Maintaining the Output type in the PO from Sales Order

Hi experts,
I have developed one application for Sales Order that..there is one link of Purchase order in the Sales order.if i click on PO in the sales goes to me22n screen.if i will maintain the output type in the PO and Click on SAVE gives some error like (No update of sales order 100001 from purchase
                                 order (error V1 275)).
cud u help me to solve the above issue.its very urgent.
is there any way to change to va02 to va03...when i am going  from va02 to me22n
thanx in advance

May be because when saving the PO, it's trying to update some sales order related data too and it's locked by you. Try using the save button in output type maintenance screen, or open the sales order in display mode and call ME22N and try maintaining the output type.
or try using LEAVE TO TRANSACTION ME22N from VA02.
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  • Assigning the output  type to the shipment number

    can any one tell me how to assign the output type to the shipment number.
    Ex: ALTR to all my shipment numbers. By default, its taking other output types.
    Thanks in advance.

    Please check which output-types for shipment have been maintained in transaction code VV7x (Output-Condition Records).
    Menu path: Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Master Data -> Output -> Shipment
      - VV71 - Create
      - VV72 - Change
      - VV73 - Display
    Or go to customizing (TCode: SPRO) to verify how they have been maintained:
    Menu path: IMG -> Logistics Execution -> Transportation -> Basic Transportation Functions -> Output Control -> Maintain Output Determination for Shipments

  • No processing log generated from the output type for the IDOC

    Dear experts,
    the output type which is triggered with a transmission medium Special Function has not generated any IDOC.
    The question is what is the role of a Special function and EDI transmission.
    In some cases the system has generated an IDOC and some cases not. The output is pickedup automatically, but
    does not always trigger an IDOC, Thats is the issue I am facing.
    Therefore in cases where there was no IDOC created there is no processing log generated.
    KIndly help.

    The status is green, and when I try to show the IDOC it  doesnt show and no processing log.
    The same output is processed for a delivery and it creates a IDOC but sometimes it doesnt.

  • To get the configuration detials of a material from sales order

    Hi Gurus,
    I know we can get the configuration details of a material from Purchase order using function module 'ME_VAR_GET_CLASSIFICATION'. I need an equivalent function module for getting configuration details of a material from sales order. Is there any?...
    thanks in advance...

    Hi Gurus,
    Myy probelm is solved. I used the same funcitton module ME_VAR_GET_CLASSIFICATION. wiht Material and configuration as the inputs. then i used table CABN to filter the hidden characteristics using the field ACTVE.
    This link in SDN will be more useful. please try this.

  • Output type triggered after changes in Sales order

    Hello Gurus,
    Is it possible to manage which field changes (quantity, date) will trigger and create a new output type during Sales order change?
    Image I change the date or the quantity, I would like to create automatically a output type xxx.
    But If I change the plant, I don't want to create a new output type xxx.
    Many thanks.

    It is very much possible to trigger the output when you change the particular fields in sales order.For this we need to go for ABAP code.
    Ask your ABAPer to do this.
    The code should be written in "Triggering point" in the processing routines.
    We have a similar requirement in our project too.Our requirement is we have maintained some values for customer groups in Header data-->Additional data A tab.
    When we change this field with a particular value,the particular letter is getting triggered as part of the output type as "ZGEN".
    In our case we have developed an ABAP code for this.
    Similar requirement is yours.Ask your ABAPer to develop a code.

  • Output type attchment not displaying for sales orders

    Output type attachment is not showing form some orders NACE is perfectly configured 10 out of 100 not showing in
    output type as attachement rest of ordrs showing attafchemtns.
    How to do where to find out.

    Check Transaction " V/43" whether sales order output type and procedure are defined or not for a particular order type.

  • Problem in  assign the delivery type to the existing output type

    There is a problem in assinging the existing Output type to the delivery type.
    In, NACE i have maintained the output type for the procedure and also through VV21 i have created the condition type with the combination of shipping point/delivery type.
    But system automatically not determining the output type when we create the outbound delivery. This output type is to trigger the EDI in terns..
    Can any one guide me what are the setting to be done for the same?
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    Check whether you have maintained the condition records for output for the above combination & also the Print device in the Communication tab & Print immediately settings.
    If you haven't maintained the above, do the same & check.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Link between output type and the email id in me22n ?

        Can anyone plz explain the link between the output type and the email id maintained in the address data in ME22n ?
    The output type is configured fo rsending Email .Whenever i maintain the email id in the address data the outptu type gets triggered automatically but if I leave it as plank the output type does not get triggered.
    Can any one explain this dependency?
    thanks in advance

    It depends on the output record that you have used, what is the key?
    It is no different that printed POs where the Printer Id is not specified in the communications tab of the output record. If the systen can't find where to send the output to it will not generate the record.
    If it did generate the record without the email address, what would you expect to happen? Where could it send it?
    It is far better to get the warning message "unable to determine ......" that to simply save the PO without the email addrerss.
    So I would simply see the warning message as an indication that the email address is missing and fill it in before saving.
    Steve B

  • Problem with the Output Type and Transaction ME9F

          I have an Output Type (xyz) and Program (abc).
          If for ME21N i give the output type ( xyz ) the n am able to get the Spool and 
          If for ME9F i give the output type ( pqr) then am able to get the Spool and 
          Problem is :---
          when am using O/P Type ( xyz ) for ME9F then am abel to process but am
          not able to get the spool and not even printout.
          I want to know where it can be wrong.
          It's a high priority object.
    Kindly help me out.

    hi Zakir,
    1.check the output type under
    apllications  'EF' IN transaction  NACE. that ef and press the push button output types .
    3. now check ur output for is present here or not ..
    just click the position button and give ur output type ..
    4. when u find ur output type .. select that o/p type and click processing routined on the left side where u will see ..
    when u do this
    u ll see the details like
    output type . the output type  "
    application . 'EF'
    and the mode of medium .
    1. print out
    2. fax .
    6. edi etc.
    this is the way to check what are the mediums present for the output type ..
    check whether u r <b>entries (xyz) and (pqr) are having medium 1.</b> 
    if its missing  then assign it ..

  • How to know the output type for particular tcode

    how to know the output type for the VL10D & VAL TCODES.
    Can anybody help me out.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi Krishna,
    GO to NACE and select your application and click on output types and in the next screen select your output type and and dbl click on Processing routines.
    Here you will come to know about which driver program is used for which smartform or Script.
    and for Program details you can refer table: REPOSRC

  • Automatic PR Creation from Sales order

    Hi All,
              This is with respect to PR creation from Sales order for 3rd party items.
    I am able to create PR from standard sales order and i dont have any issues with that.  I have used schedule line categories which is configured with Order type Z2, Item rel for dlvy checked and Acct assigment group as E.
    Now my question is , I want to copy partners from sales order to Purchas req. Currently some partners are getting transferred from Sales order to P.Req, But not all there in sales order. Where do we control the data that can be copied from Sales order to P. Req
    Thank you

    Genrating PR, Mostely depends on shedule line,see which shedule line u r determining for HIGH LEVEL ITEM ,for that shedule line maintain setting is VOV6.

  • Mb1b movement 453 - profit center not from material but from sales order

    Dear All,
    we have the problem that by return process from sales order stock to free stock (453 movement) we would like to have the original Profit center from sales order, but as SAP standard it moves PC from material master.
    we have implemented already oss 978159 sowie 1038490, but did not help.
    Since days we try to find an uxer exit in MM or CO!? where we could write in the correct profit center. But unfortunately PC from material master pops up at the end of the process, and the system overwrites it again and again.
    Had sy of you similair problem? can you please help with an user exit?

    I think this behaviour is correct.. Since you are moving from Sales order stock to Unrestricted stock, the PC from mat master would prevail...
    As far as I know, this behaviour is correct
    Ajay M

  • PO Text copy from Sales Order to Purchase Order

    Dear friends,
    Hope everyone is doing fine.
    I have the following business requirement for two situations
    Scenario 1) Purchase Order text from the Sales order has to be copied to the purchase order. Here sales order is converted to purchase requisition, and later the requisition is converted to the purchase Order.
    The standard SAP config is working absolutely fine for this.
    Scenario 2) Purchase Order text from the Sales Order has to be copied ot the purchase order. Here sales order is converted into a planned order, planned order is converted into purchase requisition, and later the requisition is converted to the purchase Order. For this situation, the text is not getting copied from Sales order to the requisition/purchase order.
    This is not working as of now with the configuration for the above scenario 1.
    Please throw some light to solve the scenario 2.
    Please let me know if there is a config or do we need to use any user exit or BADI to achieve this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sam Matt ;
    You can benefit from MM:Define copy rules for PR texts .
    I checked , you can copy from sales order , like a belowed screens.
      M.Ozgur Unal

  • Restrict transfer of requirments from Sales Order to MRP.

    Hi Friends,
    I have a requirement where in I have to stop/restrict transfer of requirements from Sales order line item to MRP.
    Generally, If the material in Sales order is for Internal production then the Planned order it triggered in MRP and If the material is Externally Procured then a Purchase Req is triggered in MRP. The MRP run is carried out using Transaction code - MD03
    Is there any technical enhancement where I can restrict the transfer of requirements to MRP from Sales order.
    I know I can control it functionally by changing the schedule line category, But We need a technical development to do this as the user would not every time go to Sales order change and then change the schedule line Category.
    Please Advise.
    Thanks & Regards
    Nayan Shah

    Hi Nayan,
    Please try user exits EXIT_SAPLMDR2_001/2/3 if it helps.

  • Blocked for payment from sales order

    Do you know to do to the FI document will come blocked from sales order?
    For example, I did a sale order with a client x. The payment terms of this client is setting to block the payment.
    So, when I did a sales order, and do all SD process, after billing it, on FBL5N the client document isn't blocked for payment.
    Do you know any way to block it from a sales order??

    A is also fine. If the payment terms is applicable for both customer as well as vendor, then the system will block for payment and in FBL5N also system will show with block indicator A.  Or
    Try to block in same FBL5N, select particular document, goto environment in menupath select change document and block it and then save. Again run FBL5N check the block indicator.
    There is no additional configuration is required apart from my first reply.
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