Matrix exporting to excel with empty columns, with page break option of "Between each instance of a group" selected.

I am working with Report Builder 3.0 I am using a matrix to produce grouped data on separate worksheets in excel.
The select is:
SELECT ID, Measurement, Value, [Date] FROM Measurements_Report. (please ignore the underscores they are just for formatting) 
The contents of the Measurements_Report table:
The matrix contains a single row group based on the field "measurement". The Measurement group has the page break option of "Between each instance of a group" selected. 
There is a column group based on the field "Date". 
When this is matrix is exported to excel on the first worksheet (Hot) there are three columns as shown below:
Notice the last column doesn't have a value.
On the second worksheet (Cold) there are also three columns as shown below:
This time notice there is only one row and only a value in the last column.
I only want the columns with data for that worksheet to show up. How can I remove these empty/duplicate columns? Hopefully there is a simple fix. Thanks ahead of time.

With the following contents of the Measurements_Report table:
Returns on the first tab (Hot):
In the excel worksheet it contains a separate column for each date with a value. Thanks again!
Why is the same date repeating on multiple columns? Do you've the time part also returned from database?
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    Using sort option.
    Do one thing. Just create one ALV program with SORT options anf GROUP = '*'.
    Now go to output and save the Variant.  Print the report.
    with out sort option and variant.
    Now come back and Delete the sort options , activate the code.
    And see the output. Choose the variant which you created beofre. and print the report.
    See both the case. it triggeres the same output. you just copy paste it and un comment the commented sort code
    Just test with this code,
    REPORT  zalv_total_sub.
    TYPE-POOLS: slis.
    INCLUDE <icon>.
    DATA: layout TYPE  slis_layout_alv .
    DATA: BEGIN OF it_flight OCCURS 0,
           carrid  LIKE sflight-carrid,
           connid   LIKE sflight-connid,
           fldate   LIKE sflight-fldate,
           seatsmax LIKE sflight-seatsmax,
           seatsocc LIKE sflight-seatsocc,
          END OF it_flight.
    DATA: it_fieldcat TYPE  slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
              wa_fcat LIKE LINE OF it_fieldcat.
    DATA: it_sort TYPE  slis_t_sortinfo_alv,
              wa_sort LIKE LINE OF it_sort.
        i_program_name         = sy-repid
        i_internal_tabname     = 'IT_FLIGHT'
        i_inclname               = sy-repid
        ct_fieldcat              = it_fieldcat
        inconsistent_interface = 1
        program_error          = 2.
    SELECT  carrid
    FROM sflight
    wa_fcat-do_sum = 'X'.
    MODIFY it_fieldcat FROM wa_fcat TRANSPORTING do_sum
    WHERE fieldname = 'SEATSOCC' .
    CLEAR wa_fcat.
    *wa_sort-fieldname = 'CONNID'.
    *wa_sort-up = 'X'.
    *wa_sort-group = '*'.
    *wa_sort-subtot = 'X'.
    *APPEND wa_sort TO it_sort.
    *CLEAR wa_sort.
        i_callback_program      = sy-repid
        i_save                         = 'X'
        i_callback_user_command = 'USER_COMMAND'
        is_layout               = layout
        it_fieldcat             = it_fieldcat
        it_sort                 = it_sort
        t_outtab                = it_flight
        program_error           = 1.

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    The template is quite complex and the XML very long, so I won't post. However I can email them to you if you'd like to take a look.
    Thank you for your help,
    Edited by: Tam_11 on Nov 19, 2009 2:42 PM

    Thanks for replying.
    Yes, I tried removing the <?split-by-page-break:?> and using MS hard page break (ctrl-enter) and that doesn't work either. My totals moved to a separate page by themselves and I'm still getting the blank pages.
    <?split-by-page-break:?> did exactly what it was supposed to until I added in the nested tables. It's very possible that I did something wrong with my nested tables (only my second XML report). Does anyone have a sample with nested tables that they would be willing to share?

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    I have a rather complex form where pages are added based on what the user has entered in a table with repeatable rows.  For most of the pages, conditional page breaks are working fairly well, but I have a group of pages with nested subforms that need page breaks.  The inner subform is breaking as expected, but the parent page break isn't triggering for some reason.
    Is this a bug within Livecycle or is it possible to fix?

    May be having a look at the form helps..
    If you can send the form and XML data file to [email protected] I can have a look at it..

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    Well, I don't know if this image is going to upload, but I did a screenshot so you can see what I mean. It happens on other websites, too. Remember transparencies, the clear plastic letter-size sheets you could write on? It's like stacking 2-3 sheets on top of each other, with each sheet saying something different. It looks like a jumbled mess. And it's not pop-ups.

  • SQLLDR: How to fill empty columns with specific default data ?

    We are in 11G
    Here is a complete exemple:
    1) The table definition:
    create table IMPORT_PRJ_TIMESHEETS
      STATUS         VARCHAR2(20),
      PROJET_CODE    VARCHAR2(50),
      TACHE_ID       VARCHAR2(100),
      TACHE_DESC     VARCHAR2(250),
      RAF            NUMBER,
      JOUR1          NUMBER,
      JOUR2          NUMBER,
      JOUR3          NUMBER,
      JOUR4          NUMBER,
      JOUR5          NUMBER,
      JOUR6          NUMBER,
      JOUR7          NUMBER,
    );2) the CTL:
    -- Pour eliminer la ligne d'en-tete
    WHEN PROJET_CODE != 'ID projet'
    , STATUS               CONSTANT '!STATUS!'
    , PROJET_CODE          CHAR
    , TACHE_ID             CHAR
    , TACHE_DESC           CHAR
    , RAF                  CHAR "TO_NUMBER( :RAF, '999G999D99')"
    , JOUR1                CHAR
    , JOUR2                CHAR
    , JOUR3                CHAR
    , JOUR4                CHAR
    , JOUR5                CHAR
    , JOUR6                CHAR
    , JOUR7                CHAR
    , IMPORT_DATE          SYSDATE
    3) the datafile :
    ID projet*-*ID tâche*-*Tâche/Description*-*RàF*-*lun. 13/07*-*mar. 14/07*-*mer. 15/07*-*jeu. 16/07*-*ven. 17/07*-*sam. 18/07*-*dim. 19/07*-*
    FR-FR-NT2300135*-* *-*GAMMAWEB - Coordination*-*0,00*-* *-* *-* *-*8,00*-*8,00*-* *-* *-*
    *-* *-*Holiday*-* *-* *-*8,00*-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-*
    *-* *-*Special leave*-* *-*8,00*-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-*
    *-* *-*Vacation*-* *-* *-* *-*8,00*-* *-* *-* *-* *-*
    - As you can see, the datafile delimiter is "*-*" .... there's no pb about this.
    - Also, there are 5 lines in the datafile. Currently, the _*load status*_ is :
       - Line 1 is the header  >>> not loaded, and that's fine with me.
       - Line 2 is successfully loaded
       - Line 3 / Line 4 / Line 5 : are not loaded .. but I need these lines ...
    *What I'd like to get is to successfully load lines 3 to 5 with a default values for the first 3 columns (project/task ID/ task desc)*
    I hope it's clear enough and that you will be able to provide a good answer ..
    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for your reply ... it was helpful..
    here is the current CTL I use with the datafile above:
    , STATUS               CONSTANT '!STATUS!'
    , TACHE_ID             CHAR
    , TACHE_DESC           CHAR
    , RAF                  CHAR "TO_NUMBER( :RAF, '999G999D99')"
    , JOUR1                CHAR
    , JOUR2                CHAR
    , JOUR3                CHAR
    , JOUR4                CHAR
    , JOUR5                CHAR
    , JOUR6                CHAR
    , JOUR7                CHAR
    , IMPORT_DATE          SYSDATE
    I have removed line "  WHEN PROJET_CODE != 'ID projet'   "  , because when I use it, because column is NULL .. it doesn't take the NULL into consideration... and as a results, there is only one line loaded, and not the 3 others !
    Now, when I remove line "  WHEN PROJET_CODE != 'ID projet'   " , I get the results that I want (4 lines loaded), BUT a BAD file is created (with the first row, the one that starts with 'ID projet' )   
    I understand that this is normal behaviour with this CTL.
    But would it be possible to not put this 'ID projet' line into the BAD file (so that the directory is not polluted with numerous BAD files)
       I was thinking with something like this :   "  WHEN NVL( PROJET_CODE, 'none') != 'ID projet'  "
           But this doesn't work..
    Do you have any advice to provide ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Friends,
    I am trying to export table data to excel. I have considered the related posts in SDN. The pproblem I am facing is due to the NWDS version I guess. I a using CE7.1 SP05.
    My code is :
    cachedWebResource = WDWebResource.getPublicCachedWebResource(excelCSVFile, type, WDScopeType.APPLICATION_SCOPE,
    wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("Resource Name " + cachedWebResource.getURL());
    The output is :
    I have no idea where from the number 81389 is appending after output. The file should be "output.xls". This is different everytime I run the program.
    Need help. Any pointer will be appreciated.

    Are you creating content Excel file name.....before exoprting to excel as  i meintioned in below code.....this code is running on my system. f = new"output.xls");
                         WritableWorkbook workbook = Workbook.createWorkbook(f);
                         WritableFont red = new WritableFont(WritableFont.ARIAL,
                         WritableCellFormat redFormat = new WritableCellFormat(red);
                         WritableFont blue = new WritableFont(WritableFont.ARIAL,
                      WritableCellFormat blueFormat = new WritableCellFormat(blue);
                      WritableSheet sheet = workbook.createSheet("First Sheet", 0);

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    I tried creating the report horizontally instead of vertically, but the logo image I am not able to rotate in 270degrees.
    Can anybody tell me how to create the report...??

    Hi Abhilash,
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Actually the problem is with the image, as I am not able to rotate 270 degree. Crystal report cannot support the rotation of image.
    i have another problem, I have to create a report in which
    Lables are fixed on the left side of report and 3 columns per portrait page. Those columns are
    dynamically created and shown in the report.
    The format is like the above. Can you please help me in doing this report, as I tried it doing
    with CrossTab. I am really stuck to this report.

  • How to give relationship between two tables with comon column with between oprator

    Hi Folks,
    I am using Sql Server 2008R2. I am getting a problem to establish relationship between two tables. 
    I have two Tables, 1.Inventory Details Table another one is Inventory Header Table.
    Inventory Details Table having a column Card No and inventory Header Table having columns  From card No and To Card No.
    I want to give relationship between these two tables with Card no. Could you please provide me the Sql Query.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated .
    email:[email protected]

    Hi Raju,
     We have two way that we can relate to the table either join or quality condition use following syntax/Query  for relating two tables 
    select * from Inventory_Details ID inner join  Inventory_Header IH on ID.CardNo between IH.FrmCardno and IH.ToCardNo
    Select * from  Inventory_Details ID ,Inventory_Header IH where ID.CardNo=IH.CardNo OrSelect * from  Inventory_Details ID ,Inventory_Header IH where ID.CardNo between IH.FrmCardno and IH.ToCardNo
    Hope this will help you 
    Niraj Sevalkar

  • Data table with fixed column with

    I have a data table bound to a row set , and I would like the table to have fixed column widths to avoid unpleasant display shifts when paging through it.
    The column component does not have too many properties I can work with (maybe this can be fixed in a future release??). Therefore I tried setting the style property of the output text object inside the column. The result looks good in the IDE, but reverts to variable column widths in the browser. I even tried setting the style property at runtime, with no luck.
    Unfortunately I can't pad the column header with spaces, because output text has the annoying habit of converting any group of more than one blank space character to one char only (by the way, any remedy to that?). Trying to drop a grid or group panel in place of the column header and pad the column title with invisible (i.e. color: white) output texts did not work either...
    Any ideas??

    I took a look at the html encoder for data table and here's a trick you can use:
    Go to your stylesheet (by default resources/stylesheet.css: open the Resources node in the project navigator and double click on stylesheet.css).
    Let's say you want three columns - so add something like the following to the stylesheet:
    .colwidth1 { width: 200px }
    .colwidth2 { width: 400px }
    .colwidth3 { width: 300px }
    Save the stylesheet (ctrl-S).
    Now, back in the designer, right click and select "Refresh" to ensure that the new stylesheet edits are discovered.
    Then go to the designer surface, and select the data table (make sure it's selected, not one of its children like columns or output texts - if so hit Escape to pop to parent, or just click on it directly in the app outline.)
    Go to the "columnClasses" property in the property sheet - and enter "colwidth1, colwidth2, colwidth3". Note - no dots here. If you have more than 3 columns you would obviously add additional columns here.
    The table should now use the desired column widths - including the browser.

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