Miror airplay does not work with Mountain Lion with my MacBook either with my Apple Tv.

Yesterday I installed the Mountain Lion on my computer, it is a MacBook Pro i core 7 and Mirror's airplay function does not deplay on my superior tool bar and it does not work. Does anybody know how to make it work? The apple TV is the last model.

I just installed Mountain Lion today, after finally getting the up-to-date code from Apple.
I have also downloaded and installed the update for Mountain Lion, that fixed Powernap issues.
Maybe it could have something to do with the firmware on the Apple TV? I am currently running version 4.4.4(3330)

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  • I tried to airdrop Civilization V from a Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion to a Macbook Pro with Lion and it doesn't work. Other apps have but Civ V has not.

    I tried to airdrop Civilization V from a Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion to a Macbook Pro with Lion and it doesn't work. Other apps have but Civ V has not.

    Likely because it's a not self contained and/or it's game and copy protected, so install it via the developers instructions instead, which likely means it will have ot be uninstalled off the first machine, the developer contacted for a new license key before installing on the newer machine.
    If you want it on both machines, you will need to likely buy another license.
    Most developers are fine with transfering license between machines, you have to contact them.
    They just want to make sure it's only on one machine so they are not getting robbed.

  • My scanner (Epson V300) does not work since mountain Lion upgrade.

    My scanner (Epson V300) does not work since Mountain Lion upgrade. I updated the drivers,I can get it to work one time when I reboot the iMAC it will function (scan) one time and than not again until I reboot. Help!!!

    Try trick #5, at > Eight amazing Image Capture tricks | Macworld

  • HT4075 This does not work on Mountain Lion OS

    I have done this in the past, but now that I try it in MAC OS Mountain Lion it does not work. No '+' green icon appears, it only reorders the documents...
    Can anyone help?

    That article was for 10.6.
    To combine PDFs, open one, show the thumbnails, and drag the other document into the thumbnail view where you want it.
    If you only want some pages out of the other document, open both and show thumbnails, then drag the pages from one to the other, dropping them wherever you want them.

  • Photo booth does not work in mountain lion?

    When I try to run the photo booth app. It will not load in mountain lion, the camera light comes on and sometimes it opens with a red screen. Any one else have this issue?

    This is what I get in the console...
    08/11/2012 18:18:44.200 spindump[7458]: Saved hang report for Photo Booth version 5.0.1 (307) to /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Photo Booth_2012-11-08-181844_Macintosh.hang
    08/11/2012 18:18:50.977 Photo Booth[7475]: Initializer-based scripting additions are no longer supported. "/Library/ScriptingAdditions/LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader.osax" not loaded.
    08/11/2012 18:18:50.978 Photo Booth[7475]: Error loading /Library/ScriptingAdditions/QXPScriptingAdditions.osax/Contents/MacOS/QXPScript ingAdditions:  dlopen(/Library/ScriptingAdditions/QXPScriptingAdditions.osax/Contents/MacOS/QX PScriptingAdditions, 262): no suitable image found.  Did find:
        /Library/ScriptingAdditions/QXPScriptingAdditions.osax/Contents/MacOS/QXPScript ingAdditions: mach-o, but wrong architecture
    08/11/2012 18:18:51.305 Photo Booth[7475]: *** EXCEPTION IGNORED: -[QCParameterInfo initWithType:size:]: Argument "aSize" does not verify "((aSize > 0) && (aType != kQCProgrammableType_Skip)) || ((aSize == 0) && (aType == kQCProgrammableType_Skip))"
    08/11/2012 18:18:51.306 Photo Booth[7475]: *** Failed creating composition from "/System/Library/Compositions/Mesh Bulge.qtz"
    08/11/2012 18:18:51.996 quicklookd[7477]: [QL] Can't get plugin bundle info at XTUM/ -- file://localhost/private/tmp/
    08/11/2012 18:18:52.583 Photo Booth[7475]: *** EXCEPTION IGNORED: -[QCParameterInfo initWithType:size:]: Argument "aSize" does not verify "((aSize > 0) && (aType != kQCProgrammableType_Skip)) || ((aSize == 0) && (aType == kQCProgrammableType_Skip))"
    08/11/2012 18:18:52.613 Photo Booth[7475]: *** Failed creating composition from "/System/Library/Compositions/Mesh Jiggle.qtz"
    08/11/2012 18:18:52.620 Photo Booth[7475]: *** EXCEPTION IGNORED: -[QCParameterInfo initWithType:size:]: Argument "aSize" does not verify "((aSize > 0) && (aType != kQCProgrammableType_Skip)) || ((aSize == 0) && (aType == kQCProgrammableType_Skip))"
    08/11/2012 18:18:52.620 Photo Booth[7475]: *** Failed creating composition from "/System/Library/Compositions/Mesh Noise.qtz"
    08/11/2012 18:18:52.626 Photo Booth[7475]: *** EXCEPTION IGNORED: -[QCParameterInfo initWithType:size:]: Argument "aSize" does not verify "((aSize > 0) && (aType != kQCProgrammableType_Skip)) || ((aSize == 0) && (aType == kQCProgrammableType_Skip))"
    08/11/2012 18:18:52.627 Photo Booth[7475]: *** Failed creating composition from "/System/Library/Compositions/Mesh Twist.qtz"
    08/11/2012 18:18:52.631 Photo Booth[7475]: *** EXCEPTION IGNORED: -[QCParameterInfo initWithType:size:]: Argument "aSize" does not verify "((aSize > 0) && (aType != kQCProgrammableType_Skip)) || ((aSize == 0) && (aType == kQCProgrammableType_Skip))"
    08/11/2012 18:18:52.632 Photo Booth[7475]: *** Failed creating composition from "/System/Library/Compositions/Mesh Wave.qtz"
    08/11/2012 18:18:52.690 Photo Booth[7475]: CoreAnimation: warning, deleted thread with uncommitted CATransaction; set CA_DEBUG_TRANSACTIONS=1 in environment to log backtraces.

  • My scanner does not work since mountain lion

    Since I installed Mountain Lion my scanner does not work anymore.
    I have a Konica Minolta Magicolor 1690MF and the printing works.
    There doesn't seem to be other drivers available at Konica Minolta.

    Your apparently older Model needs to use Apple's "Print & Scan" which is found in Applications>System Prefernces>Print & Scan:
    Place the item that you want to scan on the scanner glass, or load it into the automatic document feeder (ADF) if your printer has one.
    Click the Apple menu (# ), and then click System Preferences .
    Click Print & Scan (# ).
    Click your printer in the left pane.
    Click Scan , and then click Open Scanner .
    Click Show Details . The details of the scan display, including options to change scan settings.Figure 4: Example of the Show Details scanning screen#
    Change any scan settings as necessary, and then click Scan .NOTE: Make sure to select either the Flatbed mode or the Document Feedermode, depending on your printer and how you plan to scan.
    Hope this helps

  • HT201209 redemption code does not work for mountain lion

    app store says code is is not recognized

    If that does not work, call Adobe Customer Service.

  • Magic mouse zoom (swipe   ctrl) does not work after mountain lion upgrade

    Magic mouse zoom functionality does not work.  Tried pram and scm...still broken.  Advice?

    pref>Accessiblity>zoom then use the modifier

  • Safari 6.2 does NOT work in Mountain Lion; huge issues

    Question is does anyone have any ideas about this.
    Also my purpose is to WARN people NOT to upgrade to 6.2!!!
    15" mid-2013 MBPr running 10.8.5.  Upgraded to Safari 6.2 today and regret it mightily (this is why I rarely upgrade until FORCED).  Immediately, could not open most of my Google docs or Gmail. Kept getting this dialog:
    "This error has been reported to Google and we'll look into it as soon as possible. Please reload your page to continue."
    But I couldn't reload--the error kept continuing. Endless loop of click Ok and it comes back.  Plus, got colored spinning beach ball hangs on MANY other sites (including ironically Apple site to go to support  forums).  and every 3 seconds "webpages have stopped
    NONE OF THIS was going on with the same tabs opened in 6.1.x or whatever it was before that. It was slow, but otherwise worked.
    I tried to use Time Machine to go back to my last Safari app and of course got the message that Safari is necessary system software and could not be replace.
    After trying to get through to tech support twice and getting disconnected (???) I got someone who told me it would NOT be possible in any way to downgrade to previous version of Safari.
    I was further informed that "we cannot test new versions of browsers to work with all apps and be sure their functionality is not broken." I said "I would think Google, though, might be kind of a priority as one you would test." it's not like it's an OSCURE APP.
    I was also told to upgrade to Mavericks so i could just use safari 7.1.  I do NOT want to upgrade to Mavericks for very specific reasons (not the least of which, besides this situation which happens all too frequently, is that there are other things that are broken in Mavericks as i can see on my 13" retina Macbook, particularly with Apple Mail, which I find very annoying, and other functionalities and interface things that I find less friendly in Mavericks).  I have one Mavericks machine and I want one Mountain Lion machine. Period. This should be OK.
    I asked for a supervisor when the guy suggested i simply use a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.  Are you KIDDING me? That's your answer?
    I use Chrome and Safari each for specific work things and Firefox for all personal. THat is how I organize my stuff. I edit Google docs related to one client's work  in Safari. THat is where my permissions are to access those docs. 
    I said that any released version Safari should work with major, hugely popular business apps and I should not have to SWITCH AWAY FROM SAFARi. If you are suggesting i NOT USE SAFARI, then it shouldn't be released. Period.
    The supervisor told me that I could downgrade only by downgrading my whole system. Only way. (I later realized after I hung up--unless you can tell me otherwise--that means restoring my whole hard drive, NOT just my system,? Like FULL Time Machine restore of everything. If I could do JUST he system, I'd do it.)
    He also said that it was "possible I could get Safari 6.2 working with Google docs"  IF I "played around with settings and preferences in Safari."
    Um. I said, prompting him, ahem…since I called in for support, perhaps you could work with me to give me some ideas of what those settings or changes might be, rather than have me "randomly play with" it?
    He reluctantly did so, screen sharing with me, had me do all the things I;d already tried (restring Safari, restarting computer, etc), closing and opening those docs. He saw the error message through screen sharing. he could not explain it. We played around with opening the docs from Drive or email instead of from the bookmarked tabs.
    Sometime into the call, it stopped doing it.  We never knew why.  So he thought we'd solved it (even though no explanation for why it had been, never identified a consistent source).  He said "well, so Safari 6,2 DOES work."  But after we hung up, it started doing it again.  Mainly with Google (error message) but also with other sites (beach ball hangs).  I will not bother calling back.  I guess I either cant use Safari  or need to restore my whole system to get old one back (again, I don't want to go to Mavericks on this machine).
    Anyone got ideas?
    What i find more concerning than the thing not working (which isn't insignificant ) is the lack of care and lack of knowledge that is now consistently apparent when I call for help, compared to how consistently awesome it used to be. 
    I would appreciate any insights anyone has gleaned re this issue. And again I caution against 6.2.   My machine works great otherwise, Safari worked fien before the upgrade,  and NO, i DO NOT have any anti-virus software!

    Happy to.  It's below. 
    Not everyone hijacked this thread thread btw--Danabeck for example said having EXACT same problem I am. Furthermore, the Sharepoint "fix" that worked, then stopped working is pretty weird.
    and whatever is going on, it wasnt in Safari 6.1 with very same system. But sure--if something unneeded is causing problem with 6.2, I'd be delighted to dump it.
    EtreCheck version: 1.9.15 (52)
    Report generated October 9, 2014 8:49:40 PM MST
    Hardware Information: ?
      MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) (Verified)
      MacBook Pro - model: MacBookPro10,1
      1 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU: 4 cores
      16 GB RAM
    Video Information: ?
      Intel HD Graphics 4000 - VRAM: 512 MB
      NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M - VRAM: 1024 MB
      Color LCD 2880 X 1800
    System Software: ?
      OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) - Uptime: 5 days 3:37:32
    Disk Information: ?
      APPLE SSD SD512E disk0 : (500.28 GB)
      S.M.A.R.T. Status: Verified
      disk0s1 (disk0s1) <not mounted>: 209.7 MB
      Macintosh HD (disk0s2) / [Startup]: 499.42 GB (24.02 GB free)
      Recovery HD (disk0s3) <not mounted>: 650 MB
    USB Information: ?
      Seagate Backup+ RD 1 TB
      S.M.A.R.T. Status: Verified
      disk1s1 (disk1s1) <not mounted>: 209.7 MB
      Seagate Backup Plus Drive (disk1s2) <not mounted>: 999.86 GB
      Apple Inc. iPhone
      Apple Inc. FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)
      Apple Inc. Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad
      Apple Inc. BRCM20702 Hub
      Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB Host Controller
    Thunderbolt Information: ?
      Apple Inc. thunderbolt_bus
    Gatekeeper: ?
      Mac App Store and identified developers
    Kernel Extensions: ?
      [not loaded] com.cisco.nke.ipsec (2.0.1) Support
    Problem System Launch Daemons: ?
      [failed] com.apple.coresymbolicationd.plist
      [failed] com.apple.findmymac.plist
      [failed] com.apple.printtool.daemon.plist
      [failed] com.apple.wdhelper.plist
    Problem System Launch Agents: ?
      [failed] com.apple.accountsd.plist
      [failed] com.apple.AirPlayUIAgent.plist
      [failed] com.apple.coreservices.appleid.authentication.plist
      [failed] com.apple.printtool.agent.plist
    Launch Daemons: ?
      [loaded] com.adobe.fpsaud.plist Support
      [loaded] com.adobe.SwitchBoard.plist Support
      [loaded] com.bresink.system.securityagent.plist Support
      [loaded] com.google.keystone.daemon.plist Support
      [loaded] com.microsoft.office.licensing.helper.plist Support
    Launch Agents: ?
      [not loaded] com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist Support
      [running] com.adobe.AdobeCreativeCloud.plist Support
      [loaded] com.adobe.CS4ServiceManager.plist Support
      [running] com.epson.eventmanager.agent.plist Support
      [loaded] com.google.keystone.agent.plist Support
      [loaded] com.hp.messagecenter.launcher.plist Support
    User Launch Agents: ?
      [loaded] com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist Support
      [loaded] com.adobe.ARM.[...].plist Support
      [loaded] com.citrixonline.GoToMeeting.G2MUpdate.plist Support
      [running] com.genieo.completer.download.plist Support
      [running] com.genieo.completer.update.plist Support
      [not loaded] com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper Support
    User Login Items: ?
      BitTorrent Sync
    Internet Plug-ins: ?
      OfficeLiveBrowserPlugin: Version: 12.3.6 Support
      Flip4Mac WMV Plugin: Version: Support
      AdobeExManDetect: Version: AdobeExManDetect - SDK 10.7 Support
      RealPlayer Plugin: Version: Unknown
      AdobeAAMDetect: Version: AdobeAAMDetect - SDK 10.7 Support
      FlashPlayer-10.6: Version: - SDK 10.6 Support
      Flash Player: Version: - SDK 10.6 Support
      AmazonMP3DownloaderPlugin: Version: Unknown
      QuickTime Plugin: Version: 7.7.1
      iPhotoPhotocast: Version: 7.0
      AdobePDFViewer: Version: 10.1.2 Support
      GarminGpsControl: Version: Release Support
      JavaAppletPlugin: Version: 14.8.0 - SDK 10.7 Check version
    Safari Extensions: ?
      Reload Button-2 (Disabled)
      Sessions (Disabled)
    Audio Plug-ins: ?
      AirPlay: Version: 1.7 - SDK 10.8
      iSightAudio: Version: 7.7.1 - SDK 10.8
    iTunes Plug-ins: ?
      Quartz Composer Visualizer: Version: 1.4 - SDK 10.8
    User iTunes Plug-ins ?
      iLike: Version: 1.0 Support
      PPC Bundle: Version: (null) Support
      iLike Bundle: Version: (null) Support
      Tiger Bundle: Version: (null) Support
    User Internet Plug-ins ?
      CitrixOnlineWebDeploymentPlugin: Version: 1.0.105 Support
      fbplugin_1_0_1: Version: (null) Support
    3rd Party Preference Panes: ?
      Application Enhancer  Support
      Flash Player  Support
      Flip4Mac WMV  Support
      MultiClutch  Support
      multiXFinder  Support
      PTHPasteboard  Support
    Time Machine: ?
      Mobile backups: OFF
      Auto backup: NO - Auto backup turned off
      Volumes being backed up:
      Macintosh HD: Disk size: 465.12 GB Disk used: 442.75 GB
      Seagate Backup Plus Drive [Local] (Last used)
      Total size: 931.19 GB
      Total number of backups: 80
      Oldest backup: 2013-07-24 01:53:06 +0000
      Last backup: 2014-10-05 02:23:22 +0000
      Size of backup disk: Too small
      Backup size 931.19 GB < (Disk used 442.75 GB X 3)
      Time Machine details may not be accurate.
      All volumes being backed up may not be listed.
    Top Processes by CPU: ?
          99% fsck_hfs
          87% firefox
          8% com.apple.iCloudHelper
          7% AddressBookSourceSync
          6% Google Chrome
    Top Processes by Memory: ?
      5.56 GB firefox
      1.78 GB fsck_hfs
      999 MB WindowServer
      442 MB Mail
      180 MB Microsoft Word
    Virtual Memory Information: ?
      49 MB Free RAM
      6.75 GB Active RAM
      6.71 GB Inactive RAM
      2.49 GB Wired RAM
      13.58 GB Page-ins
      22.49 GB Page-outs


    I recently updated my macbook pro to the new 10.8.4 update of apple, which i thought was pretty cool
    But whenever i use Quicktime Player (The version of my Quicktime is 10.2) for recording with my Blue Yeti microphone, it starts to lag when i talk on screen and it started to annoy me A LOT! :/
    Is it because of my Quicktime player version?
    Please help, this has never happened before i updated my laptop!

    Then I don't really know why it isn't working. What you might try is this:
    Repair the Hard Drive and Permissions - Lion/Mountain Lion
    Boot to the Recovery HD:
    Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen appears. Alternatively, restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.
    When the recovery menu appears select Disk Utility. After DU loads select your hard drive entry (mfgr.'s ID and drive size) from the the left side list.  In the DU status area you will see an entry for the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive.  If it does not say "Verified" then the hard drive is failing or failed. (SMART status is not reported on external Firewire or USB drives.) If the drive is "Verified" then select your OS X volume from the list on the left (sub-entry below the drive entry,) click on the First Aid tab, then click on the Repair Disk button. If DU reports any errors that have been fixed, then re-run Repair Disk until no errors are reported. If no errors are reported then click on the Repair Permissions button. When the process is completed, then quit DU and return to the main menu. Select Restart from the Apple menu.
    After this is completed download and install 10.8.4 Mountain Lion Update v10.8.4 (Combo).

  • Airplay mirroring not working on mountain lion

    I have a mid 2010 Macbook Pro and one of the main reasons for purchasing Mountain Lion was the ability to use mirroring.  Sadly this feature does not seem to be working a part from in itunes. I have now studied the Tech Specs and now see my model is not supported. This should have been made much clearer when purchasing the upgrade.  Very very disappointing Apple.  Just starting to lose patience and up until now have been an advocate of Apple. I will think twice before recommending again.
    Of course if there is a solution my faith would be fully restored.

    The only reason i bought mountain lion was for the mirroring too. I have the same issue. Honestly I am so disapointed with Apple. If we were simply informed more clearly that this won't work I may still have purchased the product and at least wouldnt have been so disapointed. Coupled with the wait for Facebook integration this has been real shame.
    My advice to anyone thinking of updating or even purchasing an apple product. Don't expect Apple to consider you unless you have a new product.
    Apple really are becoming a bunch of money grabbers.

  • Canon Lide 60 Scanner does not work on Mountain Lion

    Hi! Is anybody out there who would know how my good old Canon Lide 60 would work with OSX 10.8? Canon says Mountain Lion ist not supported on this device. Anyone an idea what to do without buying a new one? Thank you!

    I also was looking for a working driver for ML 10.8
    i bought a new canon scanner Lide 110 it's working perfect.
    I tried my old scanner( Canon Lide 60) or it should work with this installed canon driver
    i'am surprised my old scanner, lide 60  is working min Ml 10.8.4
    photoloader does not recognise it. But Vuescan does. i use Vuescan 9.2.21
    so the Lide 110 software works on 10.8 en higher for the Lide 60

  • Safari does not work after Mountain Lion download.

    Downloaded Mountain Lion 10.8.2.  Got system up and running.  Safari icon is present, but will not respond--cannot get on line.  Firefox works normally, though.  Tried downloading Safari update--no luck.  Ideas? Solutions?

    What exactly happens when you try to use Safari? Does it launch? Does the menu bar appear? Does a window open? Any error message?

  • Appleworks does not work on Mountain Lion

    Help please?  I downloaded Mountain Lion on my 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo 2 laptop and now I cannot use Appleworks!  It says that I cannot open it because Power PC applications are no longer supported.  I had Appleworks 6 on Lion before I swtiched?  How can I get Appleworks back? 

    You can't. And AppleWorks can't run on Lion, either.
    Buy an external drive and install Snow Leopard and AppleWorks on it. Switch the start up drive when you need the old app.

  • Expose does not work after Mountain Lion was installed

    When I upgraded F3 expose does not work

    Do a backup before doing anything. To delete them you will need to enable the Root User and log in as the Root User. You need to be very careful while logged in as the Root User because you can delete any file and could potentially ruin your system. As soon as the non-functioning applications are deleted, log out and user your normal account. Did I mention doing a backup?
    Root User   

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  • Incorrect resolutions for 16:10 external displays, unable to detect 16:9

    Hey there all, this is my first post here. It looks like some people have had similar issues-particularly with an incomplete/incorrect list of resolutions being provided for external displays. I am shopping around for an external display for my MacBo

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    I love my new Mac but iPhoto and picasa drive me nuts, with windows photo gallery I can see all my folders on pictures directory and move them around and tag or delete them from the program. When I upload a batch if pics I name that folder temp. Then

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    I setup corectly a LACP etherchannel with all VLANS allowed. This interface is called Po10. Then I set up another one, Po20, consisting of interfaces 33 and 34, but this time restricting VLANs to only VLAN 20 (all config is below). But when I do a sh