Minimum hardware specifications

Is the minimum hardware specifications for Windows Server 2012R2 Standard and DataCenter the same?  Where can I find the minimum requirements for each?

They're the same for minimums:
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  • Hyperion Planning Server Hardware Specifications/Requirment 11.1.2

    Hi Team member,
    we are planning to buy Production & Development Server for Oracle Hyperion Planning & Budgeting Instance,
    please advise where I can find document/formula to calculate Hardware Specification/requirements to order rite Hardware.
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    Hi team members,
    we are using Hyperion PLanning Version (11.1.2)...
    if someone can redirect me to formula kind of thing "how to calculate Hardware Requirements WRT increase in number of concurrent sessions".
    for example need formula like below.
    Minimum Server Requirement: 10 GB lets say for 5 concurrent sessions for 1-2 Applications
    for every 5 concurrent user addition, increase Hardware Like processor 1 2.X Ghz , Ram 5GB , HDD 100 GB....
    thanks for your replies, I already checked mentioned documents (Deployment Guides).

  • Minimum server specification

    Can someone point me to the minimum server specification for iPlanet metadirectory ver 5.1. I am running this on a Blade 100 and Netra T1 server, and need to know the specs if this is supported?

    The minimum system configuration is mostly governed by the no. and size of entries it is suppose to flow. Pls. check the Hardware Sizing section of Sun ONE Directory Server Installation and Tuning Guide.

  • What are the minimum hardware Server requirement for SAP BI BO

    I would be thankful if someone can please tell me  What are the minimum hardware Server requirement for SAP BI BO. if a separate Desktop is used for the server or local server purpose.
    In the Desktop
    I have 8 GB RAM
    2.60 Ghz Processor ( CPU)
    System type: 64 bit OS

    Refer the attached PAM for BO 4.0 and 4.1.Minimum hardware details are listed there.…
    I haven't try with your similar specification but  in the below link some one tried with similiar one.
    What are the minimum system requirements to install SAP BO 4.0/4.1

  • [SOLVED] - Minimum Hardware Requirements ??

    I've searched the forum and used Google to search for the Minimum Hardware requirements for Arch Linux (archlinux-2011.08.19-core-i686).
    References in the searches state that the information is in the Install Guide, but I can't locate it in there.  I do see the reference to the CPU type.
    Some references in the searches state 128M RAM and others state 192M?  Has this been updated for the latest Version?  Or, has this information
    been moved or deleted from the Install Guide/Wiki?  If so, where is it located?  Please help me find the Current Hardware Specifications.
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    "A Pentium Pro, Pentium II or AMD Athlon (K7) processor or higher is required. (technically, cpu's without the cmov instruction such as AMD K6 and via C3 are also i686, but we use gcc and it uses cmov instructions)."
    # cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep flags
    If there's a "cmov" in there it should be fine. … nstruction
    Ubuntu dropped support for it with the 10.10 release (2010).

  • NetInstall from configured hard drive image - is the OS hardware-specific?

    I deal with the installations, maintenance, etc. of about 30 computers — it's a mix of Intel iMacs, Mac Pros and G5s. About 75% of these machines in configured in one way (including applications, etc.) and the other 25% another way. Other than the OS (as some are Intel, some aren't), there's not a big different between these machines (again, with respect to the installed applications, configurations, etc.). So, I'm looking at starting to use NetInstall of future installations and upgrades and I'd like to use hard drive images of base machine installs (OS, applications, base users, settings) and I'm wondering — is the install of the OS (10.5.x) hardware-specific? Do I need to create an image for specific hardware (not including Intel vs PPC)? For example, if I create the image from an Intel iMac, can I use that image for installing a Mac Pro? I'm not sure how hardware-specific the original OS install is (if it only installs files for the machine it's being installed on, or if it installs all files for use on various machines)?
    Some advice here would be appreciated!

    Provided the Build of Mac OS X 10.5.x is the same or newer than that of your newest hardware then technically it is hardware-independent in that case.
    For example 10.5.6 (9G55) will support any model of Mac (meeting Leopard's requirements) which shipped prior to its release - however there are some cases where you may be missing multi-touch demo videos if you didn't start your build from a system containing these. The 10.5.6 (9G66) retail DVD contains these and would serve as a good base. 10.5.6 (9G2141) would support all currently shipping Macs as of March 2nd 2009.
    10.5.x is a fully Universal system so it will support any PowerPC-based Mac (meeting Leopard's requirements).
    Refer to this document for specific build numbers for Intel Macs:

  • Hardware specific os install question

    I just bought a fully zero'ed macbook pro real cheap but have no installation disk other than the one that came with my imac. That one, so I've been told, is hardware specific so it won't work on anything else. I want to know before I shell out some more cash, if a full version of OS X 10.4 will work and install on my macbook pro. Does it have to be 10.4.9 because I had a full version of 10.4 and that didn't install either. What exactly do I have to do to get this macbook pro to recognize and install OS X? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    The people at apple informed me that the retail Tiger
    is not an upgrade but a full install.
    Yes, it is a full install, but its only purpose is to upgrade an older Mac to Tiger. Here are the requirements for the retail Tiger from Apple web-site
    < FADD77&nplm=MA453Z/A>
    "Hardware Requirements:
    PowerPC G5, G4 or G3 processor
    Built-in FireWire
    DVD drive is required for installation
    At least 256MB of physical RAM"
    I informed
    them that I have no OS at all right now and they say
    that it would work.
    They are correct in that it doesn't need any existing OS on the machine to install, but it is only for a G3, G4, or G5, not an Intel based machine.
    In order
    to get copies of the disks that came with the macbook
    pro they require the serial number on the macbook.
    That will ensure they send you a disk that will work for your machine.
    I don't have it.
    If the serial number sticker is missing from the battery compartment, you could take the machine to a store that has Intel Macs. Put their Mac into Target Disk Mode by booting while pressing "T". Connect your Mac with a FireWire cable, and boot it from their disk. You can then see your serial number from the login window, or from the "About This Mac" Apple menu item,
    Simple as that. I know where its
    located but thats not the point.
    What is the point?
    So if they won't
    give me the disks that ship with the macbook pros
    because I won't give them the serial number, then I
    have to use the full install of Tiger. If it works
    like they say it does, then I don't mind paying
    more...but everyone else I spoke to about this say
    that they won't install on an intel mac. Who do I go or everyone else?
    Give them the serial number and get a disk that will work. Apple's web-site, and the printing on the retail box, both say the retail version won't work. Your other option is to wait for Leopard (OSX 10.5) in October. Its retail version will work on your Intel based Mac.

  • Minimum Hardware Requirement for SAP Business One For HANA

    Hello EveryOne,
        I want to install SAP Business One for HANA (On Premises) Version on my Laptop. What would be the minimum hardware requirement for that so that it can run smoothly on the system.
    Is it can install on laptop or I need to buy giant server.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Idrees,
    Check following links:
    One more thing to note that you can use only HANA Certified Hardwares for B1 (Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, HUAWEI)
    Hope it helps.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ankit Chauhan

  • Recommended SCCM 2012 R2 Minimum Hardware Requirements For Small Environment?

    We plan to deploy SCCM 2012 R2  CU1 and SQL 2012 SP2 for the following purposes and want to use the minimum hardware to do the job reliably:
    Keep reports on hardware and software inventory and monitor performance and events on clients and servers. 
    Deploy operating systems with MDT integration.
    Install and uninstall applications on clients on the local LAN (as replacement for GPO software installation during reboots) as well remote laptops on the Internet (we do not have Direct Access do not have Direct Access and do not want to depend on remote
    laptops needing to being logged into VPN to reach them).
    Install Windows Updates and third party patches and updates (Adobe/Java updates etc.) on local LAN as well as to remote laptops on the Internet.
    We only have about 500 clients.  80 percent are on the local LAN all in one building and the rest are laptops for people working on the road and at home who only sporadically connect to VPN.
    Can we do it all on one server or will we need a separate server for LAN clients and a different server in the DMZ to reach remote clients?
    Will we need separate disks for OS, SCCM and SQL with such a small environment or can it be all on a single physical disk or VM VHD?
    Is 8GB RAM, 1 CPU and 500GB disk space enough for this (assuming 50 GB WSUS database and similar amount is OS deployment space for MDT)?

    It will work, no doubt. My point was that if you want fast and responsive system, focus on the disk speed. You're good to go with single server, all in the same box.
    I understand that it will "work" because I just installed SCCM 2012R2 and SQL 2012 CU10 in a lab in a VM using a single VHD and it is working fine with zero clients.
    Should it still work with reasonable performance on a fast hard drive (10-15K drive or SSD) with 500 clients without having to break it out into separate dedicated disks for OS, page file, SCCM, SQL and logs?

  • Hardware specification for Oracle 10g

    Hello all,
    I need a hardware specification for Oracle 10g. Where can I find any information about this topic?

    Minimal HW requirements are described in documentation.
    As you question is very general (you didn't provide some parameters) then maybe this site will help you:

  • What are the optimal hardware specification requirements for Adobe Photoshop CS6?

    Greetings to the staff and users of this forum,
    As the title clearly stipulates, the question is "What are the optimal hardware specification requirements for Adobe Photoshop CS6?".
    Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the specs specified on the website, as I believe they are far lesser than the specs needed to run the program at its full potential. This belief comes from my experience with the product Adobe Photoshop CS2 that I currently run on my computer. In effect, Ps CS2 cannot fully run without inducing time lags on my computer (i.e. when using 500 pix diameter smudge tool/ using liquify gallery), even though my specs are already higher than those specified for CS6 (mine are: Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 1.86 GHz, 3 GB RAM). I can assure you that I get those time lags even when almost in safe mode (only system main processes running) and that my computer is clean from any process/virus that could lower its performances.
    I've been through two chat rooms and four telephone operators to always get the same answer: the specs on the website.
    If any user here could provide me with proper higher specs, I would really be grateful.

    This document looks at different workflows and gives recommendations. It should give you an idea of what's needed.

  • Minimum Hardware&software system requirements for installing sharepoint?

    I am planing to learn SharePoint,
    That's why,anybody tell me minimum Minimum Hardware&software system requirements for installing sharepoint?
    And also tell me for learning share point for beginners Sites or any materials or PDF's etc......

    Hardware and software requirements (SharePoint Server 2010)
    Plan browser support (SharePoint Server 2010)
    Here's the primary set of
    implementation documentation for SharePoint Server 2010. From there check out Getting Started, Planning and Architecture, Deployment, Operations, and Troubleshooting.
    There are a number of training resources out there (too many to list here) if you are looking for both IT Professional or Developer training. 
    Jason Warren

  • Minimum hardware requirement for Report server with 4 engines ??

    Hello all ,
    Can someone please tell what is the minimun Hardware requirement to be able to run a Oracle 91 AS with report server having 4 engines ??
    and where I can find this kind of documentation.
    We have a Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE running on a machine with under 1 ghz power and around 300 mb RAM
    , but the report server seems to keep crashing ..
    Can anyone pls advice

    For calculating the minimum hardware requirements, you may need to look at various factors:
    1. No of reports requests that need to be processed per second
    2. Whether all these requests are synchronous or asynchronous
    3. Response time required
    4. Type of reports - large amounts of data, large no of images, etc
    5. How much caching you are using
    6. No of queries in your report
    7. Simple / complex layout of the report
    and so on.
    So just the information of 4 engines may not be sufficient for trying to calculate the hardware requirements. One useful reference point for you may be the Oracle9i Reports Scalability whitepaper:
    It lists the number of users supported on some pre-defined hardware configurations, and the average response time for the reports server.
    You might also want to take a look at the paper on "Tuning Oracle Reports":
    However, it is also possible that your Reports Server is crashing due to some other problem (not the hardware configuration).
    By the way, your RAM seems to be too low for Oracle9iAS installation. See the installation guide for minimum hardware requirements.

  • Hardware specifications for EBS Modules

    I want to know the way how to recommend Client about the hardware specifications for Oracle EBS R12 modules implementation. Can anyone give me a link that how the specifications requirement can be gathered for good performance of Oracle EBS.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Please see old threads as we have discussed the same topic many times in the forum before.
    Hardware Sizing
    Hardware Specification

  • Hardware specifications

    Hi, can anybody tell me if there is a method to get the hardware specifications of one machine, such as the Processor, ram, hard drives, and others

    Hi, can anybody tell me if there is a method to get
    the hardware specifications of one machine, such as
    the Processor, ram, hard drives, and othersNo there is not, nor should there be. If you think a Java app should be tied to its platform like this, you're using the wrong tool for the job.

Maybe you are looking for

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