Megacom not working for both LD and Int'l

I got the same issue described here but only differences are my setup is using CCM 4.2 and Cisco 3845's.
To make a LD call to work, I got to set the "Called party IE number type" under the GW config to National; and
To make an Int'l call to work, I got to set this value to International.
If I leave everything default, i.e. Cisco CallManager, only LD works.
Basically, I couldn't make both LD and Int'l to work. It's either one way or the other.
Any workaround to make both to work would be greatly appreciated.

Both device has automatic download on.

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    I have partitioned my time capsule, as I want part of it to act as a media server for both mac and windows. However I don't know what format that I need to partition it to. I also can't make it a permanently accesible drive. I want to restore the drive to the original format (which I don't know) and start again and re-partition the drive in a format that can be used for media by both mac and PC and for time machine back-ups and make the media part of it permanetly accesible so I can add and acccess my files.

    You are mixing up a couple of things here.
    The TC drive cannot be partitioned without removing it.. did you do that?
    If you partition it you must use a Mac disk utility and use the HFS+ ie standard Mac format. And GUID partition table not windows type.
    You can select erase disk in the airport utility.. that will take the disk back to original format. No partitions. TC is deliberately not partitioned as it is not a media server.. it is a backup device for TM. Over time .. the disk will be filled with TM backups so you have a long history of file changes to your computer.
    There is no media server in the TC.. it is merely disk storage.. you can serve files from it to a media device.. but the TC itself is dumb as dumb.
    Now the actual format of the drive is irrelevant to the PC.. The TC offers SMB file services to the network. You can copy files to and from the TC as if it was a local disk without caring one iota about the format. The TC handles that .. it is not a local disk .. it is a network drive.
    Although you cannot partition the TC. you can still copy files to it.. this does have implications for TM.. but as long as there is plenty of free space should not be a major issue.
    You can create a disk image via the disk utility in a Mac.. and as stated you can create partitions if you do it on a Mac with the disk directly connected which means breaking warranty if any exists on the TC.

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    My DSL light has been blinking for 7 days.  A technician came out Monday and checked inside my house and outside.  He said the problem is outside, that there is an issue with the wires on the street.  He said that the "Home Office" needs to internally switch the wires.  The technician went to the "Home Office" which is right down the street but the technician was not at her desk so he put in a request for the wire to be switched.  In the meantime, he manually switched the wires to get the internet working but said the internet would go down for 5-10 minutes when the "Home Office" did the official switch.  When I got home from work, my internet was not working and my DSL light was blinking again.  I immediately called Verizon and was told that my ticket had been closed and that a technician would need to come out again.  Since the technician had already been in my house that morning and confirmed the issue was with the wires on the street and not my house, I told them no one would be home because I could not take another day off from work.  It was understood that the technician could reach me by cell phone if he needed to talk to me but he was coming to look at the wires on the street.  A visit was scheduled for the next day, Tuesday.  I received a voice mail from the technician that he would be at my house in 20 minutes and would call me when he arrived.  I never heard back from him and when I got home, my internet was still down.  I immediately called Verizon to check on the status of the ticket.  At first, the agent couldn't even locate my ticket but then informed me it was closed.  I questioned the closure of the ticket since the problem had not been resolved.  I then proceeded to be on hold for an HOUR while the agent tried to find out why the ticket had been closed.  After an hour, the response was he didn't know and that I would have to open another ticket for an agent to come out AGAIN.  The agent then insisted I needed to be home because the technician needed to check inside the house despite being told by me that the technician had already been in my house the day before and confirmed the problem was on the street.  The agent then told me I needed to be home so the technician could update me.  I told the agent the technician could call me on my cell phone since he clearly has the phone number since he called me on Monday AND Tuesday.  The agent agreed and I gave my cell phone number again for the technician to call me.  There are no appointments available until Thursday which will be 8 days since the internet went down.  At this point, after 3 tickets opened, two that were closed without the problem being solved and two site visits with a third scheduled and 60 minutes on the phone,I am doubtful the issue will be resolved Thursday.  I've reached the point where if the problem isn't fixed on Thursday, I am canceling my service with Verizon after six years.  I shouldn't be paying for service that Verizon can't even provide because their own technician can't fix an issue with the wires outside my house.
    This experience has been frustrating and the worst customer service I've ever experienced. 

    Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please go to your profile page for the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases".  You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.
    Under “My Support Cases” you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information.  This should be checked on a frequent basis  as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.
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  • Validation is not working for F-28 and F-53

    I wrote a validation for Transaction Code F-28 and F-53 and F-44 and F-54. But it is not working. Kindly help me where i went wrong. please do the needful.
    Pre-Requisite : Company Code and Transaction Code
    Check : Business Area 4000
    Requirement is - In the above transaction if i give the other business area like 3000, system should throw error. System should only accept the Business Area 4000
    But i am not able to succeed to full fill the requirement.. Kindly Help me

    Please pass some transactions using mentioned t-codes in testing server. After passing transactions please check the accounting document header for checking T-code for the same.
    Use that t-code for validations . also check whether Validation - call p point is activated or not in t-code OB28

  • Why time-dependent not work for cost center and profit center hierarchy

    Has anybody been able to successfully turn on time-dependent for cost center hierarchy? Looks like the R/3 datasource 0COSTCENTER_0101_HIER is defaulted to be NOT time-dependent, and I don’t know how to change the R/3 configuration to enable time-dependent for this datasource.
    Here is what I found. If you go to RSA2 in R/3 and enter datasource 0COSTCENTER_0101_HIER, and then select "Hierarchy Info", you will see that all the time-dependent properties are unchecked by default. By comparison, Cons Unit datasource 0CS_UNIT_CSCU_HIER has “Version Dependent Hierarchy” as selected, and we are able to load Cons Unit hierarchy as time-dependent, but have no luck so far with the Cost Center hierarchy.
    Can any BI guru tell me how I can make time-dependent work for the cost center hierarchy?
    Thanks a bunch!

    Check SETLEAF and SETNODE.
    Basically CO Master data groups dont have seperate tables. They will be available in above tables. Choose proper Set class to filter the results

  • Oracle 10g RAC SQL profiles not working for both the nodes

    We have identified a long running sql.
    Used Advisor to tune the sql
    Applied the suggested sql_profile as per the recommendation.
    when we re-run the sql from application, due to RAC setup the sql hit the other node, used the sql profile as indicated by v$sql but was long running.
    it generated a new sql_id due to which we think it was not working.
    Could you please advice how to apply sql_profile for both nodes?

    HI Arun
    Would you please post that in the GRID RAC section of this forum please ?
    Please consult the following documents to get support on your question:

  • Alias-like file on a CD that'll work for both Mac and PC?

    I want to write a data CD (using Toast 6) using the format "Mac & PC" that has an alias-like file as one of the files that points to another file also on the CD. And I want the alias-like file to work on a PC as well as a Mac. Possible? What? How?

    Sorry for neglecting this thread.
    I haven't tried any of the suggestions because 1) I'm not brilliant with the terminal and 2) I don't have a PC to try this on -- I was hoping to find a sure, reliable way of doing it without the need for testing it.
    I don't know whether Toast picks up hardlinks correctly, one could try once and possibly be able to use it instead in step 3.
    Are hard links and normal files not indistinguishable? In fact one in the same thing? Are normal files not a block of data with one hard link pointing to that data -- that's what files are I think. I could easily be wrong but I think that's the situation. If that's so then hard links will defininely work because files work. I think hard links are the most likely to work. And I reckon, if hard links are one in the same as files, then Toast should have no problem.
    I can't test it though, and because I can't be sure, I'm probably just not going to do it -- burn the PC disk (for someone else) without any alias type file attempts.
    Thanks very much for all the suggestions.

  • WRT54G wont work for both internet and xbox 360

    I bought the Linksys WRT54G so I can play my Xbox 360 and be on the Internet at the same time. I am not using it wireless meaning that i do have ethernet cords plugged in for both my internet and my 360. When i play my 360 it kicks me off the internet and vice versa. Any help?

    Access setup page....
    Please click on the tab "Application and gaming" and click on sub
    tab "Port range forwarding"
    1) On the first line in Application box type in "Xbox", in start box
    type in 88, in end box type in 88, in protocol keep it both, in ip
    address type in and give a check mark on enable box.
    2)   On the second line in Application box type in "Xbox", in start box
    type in 3074, in end box type in 3074, in protocol keep it both, in ip
    address type in and give a check mark on enable box.
    3) Now save the settings
    4) Once you return to the setup page, click on the tab "Administration"
    and disable the UPNP and save the settings.
    5) Now assign the given ip address on your xbox
       ip address :-
       subnet mask :-
       default gateway :-
    Please assign the dns address on the xbox
      primary dns :-
      secondary dns :-
    6) Please try to test your xbox live.

  • The keys on my mac book pro (2009) are not working properly, both letters and numbers.  I think I pressed something,but I cannot find a numlock key or other to undo this problem

    Both the letters and numbers on my mac book pro (2009) are not working correctly, but the caplocks key still lights up,the delete key is like a back key,the o key is enter,etc. I think I must of pressed a button but I cannot find numlock or the action to fix it back to normal.
    Need Help Please

    Try this. Open one of your files. The window that contains your picture is named at the top. Command click on the name and you'll see the entire path starting with its name and then moving to the folder, the folder it is contained in, etc all the way to down to the hard drive volume name. This should tell you where to find the folder.

  • Search in library not working for some libraries (and for others it does work)

    Dear SharePoint/Search adepts
    As you all know, in SharePoint 2013 you have the
    possibility to search from a library.
    Today I encountered some strange behavior…
    We've deployed a SharePoint 2013 environment, 4 SharePoint servers (2wfe +2app),
    and an additional server dedicated to Search and all of its components. This with
    a SQL cluster as a backend
    everything works just perfect...
    Except certain search boxes (above a library) do not
    return results when trying to search within the library.
    If we take the same query and execute it on the site
    itself, it returns the desired result set.
    The odd thing is, that it doesn’t affect all the libraries, in some it works,
    in some it doesn’t.
    no error messages or something like it, search just playing dumb
    I’ve checked several times, all the desired documents
    are crawled. (And can be found in the site search)
    I’m quite confident and experienced with search, but
    this blows my mind and I do not know where to look anymore ...
    Does anyone have an idea?
    Thx for helping out!

    check for the scope for the search configured
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  • Integrated Authentication not working for firefox 31 and above for NTLMv2

    Users browsing from a Citrix session are being asked to authenticate using Firefox on newer versions (31-35) as they used to pass authentication transparently via NTLMv2 in earlier versions. This does not happen on IE so wondering what to do to get this working again for Firefox users.
    Did release 31 also remove by accident ntlmv2 capability? If so, when and where is a fix to correct it. Fine to remove pre-ntlmv2 versions but dont break ntlmv2

    I would like to bump this and I am wondering if this was ever solved. My only difference is at one point I had it working with http but ended up reinstalling using https. I get access denied but when I type in my username and password and it goes in fine.
    There is a cert on the website
    I have changed NTFS permissions
    Made sure NTLM was on top
    Website is in the local intranet zone
    On the server itself that hosts the webconsole I can get in fine.

  • Process flow is not working for both workspace.

    Hello, I really need help. I have prodution issue now. I am using OWB 11g version.
    I have two wokspace running on the same database.
    The automatic job is not kicking of on both. I scheduled MSSTATE workspace at 12:10 AM, IASTATE workspace at 12:50AM.
    MSSTATE workspace starts automatically at 12:10AM. But IASTATE does not start 12:50AM. Actually job starts and gettting the below error message.
    RPE-02083: Process PF has errored Activities. Dependent objects may not have been deployed. You can use Oracle Workflow Monitor to retry the activities or abort the Process
    I redeployed the workflow on IASTATE and manually started. But when i go to MSEBT, i see the same problem and get the below error message.
    RPE-02083: Process PF has errored Activities. Dependent objects may not have been deployed. You can use Oracle Workflow Monitor to retry the activities or abort the Process
    If i fix one state, other one breaks. I could not run both state through scheduler. I think, the job is valid and enabeld. But workflow is breaking...
    One thing i noticed is, we have same process flow names on the both workspace. Is that causing a problem?
    Any help is highly appreciated....

    The issue was resolved by renaming the workflow. What is learned here is, we should not have same workflow name for two different workspace.

  • Solution centre not working for windows 7 and wireless all in one, altho can print ok

    I have installed an officejet 6500 wireless all in one on my HP Elitebook running Windows 7 64 bit.
    Although the printer installed - albeit with an error for Microsoft.net4 that was resolved after a re reboot - HP Solution Centre v14 wont start. Indicated device installation wasnt complete, plugged in USB and tried to uninstall/re-install all same thing.
    Ran Network, scan and print utilities and have MacAfee and firewalls all dis-abled during install. After the error pop up it just closes.
    The printer works fine and I can scan through the webscan option but what's happened to solution centre?

    Great information.  
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  • Execute process task argument is not working for sph file and ogr2ogr.exe

    Hi All,
    I am trying to load shape file into a sql spatial table. A execution process task is used to run the ogr2ogr.exe program.
    This is how the process tab looks like .
    Executable : C:\gdal_ogr2ogr\bin\gdal\apps\ogr2ogr.exe
    Argument :  -f MSSQLSpatial   MSSQL:server=SQL-ABC-DEV;database=MYSIMPLE_Dev;Trusted_Connection=True;\\mypath\files\shares\Data\www.mypage.htm\my_sample_file.shp
    Success value : 1 (I am not sure why I need to change this value from 0 to 1.
    For above settings, package runs fine. However the spatial table is not created always. It is created once in a while after switching Success value from 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 again. (After the spatial table is created, it is dropped using a execute sql statement). 
    I am running this in VS 2012.I saw in an article that we need to convert shp file to csv before we load it into sql server.I even tried to convert shp to csv using execute sql task and ogr2ogr.exe. Still the package runs successfully after changing Success
    value from 0 to 1 but no csv file is created. If the success value is 0, it throws the following error.
    [Execute Process Task] Error: In Executing "C:\gdal_ogr2ogr\bin\gdal\apps\ogr2ogr.exe" " -f CSV \\xxxxxxxxr.rdn\files\shares\xxx_Data\ImportData\www.xxxxxxx.hapepage.htm\xxxxxx\Watches\Warnings\myfile\CSV \\xxxxxxxxr.rdn\files\shares\xxx_Data\ImportData\www.xxxxxxx.hapepage.htm\xxxxxx\Watches\Warnings\myfiles\www.shp"
    at "", The process exit code was "1" while the expected was "0".
    Could long file name be a problem too?
    Thanks for your help in advance..

    Hello shamen,
    Seems to me you are missing a step to check if the shape is there and purge it before loading if so.
    Arthur My Blog

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