Magic Mouse - Two Finger Swipe not working in Finder + iTunes

since OSX 10.8 I realized that in Finder & iTunes the backward/forward navigation has stopped working with Magic Mouse (two-finger-swipe gesture).
I have already read a lot of forums as well as apple-discussions and didn't find a solution apart from MagicPrefs or any other 3rd-party-app.
Is that a bug or just not meant to work? Does anybody know why Apple stopped providing this - very useful - gesture?
Thank you for your time and have a perfect day

Pual_31 suggested good advise...
I would also recommend if that does not work, to reboot and run "repair permissions" from Disk Utilities.
Also might suggest downloading and trying MagicPrefs, it's a free program for the Magic Mouse and it really works great. May help with your problem, may not but I'd give it a try.

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    Magic Mouse left and right two finger swipe (forward and back) works great with Safari, Firefox, and Camino.
    I enjoy using Opera 10 and noticed that the two finger swipe does not function with Opera. Any ideas on why or what adjustments I can make to get it to work?

    No workaround so far with this problem and also no posts in the Opera forums. Just have to wait until Opera includes this functionality in their next release.
    In the meantime you can help by joining the forum (takes a minute) and posting your concern. The more people that join and voice their complaint the faster something will get coded into their browser.

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    I'm using the 27" iMac.
    Does the newer bootcamp supports two finger swipe action on the magic mouse on Windows 7?
    Also, the scrolling action works but I can't seem to control the speed of the scrolling.
    Are these normal at this point?

    if not already done, install the BC Driver update 3.1
    Have a look here

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    I've had a magic mouse for quite awhile but there's one thing that has never worked correctly: two finger swipe.
    When trying to use the gesture to navigate through web history or pictures, it will only work going backward (left swipe). When I swipe to the right, the active window is hidden. I'm very baffled and hoping there is a fix as I would really like to use this feature. Thanks!

    No workaround so far with this problem and also no posts in the Opera forums. Just have to wait until Opera includes this functionality in their next release.
    In the meantime you can help by joining the forum (takes a minute) and posting your concern. The more people that join and voice their complaint the faster something will get coded into their browser.

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    I have the wireless mouse. Twice now, I have had to unplug my iMac to get the mouse to work with the two fingered swipe. Anybody else experiencing this inability to perform the two finger swipe?

    Per your system info: +"iMac G5 Mac OS X (10.6.2)"+
    G5 iMacs cannot run Snow Leopard. Only Intel Macs can. Therefore, you actually have an Intel iMac. Please correct your system info so that you will get the correct troubleshooting suggestions. How to identify your iMac How to identify iMac (Mid 2007) and later models
    Also, since you are having wireless mouse problems you will get more responses from the folks that use them by posting in the Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Forums.

  • Magic Mouse left right swipe not working

    I got the mouse with my computer about a month ago. And suddenly, the left/right swipe has stopped working. I've wiped down the top and changed the batteries. I restarted. It doesn't seem to be working.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

    Take it back to Apple and get a new one, yours is still under warranty.

  • TS2662 my new magic mouse scrolling & swiping will not work

    my new magic mouse scrolling & swiping will not work. Help??

    I had this happen to me as well. just last week (july 28, 2014) I brought my magic mouse from home to work since my work mouse was going south. paired it with bluetooth, it moved and clicked but no scroll or gestures. searched till I nearly ready to give up. then I installed USB overdrive. many forum posts said too remove that. I didn't have it, so I installed it. and then un-installed it.  everything works great now.
    hope this helps someone.

  • Magic Mouse One-Finger Swipe Works for one user but not the other

    For the main account on my iMac, I can use a single finger swipe to move back and forward within Chrome. However the second user (also an administrator) cannot use this setting and must instead use the two finger swipe in settings. Both settings are identical but the Chrome browser wont recognize the single finger swipe for the second user. The gesture works fine in Safari, but not Chrome. Any suggestions?

    my /etc/group:

  • Swap magic mouse one finger swipe with two fingers swipe

    Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to do next thing with magic mouse:
    I want use two finger swipe gesture for back and forward while browsing.
    And I want to disable one finger swipe (because I am activating it too often occasionally).
    Is it possible to customize gestures setup this way?

    UPDATE: Apple Care suggested a *power reset*. Turn system off, disconnect all cables, wait 30 seconds - 45 seconds, reconnect and power up. Before powering down I went to System Preferences, Internet & Wireless, Bluetooth, highlighted the Apple Wireless Mouse, clicked "-" below the chart, and clicked "YES" to the disconnect question. Then I moved the 2) PLIST files again mentioned in the earlier email to Trash. (User name - Library - Preferences - & At that time, I did the Power Reset mentioned above.
    Connected the MM to Mac Book Air as a test to determine whether it is a mouse or driver problem. The mouse worked perfectly on the MBA. I then unpaired it.
    Reconnected and powered up the Mac Pro, and +the 2 finger swipe works again!+

  • Two finger swipe was working for Firefox 7 in my macbook pro running lion yesterday but not today. i have installed Alfred. Has that broken it?

    I was able to use the two finger swipe gesture on my macbook pro trackpad in firefox 7. It was working fine but has just stopped working. It does work if I hold the alt key while swiping but that seems a bit pointless. The only thing I have changed on my mac is that I installed Alfred. Has that broken the gesture?

    Sorry to tell you this but it's starting to sound like a hardware issue.
    Reason being is because youi've had this issue when you had 2GB of RAM, and running Leopard to Snow Leopard then to Lion.
    Even after you've reinstalled everything it was still giving you issues.
    Ok, try this one.  Open the back of your MB, take one RAM out of the top slot, then turn your MB on and see if it still freezes.  If it does, then take the lower RAM off the botton slot and install it on the top slot.  Turn it back on.  If the problem stops, then it could be your RAM slots.

  • Windows 8.1 two finger gestures not working

    After I updated to windows 8.1 from  windows 8 yesterday, none of my two finger gestures are working. (e.g. two finger scroll, two finger click, or zoom) I tried updating my Synaptics driver and nothing has changed. I still can not use any of my two finger gestures. One finger scrolling is working properly but the two finger gestures are my favorite. All my gestures worked fine until I updated to windows 8.1...
    Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this? 
    Please help!

    Hello HelpMe0,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I understand two-finger prompts are not working since upgrading to Windows 8.1. I will do my best to help, but first, I require the computer's model number. If you require assistance locating this information, please reference this website: Guide to finding your product number
    I worked on behalf of HP.

  • Magic Mouse 1 finger swipe moves app to new desktop

    My mid-2009 is running the latest ML bits and it has developed an extremely irritating behavior.
    When using my Magic Mouse a 1 finger swipe across the top part of a window moves it to the next desktop. I have my settings in system prefs set to use a 3 finger swipe to change desktops. I also have turned off "Swipe between pages" in the Magic Mouse settings. Sometimes I'll move my finger on the mouse a litlle and suddenly find myself (and the window I was over) on the next desktop.
    I also get this behavior on my MBP pad if I swipe 2 fingers across the top of a window. That's also a little irritating, but less disruptive to my work.
    I would love to know how to disable this behavior.

    I guess you have installed all available updates, including this one?
    As a test, you can create a new admin user account in System Preferences Accounts pane
    Log out and log in to the new account. Try the mouse there. This will help narrow down the cause. If it works in the new account, the cause is probably in your normal user account. If the same problem recurs, then the cause is probably at the system level.

  • Trackpad Problems: Two-Finger Sometimes Not Working

    This is a recent problem I've been having that's just surfaced only this week.
    Every now and then, as I'm two-finger scrolling, the trackpad will register only one finger, consequently moving the mouse only. Settings are alright, otherwise two-finger scrolling wouldn't be working at all. It works, but sometimes it does not.

    Sometimes recalcitrant trackpads can be corrected by a very through cleaning of the trackpad.  See if that is the cure.
    This could be it. I am using a protector film, but it's the same sheet that I've been using since 2009. The film could be deterioating. I will remove it and check. I hope the trackpad is not susceptible to staining over time...
    If not, open the MBP and see if the battery has swollen and is interfering with the trackpad.
    Good to know, though not likely not the case as the battery was recently changed.

  • Magic Mouse - browser navigation backswipe not working.

    Hey, is anyone else having a failing experience using the back nagivagation swipe function of the magic mouse?
    As of OSX Mavericks install, the single swipe does not swipe back to previous pages visited.
    I am sure this is a bug, and kind of surprised it wasn't caught during beta?
    I am however, running dual screens (15" retina monitor, and 27" thunderbolt) but can't imagine that would make any difference.

    Nadnerb, you are using the "magic" mouse correct?
    I might suggest switching the power off the magic mouse, then under your bluetooth devices, remove the magic mouse. Then turn on the mouse, and reconnect it bluetooth again.
    Then test the functionality of the mouse. If it still does not scroll, go into the system:mouse settings and check that those functions are enabled.
    If they are, and it's still unable to scroll, is it 100% not working under Safari - or are all applications not working with the scroll? If no applications aren't working, there may be a chance that the sensor in the magic mouse failed.
    Would be surprised if that was the case.

  • Notification Center two finger slide not working

    The slide bar thing on the right of the computer wont open fully. It definitely gets activated so it's not completely frozen, but it wont fully open or fully close. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    Spotted this and it solved the problem,
    nick dude 100
    Re: two-finger scrolling doesn't work 
    Apr 15, 2012 11:07 AM (in response to thebabak)
    Go into System Preferences, click on Universal Access, click on Mouse and Trackpad, click on Trackpad Options and then select Scrolling

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