Memory Upgrade on a Satellite 1800-712

I want to upgrade the RAM of my 1800-712.
Actually, i have an SDRAM PC133 256 MB.
It's strange as the bus on this type of machine seems to be at 100 Mhz !
I want to install a Kingston Memory in the second slot.
So, is it mandatory to install the KTT SO100/256 memory (compatible as the Kingston configurator shows), or can i put the KTT SO133/256 ?
As the second is cheaper, i would want to install it ?
Can you confirm the compatibility ?
Thank you.

It is recommended to use the module with the same bus speed. Probably it will work but in my opinion you should not look at the money just on compatibility and be sure that upgrade parts will not be damaged.

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  • Re: Memory upgrade for a Satellite 1800-921 PIII 1.1GHz...

    I am trying to find out the memory upgrade for my Satellite 1800-921 PIII 1.1GHz... Part Number : PS183E-00HTT-EN .
    It currently has a Nanya 256MB SDR-133 Mhz-CL3 & I undestand it can be upgraded with an additional 256Mb card.
    The only problem is I cant seem to find one compatible! Any ideas what is require & where I could get it from?

    The compatible module is PC100 256MB with part number PA3069U-1M25.

  • Can't create the diskette for updating the BIOS on Satellite 1800-712

    I was given a Satellite 1800-712 with bugged BIOS (the power went down while reflashing) So now when the notebook is switched on a sign shows
    BIOS (Block2) is damaged! (Call your serviceman)
    and so on...
    I've downloaded the latest bios for the notebook, but when I try to follow the instructions given (unzip, insert a formated 1.44mb disk, start the *.exe file and a 1.44mb should be created) nothing happens. When I run the exe (chgbiosa.exe) if I'm running windows xp nothing happens, and if I'm running DOS says "Initial Error".
    In the Archive of the bios is a readme. It says that I should copy the files (BIOFC72T.COM and CHGBIOSA.EXE) to a 1.44mb floppy disk. Well it doesn't help either.
    Any ideas what should I do? Thanks in advance.

    I found this thread in the forum:
    The case described in the thread above is very similar to your issue.
    According to this message every newer BIOS has a protection mechanism which means that even in case of an incomplete flashing procedure, the responsible area in the BIOS-flash for the upgrade is never deleted.
    So usually you should contact the service point in you country to solve this problem but maybe the description in the other thread will help you.
    But you know, everything what you do is at you own risk

  • Cannot connect to the Internet with my Satellite 1800-712

    had to reinstall WXP on my Satellite 1800-712, unfortunately have not the recovery disk otherwise it would all be ok.
    Now I cannot get onto internet, I have downloaded new LAN drivers, installed them ok, LAN is set for auto detect, USB wireless dongle drivers installed all ok.
    In my tray (bottom right) icon shows networks but with red cross... I get a message saying wireless networks are within range, click to see networks... when I click , sunscreen comes up saying no networks in range..... aarrrgggh.
    What can I do, please?

    Have you checked if the WLAN card is enabled on your notebook?
    The hardware switch on the notebook must be set to on and you can also enable it with FN+F8.
    Check this!!
    Furthermore check the device manager for yellow exclamation marks. Maybe you should reinstall the driver. Therefore select the WLAN card in device manager and choose uninstall. Restart the notebook and install the newest WLAN driver from the Toshiba website.
    Last but not least make sure that the router is in range of the notebook.
    Good luck!

  • Satellite 1800-712 repair prices

    I just got my quote in for repairing my 6-year-old Satellite 1800-712. The machine's lid opened to the limit of the hinges (loose, old friction hinges) and the LCD slowly faded to white, but still powers on/off properly and otherwise the laptop behaves as normal. No sign of a crack on the panel so I had rather hoped that it was a damaged interconnect or controller board.
    A day after arriving at ASP, it's diagnosed and the quote's posted off... they want 360 for the fix!
    Even a whole new LCD panel, inverter, hinges and case is only half that. There's a speciality firm in the US which does cleanroom-rebuilt LCDs for this machine, replacing the polarisers and CCFL, and it'd still be far cheaper for me to pay for them to source a panel, clean it up and send it to me than for me to accept the repair quote. What the heck? Is this a normal price?
    Even when the laptop was new, it only cost 1000. The cheapest brand-new machine today, which would far outperform the 1800-712, is only about 200.
    Do they not realize that nobody in their right mind is going to take them up on the offer? Sorry if this sounds like a rant but I am genuinely bewildered, I expected that a repair quote would be sane and my mind is utterly boggled.

    What to say buddy the notebook reparation is always a costly affair
    You have to pay always for the new part and you should not forget the direct labor costs!
    Last but not least every technician can make an own prices and can charge a own fee
    In your case I would ask different service points and the technicians for the offers and would pick the cheapest one

  • Memory upgrade on a Satellite A100-912

    I own a Satellite a100-912 and I want to upgrade its memory!
    As it seems, this model supports only PC2-4200 DDR2 SODIMM modules (533 Mhz). Before bying a memory module that might regret, I want to know if there will be any compatibility issues if I use to this laptop PC2-6400 DDR2 SODIMM module (800 Mhz).
    Is it going to work even at lower clock speed (533 Mhz) or is it going to be a total waste of money?

    As far as I know the FSB is able to handle 667Mhz modules.
    You can use lower modules (533Mhz) without any problems but modules with higher Mhz will not run with full speed due to the limited FSB.
    So I dont recommend buying 800Mhz modules. Firstly they are not supported and secondly its waste of money!

  • Memory upgrade on Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1NL

    I bought the Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1NL from argos yesterday. It came with 4GB of RAM. I want to upgrade it to 8GB. Can anybody help with upgrading process. Also will upgrading the RAM void the warranty.

    Im not L50-B owner but I guess there is no separate access to the memory modules at the bottom of the unit.
    In such case its necessary to remove the bottom plastic cover and this will definitely void the warranty!!!
    If you want to keep the warranty valid, dont upgrade the RAM by yourself.
    This must be done by authorized service engineer.

  • Memory upgrade problems on Satellite L30-134

    I have just bought 2 x 1GB memory PC4200 for my L30-134 and installed them they work fine in BIOS, show up and read as they should do, but when windows is booting up it will crash with both modules installed, only ever gets to the screen with the loading bar going across and then I get blue screen.
    Forgot to make a note of the error code I am afraid... (Fool I know). If I remove one of the modules and install the original 512 module with just 1 of the 1GB ones it will work fine. BIOS has been updated to the latest 3.10 version and still I get the same problem...
    because all seems fine from within BIOS I am thinking that its more likely to be a software (windows) problem of some kind maybe some corrupt data in the registry or a virus maybe... has anybody any ideas?
    Also, the laptop is actually my step sons and he really wants to have the CPU upgraded from the Celeron 410 to one that's a little faster. When first looking into this we was told that several CPUs were compatible (although not really worth the hassle of installing) they were cel m 450 2 GHz, pent dual core t2060 and t2080, and also the core duo t2250,so he bought the t2250,and no surprises it wouldn't work, or should I say it powered up with no display and the shut off and just epeated the cycle. So did not take a genius to work out it wasn't compat...
    I know the t2080 are used in the L30's and are 1.73 533 FSB with 1MB L2 cache- 65nm and do stepping. The t2250 is identical apart from the L2 cache is 2MB and the stepping varies from do to mo depends when u bought it... seeing as ow he already has the CPU he's gonna sell it on and use the cash to buy the one that will work. If anybody has any info that could help make sure that he does not end up going round in circles I would really appreciate it...
    Oh and just to make you all laugh it was Toshiba tech line staff member that told him that the CPU would work and that the L30 was able to take 2 x 1GB memory and never once mentioned that there may be issues with both upgrades...
    Issues as in neither soddin work....lmao

    The specs. you posted are correct. Xpress 200 could support dual channel: "Variants available with single or dual channel system memory support ". But there is nothing about dual channel mode in Xpress 200M specs. I have identical modules, but EVEREST doesn't say the modules are running in dual channel mode. So I think the info you found on the website gives the answer, but here are some explanation from Wikipedia to clarify the definitions:
    "Dual-channel-enabled memory controllers utilize two 64-bit data channels, resulting in a total bandwidth of 128-bits, to move data from RAM to the CPU. In order to achieve this, two or more DDR/DDR2 SDRAM memory modules must be installed into matching banks, which are usually color coded on the motherboard. These separate channels allow each memory module access to the memory controller, increasing throughput bandwidth."
    "DDR SDRAM or double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory is a class of memory integrated circuit used in computers. It achieves greater bandwidth than the preceding single data rate SDRAM by transferring data on the rising and falling edges of the clock signal (double pumped). Effectively, it doubles the transfer rate without increasing the frequency of the memory bus."
    "Like DDR before it, DDR2 cells transfer data both on the rising and falling edge of the clock (a technique called "dual pumping"). The key difference between DDR and DDR2 is that in DDR2 the bus is clocked at twice the speed of the memory cells, so four words of data can be transferred per memory cell cycle. Thus, without speeding up the memory cells themselves, DDR2 can effectively operate at twice the bus speed of DDR."
    *UMA (Unified Memory Architectrue):*
    "In computer architecture, Shared Memory Architecture (SMA) refers to a design where the graphics chip does not have its own dedicated memory, and instead shares the main system RAM with the CPU and other components."
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  • Memory upgrade on a Satellite Pro 4270XDVD

    I need some help. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4270XDVD Notebook. I want to increase my memory as I have only the 64 megs that come with it. When I open the back of the computer to check the memory slots there are 2 empty ones. There is a Slot A and B. The problem is Slot A is broken. The 2 clips that hold the memory in are missing. Someone broke them off. Memory Slot B looks okay and I can put a stick of memory in it. The problem is my manual says not to use slot B if slot A is empty. Do you know why this is? Also is there any way of fixing the clips in Slot A without replacing the whole motherboard.
    Thanks for your help,

    Hi Webmonkey
    I think You can use slot B without any problem. If You have the memory expansion already then just try to insert it and check it out.
    Normally on Toshiba notebooks there is no difference in priority between the memory slots.
    Please note: I can not guarantee this for all models - but I say this from experience on some of them.

  • Memory Upgrade for a Satellite Pro 4320

    I own a Satellite Pro 4320. It has the factory installed memory (64 Mb), and I want to expand it. I read in the manual that it is possible to install up to 576 Mb. But in other web pages and documents, I read that 320 Mb is the maximum memory.
    Does anybody know what is the right number?
    Does anybody know where to find 256 Mb modules(if they can be installed)? I have found only 128 Mb modules.
    Thanks in advance

    I have found information that 320 MB are max. for this unit. I have also no lucky to find 256 MB RAM module for this unit. There are two possibilities. Either you can contact service partner in your country and order one module or you must find some notebook hardware parts offerer in your country.

  • Memory upgrade on my Satellite L20

    can anybody tell me if i can get extra memory for my laptop

    Your unit can handle with 2GB max of memory. Compatible modules are:
    DDR2-400/533 256MB (PA3389U-1M25)
    DDR2-400/533 512MB (PA3412U-1M51)
    DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G)
    The part number will help you to find it on the net by some online supplier. You can also order them by service partner in your country.
    Good luck!

  • Memory upgrade problem on Satellite L30-11D

    Hi all
    I am trying to update the memory from 512MB to 2GB.
    I used Crucial's memory tester and ordered memory: 2X 1GB DDR2 667 CL5
    I can use either chip in either memory slot but not both chips at the same time
    I have updated the BIOS
    Any ideas?
    Cheers, rofleuk

    Maybe you should use compatible DDR2 533 MHz modules. Compatible RAMs for this models are 1 GB with part number PA3411U-1M1G.

  • Memory upgrade problem on Satellite L300

    My laptop is a Satellite L300 PSLB8A-047004. I purchased a kit of 2 x 2GB modules and inserted carefully following the instructions (they clicked into place). On restart the Power light was lit, the fan was on but no further activity, and the display remained black, no disk activity. Originally there was 1-off 1GB PC2-6400S module installed and Ive checked that the new ones are PC2-6400S. I took them out and put them back in but same result. When I put the original module back in it worked fine.
    I then tried just one of the new modules in place of the original one but no luck so the original module is now back in and all seems OK.
    Any suggestions please? If there was module damage from being handled then the original 1GB module should also be damaged as its the one thats been handled the most.

    This is typical behaviour by compatibility problems. Which modules you have, I mean who is manufacturer?
    I recommend you to use high quality products from Kingston or Toshiba. For more info about compatible modules for your notebook visit

  • Satellite 1800-712: screen blackout

    s1800-712 screen keeps blacking out. started intermittant, will now stay on if I disconnect mains & run on battery only. blacks out after 30sec on mains.

    Not easy to say if its a hardware or software malfunction.
    If you connect the AC the Toshiba power saver will change the power modes. This mode could have different settings as the battery mode.
    I recommend checking this possibility.
    If all settings are similar so maybe its a hardware malfunction. But to say what exactly wrong several diagnostic tests are needed.
    In this case I think the contacting the service partner would be a good idea.

  • Satellite 1800-712 - CDRW/DVD Combo IDE#1 error

    original SR-R2102 stopped reading discs, bought a new SD-R2102 on Ebay but the laptop won't recognise the drive. Shows IDE#1 error on bootup and drive does not show in hardware in Device Manager (the old faulty drive shows). The new drive has a Compaq sticker on it. Been reading other posts on forum, seems the drive is not compatible even though it appears to be an identical replacement. Any way of getting it to work? Hoping someone can help.

    Every CD or DVD drive can not work properly with every notebook model. It is the same drive model but it was used by another notebook producer. Normally it should be adjusted to be slave. Maybe is there some difference.
    In my opinion you can try to make BIOS update. If the error occurs again than is drive not compatible and you can contact Service partner and ask them for some opinion.

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