Message Split -- File to Idoc Scenario  -  ( Without BPM )

I have multiple records coming to XI in a File and I have to create Multiple Idocs to R/3.
Due to Complexity of mapping I'm splitting Maaping step into 2 message Mappings.
In the 2nd Mapping step  I'm doing message Split meaning for each Source record I'm creating multiple Idocs ( To be precise each record on the source becomes 4 idocs in the Target.
2nd Mapping step is as follows
Source 1..1
  Sourcerecord 0.. Unbounded
    field1  0..1
    field2  0..1
    filed3  0..1
Message 1
    Idoc   1.. Unbounded
      Idoc Structure..
Message 2
      Idoc   1.. Unbounded
Message 3
      Idoc   1.. Unbounded
Message 4
      Idoc   1.. Unbounded
So based on some criteria each record of Source will be mapped to 4 Messages (  1 each under each Message )
Is it possible to do this without BPM?. Iam sending all these Idocs to same R/3 System.
Thanks for any help..RK

See the blog
<i>Basicly we have 2 ways of handling such scenarios:
- we can use a block step and send multiple IDOCs from our BPM
- we can also do a little trick and send multiple IDOCs from the XI without a BPM
The first approach is a standard XI approach. It involves the use of a BPM
so the speed of this transfer many not be very good in case you'd like to send
hundreds or thousands of IDOCs in just one call.
The second approach uses a little trick that was mentioned several times
on the XI Froum by a number of XI developers but is still not very clear to the XI newbies.
It allows us to send multiple IDOCs without the use of a BPM. Most probably this will be your choice
if you'd like to use such 1:N (IDOCs) scenarios effectively.</i>
Please see the bwlow threads also..
IDOC Splitting
File To IDOC Thru XI
Multi-Mappings in BPM (XI 3.0)
Please let me know , your solcev or not..

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  • Error handling in File - XI - SOAP scenario without BPM

    We have a File -> XI -> SOAP scenario without BPM. The problem is that if the Web Service sends back an error XI tries to reprocess the same message again and again instead of taking the next one.
    We do not want set the retry interval to NULL because most error cases are temporary connection problems and then also those messages would not automatically be reprocessed any more.
    We also have to use BE instead of EO, otherwise the Web Service will not return a response. But we need the response to be sure that the processing was successful. The message volume in this scenario is quite high and we do not want to use BPM only for the error handling.
    I know that from SP19 some additional adapter modules are available for async - sync scenarios without BPM. I tried to configure it like described in File - RFC - File without a BPM - Possible from SP 19. but it did not solve the problem. Does anybody have any other ideas? Thanks.
    Regards, Tanja

    Hi Tanja,
    >>>The volume is 3000 messages/day on business days and 700 messages/day during weekends but the traffic will increase in the future
    I think, you should check that out. It is assumedly only 2 days work to build a scenario:
    IDoc -> BP
    BP <-> SOAP/HTTP
    BP -> IDoc (Acknowledgement)
    In the process you need a condition branch, where you decide success or not. You need 2 Interface Mappings for filling the ALEAUD.
    Just send 1000 IDocs to the Test-XI and look to performance monitoring at Runtime Workbench, to find out, how many message will be processed in one hour. Assumedly 3000 and more per day should be possible. The advantage would be to reduce number of systems (no file system) and messages (better monitoring) and using the standard (better maintenance).
    >>>So you are suggesting I should use HTTP adapter and then add the SOAP header manually in a mapping?
    Yes, build the SOAP envelop during the mapping. Most easy is to use XSL or, if your mapping is ready, an additionsal XSL. You can put the error into the Acknowledgement to see it in ERP transaction WE02.
    Filling of ALEAUD fields:
    E1ADHDR/MESTYP: original message type
    E1ADHDR/E1STATE/DOCNUM: original IDoc number
    E1ADHDR/E1STATE/STATUS: 68 in case of error, 53 in case of success
    E1ADHDR/E1STATE/STATXT: Short description for R/3 user what has happend
    I ve done such a scenario several times. That works without any problems.

  • File to IDOC Scenario using BPM

    Hi Experts,
        I am working on file-Bapi-Idoc scenario using BPM.
        I have two conditions
    1. If the Sonumber is populated then need trigger an Bapi_change
    2.If the Sonumber is not populated from the file then need to trigger a Bapi_Createfromdat to create the sales order and receive the salesorder number as response from Bapi
    and the response of these BAPIs should be validated whether the Bapi is successful or not.
    If it is successful message then need to trigger IDOC or else should throw an alert message.
    let me know the steps involved in this scenario.
    can i send alert message to other email IDs or can i send it to only XI admin?
    Please let me know u r inputs.
    Thanks in advance

    You need to have a BPM for this.
    BPM design.
    Recieve step(abstract asynchronous) for file structure
    Switch Case(condition whether sonumber is populated or not) 
    if populated
    Branch 1(of switch)
        transforamtion step:- mapping between File and Bapi_Change(Request structure)
      Send step(abstract syncronous) To send the BAPI_change
    Branch 2(of switch)
    transformation step:-mapping between file and BApi_Create
    Send step(abstract synchronous) To send the BAPI_Create
    Block step(which will include the Switch step)
        trigger an Execption in case of an error(in any of the two branches) through the block
        The Exception will trigger an alert.
    Now after the Block step there will be a transformation step(which will have the mapping between RFC response and Idoc)
    Next is the send step(abstract asynchronous) for the idoc
    In case if there is no exception the Idoc will be triggered or the exception branch will trigger the alert
    rewards points if useful

  • Doubt in fields - message mapping (file 2 idoc scenario)

    while doing message mapping in file 2 idoc scenario, i could not able find the values for some field names
    ( i am following this wiki help )
    cremas04 idoc
    vendorNo LIFNR
    vendor name Name1
    Pur_org   ? ( I could not able locate field with the similar desc in idoc MT side)
    Company code  ?
    Acc_Grp  ?
    Search term MCOD1
    Address ADRNR
    City ORT01
    Pin_code PSLTZ
    could you help me out with this?
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    I got the answer.

  • Multiple IDOC to Multiple IDOC scenario without BPM steps????

    Could you please give me the solution for this ???
    I want steps for sending all IDOCs at a time- ---"Multiple IDOC to Multiple IDOC scenario without using BPM".???

    Refer the below, for certain details!
    /people/swaroopa.vishwanath/blog/2007/01/22/ale-configuration-for-pushing-idocs-from-sap-to-xi     ALE configuration for pushing idocs from SAP to XI
    /people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/12/04/xi-idoc-bundling--the-trick-with-the-occurance-change     XI: IDOC bundling - the "trick" with the occurance change

  • SOAP to IDoc scenario without BPM

    I have 2 scenario's
    1) IDoc-SOAP - -response -- IDoc scenario -- (have found some links  to do it without BPM)
    2) SOAP -- RFC request -- RFC response -- e-mail (no links found)
    how can i achive both these scenario's without BPM. Currently i have these 2 scenarios in our 7.1 version with BPM. but our requirement is to migrate this scenario into 7.4 without BPM(No PO).
    please help us to achive this scenario without BPM.
    Your help is highly appreciated.

    Hi Kiran,
    Could you please let us know the exact requirement. How do you want to send the response back to IDOC?
    ASync - Sync Bridge with IDOC sender is not possible in PI 7.0.
    If It is something like IDOC --> SOAP --> IDOC , And If the SOAP request is small then you can use SOAP Lookup in IDOC to IDOC Scenario.
    In The mapping You can do a lookup and get the response from SOAP(Webservice) and map that to your Target IDOC.
    This is one possible way for you without BPM in PI7.0.
    Please let me know if you need more details about this.
    Jyothi A

  • How to send status message in SOAP to IDOC scenerio without BPM

    I have a SOAP to IDOC scenerio in which we require to send the status message back to user from XI that " IDOC has been sent successfully to SAP system"
    We do not want to use BPM bacause of performance issues.
    Can you please help me how to achieve this synchronous response without BPM.
    Note: We require the status message from XI that the IDOC has been successfully posted to WESAP system

    Idoc only support async behaviour. U can't get the Idoc response as per ur requirement without BPM.
    Better to go for abap proxy or RFC.
    Or u may get the ack till XI.

  • IDOC to EDI file scenario and EDI file to IDOC scenario without Seeburger

    Hi All,
    IDOC (Invoice) to EDI file scenario without Seeburger
    Pls let me know if anybody have blogs for the same
    EDI file to IDOC (Orders) scenario without Seeburger
    Pls let me know if anybody have blogs for the same

    Hi Rachit,
    >>Can anybody send me blogs to convert IDoc structure to EDI or EDI to IDoc structure using Conversion Agent or using JAVA Mappings.
    Using conversion Agent there is no coding, If you have a conversion agent insatlled in your landscape you will have better understanding..
    Also java code for IDoc to EDI have some problems:
    1. The EDI format differs based on requirement so there will always be a customized code for it.. Like we have IDco to EDIFACT and ANSX12...
    2. Because most of these codes are propriety materials I doubt whether anyone be sharing the complete code here in SDN. Better to have a java consultant at your end and put him with your requirement.. From the reply in above threads you should be clear that what you are looking for can be done from java coding..
    All the best

  • Fault message type using in File to IDoc Scenario

    I have successfully configured File to IDoc scenario. Now I am thinking to add some flavour to it by using Fault message type.
    Can I use fault message type without using any proxies?
    Can some body help in giving an answer to my question and provide some weblogs to achieve the configuration?
    Thanks in advance.
    Suraj Kumar

    Hi Suraj,
    With IDOCs, you cannot set up fault messages as it is async mode communication. There is not control which waits for the processing of the message/application errors as you have it in case of synch mode.
    But, you can set up acknowledgement using ALEAUD. Check this for more /people/saravanakumar.kuppusamy2/blog/2005/01/20/configuration-tips-for-a-business-serviceintegration-process-to-send-back-ale-audit-idoc

  • Message has error status at outbound side File To Idoc Scenario

    hi ,
    In my File to Idoc scenario , when i go to sxmb_moni , i found that its showing red flag at Outbound Status Tab and showing message "Message has error status at outbound side".
    When i go to IDX5 and and select my idoc and click on Transaction Id it shows "Password logon no longer possible - too many faile" .
    Please suggest what may be the problem ?

    1. First check the RFC destination name used in receiver Idoc adapter communication channel.
    2. As i said earlier, in sm59 transaction in XI gui, u can check same rfc destination under type 3. There check the logon credentials and the username.
    3. Now goto the R3 system GUI and check in su01 that same user is locked or not. If locked unlock it.
    4. And if u change the password of that user, then do the similar change in XI -> sm59 -> rfc destination logon credential

  • File to IDOC scenario-no messages in SXMB_MONI

    Hi all,
       I know this is asked so many times ,I checked some links but couldn;t find out the gap where it happened.
    I am doing a File to IDOC scenario through XI mapping.
    I am not getting any messages in SXMB_MONI.
    When I check Communication Channel monitering in Runtime Workbench, it shows processing successfully, then it should generate messages in SXMB_MONI and intimate whether the scenario created is correct or not right!
    Please help.
    My scenario goes like this:
    Sender : Business service(Some file location)
    Used File adapter for sender communication channnel.
    Receiver : Business system(SAP R/3)
    Used IDOC Adapter for receiver communication channel.
    One more thing is,do I need to create logical system for Business service also?If so, where do I maintain it?(In SAP R/3 or in XI system?)
    Till now,I maintained my XI system as logical system in WE20 and I didn't create any logical system for business service in any system.Does it create main problem?

    Hi , I am able to poll the files from file location now.and I am receiving IDOC into SAP R/3 with status 56.I already created partner for file path as a logical system and assigned inbound parameters with respective message type . Even the status shows :
    An inbound partner profile could not be found with the following key:
    This involves the key fields of table EDP21:
    -SNDPRN  partner number of sender
    -SNDPRT  partner type of sender
    -SNDPFC  partner function of sender
    -MESTYP  logical message type
    -MESCOD  logical message code
    -MESFCT  logical message function
    -TEST    test flag
    I already manitained following data and there is one record in EDP21.
    SNDPRT  = LS
    MESCOD = space
    MESFCT = space
    TEST = space
    SYNCHK = X
    METHOD = space
    USRTYP = space
    USRLNG = space
    INMOD = space
    DCART = space
    And please let me know whether I have to maintain outbound parameters  also for my partner in XI system.I didn't see any difference even I maintained it.
    And my IDOC takes another port rather than I mentioned in my SNDPRN(sender port) of my IDOC control record in message mapping.Let me know whether it's mandatory to maintain port name with SAP<XXX>convension,because IDOC in R/3 is picking the port with that naming convension.
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    Edited by: Jaya on Feb 26, 2010 10:27 AM

  • Problems in file to idoc scenario

    hi all
    I am doing file to IDOC Scenario. In that I am getting the successful message but the Fields which I mapped to the IDOC is not populated in the IDOC.
    In message mapping also it was showing the same thing. when I entered the fields of the file manually it was coming into the idoc and if i gave any file then it was not populated.
    Can any one help us.

    For that u will have to change the occurunces in messages tab in mappings and do a split by value in mappings to generate 4 different messages.
    secondly i hope ur using BPM for the same. in that case u can use parForEach to post 4 IDocs at a time.

  • Multiple Operations for File to IDoc scenario

    Hi all,
    I have a file to IDoc scenario where two IdocXML files (one for INSERT and one for CHANGE of Business Object) have to be picked up by file adapter and transfered to SAP System. In respect to the multiple operations PI 7.1 can handle I would like to create one Service Interface for the Business Object and two operations (INSERT and CHANGE).
    Unfortunately I am not able to use the operation in the sender agreement, so I can't specify the comm-channel for the operations, only for the interface.
    So, can I use multiple operations in a file scenario (respectively in a non Web Service scenario)??
    Thanks a bunch,

    The scenario is pretty easy. I just want two different files to be read by one Comm Channel with one Sender Agreement.
    They are both transferred to the same receiver. I just wanted to test one scenario using multiple operations.
    In your blog you described that you should not use two operations with the same set of messages (synchronous/asynchronous). In my case both are asynchronous but I already tried it with one being sync and the other one async. Where did you actually get this information, it puzzles me a little since SAP does the same in its preconfigured Enterprise Services as far as I know.
    In the Trace for pipeline step Interface determination in SXMB_MONI it says:
    <Trace level="1" type="T">...There is no Interface Determination configured for receiver party and receiver service BS_RECEIVER</Trace>
      <Trace level="2" type="T">Check conditions for (Inb: Party Srvc If) BS_RECEIVER SI_..._Out</Trace>
      <Trace level="2" type="T">...valid InbIf without Condition: SI_..._Out</Trace>
      <Trace level="2" type="T">Number of receiving Interfaces:1</Trace>
    So it finds the Outbound Interface in Receiver side which is wrong since I specified the Inbound Interface in the Interface determination. Did anyone of you already encounter such a behaviour? I already deleted and recreated all routing objects but without any success.

  • Reg File to IDOC scenario with Acknowledgment

    Hi Experts!
    In  a File to IDOC scenario , how to get the  acknowledgment back to PI after posting the IDOC to SAP system and send the acknowledgment to the sender system.
    What setting needs to be done in Sap  and PI? Is it better if we have a BPM or is it good to have another interface to pass the acknowledgment IDOC back to the file sender.

    Dear All,
    For file to idoc scenario is there any possibility to get line items details or xml details i.e the segments and its related field details using reference id, transaction id or interface name or message id in SAP PI 7.0. I know we need to click each and every message in sxi_monitor and look for details.
    For SAP(R3 System) I can create a report and set the job for specific time period so automatically it throws the details(like reference no, document date, invoice no from) in ftp path as .csv file. The same ftp path is maintained in program.
    I wanted to check FTP--->PI postings and I have set the job at r3 system it is working fine and Im monitoring it too.
    Now the end to end scenario is FTP--->PI--->ECC(R3 system). Please help.Many Thanks.

  • Error in File to IDOC Scenario

    I have File to IDOC scenario.
    I am getting error in sender file channel.
    "Conversion initialization failed: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: Error(s) in XML conversion parameters found: Mandatory parameter 'xml.keyfieldName': no value found "
    Although I have used this parameter in content conversion 'xml.keyfieldName' (for each sub structure and defined a key field).
    Despite of this error in sender channel I am receiving the message in XI.
    But in XI also it throws error :
    "Unable to convert the sender service PG_TOM_CEEMEA_RU_SFA to an ALE logical system"
    Any help on this ?

    Hello Vikas,
    I am getting error in sender file channel.
    "Conversion initialization failed: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: Error(s) in XML conversion parameters found: Mandatory parameter 'xml.keyfieldName': no value found "
    Although I have used this parameter in content conversion 'xml.keyfieldName' (for each sub structure and defined a key field).
    Check your flat file structure whether the key field you have chosen is appropriate and also recheck the FCC details whether you have assigned the value for the key field i.e.  keyFieldValue.
    "Unable to convert the sender service PG_TOM_CEEMEA_RU_SFA to an ALE logical system"
    regarding the above error refer this

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