MacBook Pro no longer recognizes USB external hard drives or built-in iSight

I have an older MacBook Pro 17" Intel that I use with various external USB hard drives (8 of them). It is connected to my LG 720p 32" flatscreen and works perfectly. Recently, when visiting, I disconnected my external HDs and connected my MBP to my brother's LG 1080p and it was OK.
When I returned home and reconnected my external HDs and TV, it would not recognize the HDs and couldn't find my built-in iSight. Viewing System Information, the USB buses showed an assortment of items, such as the Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad, IR Receiver, and Bluetooth USB Host Controller in the buses. The High-Speed Bus showed an external HD as a Vendor-Specific Device, but none of these appeared on the desktop. I plugged in my external iSight to Firewire and it showed up in Photobooth, iChat, and Skype.
What is the problem and can I fix it myself or must I take it to be serviced?
Has anyone encountered the same problem? Got any answers?
I really would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.

I have never heard of this before, but the fact that your external iSight works shows that at least some parts of your Macv's AV circuitry are undamaged. 
Depending on exactly how you "disconnected" your "external HDs and connected" your "MBP to" your "brother's LG 1080p", I suppose it is possible that your software settings have been compromised somehow.   Here is what I would try if my system showed the symptoms you describe.
(0) Start by making a current backup if you do not already have one.
Then try any of the following you have not already considered or used.  Use them in any order you think appropriate and test after each one to determine if the problem is resolved:
(1) Shut down (do not merely restart) your MBP.  Wait a couple of minutes before starting.
(2) Test in a different user (NOT the "Guest") account:
(3) Reset SMC
(4) Reset PRAM:
(5) Repair your startup disk:
(6) Reinstall Lion and apply the 10.7.2 Combo Update:
(7) Contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service
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    my macbook pro retina wont recognize my external hard drive.
    i opned the hard drive in the past on my computer and used it alot.
    one time when i took it out i forgot to eject it, and since then when ever i conect it it would never show up on my computer or ever recognize the device.
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    For starters try a PRAM reset.

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    I just updated to a newer MacBook Pro.  I ran Time Machine on my old Macbook from a 2TB external USB hard drive.  When I hooked the hard drive to my new Mac, it wouldn't allow me to select it as the drive for Time Machine.  So I dismounted the hard drive and hooked it back to my old macbook to see if it still registered there (which it did).  Now when I try and hook the hard drive to my new macbook, it will not recognize it at all.  First question, why will it not recognize my new macbook, and second question, why does Time Machine not recognize the hard drive?  It has my old time machine files on it...hopefully I don't have to reformat it and lose all my backup??

    My hard drive is now connected.  But Time Machine will not let me select the hard drive as my back up drive. This hard drive was used on another Macbook, so Time Machine doesn't seem to recognize the hard drive on the new one.  Do I need to reformat the hard drive? I hate to do that because I have the previous backups on there.

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    I had my external HD attached to my MBpro when I attempted to empty trash. The trash window showed it emptying thousand upon thousands of files (way more than was in the bin) and had a negative sign in front of the number of items being deleted. I canceled the emptying, but now the computer won't recognize the HD. It appears in Disk utility but not in desktop or sidebar. What happened and how do I fix it?

    In Disk Utility, try using the Mount button in the top menu.
    Disconnect the external drive, turn it off, wait about 1 minute, reconnect, and turn it back on. While waiting, restart the computer.
    Disk Utility – Force Mount Disk

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    I Recently updated the software on my MacBook Pro. Now, my computer no longer recognizes my external hard drive. Could this be related to the software update and, if so, how do I correct the problem?

    Ari343 wrote:
    No, the external hard drive does not show up on Disk Utility. I don't have another computer to try it on.
    Perform a PRAM reset:
    Have you tried all the ports?
    Have you tried with a different cable?
    Have you tested all the ports with other devices to see that they are functioning?

  • Since I upgraded to 10.9.5, my macbook no longer recognizes my external  hard drive. How do I fix this?  External hard drive is a 1TB Toshiba formatted for mac.  Worked fine until latest upgrade.

    Since I upgraded to 10.9.5, my macbook no longer recognizes my external  hard drive. How do I fix this?  External hard drive is a 1TB Toshiba formatted for mac.  Worked fine until latest upgrade.

    Solved the problem by dumping my external HD onto another computer. Re-formatting and re-installing the data.  Not what I wanted to do but it solved the problem.

  • My MacBook Pro is not recognizing my external hard drive.  The hard drive is listed in disk utilities but an icon does not pop up and I cannot access the data.  Is there any way to resolve this?

    My MacBook Pro is not recognizing my external hard drive.  The hard drive is listed in disk utilities but an icon does not pop up and I cannot access the data.  Is there any way to resolve this?

    WE know Disk Warrior is more reliable, hence more useful, and should be in any disk mechanics toolchest.
    For the record, I don't know anything of the kind. I have yet to see evidence that Disk Warrior is useful at all.
    What I do know is that you seem to take every opportunity you get to promote it in these forums. Do you work for Alsoft?
    Let me be a little more explicit. My opinion is that Disk Warrior is a waste of money if one has backups. If a journaled HFS directory is so badly corrupted that it can't be repaired by Disk Utility, then the volume should be reformatted and restored from backup, which has the same effect as running DW, but is probably faster and doesn't cost $99.

  • Why does my iMac (with Mountain Lion) no longer recognize my external hard drive I have used as a back up via Time Machine after the hard drive was accidentally unplugged?

    Why does my iMac (with Mountain Lion) no longer recognize my external hard drive I have used as a back up via Time Machine after the hard drive was accidentally unplugged?

    Do you mean the external hard drive is not mounted on the iMac desktop?
    Check if Disk Utility sees the drive. Applications / Utilities / Disk Utility. If the external shows up in the left column, select it and click on Mount.
    If it does show up this way, I recommend using DU to Repair Disk.

  • Can no longer access USB external hard drive

    Hi - I am running OS X 10.8.4 on my iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2009), and have been using a La Cie USB  external hard drive for several years for my Time Machine backups without issues.  All of a sudden yesterday, the external hard drive disappeared from Finder and my Desktop,  and as a result, no more Time Machine backups  I rebooted both the external hard drive and iMac several times  and changed the USB cable but with no success.  Disk Utility and Time Machine cannot see the external hard drive but it does appear under System Information => USB (see below).  I connected it to my Windows 8 laptop. The Windows laptop can see the external hard drive under Disk Management as an uninitialized disk.  But I will not allow me to initialize it and therefore cannot acces it.
      Product ID:          0x0951
      Vendor ID:          0x059f  (LaCie)
      Version:           0.00
      Serial Number:          152D203380B6
      Speed:          Up to 480 Mb/sec
      Manufacturer:          LaCie
      Location ID:          0x24300000 / 4
      Current Available (mA):          500
      Current Required (mA):          2
    Any help to restore the external hard drive would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your quick response.  Disk Utility does not see the hard drive.  Windows 8 does see it under Device Manager and says that it is working propoerly but it will not allow me to initialize it.   As indicated  to Lin Davis,  I'll buy a new external hard drive.

  • MacBook No Longer Recognizes WD External Hard Drive

    I've trying to back up to my WD 1tb external hard drive, but my MacBook (2009) doesn't recognize it, which is strange because I've never had this problem before. I tried opening Disk Utilities but it doesn't show up there, either. I guess it's possible this is an issue with the drive, but like I said, I've never had a problem with it before and it seems to turn on fine when I plug it in. Currently running OS X 10.9.5. Really sorry if this is vague, I'm pretty lost and really desperate because I had a lot of important files saved on that backup disc. Any thoughts or advice would be really appreciated!

    The WD hard drive itself is probably fine, the enclosure has likely failed. WD externals are notorius for cheap enclosures failing. Try a different cable first. You can take the drive out and install it in a better enclosure, like one from OWC.

  • My bran new Mac Pro, won't recognize my external hard drive?

         I just got the new mac pro about a month ago (the cylindrical kind) it has 16 MGs of ram and 250 GBs. I got a 2 TB external hard drive for time machine, and i already have a 500 GB portable hard drive for transferring files. They worked fine initially, but the computer has stopped seeing them all together. I've already restarted my computer several times. I plug them in, they light up, but the icon doesn't appear on the desktop or finder or even in disk utility. I've tested my portable drive on my laptop and it works fine, so its not the external hard drive or the cords. I also tested a flash drive and an external CD drive in the USB ports and they work fine, so i've deduced that its not a hardware issue. The best i can come up with is that its a softwear issue, but i have no idea how that would even work. Has anyone else heard of this?
         On a side note: before the computer stopped reading my hard drives, they kept unplugging themselves and saying "this hard drive was not removed properly" and then they would reappear without me touching them. I'm pretty sure this is the root of the problem. I'm out of ideas and google hasn't revealed anything to me, so if anyone knows whats going on i would really appreciate it.

    Neither hard drive is working on the mac pro. They do not appear in disk utility.
    My chords seem fine. I don't have another cable to try on the Mac Pro. but both cables worked on my 2011 macbook pro with my external hard drive. my 2TB didn't work on my macbook pro however... it didn't even appear in disk utility. I wonder though if that has to do with the usb 3. I know my laptop has USB 2 and my external hard drive is USB 3 and i'm not sure if its backwards compatible.
    I have tried all of the USB ports on the Mac Pro, the hard wear seems fine.
    I will try resetting the SMC shortly and see if that works.

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    I just bought my macbook air and I wanted to transfer my data over from my old MacBook. The MacBook died so I was using my backup. The problem is that the Air won't recognize the ext hard drive. I connected the ext hard drive to my AirPort Extreme for the migration assistant but I keep getting a connection failed message. I tried plugging in the drive to the air directly using USB but it won't recognize it at all. The drive won't mount. The drive begins spinning and the light is on so the drive does work. It always worked with my old MacBook. I did alway connect it with FireWire so could that cause a problem since I have to connect it with USB to the Air?

    I had a similar issue with mine but it was because I tried to connect to an external drive that was already connected to my iMac via FW800. When I disconnected the FW cable and plugged in the USB, everything worked perfectly.

  • How do I backup the files on to my Macbook Pro 2010 from a damaged external hard drive?

    Awhile ago my macbook pro crashed and I had to make a bootable disk of Mountain lion no problem here but I accidentallly deleted all the files off of my hard drive from which i recovered using a PC computer and disk drill. After it had recovered all my files i later tried to put these files on to my macbook computer and disk utility views the drive as damaged and needs to be repaired but in order to do this i have to format it and change the partition and what not. When i try to copy/burn to a CD the finder stops the operation and says that "finder cannot complete the operation because file _catalog cannot be moved" and just recently when i plugged my drive into my computer the sharing permissions say read only. I know that my files are there because when i right click and press get info i see that 5 gb are used but the folder is only showing me 2gb what do i do to get my files onto my computer?
    My external hard drive is a WD 1 TB my passport and the partition thats givving my this trouble is formatted to be MS DOS FAT32
    I have parallels Windows 8
    I am running Mountain Lion on my Macbook Pro Mid 2010 model

    Use Data Rescue on the Mac and out the recovered files to another external drive.
    Just grab your users files, the rest you trash. That's all you can do.
    Good Luck

  • New MacBook pro how do I add external hard drive which has my entire iTunes library on it. Do I just drag external drive icon into iTunes preference box that shows where new itunes library is now located ie. On the MacBook pro.

    how do I add external hard drive which contains my entire iTunes library to new MacBook Pro. i want to keep iTunes library on external hard drive. But I want all my iTunes information:  artist, songs, albums, playlists on my new MacBook Pro.  I know about going to iTunes preferences- advanced-itunes media folder location.  At this point I don't know what to do   Do I drag external icon into iTunes media folder location box. I want to keep music files on external hard drive. I don't want to use macbook pro memory for my very large music files.

    I will request that your query be relocated to the iPhoto forum where knowledgeable iPhoto users will be able to assist you.

  • Macbook pro won't recognise WD External hard drive

    Have just purchased a macbook pro and it won't recognise my Western Digital external hard drive!!
    It appears as 'Time Machine Backups' and doesn't show all my photos and music files. (deleting and reformatting WD hard drive not an option)
    Can anyone help??
    Many thanks

    Sorry, meant deleting hard drive contents not an option, if required to do so to reformat.

Maybe you are looking for

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