Material Master Extraction

using below tables how to geterate a report
SAP Tables:
Table name     Description
MARA     General Material Data
MARC     Plant data
MARD     Storage Location Data for Material
MVKE     Sales Data for Material
MAKT     Material Descriptions
EKKO     Purchasing Document Header
EKPO     Purchasing Document Item
VABK     Sales Document: Header Data
VBAP     Sales Document: Item Data
A list of required inputs.
Field text     Field name     Reference table     Parameter/Select-Option     Mandatory/Optional
Material Number     S_MATNR     MARA     Selection option     Mandatory
Storage location     S_LGORT     MARD     Selection option     Optional
MRP Controller     S_DISPO     MARC     Selection option     Optional
Sales Organization     S_VKORG     MVKE     Selection option     Optional
Purchasing Document Number     S_EBELN     EKKO     Selection option     Optional
Plant     P_WERKS     MARC     Parameter     Mandatory
Display Out Put           --     Parameter as Radio-Button     
Download Out Put          --     Parameter as Radio-Button     
Both Display Download          --     Parameter as Radio-Button     
Out Puts
A list of required outputs.
Field text     Field name     Reference table
Material Number     MATNR     MARA
Plant     WERKS     MARC
Storage location     LGORT     MARD
Material Description     MAKTX     MAKT
MRP Controller     DISPO     MARC
Sales Organization     VKORG     MVKE
Material type     MTART     MARA
Material group     MATKL     MARA
Base Unit of Measure     MEINS     MARA
Purchasing Document Number     EBELN     EKKO
Purchasing Document Item     EBELP     EKPO
Sales Document     VBELN     VBAK
Sales Document Item      VBELP     VBAP
Report Functionality:
Program Description: Report is intended to get all the materials per plant and material, By giving this we will extract the storage location stock, total stock cross all storage locations per material with sales document and purchasing document related to the material in Report format. On the selection screen provided three radio buttons in order to display Out Put, Download Out Put and Both Display Download Respectively .The output of this report is redirected to Excel Sheet on Request.

plz answer my queastion

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  • Material Master Extract with some fields in legacy shorter then SAP

    Hi ,
         I need to Extract Material master data and send to Material Management System(MMS), i am able to fetch the data into internal table with fields of MMS structure. My problem is SAP has 18 characters for MATNR field and MMS has only 6 characters, like wise some fields are shorter length in MMS then in SAP. How can i truncate all the values of the corresponding fields in my output internal table so that i can download the file to MMS system.

    There won't be any sort of one step transformation that you can do.
    You will have to loop through the records in your internal table and for each record:
    - Map your fields accross to a structure defined with the lenghts as you need them for the external system.  Do any truncating or transformation that you require.
    - Append the new record to a second internal table
    You will then use this second internal table to extract and send.

  • Material master loading in bi

    iam new to Material Master Extraction and loading, can some one tell the process about 0material_attr in sap bi from replication to reporting level what care should be taken....
    appriciate your help.

    once you replicated teh 0material_attr and text daat sources,, try to load teh data , before taht install teh objects of tarnasfer rules, update rules  of 0 material
    right click on dat source and create tarnsfr rules---- shows teh conete 0materaila_attr  the do that -- it auto matically goes to the  business conetent  the craete the info packege and load the data..
    i think in 7.0 version for 0 matereial  SAP delivered the transformations , you can use the same
    once you install all the transfer rules& Update rules or transformations
    then craete teh infopackege  and load the data.
    Thansk & Regarsd,

  • Single Standard data source which extracts material master and vendor master data

    Hi all,
    I have a client requirement where user wants to view material master and vendor master in a single report. Is there any standard data source which extracts both the data together..

    Two are different master info objects and can't get them from one data source.
    think about multi provider or  info set on two master data objects to club them.
    Info object - 0MATERIAL and  data source - 0MATERIAL_ATTR
    Info object - 0VEDNOR and data source - 0VENDOR_ATTR

  • Sales order does not extract plant information from material master data

    Hi experts,
    I have created a sales order. However, the plant in the shipping tab can only be manually entered.
    I have made the check:
    the customer material master data does not have the plant info.
    the customer master data does not have it either.
    It is defined in the material master data: sales:general/plant
    But the sales order did not extract this information. Why does this happen?
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,

    Hello Friend,
    As right stated by you,
    The Plant will be copied from the master data to the sales order, if not it should be manually entered
    The Sequence System will search for the Plant is as follow..
    1. Customer material infor record, If it was not maintained then it will search in
    2. Customer master, if the entre was not maintained in the SHIPPING TAB
    3. Finally it will search in the Material master in the Sales organisation data 1 in the field DELVERING PLANT field.
    So please search whether the entry was maintained in that field at the sales:sales organisation data 1.
    This might be the issue.
    Please revert if you want further details

  • Need to extract Post to inspection stock field from material master

    Hi Guys,
    I need to extract the Post to insp.stock indicator from material master QM view for all FERT materials, i have tried with MARC table but no use. Is there any alternative way to download this from the material master?, kindly help me resolve this.

    I got it from table QMAT.

  • How can I extract the list of fields for every view of the material master?

    Hello SAPients,
    Is there a table or a FM where I can extract the list of fields that every view of material master have?
    I need to create a dynamic selection-screen with something like this:
    Basic Data
    Sales: Sales Organization Data
    Thank you in advance.

    Try to run the trx OMT3B: this the customizing where the dynpro for the views are defined: perhaps u can find something can help you.

  • Material master data complete in bi - infoset or multiprovider

    Hi all.
    for one of the reporting requirement of my client i need to extract the complete material master data in BI - from MARA, MARC, MARD, MSTLB tabls.
    which i have done and stored in the infoobjects - 0MATERIAL, 0MAT_ST_LOC, 0MAT_PLANT, 0MAT_SALES.
    now user want to see all the information against each material in 1 single line the multiple lines will only come in when there is plant.
    which approach i shoul go for this scenario.
    infoset or multiprovider.
    i created infoset by using inner join but then i see only common materials, left outer join is giving me -
    Invalid or missing ON condition for left outer join (0MAT_PLANT)
    Invalid or missing ON condition for left outer join (0MAT_ST_LOC)
    Invalid ON condition for left outer join (0MATERIAL)
    kindly give your suggesstions on this.

    There are restrictions regarding left outer join in infoset:
    If a left outer join is used, the following restriction applies to the right table (right operand):
    ·        Only join conditions with exactly one other table can be defined and
    ·        This table in turn cannot be a right table (right operand) of a left outer join.                                       
    Tables connected with left outer joins always form the end of a chain of tables. In this way, as many tables as you want can be linked in an InfoSet with a left outer join to a core of tables that are connected using inner joins.                                                
    The restrictions on the definition of left outer joins are due to the technical limitations of databases. These restrictions do not apply to inner joins.

  • Function Modules or Methods to Retrieve texts in Material Master

    Hi All,
    Can you get me a list of Function Modules which retrieve the text from Material Master.
    My requirement is to extract texts:
    Basic Text - at material level
    Purchase Order text - at material level
    Sales Texts - at material-sales org level
    Thanks in Advance.
    Sure Points for all Valuable answers

          u can get using read_text FM ask ur functionl person to give you the ID and other details required..
    u can also get it from STXH table... from which even the FM gets data..

  • List of material master

    Dear experts,
    We had a query sorting the list of material master, based on the "old material number" (MARA-BISMT ) and "material number" (MARA-MATNR.) It was running in BI.
    Then our user added the requirement to be able to select by "sales org"(TVKO-VKORG ), "disctribution channel" (TVKOV-VTWEG ) and "division" (TVTA-SPART.)
    And our BI developper said it was impossible to achieve this. So we had an ABAPper take over and develop it.
    But I wonder why this is not possible and I thought I'd ask the community about this.
    Is this because we are using master data data source?
    I'm really looking forward to reading you.

    You can add the new fileds to append structure and populate the data by writeing the code in CMOD.
    1.Goto RSA6 Select DatasourceClick on u2018Enhance Extract Sturcu2019
    2. Create the Append Structure and add the fileds with ZZ/YY.
    3. Save and Activate the Datasource.
    4. Write the Code in CMOD to populate the Data to newly added fileds.
    Goto COMD Select Project name Select Display.
    5. Click on u2018ZXRSAU01u2019.
    6. Select EXIT_SAPLARSAP_002: Exit for Master Data Attribute.
    7. Write the code under the declaration of WHEN u2018Datasourceu2019.
    8. Check and Save the Code.
    9. Goto RSA6 Select your Datasource Double click on it Uncheck from u2018Unhideu2019 Column.
    10. Save and activate the datasource.
    11. Check the data in RSA3.
    12. Replicate  the data source in BI Side.

  • Problem in delta for material master

    Hi all,
    We are using "0material_attr" as data source.Till now we were loading data for material using full update mode.
    Now we want to change the update mode from delta update mode.
    So we initialized update for material in BW using " initialize without data transfer " update mode. Now for testing i have changed couple of material in R/3 ... but nothing is getting extracted in BW.
    then i checked in R/3 in "rsa6" there is tick for delta update and then i checked in rsa3 to simultate the delta process but  its not allowing me to change from "F" to "D".
    So how to proceed if i want move from full to delta for my material master data ??

    Pls check in roosource table whether this datasource is delta capable or not.
    if this is delta capable then make first full load and then init without data transfer and then changes some recopds in r/3 and load whether those records are coming in r/3 or not

  • Upload Material Master to non SAP Catalog

    Hi Guys,
    we are trying to create a process to upload Material Master and/or Purchasing Info Recordes data directly from the backend into an non-SAP catalog. So far I only know about report BBP_CCM_CATALOG_TRANSFER, that uploads replicated material master from SRM into CCM or MDM Catalog.
    Are there reports available in the backend  (ECC6 EhP3) or in SRM 700 that could extract the data from Material Master and Purchasing Info Records into a format (XML;CSV,..) that could be used to upload these data into a catalog manually or via PI.
    Any hints are welcome!

    Hi Dieter,
    Yes you can run MECCM in your ECC system to transfer PIR and contracts as XML files.

  • SRM and MDM for material master in SRM contracts for multiple R/3

    Dear all,
    my question is:
    We are implementing SRM 4.0 in classic scenario with multiple R/3 back-end and we want to set-up Global Outline Agreements in SRM in a multi-backend environment where the Material Master are not harmonized.
    We heard that MDM and COntent Integraton can be a solution.
    Then detailled question is:
    Can we have 2 material numbers (e.g. ABC and XYZ) in 2 different R/3 systems refering the same product.
    Have the mapping done in MDM (Content Integrator?) to a third material number:123
    Replicating the material master 123 to SRM from MDM(?)
    Create global Outline Agreements in SRM for Material Master 123.
    Distribute the GOA as Outline Agreement to R/3 system 1 with the translation to ABC and to R/3 system 2 with the translation XYZ, all of that during the distribution step (or another).
    Have the call-offs quantities correct on 123 in SRM and BW?
    IF yes, how is it working, do you have some documentation discribing the scenario and the config steps to do?
    Thanks in avance

    Hello RD,
    That's a good question.
    You are on the right way. MDM is the tool for you.
    Content Integrator (CI) was first developped for Shell, to address the need of cross-referencing of material/supplier/category IDs, for:
    - reporting purpose (actual Spend Analysis)
    - mapping purpose (send of XML PO)
    CI was later "fusionned" into the new MDM (1.0) solution.
    So now, you can not order CI without MDM (even if some SRM slides still present CI).
    But mapping API where developped for all inboud/outbound interfaces in SRM, for materials only (good luck for you).
    You will find everywhere this piece of code:
      Call ECI
            it_input          = lt_mapping_in
            et_output         = lt_mapping_out
            logsys_not_found  = 1
            driver_not_found  = 2
            product_not_found = 3
            internal_error    = 4
            OTHERS            = 5.
    So it is ok, you have the mapping call, but I don't know if all the rest of the process was really "finalized" (call of API mapping in CI, via XI). I personnaly never used it, but I assume it should work.
    I my opinion your process is supported by SAP:
    - Extract materials from both R/3 and consolidate them as a single product in MDM.
    - Distribute this product into SRM.
    - Maintain contracts on those products.
    - Distribute them to R/3 (The ECI call is also used during contract distribution).
    - Call offs corrects in SRM and BW
    For MDM documentation, look at netweaver area of
    For MDM/SRM integration, look at SRM 4.0 spend analysis:
    For SRM contract distribution, call-offs, BW, look at SRM in details in
    For SRM5.0, see online help on

  • List of material number with PO text from material master

    I want to get a list of materials number with PO text from material master. Can anybody help ?

    The purchase order texts maintained in the material master are stored
    as SAPScript text files in tables STXH (header) and STXL (lines). For
    material master records:
    Field TDNAME = material number (MARA-MATNR).
    So you should be able to write a small report to extract the data.

  • Reg : material master change history

    Hi All.
    I am changing the value of the material master characterstic assigned to class under the classification TAB of material master.
    I want to extract the last chaged date of the characterstic value.
    The material master change history ( Table CDHDR)  is not reflecting the changes done to the characterstic value.
    Can anybody please suggest me how can i extract the change history of the characterstic value of a given class for a given material.

    If a field is changed in any transaction with a new values those changes are recorded in CDHDR and CDPOS tables with the field name, Transaction name and field old and new values, changed by and date etc
    So you have to fetch the change data history from those tables passing the
    OBJECT CLAS = MATERIAl and the Objectid = Material no and fetch the data from CDHDR first and then for all entries of CDHDR fetch the data from CDPOS and use the data and required fields

Maybe you are looking for