Magic Mouse two finger swipe (forward/back) not working with Opera 10.

Magic Mouse left and right two finger swipe (forward and back) works great with Safari, Firefox, and Camino.
I enjoy using Opera 10 and noticed that the two finger swipe does not function with Opera. Any ideas on why or what adjustments I can make to get it to work?

No workaround so far with this problem and also no posts in the Opera forums. Just have to wait until Opera includes this functionality in their next release.
In the meantime you can help by joining the forum (takes a minute) and posting your concern. The more people that join and voice their complaint the faster something will get coded into their browser.

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  • Magic Mouse - Two Finger Swipe not working in Finder + iTunes

    since OSX 10.8 I realized that in Finder & iTunes the backward/forward navigation has stopped working with Magic Mouse (two-finger-swipe gesture).
    I have already read a lot of forums as well as apple-discussions and didn't find a solution apart from MagicPrefs or any other 3rd-party-app.
    Is that a bug or just not meant to work? Does anybody know why Apple stopped providing this - very useful - gesture?
    Thank you for your time and have a perfect day

    Pual_31 suggested good advise...
    I would also recommend if that does not work, to reboot and run "repair permissions" from Disk Utilities.
    Also might suggest downloading and trying MagicPrefs, it's a free program for the Magic Mouse and it really works great. May help with your problem, may not but I'd give it a try.

  • Windows 7, Magic mouse, two finger swipe action

    I'm using the 27" iMac.
    Does the newer bootcamp supports two finger swipe action on the magic mouse on Windows 7?
    Also, the scrolling action works but I can't seem to control the speed of the scrolling.
    Are these normal at this point?

    if not already done, install the BC Driver update 3.1
    Have a look here

  • Magic Mouse Two Finger Swipe

    I've had a magic mouse for quite awhile but there's one thing that has never worked correctly: two finger swipe.
    When trying to use the gesture to navigate through web history or pictures, it will only work going backward (left swipe). When I swipe to the right, the active window is hidden. I'm very baffled and hoping there is a fix as I would really like to use this feature. Thanks!

    No workaround so far with this problem and also no posts in the Opera forums. Just have to wait until Opera includes this functionality in their next release.
    In the meantime you can help by joining the forum (takes a minute) and posting your concern. The more people that join and voice their complaint the faster something will get coded into their browser.

  • Magic Mouse -- two finger swipe problem

    I have the wireless mouse. Twice now, I have had to unplug my iMac to get the mouse to work with the two fingered swipe. Anybody else experiencing this inability to perform the two finger swipe?

    Per your system info: +"iMac G5 Mac OS X (10.6.2)"+
    G5 iMacs cannot run Snow Leopard. Only Intel Macs can. Therefore, you actually have an Intel iMac. Please correct your system info so that you will get the correct troubleshooting suggestions. How to identify your iMac How to identify iMac (Mid 2007) and later models
    Also, since you are having wireless mouse problems you will get more responses from the folks that use them by posting in the Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Forums.

  • Magic Mouse - three finger double tap dictionary - not working

    A three finger, double tap on my Magic Mouse will not activate a dictionary definition in any app. All other mouse gestures work fine. The keyboard combination for that feature works fine too. How can I get that three finger gesture to work?

    No workaround so far with this problem and also no posts in the Opera forums. Just have to wait until Opera includes this functionality in their next release.
    In the meantime you can help by joining the forum (takes a minute) and posting your concern. The more people that join and voice their complaint the faster something will get coded into their browser.

  • Adobe Fourms does not work with Opera too well

    Adobe Fourms does not work with Opera too well.  I have to use in Opera "Identify as Firefox just to post this message!
    I also have run into the same junk with Hotmail.
    Web Design Tip:  Always code for Opera and all other browsers will fall in line most of the time.

    dave milbut wrote:
    of course you're right east texas. hadn't noticed that. bad bad adobe. someone smack them with a rolled up news paper on the snout!
    I've installed a button in my Firefox tool bar to toggle iFrames on and off through a Firefox add-on called "Toolbar Buttons".
    The forum Reply Editor does not work when iFrames are blocked, so I need to toggle them back on when posting, then back off.  I imagine that's better than having them on all the time.
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  • Swap magic mouse one finger swipe with two fingers swipe

    Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to do next thing with magic mouse:
    I want use two finger swipe gesture for back and forward while browsing.
    And I want to disable one finger swipe (because I am activating it too often occasionally).
    Is it possible to customize gestures setup this way?

    UPDATE: Apple Care suggested a *power reset*. Turn system off, disconnect all cables, wait 30 seconds - 45 seconds, reconnect and power up. Before powering down I went to System Preferences, Internet & Wireless, Bluetooth, highlighted the Apple Wireless Mouse, clicked "-" below the chart, and clicked "YES" to the disconnect question. Then I moved the 2) PLIST files again mentioned in the earlier email to Trash. (User name - Library - Preferences - & At that time, I did the Power Reset mentioned above.
    Connected the MM to Mac Book Air as a test to determine whether it is a mouse or driver problem. The mouse worked perfectly on the MBA. I then unpaired it.
    Reconnected and powered up the Mac Pro, and +the 2 finger swipe works again!+

  • Magic Mouse One-Finger Swipe Works for one user but not the other

    For the main account on my iMac, I can use a single finger swipe to move back and forward within Chrome. However the second user (also an administrator) cannot use this setting and must instead use the two finger swipe in settings. Both settings are identical but the Chrome browser wont recognize the single finger swipe for the second user. The gesture works fine in Safari, but not Chrome. Any suggestions?

    my /etc/group:

  • Magic Mouse 1 finger swipe moves app to new desktop

    My mid-2009 is running the latest ML bits and it has developed an extremely irritating behavior.
    When using my Magic Mouse a 1 finger swipe across the top part of a window moves it to the next desktop. I have my settings in system prefs set to use a 3 finger swipe to change desktops. I also have turned off "Swipe between pages" in the Magic Mouse settings. Sometimes I'll move my finger on the mouse a litlle and suddenly find myself (and the window I was over) on the next desktop.
    I also get this behavior on my MBP pad if I swipe 2 fingers across the top of a window. That's also a little irritating, but less disruptive to my work.
    I would love to know how to disable this behavior.

    I guess you have installed all available updates, including this one?
    As a test, you can create a new admin user account in System Preferences Accounts pane
    Log out and log in to the new account. Try the mouse there. This will help narrow down the cause. If it works in the new account, the cause is probably in your normal user account. If the same problem recurs, then the cause is probably at the system level.

  • Back and forth with two finger in folders does not work

    It is sad, that back and forth with two fingers does not work in Itunes, Folders, or somewere else than in Safari. You can put the settings back thwo three fingers but than you cannnot mark text with three fingers. It would be nice just to use two finger everywher to go back an forth

    Would be nice positive posts too ..

  • I am using Mac running OS X Mavericks (10.9.1) and Firefox 26. Two finger scroll down is not working all of a sudden only with Firefox.

    Hardware : Macbook Pro
    Operating System : OS X Mavericks v10.9.1
    Browser : Firefox v26.0
    All of a sudden, two finger scrolls doesn't work. Thats only when I am within Firefox Window. Everywhere it just works great. I got NO scroll bars at the edges of browser(Firefox) too. No way of proper browsing other than switching to Safari.
    Request to fix this asap.
    Raja Gopal M

    I'm having the same problem but what I found was the scrolling on my iMac was it works until you try and swipe to go back a page. Then the only solution is the quit the program and restart it.
    Spec is an Apple magic track Pad on my iMac with OS X 10.9.
    I'm currently using FireFox v25 but the same issue is in v27.0.1.

  • Magic Trackpad - One Finger Dragging/Drag Lock Not Working

    So I'm loving my new Magic Trackpad, but my one finger dragging and drag lock does not seem to be working.
    First of all, it is enabled under System Preferences-->Trackpad. No matter what I do, I cannot get one finger dragging to work. I logged in under my wife's account, enabled it there, and tried but still no luck. It doesn't appear to be working under either of our accounts.
    I've yet to create a brand new account to try, but my wife's account just as well be new, as it's virtually never used.
    Note that I did have a Magic Mouse previously and using MagicPrefs. I'm curious if this might be causing issues, but I haven't tried removing it yet.
    Any ideas? Physically clicking while dragging is about to drive me crazy.

    QUICK FIX: Change the option for the three-finger gesture to dragging; it works.
    Although I wish I could do one-finger dragging and keep the three-finger gesture for Navigation.
    But not being able to drag or select text/pics, was a more urgent desire than Navigation, so I changed the option on the three-finger gesture.
    I have had the SAME PROBLEM with dragging and drag lock (whatever 'drag lock,' is, I haven't seen explained; it doesn't work for me, yet).
    _Everything else I've gotten to work_ (secondary click in left/right corners took a while - now I learned that I actually got to push down/click; or, at least, doing that makes it work).
    But, one finger dragging - still no go.
    I'll try the suggestions here. Check out the apps mentioned. Subscribe. See what happens.
    P.S. - It doesn't 'shock me,' that a brand new product with first version software is not perfect, nor that I/we may have a bit of a learning curve.
    My right wrist was ready for a rest and my left hand eager to get into computer use, so I love this product, find it 'graceful,' and pleasant and have confidence that it will be improved by Apple and others, and ourselves as we get use to it.
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  • Two finger tap right click not working

    Is anyone having a problem with two-finger tap to right click?  Two-finger tap to right click was working fine for a while, but it suddenly stopped on my Yoga 13.
    I reinstalled the touchpad drivers, and it worked for a few days, then it stopped again.  Two-finger click still works fine.  So does one-finger tap to left click.
    Go to Solution.

    Hi guys,
    there´s a new driver_ 
    Synaptics TouchPad Driver
    Windows 8 64bit
    15 Nov 2012
    it seems it fixes the two finger tapping issue.
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  • Lenovo Flex 2 14#: Two-finger-tap (right click) not working on windows 10

    On my new Lenovo Flex 2 (AMD A8) i have upgraded to win 10 but i cant get the two-finger-tap to work. It dint work in 8.1 either. I can scroll in browser with two fingers. In the synaptics software the feature is activated but i doesent work. I have read some of the other threads about fixing the problem in win 8.1 but the registry files doesent have the same structure/names on my win 10. What to do?

    I am having the same problem... It's very irritating to have to two finger click all the time.
    Is there a solution? 

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