Mapping authorization field IDs to field names (description)

Hello Folks,
I am trying to map the authorization field (technical ) names to field descriptions (long names)
Backgroud: I do not have enough input from the functional team yet on restrictions at data level. I have pulled out a list of orgfield values from USORG. Now i am trying to map the other authorization fields to their descriptions.
Table AUTHX only maps the field to the data element and while table DD04V lists the long field names for a given data element, i need to drill down before i get the description and thats for each fieldname / data element.
Question: Is going through SU20 for each object the best way to map the field description or is there a better way to map the auth field IDs to their description. And i mean for multiple input as there are scores of auth fields...

Thanks Jurjen, that helped a lot.
I downloaded the authorizations into an excel tough, (did not use uncoverted format).
Solution in Excel: Since there are a lot of blank cell values
-- name the columns clearly
create a pivot table
In the pivot select only the field technical name and field description columns
For some reason when the other columns are selected, everything is going blank for values
I am sure others are better with Excel than i am

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    I have a problem with Value field name/description translation in COPA. In English language all user defined value field names are defined properly with name and description.
    In my native language their names are blank and its hard to use COPA reports as we don't see the description of particular value fields.
    Is it possible to tranport the names of value fields from DEV system to PRD system? I have altready translated value fields on DEV but there is no option to create transport with the translations or changes in the names I made.
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    Kind regards,

    Hi Nakul,
    Kindly check if you have reset the value field in KE4W. If this does not help then please provide us more details about the document that you have posted.

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          call function 'DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET'
              tabname              = TABLENM
              FIELDNAME            = FIELDNM
              LANGU                = SY-LANGU
    *         LFIELDNAME           = ' '
    *         ALL_TYPES            = ' '
    *       IMPORTING
    *         X030L_WA             = WATAB
    *         DDOBJTYPE            =
    *         DFIES_WA             =
    *         LINES_DESCR          =
              DFIES_TAB            = INTTAB
    *         FIXED_VALUES         =
              NOT_FOUND            = 1
              INTERNAL_ERROR       = 2
              OTHERS               = 3.
          if sy-subrc <> 0.
             WRITE:/ 'Field name not found'.
          LOOP AT INTTAB.
    Thanks and regards,
    Ramani N

  • Message Mapping : Set Field Name at Runtime

    Hi All,
    Source structure of my message is :
    0 to unbounded
    Target Structure :
    0 to unbounded
    Now my requirement is such that....if the source message has 3 Query elements then XI should generate key node in target message 3 times but with names key1,key2,key3.
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    YOu can not change the names of your "Fields".
    If you want to change Value you can do that by writing UDF.
    Enter this code in UDF.
    for(int i=0;i<a.length();i++)
    Akshay Jamgoankar.
    Reward points if find useful.>

  • Map Field names to target side

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a critical Requiremnet where in i need to map the field names from Source structute to the target structure..
    For Example:
    My Source structure:                                                       
    <matnr> 123</matnr>                                                          
    Expected Target structure:
    <Fieldname>matnr </DFieldname>
    <Fieldname>maktn </DFieldname>
    Any Blog on this is highly Appreciated.
    Best regards,
    Sainath Chutke
    Edited by: Sainath Chutke on Feb 23, 2009 8:42 PM

    Hi Sainath,
    This is possible using graphical mapping with the help of UDF.
    A simplified mapping will look like this:
    For Fieldname
    constant: MATNR --> useOneAsMany --> 1. UDF -
    > Fieldname
    MATNR --> removeContext --> /
    MATNR --> removeContext --> /
    constant: MAKTN --> useOneAsMany --> 2.
    MATNR --> removeContext --> /
    MATNR --> removeContext --> /
    where 1 and 2 are the inputs to the UDF.
    For Fieldvalue
    MATNR --> removeContext --> 1. UDF --> Fieldvalue
    MAKTN --> removeContext --> 2.
    Note that you can eliminate the node removeContext just make sure that you set the context to the topmost level of the hierarchy.
    The UDF that will be used is of context type: There are two input arguments, input1 and input2:
    Here is the code:
    StringBuffer e = new StringBuffer();
    String b = null;
    for (int a = 0; a<input1.length; a++){ e = e.append( "/" + input1[a]);}
    for (int a = 0; a<input2.length; a++){ e = e.append( "/" + input2[a]);}
    e = new StringBuffer(e.substring(1,e.length())); b = e.toString();
    String c[] = b.split("/");
    for (int a = 0; a<c.length; a++){result.addValue(c[a]);}
    What this UDF does is to add the contexts of the input, it is also taken into consideration multiple occurrences of the MATNR and MAKTN e.g.
    MATNR = 12,1234
    The output for Fieldname is MATNR,MATNR,MAKTN,MAKTN
    The output for Fieldvalue is 12, 1234, XYW, XYZ
    Hope this helps,

  • Field Names

    Table and Field names
    description of default depreciation key
    description of asset depreciation key
    Thanks & Regards
    Reward Points Compulsory

    thanks u for your reply
    still i got the problem to find the tables and fields names
    if any know the table and fields names plz reply me
    i look forward to your reply
    thanks & Regards

  • Authorization Check Field Name

    Do we need to specify all field names when coding authorization check in abap?

    Plz go through this...
    ID name1 FIELD f1
    ID name2 FIELD f2
    ID name10 FIELD f10.
    Explanation of IDs:
    object Field which contains the name of the object for which the authorization is to be checked.
    name1 ... Fields which contain the names of the name10 authorization fields defined in the object.
    f1 ... Fields which contain the values for which the f10 authorization is to be checked.
    AUTHORITY-CHECK checks for one object whether the user has an authorization that contains all values of f (see SAP authorization concept).
    You must specify all authorizations for an object and a also a value for each ID (or DUMMY ).
    The system checks the values for the ID s by AND-ing them together, i.e. all values must be part of an authorization assigned to the user.
    If a user has several authorizations for an object, the values are OR-ed together. This means that if the CHECK finds all the specified values in one authorization, the user can proceed. Only if none of the authorizations for a user contains all the required values is the user rejected.
    If the return code SY-SUBRC = 0, the user has the required authorization and may continue.
    The return code is modified to suit the different error scenarios.
    The return code values have the following meaning:
    4 User has no authorization in the SAP System for such an action. If necessary, change the user master record.
    8 Too many parameters (fields, values). Maximum allowed is 10.
    12 Specified object not maintained in the user master record.
    16 No profile entered in the user master record.
    24 The field names of the check call do not match those of an authorization. Either the authorization or the call is incorrect.
    28 Incorrect structure for user master record.
    32 Incorrect structure for user master record.
    36 Incorrect structure for user master record.
    If the return code value is 8 or possibly 24, inform the person responsible for the program. If the return code value is 4, 12, 15 or 24, consult your system administrator if you think you should have the relevant authorization. In the case of errors 28 to 36, contact SAP, since authorizations have probably been destroyed.
    Individual authorizations are assigned to users in their respective user profiles, i.e. they are grouped together in profiles which are stored in the user master record.
    Instead of ID name FIELD f , you can also write ID name DUMMY . This means that no check is performed for the field concerned.
    The check can only be performed on CHAR fields. All other field types result in 'unauthorized'.

  • Mapping of Business One Field names to SAP R/3 Field Names

    Hi experts,
    We are downgrading from SAP R/3 to SAP Business One. I am having difficulties in mapping the SAP R/3 fields to Business One fields. Hope you could help me by providing the field names in R/3 linked to Business One field names.
    Thank you very much

    I have ever used SAP R/3 and I knew that there is a feature to export data from SAP R/3 to excel.
    I suggest export it first if you want to migrate data from R/3 to SAP B1. The data in the excel file could be used to enter into data transfer workbench (DTW) excel template file. DTW is an addon to import data into SAP B1 database system.
    You could open this folder :
    C:\Program Files\SAP\Data Transfer Workbench\Templates\Templates
    after full installation of SAP B1 (begin from server tools, server application, application client, SDK, DI API, DTW).
    To know more about the column template definition and location in SAP B1, you could use SDK help center file. This file is only available if you installed the SDK. This helpfile could be used to know the fields name and meaning in all SAP B1 tables

  • Which table stores field names and their description?

    When I go to se11; I can get information about a table; its field names and field description.
    How can I access same information using an ABP Program? I have a third party tool which connects to SAP; it can pull data from any SAP Table or view. I do not know which table or view stores information displayed in SE11.
    Thanks a lot.

    Hi zigzagdna,
    The field names and their description are strored in table DD03L and DD03T.
    SAP DDIC dictionary informations are generally store in DD* tables. You can search this kinds of DD* tables in SE11 using F4 search help.
    With Best Regards

  • Authorization object to display table field names in english text in SE17

    One of users have issues with the filed name getting displayed in technical format instead of english text while browsing table information in SE17. Normally we can set this in through Settings->User Parameters. But here for this user, user parameter option is greyed out and he doesn't have access to SE16.
    Is there any other way to change user specific parameters, instead of granting him accesss to SE16 or enabling user parameters in SE17?

    I made him run SU53 on SE17 transaction the log is showing that authorization check failed for S_ALV_LAYO with value 23.
    Actually i have access SE16 and for me also, user parameter option is greyed out in SE17. I ran SU53 on SE17 in my session i also got same log.
    One more observation is, the user's colleague also doesn't have access to SE16 and user parameter option is greyed out in SE17 but he can view the table field names in english. So we are wondering if some authorization object is missing here.
    We do not want user to make any changes through GUI.

  • Need billing text field name for IDoc mapping

    Hi Friends,
    our users use CRM web application to send orders to SAP via IDocs. They want to have billing text (In German it is called Rechnungstext or Faktura text) so that they can enter some text here if they want to enter something. My question is, what is the field name and IDoc segment for billing text? We need this information to map in XI.
    Br, Sats.

    The solution is:
    The standard Idoc text segment can be used for the text in sales order. From SD side the text types have to be customized. This is necessary for the XI mapping.

  • Which table stored  description for field name

    for example,
    field name is  LIFNR , description (vendor number),
    which table stored this description (vendor number)  for that field name(LIFNR) ?

    1. From table DD03L, give your tablename and get all of its field names and corresponding data element names. 
    2. From table DD03T, get the description of each data element you have got in step 1. 
    3. Then Use Function Module DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET 
    Check the below link for more information.

  • Table for description of field name.

    Want to know is there any single table which stores all the Technical field names used in SAP Vs Description of these fields...?
    Like WERKS = PLANT.
    This doubt has come because there is table "TSTC" for" T. codes". Similarly, there may be table for field description as well, is my opinion.
    Thanks & Regards,

    From the field you need to indentify the domain in se11, then you can goto se16, table name is DD01T
    DOMNAME = domain name
    DDLANGUAGE = language
    you can Identify the text
    For table short texts you can refer table - DD02T
    Thanks !

  • How to get description from the field name

    Hello fellow SAP Fanatics,
    I am trying to find an easy way to get the description of a field if I know the technical name. I know I can view them in tables but is there one place where I can just look up the field and get the description?

    For all the tables, descriptions and fields you can refer to these tables:
    Moreover you can always goto the menu on the selection screen of the table and goto Settings > User Parameters > Key word > Field name / label
    Hope this helps

  • Message Mapping Field Name

    Hi!  I am trying to get the Field name of the XML element, when I am defining my own function.  Can someone please provide me some help!  Example:
    In the Graphical Editor, let's just say we drop the following fields:
    Source                                     Target
    City                 to                    City
    How can I grab the XML field name "City"?

    Hi Robert,
    In the Message Mapping, there is a button named 'Text Preview', just below the Tab names 'Design - Test - Messages'. If you click that, it displays the complete mapping in a text area. It conatins full paths of all mapped fields, similar to the XPath, which you can use in your function.
    If this helps you, please remember to award the points and close the post.
    Good luck,

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