Maddening problem with letterboxing inconsistancy

I'm working on a project that requires letterboxing in a 4:3 frame. I shot my footage in 16:9, captured it and edited in a 4:3 sequence. Everything worked great. Second project, same thing except that some of the shots appeared on the canvas stretched out vertically and with no letterbox.
In the viewer they look fine as 16:9 compositions. But when they are dragged to the sequence. They are stretched out.
At first I thought it might be a capturing problem since all the shots from one day's shooting and capturing had this problem. But then I captured a whole, single interview as one clip and then broke it into sub-clips and some of the sub-clips have this problem and some don't.
I'm scratching my head.
2.16 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac OS X (10.4.9) iMac

First, don't do what you're doing. Don't edit 16:9 material in a 4:3 sequence. Edit in the format it was shot and captured in. Capture in 16:9. Edit in a correctly sized 16:9 sequence. When you're done put your 16:9 sequence inside a 4:3 sequence to letterbox it.
Once you mess up a clip by distorting in the wrong format sequence or capturing it incorrectly it gets difficult to recover and bad things can happen. When you put your 16:9 material into a 4:3 sequence it's being distorted. Move it out of the sequence and it will no longer display correctly.

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  • Problem with letterbox

    I've got a project I'm working on which has HDV 1080/24P clips and Apple Pro Res 422 (HQ) 1440x1080 24P clips in it. The problem is it's letterboxed which I don't really want. How do I fix this?

    If the letterbox is in the actual video clip (not a matte effect that you can turn off) you may have to scale up/zoom into the images until it becomes hidden (i.e. use Scale in the viewer motion tab).
    But this will cause loss of resolution for sure. You could alternatively create a DV project and drag in your HDV/ProRes stuff with native bigger frame and fit that within the SD project. Everything depends on what you need to achieve.
    Pixelation could be caused by the need to render, do you see any green, red, orange line on top of the timeline? If so select clips and hit respectively (depending on the color) Control+R or Command+R or Option+R.

  • Problem with date pattern

    Hi all,
    I have a little maddening problem with oracle.jbo.domain.Date.
    I have a viewObject with an attribute (fechaCompra) type Date and I need the time too so in controlHints I have defined:
    format type: Simple Date
    Format: yyyy-MM-dd 'at' hh:mm:ss
    Right, on runTime now i see ok the data and in the inputDate appears the calendar and the hour .
    But when I take the value of this attribute, to call a void that takes a oracle.jbo.domain.Date type, raises an error when parses the value of the atribute.
    All this doesn't happen when in the view object the controlHints are defined like this:
    format type: Simple Date
    Format: yyyy-MM-dd
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance,

    My guess would be that when you drop your formatted date into the methode the parse function is called from String to date, this work with no time attached.
    But fails with the time attached. I would double check the specific class you pass to each method to be sure they are correct.
    hat you mention parse gives an even bigger hint that you are using the parse function from oracle.jbo.domain.Date, which takes a string.
    This function will fail with your custom patterns.
    //get the value
    String value = .....
    //Not 100% sure if the at needs to be escaped or not
    DateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd at hh:mm:ss");
    //Prolly needs a try catch, writing this by hand
    java.util.Date utilDate = sdf.parse(value);
    java.sql.Date sqlDate = new java.sql.Date(utilDate.getTime());
    oracle.jbo.domain.Date jboDate = new oracle.jbo.domain.Date(sqlDate);
    //pass to your method-Anton

  • Data slice inconsistency problem with hierarchy nodes

    Hi Experts,
    We want to lock planning tables from function. We create the appropriate data slices but there are problems with (material group) hierarchy nodes.
    If I give the node as input variable to the function it causes inconsistency in the data slice. If I choose and add this node to the lock in modeler, the problem is the same.
    We are using the following variables to create a data slice:
    ZGRMAT (developed material group)
    Z_YEARCR (developed yera created)
    The problem also exist if I set an another type of node e.g. destination country (0RECIPCNTRY) instead of material group.
    For me, the problem seems to be generic.
    Do you have any idea?
    Many thanks in advance

    There is a note related to this proble:
    Note 1070608 - Lowflag field is not valid
    The implementation of this note resolves the problem.

  • Problems with java constructor: "inconsistent data types" in SQL query

    I tried to define a type "point3d" with some member functions, implemented in java, in my database. Therefor I implemented a class as you can see it below and loaded it with "loadjava -user ... -resolve -verbose" into the database.
    package spatial.objects;
    import java.sql.*;
    public class Point3dj implements java.sql.SQLData {
    public double x;
    public double y;
    public double z;
    public void readSQL(SQLInput in, String type)
    throws SQLException {
    x = in.readDouble();
    y = in.readDouble();
    z = in.readDouble();
    public void writeSQL(SQLOutput out)
    throws SQLException {
    public String getSQLTypeName() throws SQLException {
    return "Point3dj";
    public Point3dj(double x, double y, double z)
    this.x = x;
    this.y = y;
    this.z = z;
    public static Point3dj create(double x, double y, double z)
    return new Point3dj(x,y,z);
    public double getNumber()
         return Math.sqrt(this.x*this.x + this.y*this.y + this.z*this.z);
    public static double getStaticNumber(double px, double py, double pz)
         return Math.sqrt(px*px+py*py+pz*pz);
    Additionally, I created the corresponding type in SQL by
    'spatial.objects.Point3dj' LANGUAGE JAVA USING SQLDATA (
    EXTERNAL NAME 'getNumber() return double',
    EXTERNAL NAME 'getStaticNumber(double, double, double) return double')
    After that I tried some SQL commands:
    create table pointsj of point3dj;
    insert into pointsj values (point3dj(2,1,1));
    SELECT x, a.getnumber() FROM pointsj a;Now, the problem:
    Everything works fine, if I delete the constructor
    public Point3dj(double x, double y, double z)
    this.x = x;
    this.y = y;
    this.z = z;
    in the java class, or if I replace it with a constructor that has no input arguments.
    But with this few code lines in the java file, I get an error when executing the SQL command
    SELECT x, a.getnumber() FROM pointsj a;The Error is:
    "ORA-00932: inconsistent data types: an IN argument at position 1 that is an instance of an Oracle type convertible to an instance of a user defined Java class expected, an Oracle type that could not be converted to a java class received"
    I think, there are some problems with the input argument of the constructor, but why? I don't need the constructor in SQL, but it is used by a routine of another java class, so I can't just delete it.
    Can anybody help me? I would be very glad about that since I already tried a lot and also search in forums and so on, but wasn't successful up to new.

    Dear Avi,
    This makes sense when it is a short code sample (and i think i've done that across various posts), but sometime this is too long to copy/paste, in these cases, i refer to the freely available code samples, as i did above on this forum; here is the quote.
    Look at examples of VARRAY and Nested TABLES of scalar types in the code samples of my book (chapter 8)
    As you can see, i was not even asking people to buy the book, just telling them where to grab the code samples.
    I appreciate your input on this and as always, your contribution to the forum, Kuassi

  • Integration engine: Inconsistent roles and problem with communication chann

        I am troubled with this error for last 1 week.
    please help me with this:
    Inconsistent roles. System Landscape: Application System. SXMSGLOBAL: Integration Server.I have checked in SXMB_ADM in Integration Engine Congiguration, some entery is there but not sure what is wrong.
    And in my communication channel monitoring, my communication channel for simple file to file transfer is also giving some error:
    Error Attempt to process file failed with Some of the IS access information is not available. SLDAcess property may be set to true, but SLD is not available
    Are above two errors interrelated?
    Because when I try Cache connectivity test:
    Everything is in green except Integration Server ABAP
    Guys pleas help this isse has really taken a long time and I havn't got any way to work this out.

    Hi Lokesh,
    Inconsistent roles. System Landscape: Application System. SXMSGLOBAL: Integration Server
    Check this thread...
    integration server status in red at component monitoring
    Error Attempt to process file failed with Some of the IS access information is not available. SLDAcess property may be set to true, but SLD is not available
      Try out these threads....
    SLDAccess set to true, but not available
    Re: SLD Technical System Process Integration
    Some of the IS access information is not available.

  • SCCM 2012 Update Group inconsistency Problem with Red marked Updates

    Hi everybody,
    we have a big Problem with our SCCM 2012 R2 CU3 Enviroment, regarding of Update Groups which got out of sync.
    we have a SCCM Site Infastructure with one CAS and 4 Primary Sites and on every Site is the SUP Role installed.
    I don't know when this failure occours but i think it was after the CU3 Installation. The Installation itself went smooth without any Errors or Warnings.
    The Problem is as following. We have some updates in Update Groups (all of them are Core XML Updates) which are out of sync and marked red as an invalid Update on 2 Primary Sites. On the CAS Site and the 2 other Primary SItes they are marked as green (downloaded
    yes and deployed yes)
    We have no Replication issues regarding the Replication Status (everything is synchronized to 100%) and the Replication Link Analyzer does also show no Problems at all.
    I now deleted the Deployments and the SW Update Group waited until the replication was fine and created a new one and downloaded these patches on one of the Primary Sites which had shown this Failure.
    The Result was not good. It looks like before. On the CAS and 2 Primary Sites the Deplyment is shown as downloaded but on the other 2 Sites the Status is again Downloaded=no.
    Does anybody have any idea what to do now ? I checked objmgr.log and rcmctr. log but found nothing what shows me the way in the right direction.
    Thx for your time, and it would be fine if anybody can share knowledge about this failure and how to fix it.
    All other Ideas are also welcome.
    Thx a lot in advance and have a nice bug free day :-)

    Please try to manually synchronize software updates from the CAS and monitor the WSUSCtrl.log, WCM.log and wsyncmgr.log on the CAS and Primary sites.
    Best Regards,
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • Problems with Safari and Firefox (HTTP?)

    Problems with Safari and Firefox (HTTP?)
    On a laptop G4, 10.5.8 and Safari 5.02 I experience the following:
    On the account of my oldest daughter everything works fine, i.e. wireless internet works and no problems with mail or safari.
    On the same laptop, on the account of my other daughter, the wireless is OK, she can mail etc. But safari nor firefox works. It says: can’t find server (whatever site) and in the activity window it looks if safari tries to open files (in the safari preferences-folder) in stead of http. Same applies to Firefox, so maybe it has more to do with HTTP in general?
    What goes wrong? What to do? I tried the following on the host terminal (tips from Apple)
    defaults write WebKitDNSPrefetchingEnabled -boolean false
    defaults delete WebKitDNSPrefetchingEnabled
    but that did not help,

    I'm still wondering why it happens now at this moment in time...
    PC does seem to be a bit odd & inconsistent, the few times I've tested with it, at least so far as we content filtering goes; and if I remember rightly, you're not the first to report previously ok settings suddenly preventing some or all internet until pc is switched off altogether.
    It may work when re-enabled

  • Problems with transformation; infoobject not updated in DSO.

    Hi all,
    We are having some problems with one of our transformations between PSA and DSO.
    Suddenly some of the fields are not filled in the DSO. The mapping for field Sales order number worked fine, and then I added an infoObject in the DSO to hold the info for Sales order item. I also replaced the infoobject that was supposed to hold the sales order number. After this, none of the two fields has any data in DSO. I checked the PSA, and the data is available here. I tested the rule in ‘Rule details’ and for sales order number it gives the correct result, but for sales order item it gives a runtime error; assertion failed. I checked on SAP Notes, and found 929934. But the corrections are already added in our system.
    Has anyone got any ideas on what to do?

    There are a number of problems in Transformation when either a source field or target field is changed.
    This can lead to inconsistent transformation.
    You can raise a message to SAP or best thing is if possible delete the Transformation and create a new one.

  • The problems with Logic (as I see them)

    Hello Everyone,
    Please keep in mind that I am writing this with the intention of expressing my frustrations, and what I feel would make Logic a better program. I realize not everyone will agree with the importance of what I say, but I am a firm believer of HAVING THE OPTIONS. Let the users choose what works for them and how they can best accomplish the tasks that they need to with their individual workflow.
    That being said, here is my list of Logic's faults and why I often call Logic "Illogic".
    * Logic should have a feature to automatically save your song every X number of minutes. Final Cut Pro does this, why doesn't Logic? It should prompt you "Logic can automatically save your project if you save it" (assuming the current file is 'autoload') to remind users that they should create a project name and save their work.
    * There should be a preference option for all windows to open as 'float'. Once upon a time holding option while double clicking parts would open them as a float (though having to hold down option every time in my opinion is an inconvenience, because I personally ALWAYS want my windows open as a float), however.. now in 7.2 that does not seem to work anymore. So, theoretically after you set your prefence to 'always float', then the when you hold option or control and click on a particular window, it will bring that window to the foreground...
    * The loop region at the top of the screen is larger than the time-line ruler tab. This is the #1 annoying thing about logic. so many times, I click on an area of the ruler tab to start playing at a specific section.. and somehow I ACCIDENTALLY click on the loop area... If I could ask for ANYTHING it would be that there is an option to disable LOOPING turning on and off from clicking up there. My 2nd request would be that the ruler tab be re-sizeable so that it can be larger than the loop area. This is especially the case for the matrix window where it default opens up to a sizing where the actual time line is so tiny, and the loop region is HUGE.... Every time I open a matrix window I have to resize this and again the loop area is 2x as big as the timeline area, so I end up wasting screen space just to avoid the annoying loop feature being trued on. My suggestion is, require that the loop button on the transport be the only way to turn on the loop feature (other than key commands), and only when it's turned on can loop points to be set. Why is the loop area so big anyway?!?!
    * Logic should offer a TALK BACK MIC button which will utilize the built-in apple microphone or iSight microphone and allow that to be sent to the audio interface. This would be an extremely useful feature for studio recording setups.
    * Starting logic takes approximately 5 minutes for me. It says "scanning exs24 instruments" for the majority of the time, and I admit my sample library is huge. however, my sample library has not changed in over a year. Why does logic have to continuously scan it??? Can it not make a reference of how many files, compare and if its larger-- then scan???
    Song Loading:
    * When audio files are not found during loading a song, it asks you the first time what you want to do "search", "manual", and "skip"... if you click "skip", and then it finds another missing file, it no longer presents you with the "SKIP" option.. but forces you to either search or skip all.. Let's say you have a project that used 5 audio files that are all missing because you had them on a different hard drive, but have copied the data somewhere else. The first two files it asks for you don't need.. but you know where the 3rd file is.. So your plan is to skip the first two files and then click manually for the 3rd.. but oh.. YOU CAN'T DO THAT! You have to find your first 2 files if you want to even have the option to locate your 3rd file... Unless you are planning to locate the files within the audio window-- but still, Logic should not be so unfriendly.
    Further, If you choose "manual", and what you're looking for isn't where you thought it was-- You realize you actually want to search for it.. So you click cancel and guess what.. It assumes you want to skip it, and so you either have to reload your project again, or deal with this in the audio window. Bottom line is this window should always have "Search", "Manual", "Skip", and "Skip All".
    * When you open another project, Logic DUMPS all of the audio instrument data in memory. This is one of the worst things about logic. If you are working between multiple files-- such as when scoring a film, and you are using different files for different cues, then this becomes a complete nightmare and a waste of your time. Logic should be assessing "What instruments are in common between these two projects"... And utilizing all audio instruments to the best of the machine's memory capacity. There is no reason for Logic to behave like this.. I've had to revert back to previous versions of the same song because some data was different, and I am just trying to visually compare various settings one from the other.. Just clicking from one project's window to the other requires me to have to wait 3-4 minutes while Logic loads all these audio instruments (WHICH ARE IDENTICAL IN BOTH PROJECTS BY THE WAY!!!).. This is just incredibly dumb, and creatively stifling.
    * BUG * -- Mind you, if you have two projects open, and you close one.. Logic begins loading all the audio instruments of the remaining project.. If you close that project as it's loading audio instruments, Logic will crash.
    Matrix Stuff:
    * BUG * If you have a part with lots of notes, and you begin to make a selection and scroll horizontally through all the content until then entire part is covered in the selection... After you release the mouse button and make this selection, quite often many random notes are unselected. This can be demonstrated by watching the following quicktime move:
    * When you select a single note in the matrix window, it sounds.. This is a GREAT feature... However, when you make a selection of multiple of notes, they all sound at the same time.. This is just plain dumb. It once blew up my speakers... There is NO reason why a multiple selection would need to sound.. It's just dumb.. bad for your speakers, bad for your ears. The rule should be, if selection box = yes, then sound = no... else, sound = yes.
    * When viewing the matrix window while recording, all note events disappear until after recording stops. This is highly annoying (and illogical) as it causes confusion if you are relying on watching the note events in that part to know where you are supposed to come in.
    * The grid cannot be set to divisions other than 2 or 3. Musicians use 5 and 7!!! And also, can logic please offer an option to display the grid as NOTE symbols... It is much more musician friendly to see a 16th note with a 3 over it than "24". 24 means nothing to me as a musician.
    * Quantizing should allow custom input for tuplets.. So that users can quantize odd figures such as 13:4 for example.
    * If you move the song locator to a specific time location in the arrange window, and then double click a part to open it in the matrix window, the window is not opened to the locator's position. Thus causing annoyance and confusion as far as what the user is even looking at.
    * During horizontal scrolling of the window, the locator temporarily disappears, making it difficult to find where the locator is-- which usually is a marker for us to know what we are trying to find-- ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU OPEN A WINDOW AND IT'S NOT EVEN DISPLAYING THE SONG LOCATOR'S POSITION!!!
    * If you have two parts on the same arrange track, adjacent to each other and you enter the matrix window of the first part.. (assuming the link/chain icon is lit) When you scroll to the end of the note data, logic automatically takes you to the next part... The problem with this as it is, is that it does not take you to the FIRST note event of the text part, but rather continues to align the song locater with where ever it previously was (so you end up viewing somewhere further down in the next part).. To clarify, say you have a part what begins at MM-7 and ends at MM-14, the 2nd part begins at MM-15 and ends at MM-22.. If you begin scrolling the song locator past measure 15, then suddenly you see measure 22. When you really should be seeing measure 15. This is confusing and weird.
    * Every time you enter the matrix window of a part, the chain/link button is on. For me, this is incredibly annoying. There should be a way to set this so that the button's default is OFF...
    * When you move the mouse around the matrix window, whatever pitch corresponds to the vertical location of the mouse--- that particular key of the piano keyboard on the left side of the window should highlight so you could clearly see what note you are hovering over.. Logic tries to help with this by offering things like contrast options for C D E, but this clearly would be much more helpful.
    * With the velocity tool you can (MOST OFTEN ON ACCIDENT) double click on empty space in the window and cause all note events in all parts to appear on the screen-- Yet once you do this, you can't double click on a particular part's note to only display that part again. You have to switch to the arrow tool to do this. This is inconsistent and ILLOGICAL...
    ON A SIDE NOTE: PLEASE ENABLE A FUNCTION TO DISABLE THIS "ALL NOTES OF ALL PARTS APPEAR" when double clicking on empty space feature! I want NOTHING to happen when I double click within the matrix window... Make it a button within the window or just an option in the drop down menu only. * BY THE WAY * When you DO double click the background of the matrix window and multiple parts appear.. If you move notes of one part to match it up with other, it is incredibly slow. there is a 1-2 second pause each time you move a note move.. My g5 fan goes on each time I do this.. I'm sorry, there shouldn't be anything too CPU intensive to accomplish this simple task!!! I am only viewing 2 parts at the same time and it's slowing down my cpu...
    * Occasionally when I adjust note lengths, I accidentally double click on an actual note.. This opens the event list editor, and there is an intermittent bug where this note sounds-- and for some reason when the event list opens, the note sounds on top of itself a million times, so the result is a super loud flanged note which again, almost blows up my speakers and hurts my ears... PERSONALLY, I would like an option that DISABLES the note event list from opening by double clicking. Preferences currently has "double clicking a midi region opens: <selectable>"--- why not also have "double clicking a NOTE in matrix window does: <selectable>"-- and please allow "DO NOTHING" to be one of the options.
    * Why does the finger tool only change the end position of the note event??? Should this not be replaced with the bracket tool which appears automatically when using the arrow tool on closely zoomed in notes? This finger tool seems like an outdated old logic feature which has been replaced and improved upon. What would be nice is to have this bracket tool where we can be assured we are altering note start and end positions without moving things.
    * In the hyper-draw >> note velocity section--- This is highly annoying to work with... It's far from user friendly. first of all, to move a note's velocity position, you have to click on the "ball".. if you click on the line, it does nothing.. Because the ball is so small to begin with, quite often the user is going to miss the ball and somehow begin to "START LINE"-- Which is weird because it's activated by holding the mouse button down briefly. There really should be a "line tool" for this, because "START LINE" is too easily accidentally activated-- this is frustrating for the user. Most important though, these 'velocity markings' should be adjustable by clicking on the line as well-- not just the ball.. there should be a 2-3% area around each ball/line which logic will recognize as part of the ball/line so that it can easily be moved. I also feel that there should be some specific features for this section, such as a way to select multiple note velocities and apply a random pattern to them, or apply a logarithmic curve to the line tool. Yes, you can accomplish this stuff somewhat with the transform tool-- but this way would be more user friendly, and allow a lot more creative flow.
    Event list/Tempo list:
    * When one event is selected, by moving down X number, holding shift+clicking SHOULD select all events between those two points. However, the shift key for some reason acts as the OPTION key does in the finder-- (meaning it will only add one additional selection at a time).. This is highly inconsistent with the actual behavior of a Mac... Open a finder window and hold shift and click on items that are not vertically next to each other and a group is selected... Now do it in logic, and it causes GREAT frustration and annoyance. What happens if you have a million note events that you want to erase? You have to go page by page and click with shift on each one?? Or drag a selection and wait for logic to scroll you to where you want to go?????????? No thanks.
    Arrange stuff:
    * "REGIONAL CONTENT" (meaning the visual representation of note events) does not accurately depict the event data as note lengths cannot be visually identified. Everything shows up as a generic quarter note... My #1 suggestion is that regional content should be customizable so that you can view it in a miniature matrix data style. The biggest problem for me is that I cannot see where my notes end-- I can only see where they start, this makes it very difficult to identify what I am looking at.
    * Track automation data should only be inputable by the pencil tool. I cannot mention how many times automation data has accidentally altered when using the arrow tool. The pencil tool should allow you to raise and lower the lines reflecting automation data... What is the point using the pencil tool for automation if it's only function is to create "points" yet you can also create points with the arrow tool..??? Pencil tool should act as the arrow tool does in the sense that it raises or lowers automation data.
    * Recording preferences do not offer the option to automatically merge new part with existing part when a region is NOT selected. How annoying is it to have to select a part every time you want to record something just so it will be included in that original part!
    * Ruler at the top of the screen should also give an option for tuplets. 5, 7, etc.
    * When in record mode, if you click on the ruler to another time position, all audio instruments cut out and it takes approximately 3-4 seconds before tracks begin playing audio. This becomes very annoying if you are trying to do a pick up and want to just start 1 measure before hand.
    * There should be a way to EASILY (without having to cable two tracks together in the environment) temporarily link multiple tracks together so that automation data will be duplicated. So theoretically you can link 3-4 tracks together, and by adding automation data to one, you are adding it to all 4.
    * If a part is soloed, and you hit record. The part stops being soloed and you can no longer hear it. This makes it impossible to record a pick up on a soloed track unless it's locked, but it shouldn't need to be locked.
    * When you are zoomed in tightly, and you are trying to align notes within two parts on different tracks (meaning using the PSEUDO NOTATION DATA that appears in the part to align), there needs to be a VERTICAL line that snaps to the note closest to the mouse cursor. When trying to do this in parts that are a far vertical distance apart, it becomes VERY difficult to eye this alignment. Logic does this with automation data.. but for some reason they left it out for actual part alignment...
    * There should be a way to force the downbeat of a measure to occur at any given moment... What I mean by this, is composing for film is an absolute PAIN in Logic. Scenes, last for odd amounts of time, and Logic's reference manual claims that you can solve this by using various tempo tricks, however it is ineffective for the most part. What Logic needs is the ability where you can click on a drop down menu item within the arrange window and FORCE that where ever the song locator is, the rest of the measure is eliminated and a new measure downbeat occurs right there. This will allow you to always have new scenes on the downbeat of a measure without having to mess with your tempo and meter.
    Hyper Edit Window:
    * I can't even begin to comment on this... The hyper edit window is one of the worst things I have ever seen in a music/audio program. It is a horrible interface, you can't get it to do anything correctly without messing everything up. This thing needs a complete overhaul... I mean, just try to create a simple crescendo with note velocity and it will take you all night.. Try to add pitch bend data, and it adds note velocity data as well.. It's a total nightmare, and I would love to hear someone's practical application of this window.
    Score Window:
    * The method that the song position locator moves along with the notation is very strange. It is not at all how a person's eyes function when reading music. A much more logical approach to this would be for a transparent colored block of some type to highlight an entire measure, and each note head will glow as it sounds. The current way is so strange, it speeds up and slows down-- makes absolutely no sense, and it is more disruptive than anything.
    * When the Hyper Draw > note velocity area is exposed, if you use the velocity tool to increase/decrease a particular note's volume, the data in the hyper draw window does not update in real-time as you use the velocity tool. This behavior is inconsistent with the matrix > hyper draw's note velocity section-- where as in that area, the velocity ball/lines do update in realtime.
    * when you are in many levels of subdirectories and you are auditioning instruments, it becomes very time consuming and annoying to have to continually trace through all the subdirectory paths. There should be a feature directly under the load instrument window that takes you to the subdirectory of the current instrument.
    * Seems when SONG SETTING > MIDI > "chase" is turned on... When starting sequences using audio instruments, (I am using a harp sample within the exs24), there is a latency hiccup upon starting, which is very disruptive when trying to listen to a short isolated moment in a composition. And I do want to chase note events in general-- but this present situation makes it difficult for me to work. I would suggest that you can specify tracks to exclude chasing.. Or fix the latency hiccup issue.
    Thank you.

    this is excellent patrick. can you number your points so that the thread can be discussed?
    1. yes
    2. ok
    3. great idea
    4. even better idea. you could set something up with aggreagate device i suppose but it would be better to have the feature to hand.
    5. you need to look into your project manager prefs. scan the paths and the links to the audio files will be saved meaning they will load up in a fraction of the time.
    6. yes this is nuts. you can skip all and sort it out with PM but then you shouldn't have to.
    7. this exists already. perhaps it ought to be a default but you need to set your esx prefs to 'keep common samples in memeory when switching songs'. then it will do just as you wish it to. you can also use the au lab in the devlopers kit which will allow you to load in au units etc seperately from logic, which logic can then access. this is a good way of getting around the 4 GB memory limit with logic too.
    8. ok, don't know about this bug.
    9. yep happens here too.
    10. doesn't worry me this one. you can turn off midi out.
    11. yes this is silly.
    12. well, i think this is something we can get used to. i am a musician and i am used to seeing '24'.
    13. you can already set up groove templates to allow for quantizing irrational tuplets. i do it all the time. i would like to see step input for irrational tuplets though.
    14. yes this is silly. the button for the KC 'content catch' is getting very worn out.
    15. ok.
    16. not sure i understand this one.
    17. yes this drives me nuts too. i have to lock screensets to get this to stay off.
    18. you can use KCs for 'go into/out of sequence' - but yeah.
    19. ok
    20. there are a couple of features that use old technology that cause hangs and poor performance. score is a good example of that. maybe the matrix is too. the score is being updated we assume with newer technology maybe the matrix will too.
    21. there are probably better ways of adjusting velocity than using matrix or hperdraw velocity. have you tried holding control-option and click dragging a note in score?
    22. as i pointed out in 20, this is an old feature. you could change things to be consistent with modern macs and annoy long term users such as myself, or leave them and let them be inconsistent to confuse newbies. i think depending on what it is we oldies could upgrade our work habits.
    23. this one doesn't worry me so much.
    24. good point (no pun intended).
    25. well, i find the opposite - that merging new parts to objects i have accidentally selected to be annoying. perhaps more detailed prefs?
    26. yep.
    27. this will be down to your audio settings. you can improve this lag but it will be dependant on the capabilities of your system.
    28. i don't know why this feature doesn't work in logic. it is supposed to have ti already and i just don't understand why it doesn't. maybe it will be fixed in the next upgrade.
    29. agreed.
    30. ok - i have other work flows for this but it would be nice.
    31. i don't agree that logic is a pain to score with to film, i do it nearly everyday. but you are discribing an interesting feature which might be worth discussing more. i think you might find yourself getting alarming and unmiscal results doing this that will end up having to be sorted out the conventional way. but its a good idea.
    32. oh yes.
    33. yeah - this could be improved.
    34. ok, well i wouldn't go about it this way, but yeah there is generally sticky spots with regards to updating of information al around logic.
    25. very very good idea.
    26. there are lots of problems with the chase function. very annoying. i certainly agree with this.
    in general, some of these could well be done as their own threads. some of the missing functionality may exist. if you can confirm a bug then you are on stronger ground when you submit feedback. but this list is full of fantastic ideas.

  • Problem with trigger and mutating table

    I have a problem with the following trigger. Everytime it starts I got an error message:
    ORA-04091: table ccq_test.QW_QUALIFIER is mutating, trigger/function may not see it
    ORA-06512: at "QW_AFTER_UPDATE_ALL", line 3
    ORA-06512: at "QW_AFTER_UPDATE_ALL", line 10
    ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'QW_AFTER_UPDATE_ALL'
    Here is the trigger:
    CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER qw_after_update_all
         CURSOR c1 IS SELECT id AS mx FROM QW_QUALIFIER_LOG WHERE msgid = :NEW.msgid AND messagedate BETWEEN SYSDATE - (1 / (24 * 60 * 6)) AND SYSDATE AND transfer = 1;
         CURSOR c_qwprod IS SELECT value FROM ccq_test.QW_QUALIFIER WHERE msgid = :NEW.msgid AND name = 'product';
         CURSOR c_qwgesch IS SELECT value FROM ccq_test.QW_QUALIFIER WHERE msgid = :NEW.msgid AND name = 'geschaeftsfall';
         qw_rec c1%ROWTYPE;
         qw_prod c_qwprod%ROWTYPE;
         qw_gesch c_qwgesch%ROWTYPE;
    OPEN c1;
    OPEN c_qwprod;
    OPEN c_qwgesch;
         FETCH c1 INTO qw_rec;
         FETCH c_qwprod INTO qw_prod;
         FETCH c_qwgesch INTO qw_gesch;
         IF c1%NOTFOUND THEN
              IF ( = 'product') THEN
                   INSERT INTO QW_QUALIFIER_LOG VALUES (QW_QUALIFIER_LOG_SEQ.NEXTVAL, :NEW.msgid, :NEW.value, qw_gesch.value, SYSDATE, 1);
         END IF;
              IF ( = 'product') THEN
                   UPDATE QW_QUALIFIER_LOG SET product=:NEW.value, messagedate=SYSDATE WHERE id =;
                   UPDATE QW_QUALIFIER_LOG SET geschaeftsfall=:NEW.value, messagedate=SYSDATE WHERE id =;
         END IF;
         END IF;
    CLOSE c1;     
    Can anyone help me?

    You are trying to lookup data from qw_qualifier you are currently modifying. You could see the data in a inconsistent way and Oracle is protecting you from it.
    You could read here about how to program around this problem.
    But: your table design seems questionable. You have two records for qw_qualifier and you are trying to log it into one qw_qualifier_log record. Maybe you could fix that, and the need for querying the same table as you are updating is removed.

  • Problem with application server shutdown when connecting

    Hi Friends,
    I am new to J2EE applications.
    I developed a web application that uses jxl and mysql for reading excel sheets. The host I am working on is supposed to be the server. The application I am running is working absolutely fine, by creating a directory and saving the excel file in my webapps folder and inserting the data to the database. But the minute I send the file from client system, there is a sudden shutdown in my server.
    I am sending the jsp and java code related to this application and related log file..
    I guess the main problem is with sending the exact path from the remote client, rest all is fine including excel and database interactions.
    I commented the database interaction class just for now as I don't think there is a problem with it.
    I am using Tomcat 4.1, MySQL 3.23
    <%@ page language="java" import="pdss.*"%>
    <head><title>File Upload</title></head>
    <%     String action=request.getParameter("go");
    String message=request.getParameter("msg");
    String str="";
         str="Please enter valid filename!";
    ExcelInteraction xlInt=new ExcelInteraction();
    <center><font color="red"><%=str%></font></center>
    <form name="myform" method="post">
    <input type="file" name="filename"></input>
    <input type="submit" name="go" value="Send">
    else if("send".equalsIgnoreCase(action))
         String filename=request.getParameter("filename");
         int ex=0;
         if(filename!=null && (filename.endsWith(".xls")))
              ex=xlInt.fileTransfer(filename, getServletContext());
         else if(filename==null || ("".equals(filename)) || filename.endsWith(".xls")==false)
    %>          DONE
    <%     }
    %>          Data Inconsistency found
    <%     }
    package pdss;
    import pdss.*;
    import java.lang.*;
    import javax.servlet.*;
    import javax.servlet.http.*;
    public class ExcelInteraction
         //PDSSUtilities pdsUtil=new PDSSUtilities();
         public int fileTransfer(String readFile, ServletContext app) throws Exception
              int i=0, j=0;
              String strDirectory = "pdssexcelfiles";
              File srcFile=new File(readFile);
              System.out.println(".................Created source file."+srcFile.getAbsolutePath());
              File destFile=null;
              String newDirStr="",srcFileName="",destFileLoc="", realPath="";
                   if((new File(newDirStr)).exists()==false)
                        boolean success = (new File(newDirStr)).mkdir();
                        if (success) {
                             System.out.println(".................Directory...: " + strDirectory + " created");
                   srcFileName = srcFile.getName();
                        destFile=new File(destFileLoc);
                        InputStream in = new FileInputStream(srcFile);
                        OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(destFile);
                        byte[] buf = new byte[1024];
                        int len=0;
                        while ((len = > 0){
                             out.write(buf, 0, len);
                   System.out.println("............File copied to... "+destFile.getAbsolutePath());
                   System.out.println("......Closing Streams......");
                        System.out.println("..........j::"+j+"rows affected");
              catch(Exception e)
              return j;
    2008-09-16 16:53:52 StandardContext[pdss]: Mapping contextPath='/pdss' with requestURI='/pdss/uploadFile.jsp' and relativeURI='/uploadFile.jsp'
    2008-09-16 16:53:52 StandardContext[pdss]: Trying exact match
    2008-09-16 16:53:52 StandardContext[pdss]: Trying prefix match
    2008-09-16 16:53:52 StandardContext[pdss]: Trying extension match
    2008-09-16 16:53:52 StandardContext[pdss]: Mapped to servlet 'jsp' with servlet path '/uploadFile.jsp' and path info 'null' and update=true
    2008-09-16 16:54:01 StandardContext[pdss]: Mapping contextPath='/pdss' with requestURI='/pdss/uploadFile.jsp' and relativeURI='/uploadFile.jsp'
    2008-09-16 16:54:01 StandardContext[pdss]: Trying exact match
    2008-09-16 16:54:01 StandardContext[pdss]: Trying prefix match
    2008-09-16 16:54:01 StandardContext[pdss]: Trying extension match
    2008-09-16 16:54:01 StandardContext[pdss]: Mapped to servlet 'jsp' with servlet path '/uploadFile.jsp' and path info 'null' and update=true
    2008-09-16 16:54:41 StandardContext[pdss]: Mapping contextPath='/pdss' with requestURI='/pdss/uploadFile.jsp' and relativeURI='/uploadFile.jsp'
    2008-09-16 16:54:41 StandardContext[pdss]: Trying exact match
    2008-09-16 16:54:41 StandardContext[pdss]: Trying prefix match
    2008-09-16 16:54:41 StandardContext[pdss]: Trying extension match
    2008-09-16 16:54:41 StandardContext[pdss]: Mapped to servlet 'jsp' with servlet path '/uploadFile.jsp' and path info 'null' and update=true
    2008-09-16 16:54:42 StandardContext[pdss]: Stopping
    2008-09-16 16:54:42 StandardContext[pdss]: Stopping filters
    2008-09-16 16:54:42 StandardContext[pdss]: Processing standard container shutdown
    2008-09-16 16:54:42 ContextConfig[pdss]: ContextConfig: Processing STOP
    2008-09-16 16:54:42 StandardWrapper[pdss:jsp]: Waiting for 1 instance(s) to be deallocated
    2008-09-16 16:54:42 StandardContext[pdss]: Sending application stop events
    2008-09-16 16:54:42 StandardContext[pdss]: Stopping complete

    The VERY FIRST message in the server log gives you a hint as to what the problem might be. The server thinks you have spaces in your PATH to the application server. Therefore, the solution is to kill the server however you need to (task manager, whatever) and then reinstall it in a path that doesn't contain spaces. That's the low-hanging fruit here; if that doesn't work, well, then we will have to find some other solution.

  • Problem with query for Oracle

    Hello Experts,
    I'm tryng to develop my first application for EP (v7 SP12) with NWDS (without NWDI).
    This application has to read and write data in the EP DB (oracle v10).
    I'm using:
    <u>a Dictionary Project</u> (define the DB Tables)
    <u>a Java Project</u> (define class as DAO, DBManager etc)
    <u>a Library Project</u>
    <u>an EJB Project</u>
    <u>an EAR Project</u>
    With these projects I can deploy a <u>webService</u> in my EP server.
    BUT I have some problem with a query that I'm tryng to sent to my DB through a DAO Class called by my WebService.
    The query is simple and correct but it does not work...
    This is the error message returned (the query id in bold)
    <i>HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
    Connection: close
    Server: SAP J2EE Engine/7.00
    Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8
    Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 14:29:57 GMT
    Set-Cookie: <value is hidden>
    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" ><SOAP-ENV:Body><SOAP-ENV:Fault><faultcode>SOAP-ENV:Client</faultcode><faultstring>java.sql.SQLException: The SQL statement <b>"SELECT NOMESETTORE, MIN(? - "GIORNO") AS GIORNI FROM SRS_DATEINFORTUNI WHERE NOMEDITTA = ? AND NOMEAREA= ? GROUP BY NOMESETTORE ORDER BY NOMESETTORE"</b> <u>contains the syntax error[s]: - 1:25 - the arithmetic expression >>? - "GIORNO"<< contains a host variable (parameter marker)</u></faultstring><detail><ns1:getGiorniSettori_com.akhela.giorniSenzaInfortuni.ejb.exception.GiorniSenzaInfortuniException xmlns:ns1='urn:GiorniSenzaInfortuniWSWsd/GiorniSenzaInfortuniWSVi'></ns1:getGiorniSettori_com.akhela.giorniSenzaInfortuni.ejb.exception.GiorniSenzaInfortuniException></detail></SOAP-ENV:Fault></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope></i>
    The variable '?' is the today date, the difference <b>"(?-GIORNO)"</b> is an int..
    Moreover in my DAO class the query is <b>"SELECT NOMESETTORE, MIN(? - GIORNO) AS GIORNI FROM SRS_DATEINFORTUNI WHERE NOMEDITTA = ? AND NOMEAREA= ? GROUP BY NOMESETTORE ORDER BY NOMESETTORE</b>", instead in the error message is reported <b>MIN(? - "GIORNO")</b>...
    We have tryed also with alternative query, for example we used <b>"MIN(SYSDATA - GIORNO)"</b> but <b>SYSDATA</b> was interpreted as column name and  not found....
    Any help???
    Best Regards

    Hi, I found something about the Host Variable (, there explain that if you want to use an host variable you have to put ':' as prefix..
    My problem is that <u>I need to extract the minimum of the subtraction between two dates:</u>
    Query <b>MIN(? - GIORNO)</b> --> <i>Error: the arithmetic expression >>? - "GIORNO"<< contains a host variable (parameter marker)</i>
    So I tried to use the ':' as indicated in the manual..
    <b>MIN:(? - GIORNO)</b> --> - <i>SQL syntax error: the token ":" was not expected here
                   - expecting LPAREN, found ':'</i>
    <b>MIN(:(? - GIORNO))</b> --> <i>- 1:25 - Open SQL syntax error: :PARAMETER not allowed
                   - 1:26 - SQL syntax error: the token "(" was not expected here
                   - 1:26 - expecting ID, found '('</i>
    Then I tried to avoid the MIN() function and I tried to do just the subtraction:
    <b>? - GIORNO</b> --><i> - 1:21 - the arithmetic expression >>? - "GIORNO"<< contains a host variable (parameter marker)</i>
    <b>:(? - GIORNO)</b> --> <i>- 1:21 - Open SQL syntax error: :PARAMETER not allowed
                - 1:22 - SQL syntax error: the token "(" was not expected here
                - 1:22 - expecting ID, found '('</i>
    <b>'2007-09-24' - GIORNO</b> --> <i>- 1:34 - SQL syntax error: first argument of operator "-" must be a number, date/time or interval
                     - 1:43 - SQL syntax error: arguments of operator "-" do not have correct types
                     - 1:43 - SQL syntax error: derived columns in SELECT list with AS must be values</i>
    <b>GIORNO - GIORNO</b> --> <i>- 1:21 - the group by list and the select list are inconsistent: the column >>"GIORNO"<< is neither grouped nor aggregated
                  - 1:30 - the group by list and the select list are inconsistent: the column >>"GIORNO"<< is neither grouped nor aggregated</i>
    Why these parts of query are not accepted???
    I don't understand why... I hope you can help me.
    Best Regards

  • Problem with JavaScript getPageNumWords

    Using AR7.0.9. I have a problem with the JavaScript method doc.getPageNumWords and the associated machinery for keeping
    track of the words on a page. And I'm wondering if it's a bug,
    or something which is not properly defined by the PDF spec.
    The situation is illustrated by the test file:
    It would appear that the word machinery is aware of
    the text in the /Xform's used by /Widget annotations.
    But the text is locked in the first time the
    machinery is activated on a page i.e. visible /Widget's
    are included and invisible ones are ignored.
    But since /Widget's can be turned on and off
    it's then possible for the word-cache to become out of sync
    with respect to the visible text on the page.
    Note that a widget which is invisible when
    the document is opened, but visible when
    doc.getPageNumWords is first called is included
    in the word list i.e. the word-cache is computed
    once in a just-in-time fashion.
    Is the above a known problem, or an inconsistency that has
    not been considered before? One solution would be
    to add an optional parameter to getPageNumWords
    that would force the word-cache to be recomputed,
    when needed. Thus removing the need to keep automatic
    track of which widgets to include and exclude.
    James Quirk

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

  • How do I fix problem with linked and cropped image frames not printing properly when spanning pages?

    We are using InDesign (ID) to develop and print church bulletins which contain a combination of text frames and graphics. One of the graphic types we use are TIF files which are high-resolution scans of hymns.
    A hymn usually has a combination of the musical score, plus the lyrics - with many verses., so the modular structure is 'staff' composed of a treble clef, followed by verses, followed by a base clef.
    If the example above had 6 verses instead of one, we would crop the image by adjusting the frame, so that the treble clef and the desired verses showed through the frame.
    We would then copy and link the frame - piggy back - adjusting the next content window we build a custom version of the music as a series of linked frames - each with the same base image, but a different frame position.
    So this works fine, when we do this on a single page, but when we then add a 'last staff' at the top of the following page, we encounter print problems with some output devices.
    Imagine a two-page spread, with a full page of music on the left, and the last staff (treble clef, verses, base clef) unit as a separately linked frame at the top of the right page of the spread.
    It displays correctly, and will print individually as pages correctly, but when we print it as a booklet, the last frame drops out and we have blank space.
    I can print the document to PDF and it works fine, but if I print it to a copier or laser printer I get drop out.
    It is inconsistent.
    Previews are always okay. Individual page prints are okay, but when you print the entire document, the last frame in this kind of linked series gets blanked.
    If we create and name the image differently, and call it in as a new image - (not linked to the previous), but it is still a large image that is cropped to a small piece, then it doesn't print.
    If we save the last frame as a different image type (take the TIFF file into photoshop, crop it and save it as a jpg - so it is only the 'snippet') and then import it, it works fine.
    So my question to you there some setting or tip or trick I need to know to be able to link a series of frames with the same base image, but different crops and make it span across two pages properly.
    Or do we need to play this game of crop and trim the image so that it doesn't drop out?
    Any thoughts, advice, direction would be gratefully received!

    I did a lot of such hymn things in the past, but I was alway working on the scans in Photoshop, like adjusting, retouching spots and cropping. And I was always seperating those images to be more flexible so I never run into such a problem.
    I am always scanning in a higher quality level than I would need, I scan it in color, this allows me to eliminate paper color easily, even if I need 1-bit images at the end, I do it in color, so I can also turn the image.
    I did once run into a similar problem with a scan I have got from a copier-scanner machine (it was not a song). But saving as PSD resolved my problem.
    So I would suggest: Open your files in Photoshop, resave them as PSD files and use those instead. If you use 1-bit images (which is fine for this type of images) you should use a resolution equal to the printer's resolution.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Setting up Multiple SSID's & VLAN

    I have a Cisco 1230 AP along with a Sonic Wall TZ 210 and a Linksys SFE 2010P switch. On my AP I have created 2 SSID's. and 2 VLAN's. The first SSID is being broadcasted and has WPA encryption on it for our Corporate USers. The Second SSID is a Guest

  • User Enhancement Module Error

    Hi All, I have created an User Enhancement Module that does encryption and decryption of the Message. The keys for Encryption and Decryption has been accessed from the J2EE Keystore. The problem I am having is in accessing the Keystore. The part of t

  • Non-Latin characters no displaying properly in Safari on iPhone

    I am having an issue where non-English (Chinese, Japanese etc) characters are displaying as squares on the iPhone's Safari browser. I've seen this issue on Windows when you haven't installed support for Asian languages. It would appear that the versi

  • Game Center server cannot connect and do friend recommendations? I have been trying to turn on frind reccommendations for a week.

    This problem started when I updated to the iOS 7.1 Game Center server won't connect with Facebook to add friends or update game info with candy crush and won't connect for recognizing Facebook friends with Dragons World.

  • JS wont direct to "Sent" dialogue, need help...

    Heya, If you visit and send me an email via the contact form the email gets sent to me but as far as the user is concerned the page perpetually shows the "Sending eMail" message rather than directing the user to the "Sent!"