Make movement type relevant for BW Purchasing Extractor

How do I make a movement type relevant for a Purchasing extractor? Specifically 2lis_02_SGR.
The SAP functional team (I am on the BW team) started using movement type 161 and 162 for goods receipts. They set up the movement type in OMJJ in ECC. But it does not flow into BW via the 2lis_02_SGR extractor.
I went into the Transaction Key for BW and added 161 and 162 and now they show up in the table - V_TMCLVBW / TMCLVBW, but they are not flagged as statistically relevant. I have tried to go to tcodes MCB0 and MCB_ but get an SAP error "
View/table V_TMCLBW can only be displayed and maintained with restrictions
" and I do not know what this means or how to get past it so I can edit the table.
I have tried resetting up the initialization tables for Purchasing, but the movement types still do not come in the extractor. I think this is because the table still does not have these movement types flagged as statistically relevant.

I have gotten a developers key, so I was able to make V_TMCLVBW editable via MCB_ but this still brings me back to the change view for transaction key maintenance for transfer into BW. But I still can not figure out how to make the movement types relevant for BW.

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  • Make movement type 201 as follow on for 311

    Would like to know if it is possible to make movement type 201 as a follow on for 311. The requirement is to first transfer an item from one storgae location to another location and then issue it in the receiving location.
    Thanks and regards,

    I think any option that you follow to do this will require some form of ABAP. Either you could create a bespoke screen which will complete both movements, or you could investigate the option of adding an output to the first movement to automatically complete a 201 movement. It depends on the info you need to complete the 201 movement and where you are going to source this information from.

  • Blocking Movement type 122 for T code MBRL

    All SAP Gurus,
    I want to block the movement type 122 for T code MBRL.
    For this I used T code OMJJ, but here it is not showing MBRL as used T code.
    If MBRL is not specified in OMJJ for 122, then how MBRL T- code is allowed for movement type 122.
    Please give ur valuable inputs.
    Edited by: Rajan R. on May 19, 2008 10:22 AM
    Edited by: Rajan R. on May 19, 2008 10:59 AM

    Check the all authorization roles you have created for inventory management. In there you can take out MBRL from the list. Then, create a new role for transaction MBRL only, and then you can allow other movement types for this role except 122. Assgin this role to your users.
    This is what I have done at two client locations.

  • Block Movement type 122 for T code MBRL

    All SAP Gurus,
    I want to block the movement type 122 for T code MBRL.
    For this I used T code OMJJ, but here it is not showing MBRL as used T code.
    If MBRL is not specified in OMJJ for 122, then how MBRL t code is allowed for movement type 122.
    Please give ur valuable inputs.
    Edited by: Rajan R. on May 17, 2008 3:22 PM

    Thanks for the reply
    Now I want to block movement type 122 so that it can not be used throuh MRRL, is it posssible and how to do that?
    I have alredy blocked MIGO for movement type 122
    Edited by: Rajan R. on May 17, 2008 3:51 PM

  • How to make Delivery Item Relevant for Proof of Delivery

      How is it possible to make the Delivery Item relevant for Proof of Delivery (POD). What are the configuration settings required?

    Hi Priyanka,
    Following is the method to make Delivery Item Relevant for Proof of Delivery:
    1.  SPRO --> Logistics Execution --> Shipping --> Deliveries --> Proof of delivery
    a.Set POD-Relevance Depending on Delivery Item Category
    (In this activity, you can set the proof of delivery (POD) relevance depending on the delivery item category.)
    Put (X) Relevant for POD, for the relevent Item Categories
    b.Define Reasons for Quantity Differences
    (Define how the quantity is to be calculated (add or subtract the difference quantity, depending on whether you are dealing with an overdelivery or an underdelivery for eg. due to damage during transport).
    2. Set the Relevant for POD indicator on the Shipping tab page of the customer with whom you would like to carry out POD-processing.
    Hope it helps.
    Anirban Roy

  • Blocking Movement type 309 for perticular user ID

    We want to block Movement Type '309' for perticular user ID.
    How this can be achieved?

    You can do it through autherization  control ,
    For Object
    M_MSEG_BMB     Material Documents: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWA     Goods Movements: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_LGO     Goods Movements: Storage Location
    Revove the Movement type 309 , for the particular user.

  • Initialize loads for all Purchasing extractors w/o affecting delta for SCL

    Hi Gurus,
    I have to initialize and start the loads for all the Purchasing extractors except the Scheduled Line Item extractor which is already running. I have to make sure I am not disturbing the daily delta for the Scheduled Line Item(SCL) extractor while initializing and running the other loads for Purchasing. How do I get this done.
    Any help is deeply apprecited and will be rewarded with points.This is pretty urgent

    Hi John,
    You can go ahead with the following approach:
    I am assuming that the type of delta that u use here is queued delta. This can be viewed in transaction LBWE (Under purchasing (02)).
    When you are dealing with LO cockpit extractions, make sure the extraction queue (LBWQ) and delta queue (RSA7) show up as either 0 records or dont list up in the specific transactions.
    For example, if there are entries in LBWQ against MCEX02, this means the scheduling extractor still has some data in the extraction queue which needs to be moved to delta queue (RSA7) and then pushed to BW.
    Make sure when transports go to production, there are no entries for delta either in LBWQ (check entry MCEX02) or RSA7 (check entry 2LIS_02_SCL). If not do repeat the following process until both of them are empty. Only then release the transports.
    1. In LBWE, click on job control for 02 (Purchasing). Click on Start date. And select immediate and save. Come back to job control screen and schedule job. This should move data from extraction queue (LBWQ) to delta queue (RSA7).
    2. Run the delta infopackage for scheduling item on the BW side. This would clear the delta queue.
    Do the above process continuously until you see MCEX02 does not show up in LBWQ and no entries in RSA7 for the specific scheduling extractor.
    Then you would be on a safer side.
    A better approach here would also be to get to know a no-posting zone, where you migght get less postings.
    With Best Regards,
    Hariharan. M

  • Issue in GI for shipment for movement type 161 for vendor returns

    Hi Guru's,
    When we try to make the Goods Issue for the shipment in VT12...I'm geting a error message as
    "Combination of Movement type/Special stock/  stock type is not possible".
    And also FYI..the delivery in the shipmet was completley picked and packed and loaded.
    Please Advice.

    Check following SAP Notes:
    - Note 1090988 - Pooling: Quality inspection for return delivery not possible
    Symptom - You run the ADEC special pooling process for a material in which master inspection setup is maintained.
    The error message M7 361 occurs: Combination of movement type/special stock/stock type is not possible. No inspection lot can be created by goods movement receipt (GR) for pooled stock.
    Reason and Prerequisites - It is not planned to deal with ADEC pooling order with quantity inspection lot. The relevant Customizing entries are missing for this process.
    Solution - Refer SAP Note 1090988
    - Note 376615 - M7001: MEU5 xx 01 is missing in table T156M
    Symptom - During goods receipt to a stock transport order with returns item, the system generates message M7001:
    'Please check table T156M: entry MEU5 xx 01 does not exist'. or message M7361: 'Combination of movement type/special stock/stock type not possible'. The system displays the error message if you want to post the returns item from the stock in quality inspection, from the restricted-use stock or from the blocked stock to the stock in transit.
    Cause  - The entry is missing in the standard system
    Solution - Refer SAP Note 376615
    Also, check Allowed Transaction & Reversal & Follow-on M Type node in Tcode OMJJ for M Type 161
    Thanks & Regards

  • Movement type error for Service Processes

    Hi All,
    We are working on service scenario with CRM5.0 and R/34.6c.
    The problem that we face is as follows,
    Whenever we make a service confirmation with products with item cat group BANC the movement type is correctly determined as 261 but whenever our service confirmation contains the products with item category NORM, the R/3 system returns the error that the movement type 291 is not found for the business area.
    Rekha Dadwal

    The error was due to the material type. We changed the material type and now it works fine

  • Movement type authorisation for different storage locations

    Hi sdners
    can we make the movement type restricted to any storage location
    Ex: i have 2 storage locations 1110 and 1114 in plant 1100
    and i have two end user mst1 mst2
    if so i want to make sure that mst1 is responsible only for issue goods from 111o
    and he should not able to issue goods from 1114 vice versa to mst2
    is there any possible configuration please let me know.
    With regards

    u can achive this through authorization
    You need to activate the storage location authorization check for goods movements in config
    SPRO->Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Authorization Management->Authoization check for storage locations.
    Then required  control is achieved via authorization object M_MSEG_LGO.
    Get in touch with Basis and ask him to remove required storage location from user ID so that that user will not able to pass any movement to that storage location

  • Movement Type used for How many users

    Dear All,
    I need to check how many users having authorization of "311" Movement Type. How i can check it?
    Thanks & Regards,

    These are the authorisation object which consists of authorisation field BWART(Movement type)
    M_MRES_BWA Reservations: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BMB Material Documents: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWA Goods Movements: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWE Goods Receipt for Purchase Order: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWF Goods Receipt for Production Order: Movement Type
    You can run t-code SE16> Goto Table AGR_1251> In Field textbox enter BWART-->Low textbox Enter the value(311).
    You will get list of roles. Copy those role and then Goto se16>AGR_USERS>In AGR_name textbox Multiple selection paste these role names.
    You will get list of user having access to those roles.
    Do let me know if this brings the data what is required.

  • Update types relevant for posting - IRR SWAP

    Dear Experts,
    Wwhen implementing a IRR SWAP, you are normally not supposed to book the reduction in nominal amount (Update Type : DE1105-) and the increase in nominal amount (Update Type: DE1105+).
    For a specific requirement this should be on the other hand possible at my client. I tried to activate the mentioned update types as relevenant for posting, but when posting them with TBB1 nothing happens.
    Anyone an idea on how to post these update types?

    Hi Gregory,
    I just figured out. Make Flow Type 1105 as "Relevant to posting" and then check if DE1105 +/- are relevant for posting in "Indicate Update Types as Relevant to Posting". This should resolve your issue too.

  • BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE for mov.type 101 for Delivery

    Hi expert,ù
    I have to use the BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to create a 101 referring to a delivery but I can't find wich parameters I have to set.
    If I refre to a purch.order it works correclyt, but the same settings are not applicable for delivery.
    Any documentations or example?

    Check if this is useful.
    *-Step 1: Create Inbound delivery from outbound delivery
    Input the delivery number, date & creator name
    to impkf structure
    *-- Do MIGO using Outbound delivery
      wa_imkpf-bldat = goodsrecdate.
      wa_imkpf-budat = goodsrecdate.
      wa_imkpf-xblnr = deliverynumber.
      wa_imkpf-usnam = sy-uname.
      CLEAR ws_i_cnt.
    *-- Pass all the necessary details to I_MSEG - item details
      CLEAR wa_wueb. REFRESH i_mseg.
      LOOP AT i_wueb INTO wa_wueb.
        CLEAR wa_lips. CLEAR wa_mseg.
        READ TABLE i_lips INTO wa_lips WITH KEY vbeln = wa_wueb-vbeln
                                                posnr = wa_wueb-vbelp BINARY SEARCH.
        IF sy-subrc = 0 AND wa_lips-lgnum NE space. " only for WH managed
          ws_i_cnt = ws_i_cnt + 1.
          wa_mseg-line_id = ws_i_cnt.               " Line Number
          wa_mseg-global_counter = ws_i_cnt.        " Line Number
          wa_mseg-bwart = '101'.            " Movement Type
          wa_mseg-matnr = wa_wueb-matnr.            " Material Number
          wa_mseg-werks = wa_wueb-werks.            " Plant
          wa_mseg-lgort = wa_wueb-lgort.            " Storage Loc
          wa_mseg-charg = wa_wueb-charg.            " Batch
          wa_mseg-kzbew = c_b.                      " Movement Indicator ( B indicates
    Goods movement for purchase order)
          wa_mseg-erfmg = wa_wueb-erfmg.            " Quantity
          wa_mseg-erfme = wa_wueb-erfme.            " UoM
          wa_mseg-bprme = wa_wueb-erfme.            " UoM
          wa_mseg-menge = wa_wueb-erfmg.            " Qty
          wa_mseg-meins = wa_wueb-erfme.            " UoM
          wa_mseg-ebeln = wa_wueb-ebeln.            " STO Number
          wa_mseg-ebelp = wa_wueb-ebelp.            " STO Item Number
          wa_mseg-migo_elikz = 1.                   " Delivery completion indicator( 1 - set automatically)
          wa_mseg-bstmg = wa_wueb-erfmg.            " QTY
          wa_mseg-lgnum = wa_lips-lgnum.            " WH No
          wa_mseg-vbeln = wa_wueb-vbeln.            " Delivery Number
          wa_mseg-posnr = wa_wueb-vbelp.            " Delivery Item number
          wa_mseg-lsmng = wa_wueb-erfmg.            " QTY
          wa_mseg-lsmeh = wa_wueb-erfme.            " UoM
          wa_mseg-bukrs = wa_wueb-ekorg.            " Purchase org
    *-- Get Vendor Number from STO
          CLEAR wa_ekko.
          READ TABLE i_ekko INTO wa_ekko WITH KEY ebeln = wa_wueb-ebeln BINARY SEARCH.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            wa_mseg-lifnr = wa_ekko-lifnr.          " Vendor number
          wa_mseg-ean11_bme = wa_wueb-ean11.        " EAN11
          wa_mseg-insmk = space.                    " Stock Type ( space - Unrestricted use)
          wa_mseg-weanz = 1.                        " Number of GR/GI Slips to Be Printed
          wa_mseg-weanzx = c_x.                     " Updated information in related user data field
          wa_mseg-wempfx = c_x.                     " Updated information in related user data field
          wa_mseg-abladx = c_x.                     " Updated information in related user data field
          APPEND wa_mseg TO i_mseg.
    *-- Do MIGO
          imkpf = wa_imkpf
          xallp = c_x
          xallb = c_x
          xallr = c_x
          ctcod = c_migo
          xlisu = c_x
          emkpf = i_emkpf
          emseg = i_emseg
          imseg = i_mseg.
      IF i_emkpf-subrc = 1.                  "Inbound delivery creation is success
        ws_c_indelvry = i_emkpf-msgv1.

  • Which movement type use for return stock form one plant to other plant  in

    HI friends i am working on STO PROCESS
    i need to transfer return stock from one plant to other plant as a return stock i am using Mvt type 455
    but system shows  following error
    Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry 455 X X _ L)
    Message no. M7226
    The system could not find entry 455 X X _ L in any of the movement type control tables.
    Cancel current processing.
    Contact your system administrator.
    Action to be taken by the system administrator
    Check in Customizing for Inventory Management under Copy, Change Movement Types whether the entry is contained in the Update control view for the movement type.
    If the entry is missing, proceed as follows:
    For standard movement types, this means that the given process is not supported using the present data combination. Do not create any entries without prior arrangement with your SAP consultant. Otherwise, incorrect postings may result.
    For customer-defined movement types (beginning with 9, X, Y, or Z), this may mean that they have not been fully defined. Delete the movement type and re-create it by copying a standard movement type.
    thanks in advance

         I think there is a standard STO movement type you can use. But I can't remember. Why don't you try to find it and test if it fit your requirement?
         There are some information for your reference. Please check on website:
    Using STO without delivery: 
      doc.type: UB
      GI:351, GR:101
      STO with delivery:
      GI:641, GR:101
      delivery type:NL
      STO with delivery and billing:
      GI:643, GR:101
      delivery type:NLCC , billing type:IV
         And if you want to use the way to return the goods replenishment, try to flag the return checkbox while you create purchase order item. Of course, corresponding configuration is required.

  • Find Material Document with Movement type 103 for material document 105

    Hi experts,
    In PO History, I have three line items with movement type 103 (Blocked Stock) and one with movement type 105 (From blocked stock to unrestricted stock). I would like to know the material document with movement type 105 document that has the movement type 103.

      you can get the material documents (mblnr) for the movement type(bwart) in table AUFK.
    But i think you need to pass some other data along with bwart like matnr or aufnr for getting the correct mblnr.

Maybe you are looking for

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