Migration of SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.1 from Windows(OS), SQL Server(DB) to AIX(OS) and Oracle(DB).

Dear All,
I have SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.1  running on window servers and sql server database. We want to migrate this to  AIX and oracle.
Can you please share what should be the best approach to carry on this migration?

Hi Mohammed,
Regarding your Query below is the suggestion:
Step I: Preparing for moving BOBJ application from Windows to AIX
There are some tasks that you need to perform:
To configure the existing deployment
Perform inventory and cleanup, to ensure that only the required content is moved.
Run the Repository Diagnostic Tool to detect any inconsistencies between the File Repository and the CMS repository. The upgrade management tool will not run successfully if there are inconsistencies between the File Repository and the CMS repository.
Identify any content that the upgrade management tool can't upgrade, along with the process required to upgrade that content. There is some content like Voyager Workspaces or Desktop Intelligence documents that require manual intervention before running the upgrade management tool.
Back up existing repositories, including the system database and the Input and Output File Repository Servers.
Back up custom web applications, HTML pages, and scripts in your existing deployment.
To configure the planned BI 4.x deployment
Setup and configure the Middleware and ODBC connections.
Ensure that your machines meet the deployment system's requirements, you can find information about the supported platforms in the Platform Availability Matrix (PAM) http://service.sap.com/support -> Help and Support -> SAP BusinessObjects Support -> Documentation -> Supported Platform s/PARs -> SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x
Step II:
You can use database backup & FRS backup (Offline) in new environment (AIX) to deploy BOBJ 4.x Version
Take the help of DBA to move CMS & AUDIT database backup from SQL Server (Windows) to Oracle (AIX)
Test the Universe,reports, Check the rights
Step III:
If you are configured any SSO then make sure that same configuration is deployed in new environment (AIX).
Test the user SSO in new environment (AIX).
You can also use Promotion manager to move the contenet from Windows (Business Objects Application) to UNIX (Business Objects Application)
Only prerequisite is Business Objects Application version should be same.
You can copy content only 50 Object at a time in One Job
FRS Offline backup is required.
Necessary files regarding custom web applications, HTML pages, and scripts in your existing deployment.
Please refer the below KBA for more details
BOBJ Deployment Link:
BIP on Linux with Tomcat and Sybase ASE Pattern Book
Installing SAP BI 4.1 SP01 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x Step-by-step
Promotion Manager KBA:
Hope this will help!!!!

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  • SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.0 SP2 Patch 7 setup

    Hello Everyone
    We have BOXI 4.0 installed on the DEVELOPMENT system. I have been asked to update it to patch 7. I am installing SP2 Patch 7 setup. In one of the installation screens it asks for
    Connection Information for Existing CMS
    CMS Port: 6400
    Administrator Logon Information
    User: Administrator(greyed out)
    Error: Either the remote CMS cannot be reached, or the logon credentials are incorect.INS00013
    For CMS Name i have provided the computer name and not the URL of CMS or localhost, The password is the correct one which i have used to login to  CMS earlier.  Can't understand why is not accepting them.
    Also i shutdown the services in Central Configuration Manager before installing. Should i perform the installation while the system is up. Can i change the user in Admin logon information?
    Kindly advise.

    yes - the CMS has to run during the setup. Starting and Stopping mechanisms are in the setup included.

  • Please only post SAP Business Objects products related questions here

    Thanks for reading.
    Unfortunately many people get confused with the term BI which was used for SAP BW at one time. With the acquisition of Business Objects some product names have changed.
    SAP BW is still SAP BW, please post in the respective forums: /community [original link is broken]
    Business Intelligence in this forum refers to the these SAP Business Objects products:
    SAP Business Objects Enterprise
    SAP Business Objects 4.0
    SAP Business Objects Intelligence Platform 4.0
    For more information and great articles and videos please see:
    Kind Regards
    Roland Hoeller

    Suresh Babu Aluri wrote:
    > Hi,
    > You can create All prompt in lovs of reuired object as
    > do the following steps for all prompt creation.
    > 1. Go to Object to which the lovs are mapped. -> select object -> properties -> advanced (not sure) -> edit lovs -> then a query panel will display and it will have query like
    > select distinct(..........) from ......................
    > change the above query to
    > select distinct(..........) from ......................
    > union
    > select 'all' from dual -> dual is temporary table in oracle (you define a temporary table w.r.to database)
    > 2. In designer go to the object on which prompt is defined.
    > i.e.
    > may be in selecor where clause you might defined prompt as
    > .............. @prompt('Member Name')
    > so change that to
    > .................. .............. @prompt('..Member name')
    > or
    > 'all' in @prompt('Member name')
    > 2. For your second requirement the max no lov values are changed in prm files. For that go to programs -> BO -> BO ii.5 or ur version -> dataaccess->win32_x86-> based on ur back end select required folder -> search in *.prm files to change the max no lovs.
    > Cheers,
    > Suresh Aluri.
    Hi Suresh
    Thank you for the detailed response.  I tried your suggestions and neither works.
    LOV issue:
    Within the Business View manager, i right-click on the LOV object and click "Edit List of Values..." and i get a dialog box that only shows me Available fields, List of Value Fields used, description field, and Referenced objects. Along with buttons for Clear Instance & Refersh Status.
    I have read similar posts to what you suggested but never get to the same place as described.
    Please advise....
    as for _Max Number LOV _
    I have researched this as well and found the same suggestion you made. But the PRM file does not have that value, and the file contains all XML code
    Now what???

  • SAP Business Objects Universe Desgin Problem

    Dear Experts,
    I getting Problem to create the below Scenario in SAP Business Objects Universe level
    The data base is M-SQL 2008
    The data is below liek this
    Tabel1: Note: Due to clear under standing i mantained the & for each data spearation
    Fields: EntityID    &    Parent ID     and         Effective data
    Data:  WILGP    &       WILGP          &            01.01.2010
               WIL          &      TSILGP        &             02.01.2011
               SALGP      &    WILGP             &          01.05.2010
               WT           &      MSIALGP         &         01.03.2011
                PALM       &     WALGP           &          04.05.2010
               MSIAGP    &     PALM  &              01.01.2011
              WCLGP        &   SALGP &01/01/2012
              ROW           &    WILGP &01.01.2011
    In BO The want the Hierarchy level(Time Dependency)
    liek 5 nodes:
    Node1: Parent ID(Field1 with some condition)
    Node2: Entity ID(Filed2)
    Node3:If Node2 Entity ID = Parent ID then Bring the all Entity ID 's
    Node4:IF Node 3 Entity ID = Parent ID then Bring the all Entity ID's
    Node5:IF node 4 Entity ID = Parent ID then Bring the all Entity ID's
    same Structure(Class) need to create in the BO Universe , could you please help any how to create the above Hierarchy Structure in BO universe level
    Please help me on this issue

    Hello Venkata Ramana Pandi,
    As Manoj Dhyani mention in the above thread, try changing it into CWM format and give it a try.
    Follow the below steps:
    Export the DS datastore in CWM format, select the datastore and enter a XML file name
    Open the Universe Builder (this option will be in BOE Program menu), you have a option in Universe Builder to import XML exported from Data Services/Data Integrator, check if that creates your Universe successfully
    to use Metadata Exchange do the following
    Open Data Services Desginer
    Click on tools Menu -> Metadata Exchange
    In the Metadata Exchange window
    Select Export Data Services metadata to a file
    Select DI CWM as metadata format
    enter location for xml file (C:\temp)
    Select the datastore you want to create Universe for
    Click OK
    Check for file named repo_export.xml in the C:\temp folder or the folder that you specified
    Open Universe Builder and Select
    Data Integrator bridge
    and use the xml file as input to create universe

  • SWF exported to SAP Business objects Platform doesn't refresh

    Hi Expert,
                       I have exported the XLF file to Sap Business Objects Platform.
    Can anyone please help me in  suggesting , why it is not refreshing? I scheduled the reports and am trying to get the latest instance of the webi reports.
    I am using live office connection. So I was suggested to use this way of exporting for automatic refreshing of data from the webi reports.
    My Built:
    Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 SP3  with hot fix 3.1,3.2,3.3
    Business Objects Live office XI 3.1 SP2

    Hi Stratos,
                      I have already installed Fix Pack 2.5 in live office client .
    The situation is that I  have a bar chart  plotted  where KPI values are there against the dates(on X-axis). So, suppose I
    exported the SWF on 2nd Dec . I have  the date starting from 1st Nov to till date on the X axis of bar chart.
       I scheduled the webi reports on 7th dec where i changed the start date in the query filter to 28 nov
    and then observed the SWF in Infoview.
    1. Dates on X -axis are changed . Starts from 28 Nov instead of 1 nov.
    2. The data values are not coming for the dates after 2nd Dec.
    It means I am not getting the values for the dates after I exported the SWF
    Can you suggest me something.

  • Work book save error in SAP business objects in bi platform

    We are facing issue for saving workbook in SAP Business objects in bi platform.
                             While saving work book it's asking user id and passowrd and webservice URL. after entering this it's asking to enter proxy user and passowrd.
    Please suggest what is the proxy id and password we need to give here or any configuration we need to do to connect workbook with sap business objects.
    Error: Proxy error 407 and Authorization failure.
    ##Screen shot attached##
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sreekanth Reddy

    Check if you are able to login into Manage Servers through Central Configuration Manager.
    If thats successful, the issue is either with Krb5.ini or bscLogin.conf file.
    You can check http://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1631734 and download the white paper to go through the settings.
    Make sure there are no white spaces in Krb5.ini and the format is correct.

  • Error while connecting microsoft Excel to sap business objects

    I am trying to connect sap business objects to Microsoft Excel using Power Query add in but i am getting  Proxy time out connection error  when adding
    Credentials, As per the SAP documents i am using SAP Restful Web service URL when connecting to Business objects
    Details are as follows:
    Opearting System-:Windows 7
    SAP BO Platform-:BO 4.0 SP 6 (OS-Windows server 2008 R2)
    Excel Version-:Microsoft Excel 2013
    ADD IN-:Power Query
    Please check attach  Error Screen-Shot for Detail information

    please be aware that you need SAP BI 4.1 SP2 at least for using Power Query
    So maybe this error results in a non suported Environment.

  • Windows AD Authentication for Business Objects BI Platform

    Currently we are running our installation of Business Objects BI Platform on a Windows 2008 r2 server with Tomcat. We understand that it is recommended that in order to authenticate with Windows AD you need to use Kerberos authentication, and this is true for SiteMinder authentication from this application as well. If this is wrong please let me know.
    Because of the security restrictions on our environment we can not run the needed scripts on the AD server in order to use Kerberos. But also because of the security restriction we have to use SiteMinder against AD.
    Is there any suggestion of what we can do to get this authentication to work? Thanks ahead of time!

    Kerberos is a very secure protocol, compared to others.
    Creating SPNs and enabling the delegation option is required for kerberos to work.
    These steps are suggested by Microsoft for kerberos to work and are not controlled by SAP BO.
    Kerberos also allows you to perform SSO to the DB to view reports on demand.
    However if you wish to use Siteminder, you can pull Active directory users using the AD plug-in and then use Siteminder with Trusted Authentication to pass the username authenticated by Siteminder to BO and BO can use the user name passed to create a session.
    Note: As the user is already authenticated by Siteminder, BO would not perform the authentication again.
    Please go thorough the below SAP Note, that helps setting up Trusted Authentication SSO.
    1422248    Setting up Trusted Authentication in XI 3.x for Infoview and Opendocument using QUERY_STRING
    1603002 - Setting up Trusted Authentication in BI4 for BIlaunchPad and Opendocument using HTTP_HEADER

  • How can i download sap Business objects client tools 4.1 ?

             I want to download sap business objects client tools 4.1 .I did not find it .so can you please help me to download this files

    Hi Venu
    Have you check the installation guide? could you refer the SAP Note for SAP BO
    2013261 - SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 SP04 Install Guide

  • SAP Business Objects Add-ins

    I have a computer with SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP2 and SAP PowerDesigner (4343).
    When I try to enable SAP BusinessObjects Add-ins I get the error message "Add-in SAP BusinessObjects license check failed".
    Anyone can help ?

    Hello Marc,
    As ex-Sybase customer, I wasn't aware about a version "Standard Edition" vs another one.  I just made a control about which version is installed.
    I made a control and I confirm the following elements:
    - It isn't PowerDesigner "Standard Edition"
    - Client platform is Windows 8.1
    - I noticed a problem with "gacutil.exe" during initial installation of version 16.5.
    - Associated license is "EnterpriseArchitect"'
    - I confirm I cannot activate several add-ins such as "SAP Business Objects", "SAP HANA" and "SAP ERP"
    - I see all add-ins mentioned before in PowerDesigner add-ins menu (General options)

  • SAP Business Objects Explorer app Sybase SUP settings

    Hello Community,
    Is there a guide or a how to for setting up the SAP Business Objects Explorer application with Sybase Unwired Platform?
    I found a guide to setup the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application but nothing for Explorer.
    Could someone please advise?
    Thank you

    Hi All,
              If SUP comes is introduced in the landscape then the whole licensing structure changes then when used where we directly connect to BI server from the SAP BI app instead of introducing the SUP in the landscape.So what will be advantages of using the SUP against when we compare the licensing part in both the system landscape with SUP and without SUP.Also if we directly use the app with the BI server then apps user license will also play some role ??.I am new to the Mobile BI division and so please forgive me if i have asked some silly question and also some starter links are welcomed.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Fenil Doshi.

  • Need help in SAP Business Object Dashboard

    Hey, I need some help.
    i have a dashboard which is current built in Qlikview.
    Now our client proposed that they need to migrate this dashboard to SAP Business Object.
    Please guide about dashboard desigining using SAP, since i am absolute novice about BO so guide according like which BO software needs to be install and some learning material of BO, please email @ [email protected]
    Many Many Thanks in advance!!

    Too generic to answer this question and also you can find lot of thread, discussions & blogs are available to get the info. Also you can find some templates & samples inside the dashboard itself, play with those component and understand them better.
    Best place to get familiar with the dashboard using the tutorials.
    Official Product Tutorials – SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
    Installing SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0
    SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0, SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2011, SAP Crystal Presentation Design 2011 - Product Av…
    SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.1 – SAP Help Portal Page
    SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Resource Centre
    Please go through the above links which can help you to understand how dashboard works, install & Product availability matrix.

  • I have error while testing the system created from a sap business objects template in SAP portal

    I have error while testing the system created from a sap business objects template in SAP portal. Error text:
    com.sapportals.connector.connection.ConnectionFailedException: Connection Failed: A nested exception occurred. Could not initialize physical connection. Connection Failed: A nested exception occurred. Could not initialize physical connection. Connection Failed: A nested exception occurred. Could not create JCO connection. 'mshost' missing
    I configure integration SAP portal and SAP BW system. All system requirements are complied.
    SAP Business Objects 4.0
    SAP BW 7.31
    1.     I configure SSSO between SAP BW and SAP Business Objects Enterprise 4.0
    2.     Next I setting integration SAP PORTAL with SAP BW system
    3.     I download certificate from portal. Select Certificates and key (http://sapserver:port/nwa) – See scren_
    4.     In next window selected Ticketkeystore and Saplogonticketpair-cert( near part window form)
    5. Select Export entry button and binary format file certificate for download. Press download.
    6.     Save certificate file in local PC folder
    In next step need export certificate file to SAP system. Sequence of step:
    1.       Run STRUSTSS02 transaction .
    2.       Chose certificate ->import.
    3.       Select downloaded certificate file
    4.       Select Add to certificate list button and Add to ACL button
    5.       Inter System ID and Client(000)
    6.       In next I download iview sap business objects template into sap portal: System administration->transport->Import. And select and download sap business Objects iview template in .epa format into sap portal.
    7.       Result – downloaded iview.
    8.       In next step I create system from template. System administration->system landscape.
    9. In next step I input parameters for my system in Connector category, Sap business objects and user management categories: See screen _2
    10.   When I created the system and test the connection error occurred: See screen_3
    This issue is important enough. I would be grateful for opinions and ideas. Thanks in advance.

    Did you find a solution?

  • BI Accelerator used in combination with SAP Business Objects Explorer

    Hi ,
    If you use SAP Netweaver BWA and SAP Business Objects Explorer Blade, do you only get the full benefit with using SAP BO Explorer, or will the same queries ran in BEx 7 Anaylser also benefit from the in memory OLAP processing?
    I'm guessing that the SAP BOE Blade will only benefit SAP BOE.
    It would be great if the current BWA had the ability to in-memory the OLAP part of the processing, as then it might be worth the hassle of getting it installed.

    May be the note : 1384526, could give you an insight.
    Regards, Hyma
    Edited by: Hymavathi Yanamadala on Feb 25, 2010 5:13 AM

  • SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office 1.4 on Microfost Office 64-Bit Version

    Has anyone installed SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office 1.4 SP6 on Microsoft Office (Excel) 64-Bit Version. I am getting message "The launcher was not able to connect Analysis Add-In. Make sure that Analysis Add-In is not disabled by Office Application".
    When I activated the Analysis Add-In, I am getting below Error: "Excel experienced a serious problem with the 'analysis' add-in." and it is forcing to disable the add-in and asking to check for if any update is available. It was working fine on 32-bit Excel version.

    Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for the response. It is working fine on 32-bit Office version (with OS 64-bit). I checked the compatibility (OSS 1466118 ) and it supports Microsoft 64-bit office version. Just wanted to see if anyone had successful installation.

Maybe you are looking for

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