Malicious messages are being sent from my account

Malicious messages are being sent from my SKYPE account I have changed my password now will this stop it? Is anyone else having this problem is it a virus or does it mean my account has been hacked or something?
Have a go at this and see what you pickup

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  • My I messages are being sent from my Hotmail account, I have tried to re-activate my I messages but I keep getting "ac"

        My I messages are being sent from my Hotmail account, I have tried to re-activate my I messages but I keep getting "activation unsuccessful"

    This is selected at Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > Start new conversations from:
    If your Hotmail account is available under your can be reached by iMessage at and someone with a Mac or iOS device has your Hotmail email address available with your contact info in their address book, they can initiate an iMessage addressed to your Hotmail account.

  • HT4519 Default email is set but emails are being sent from another account

    I have set up my email accounts on my iPad and set the default email as my home email. I have just noticed that all emails sent from my iPad are being sent from a different account.  What am I missing?

    Edit the address book entry to uncheck use display names. If you want to disable it completely Tools menu (Alt+T) > options > advanced >reading and Display and turn off the use of display names.
    You never had this issue with Outlook.... The question is what did the recipient see, not what did you see. If they did not use Outlook there is a good chance they saw what was in their address book. You can address your mail as sent by "Very Important person from Very Profitable Company" If I add you to my address book as "The Goblin" I see "The Goblin" This is because Thunderbird places control in the hands of the user. Outlook does not. Note the Multiple ways to view a message body on the view menu.
    I get your frustration, but your no longer using Outlook. Outlook is an excellent exchange client. I find it actually does email badly.

  • Messages are being sent from my computer that I did not originate

    I am receiving multiple e-mails saying that messages could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. I have not initiated these e-mails. How do I stop whoever has hi-jacked my computer to send these messages from doing this?

  • I have 3 email accounts in Mail on Macbook Pro.  Mail is only being sent from 1 account.

    I have 3 email accounts in Mail.  Mail is only being sent from 1 account, even though I select one of the other accounts in the "from" field.  In my sent box, the "From" field says the accout I selected, but all recipients say they receive it from a different account.  I set my composing preferences "send new messages from" to the main account, but all my mail is still being sent from a different account.  I cannot see that this is happening, only people receiving it can.  I noticed it because when they reply, it goes to a different account than what I sent to them.  Any suggestions with what I should do?

    Thank you!  Funny.  I had just found that answer eleswhere: nt/

  • My wife and I have been texting on our iPhones. All of the sudden all messages are being sent as text. We cannot seem to make the iMessage work.

    My wife and I have been texting on our iPhones. All of the sudden all messages are being sent as text. We cannot seem to make the iMessage work. Any ideas?

    Your question is almost too much a personal one, begging the question "do we (husband and wife) feel comfy sharing one account on the Mac"   maybe thats why nobody answered you.
    It doesnt complicate anything, but it adds steps for switching accounts on the Mac/ purchases etc. of course
    since your question is mostly personal, ..I wont answer THAT part of it, but creating a new account is easy.....messing with switching back and forth is also a personal preference 'issue' as well.   I prefer to keep things simple, and yours,  I dont know.......

  • TS4268 My text messages are being sent and received with my email address instead of my phone number. How do I fix this?

    My text messages are being sent and received with my email address instead of my phone number. How do I fix this?

    This is with iMessages only.
    Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and below the Start New Conversations From, select your cell phone number instead of your Apple ID email address.

  • If my texts are being sent from my email address...

    If my texts are being sent from my email address registered on my icloud account, how do I change it back to my phone number?

    Fixed by using the info in this article:

  • When replying an email from my icloud alias, it's being sent from primary account

    Hi everybody
    I have experienced a little problem which is that when I'm replying to an e-mail from my iphone using my icloud alias, my reply is being sent from my primary e-mail and not from my alias as it should be sent.
    That's happening only when I reply from the iphone, not when using webmail
    Has anybody experienced the same issue ever?

    It may be that you have more than one outgoing mail account, and you're sending from the wrong one. From the Mail menu bar, select
              Mail ▹ Preferences...
    The Mail preference dialog opens. Select the Composing tab from the row of icons at the top. From the menu labeled
              Send new messages from:
              Account of selected mailbox
    Note that this setting may have no effect if you start a new message while a VIP or smart mailbox is selected in the mailbox list. Those are saved searches, not actual mailboxes.
    If the problem remains, select the Accounts tab in the preference dialog, then select the affected account in the list on the left.
    In the Account Information pane, select the correct server in the menu labeled
              Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
    If there's only one server in the menu, select
              Edit SMTP Server List...
    and add a new server with the correct settings. If you're not sure how to do that, try the Mail Settings Lookup.
    Another possibility is that the wrong card in your address book is selected as yours. Select your card in the Contacts application. Then select
              Card ▹ Make This My Card
    from the menu bar.

  • My iMessages are being sent from my gmail and not my phone

    I recently had to deal with major software corruption on my phone and ended up having to completely wipe out my phone and start over by manually downloading all my apps and restoring from iCloud. People who are texting me with iMessage are saying my texts are coming from my gmail account instead of my phone. Sometimes it switches and some people say they have 2 different conversations going on with me, one from my phone and one from my gmail account. I don't want this to happen! Sometimes my texts are popping up on my iPad and I also don't want this to happen because my iPad is a work iPad and I don't want my personal texts appearing on my work iPad. I'm thinking that somehow the 2 have become linked since wiping out my phone and I'd like that to stop happening. I also want to figure out why my texts are sometimes being sent from my phone and sometimes from gmail. Any help?

    Hi there,
    I would recommend taking a look at the article below and making sure that your phone number is selected under the "Start new messages from:" section. This wont change any of the conversations that have already been started from you email address, but it will ensure that new conversations are coming from you phone number.
    iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion: Link your phone number and Apple ID for use with FaceTime and iMessage
    -Griff W.

  • I had to reset my phone and now my messages are being sent as my email and I cannot click on my phone number

    Please help! I had to reset my phone today and after I realized my iMessages were being sent from my email.. When I go to change it it does not let me even select my phone number.. Only my email can be checked and unchecked. I have tried everything including talking to costumer support and cannot find anything that has worked! Someone please help!!

    Are you going to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive>Start New Conversations From? If so, then try
    - Turning iMessage off and then back on
    - Signing out of Messages and then signing back in again - click on the Apple ID and then Sign Out, then sign your Apple ID back in again

  • Since updating to OS5, my text messages are being sent as e-mails.  Also, my contacts do not show the people's phone

    Since updating my iPhone 4 to iOS5, it seems my texts are being sent as e-mails or in e-mail form. The person I am texting gets a phone number and not my name.  Also, when I click on contacts to text to, where it used to show the phone number and I would touch the number to text, it just shows the persons name, no phone#.
    Thanks for any help!

    Settings > Messages > Send and Received > Uncheck any number/email that does not belong to the device
    Note: The little blue (>) will give you an option to remove the number/email from the device
    Note: Check this setting on any device(s) using the same Apple ID

  • Why is mail being sent from wrong account

    I am trying to send mail from a specific account, however even though it is showing as the correct account when it is received it is from my partners account.  I have followed the @mail@ set up and checked everything - which appears to be ok - but it is still wrong somewhere.  HELP please.

    I am having this same issue.  I have several accounts (all .live) which I use for my various different jobs.  Frequently now I am sending a mail, or replying to a mail, and it is being received from the wrong account.
    - I check the account at the top of the mail that I am sending is correct.
    - the mail listed in my 'Sent' folder shows as being sent from the correct account.
    - When a client replies to my mail, the reply comes to an incorrect account, and on their email the heading for my original mail shows the incorrect email address & name.
    - the email accounts seem to be random - not always the same incorrect one is used.

  • Business emails sent are being discarded from hotmail account, it's bona-fide, how do i register it?

    Business emails sent are being DISCARDED (spam/virus - none present) when I send emails to my printer's hpeprint email address. I am sending them from my HOTMAIL account.
    How do I go about stopping emails being discarded from printing from bona-fide email accounts?
    Thank you,

    Hi Andy, a couple of things to check :
    When you're sending emails to your printer do you have any other addressees in the "To:" field? If so the service will reject these messages as spam. If you want to include other addresses on the messages use the BCC field
    If you have opted to set the printers ePrint Settings to Allowed Senders Only, ensure the Hotmail email account you're trying to send from is included in that list of allowed senders.
    Let me know how you get on.  
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    I am an HP employee.

  • Emails that I send from my yahoo account are being sent from my gmail account - I checked to see in Mail preferences if I had set gmail as my preferred server ( I had not).  This has happened on my iMac and Macbook Pro - both running on Yosemite.

    Emails sent from my Yahoo account are arriving from my Gmail account?! How? This has only started happening today.

    please read this article from the public knowledge base:
    KB05133 Email reconciliation features for the BlackBerry Internet Service
    specifically, at the end of the article is a link to another KB article, about MSN MSP.
    The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:

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