Merge several PR line into into 1 PO line item with ME57-Assign and process

Our process is run MRP to generate Purchase requisition, system generate 1 PR number for each materials. Happening that there are multiple PR for a same material number and same delivery date. When we convert PR to PO using tcode Me57 - Assign and Process PR, system always generate different line item for each PR even the materials and the requirement date is the same.
How to merge 2 or a few PR line items for a same material and same requirement date into 1 purchase order line item?

You should use the "shopping cart'' in the "Delivery Schedule" Tab page of the PO to achieve your requirement.  Basically, in this case, you should use ME21N transaction with ''Document Overview" feature to select related PR line items and drag them into this shopping cart.

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    We can get purchase register through T.Code: 'J1I2' by specifying condition types and tax codes.
    We can't get 100% report from this T.Code.
    Check it once.
    Padmaja N.

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    Open this post, go to the flagged message. On its right is a button
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    I went to the site. The only problem I had was one has to sign in
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    Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache.
    * Clear the Cache and
    * Remove Cookies<br> '''''Warning ! ! '' This will log you out of sites you're logged in to.'''
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    * '''Cache;''' Select '''Advanced > Network.''' Across from '''Cached Web Content,''' Press '''Clear Now.'''
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    Although LiveCycle will allow you to create two users with the same user ID (each in different domains) it is not recommended for the reson you are experiencing.  The domain is not used in the authentication, LiveCycle attempts to authenticate with the first user id it locates that matches the supplied user id.
    In your example, The first instance of "user1" that LiveCycle is finding happens to be part of "Domain1", this is why SecuredDoc1.pdf can be opened and SecuredDoc2.pdf can't be opened (the user1 that is a member of the policy applied to the second document is not the user that has been authenticated).
    You need to keep all user ids unique.

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    I use images of paintings for presentations. Over the last 3 months or so I've noticed that I cannt copy images (either JPEg or TIFF) without a reduction in sharpness and definition. Hope someone can help with this problem.

    Figured it out myself! yay!  (only took my entire moring)
    The solution:
    Dont print to PDF!
    SAVE AS COPY, then select Adobe PDF and click SAVE, this will bring up a dialog box with the options you need (including the "High Quality Print" Adobe PDF Preset)
    This was not clear in any of the instructions i read

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    Hi Experts,
    I came across a Invoice which reflects in VF04 as pending Billing due list. When i checked at the inter company Invoice i came across a line item with "0" quantity and price as zero, interestingly the replinishment cross company delivery document  for the same line item for "0" quantity had a Batch assigned to it.
    Now the issue is cusotmer has selected the line item with XX quantity and have selected the accounting document to be generated but the line item with "0 was left over and now still reflects in VF04.
    Customer does not want to reverse the full cycle to resolve the issue since the document was created a year back.My Question  is can we get the line item with "0" quantity to clear accounting so that it will not reflect in VF04.If so what will be process to do that.
    Thanks in Advance to advice.

    It is  not possible to delete this line item, you can discuss with your client and delete it from the table.
    And now coming to the reasons why it has come into the invoice & Delivery
    1. The Batch Item category must have been configured as relevant for billing...check this and make it irrelevant if the client does not do batch specific billing. --- This will stop the batches from coming into the invoice.
    2.  Check for the batch item category in delivery if Zero quanity is allowed...if it is allowed make it not allowed and make it an Error message, whenever there is a zero quantity system will give a message.

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    I was originally told by Verizon that if I joined, I can eventually take over the lines of various family members.  Now that I've joined, and my family members all upgraded their phones and are on Edge, Verizon is telling us that we can't merge into one plan (because Edge lines can't be transferred to another account).
    Is this true, and, if so, what is my recourse since I was lied to.

    Well, yes and no (as far as being lied to).  I asked on several occasions (I have the chat transcripts to prove it) if there would be any issue if the lines were all already on Edge, and was told each time that under no circumstances would there be any issue.  The latest being today (I know it's after the fact, but I wanted proof that this is what the chat people are saying).  I asked "I have currently have an account with 3 phones on Edge.  My brother and his wife, and my parents, also have plans all on Edge.  I would like to 'take over' their lines.  I want to make sure there is no issue with the Edge plan and that I can simply 'take over' their lines with no problems."  I was told "Yes. That would be correct."  Again, this is what I was told in the past as well (my original post didn't make clear the timing of the chats and upgrades to Edge..).  Every time I chatted I mentioned that the accounts were going to be on Edge or (later on) were already on Edge.  Even before my family members upgraded to Edge, not one single chat or phone representative (and my brother asked the same thing in a store) mentioned NOT to upgrade to Edge because it couldn't be transferred.  Everyone just said yep, no problem.  The ONLY reason I even joined Verizon (I was on Straight Talk) was because of the More Everything and Edge plans (we wanted a family plan with 6 people and over 10GB so we'd each save $25/line).  Otherwise I never would have joined Verizon and my family wouldn't have upgraded either.

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    My questions are: 
    Can I combine those two functions into one lineTCP connection (because my current programs at two lines TCP connection) and putit into case structure so I can play the connections several time duringprogram running?
    I was try but it no works and some errors comeout so I make it back to standard.
    Hope anyone can help me..
    Thank you.
    Attachments: ‏360 KB ‏364 KB

    You should be able to combine everything into one connection established from the client side. The connection from the server to the client is not needed.
    Once the client sends the request, the server can reply on the same connection and send the picture while the client receives it, all in the same loop. This should be trivial. Have you tried? What problems did you encounter?
    I don't have IMAQ, so I cannot help you much further. In any case a lot of your code is way too complicated. For example to get the local IP (Which is not even needed!) could be done with a near atomic operation instead of parsing the output of an OS specific system command (See here).
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .

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    I need to to pass  material text lines to a file for processing into different SAP system.
    Currently i am having multiple text lines stored in an internal table. I am looping that table and checking the string length of a first line.If it is less than 72 characters then i need to add spaces at the end of the text and make it 72 and pass it to workarea-field.
    However, while passing the next line text it is overwriting the spaces of first line and that is making the text meaning difficult to understand when passed to the other SAP system.
    Let me know how to approach.

    This will not work as it splits the text as per the position.
    However what i would need is if i am entering text like this.
    Material ABCD --> Line 1
    This is finished product 9-series material used for high-value equipments. ---> Line 2
    Currently,  when transferring this data over the file it goes to the other system as
    Material ABCDthis is finished product---> upto 72 characters
    9 series material used for high-value ---> upto 72 characters
    So if there is less than 72 characters in the first line it takes 2nd line text. However it is ok if the text has more than 72 characters as it goes into the next line and still makes the meaning intact.

  • Combining Line Segments into a single shape

    I drew one half of a shape by drawing multiple line segments using the arc tool. Think of the shape as sort of a C. Once I had the shape the way I wanted it, I copied and reflected it to give me the other half, so now it looks sort of like an O. However, when I go to fill the shape, I get all sort of weird fills, like it is trying to close each of the individual arcs that I drew.
    I have spent over an hour going through Illustrators help and searching the internet, but I can't figure out how to join all these line segments into a single shape that I can then apply a fill to. I'm sure this is easy, but I'm frustrated.

    Thanks Kurt. That did it. My gosh, I would never have thought of looking for something like that. I upgrade to CS3 sometime ago, but hadn't used illustrator much since I upgraded.
    Thanks for the help.

  • Need to fetch Schedule Line information into CRM from R/3

    Hi Experts,
    I need to get the Schedule Line Info into CRM system before an order is created.
    Is there any standard function module in R/3 to fetch this information for a specified Material and Quantity.
    If not, the database table where this schedule line information is being stored would help.

    Hello all,
    does this Function Module work also for Configurable Material? We currently face the issue that we replicate a quote from CRM to ECC and the confirmed date for the Scheduled Lines do not get populated due to a limitation. It seems, that currently it is not supported to get back the confirmed date for sub-line items that come from a configurable product.
    The FM Module you mentioned seem like a good workaround?!?
    Please advise!

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    The value of the Channel Strip volume etc is not stored within the C Strip setting, as you have discovered.
    If you really wanted, you could add a Gain plug to the strip, with it set to give the correct output level with the Fader set to 0
    (Or just set the fader manually in MS)

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