement pair from Apple or iFixit) to reïnstall Mac OS X on your current hard drive, or to install it on a replacement hard drive.

  • Macbook pro freezes for no reason even after installing 10.8 on a brand new hard drive

    Macbook pro freezes for no reason even after installing 10.8 on a brand new hard drive.
    Tried to reset pram, smc, nvram.
    Tried installing new RAM.
    Tried installing new hard drive.
    You should know that my internal drive is installed in a cheap external case and plugged in a USB 2.0 port because i am waiting for a new hard drive cable.all
    Yep all good things happened to me...i don't know if all these problems are linked, ahh and also my trackpad is behaving very erraticaly sometimes, it's like it is possessed by a ghost. My computer is not under warranty anymore so i'd like to avoid a trip to the Apple store but i'm close to doing just that.
    Any help appreciated...

    It's diagnostic software. It's supposed to help you find problems. I don't think anyone is making any software yet that fixes hardware problems.
    That said, the two comments:
    Le husky wrote:
    Macbook pro freezes for no reason even after installing 10.8 on a brand new hard drive....
    .....also my trackpad is behaving very erraticaly sometimes, it's like it is possessed by a ghost....
    would lead me to think it's the logic board. On older MacBook Pro's both the USB I/O ports and the keyboard/trackpad are fed out of an integrated USB controller integrated into the South Bridge I/O controller. On newer models, the USB ports come out of an integrated North/South bridge controller and the keyboard/trackpad are handled by an SMC controller, which itself interfaces with the I/O controller. All of these items are on the logic board, and they're all unrepairable.
    ...unless of course the "internal drive [that] is installed in a cheap external case" is itself causing the problems. Another thing to try might be a different USB port, if you haven't done so already.
    I didn't know the price for Scannerz went up. I could have sworn I only paid 30-some bucks for it. Maybe it was on sale at the time. I don't remember.
    In any case, good luck.

  • Why is my Macbook Pro slow to wake after sleep?

    Why is my Macbook Pro slow to wake after sleep?

    I am having the same issue. I hook it up to the charger in the evening and close the lid. When I go to use it the next time it takes a good 30 seconds or so to wake up. The screen shows the log in screen but typing doesn't work and the cursor is frozen. Sometimes it will even give the rainbow wheel for the cursor, so it seem like it is processing whatever to get going. I also notice that my battery won't be fully charged at anywhere from 95%-99% after being charged a full evening. What can I do to change whatever is happening because it is pretty crappy to charge it all night expecting to have a full battery for the next use, plus the issue of having to sit there waiting for it to boot every time.

Maybe you are looking for