Missing an element of One Time Vendor Address on F110 remittance and proposal

Hi All,
I have an interesting issue with one-time vendors on our F110 Run.
For some reason, one line of the address is dropped. If I look at the document produced by F110 in FBL1N I can see the full address on the document detail as below
If I look at the resulting output remittance or the proposal I see that the line with "SA" has been dropped and I think the "CITY" value used instead.
As you can see there is a gap in the "payment to" where the full stop exists.
Can someone point me to the code or config where I can configure what elements of the one time vendor appear on the output and proposal. Normal vendors don't seem to be affected by this, but I wonder if our teams maintain the master data differently in these cases.
many thanks

Are you using DME file for output  then You need to define there which field they want to use .

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    I have created RFQ using one time vendor code.
    I have maintained the address of the vendor  against the one time vendor code.
    While printing of RFQ , program is not printing the address data maintained against one time vendor code.
    Can u suggest in wich table this data can be avaliable?

    Use table LFA1 - vendor general data - use the KTOKK - accont group - one time vendor - get the vendor address from the field ADRNR.

  • Print out of RFQ with One Time Vendor

    My customer wants print out of RFQs with one time vendor.
    As per my understandings as like other vendors this one time vendor data is not stored in any table.This data is in table ADRC. And for one time vendor no master data is there.I can see this one time address in particular RFQ.
    Now, my customer wants this one time vendor address to be printed in all RFQs.
    Is any body come across this scenario ever ?Please guide my it is urgent.
    With Best Regards,

    The vedor(OTV or Regular vendor) will be decided after the price comparision only.
    Once the OTV (account group:CPD/CPDL) is finalised as the final vendor for procurement create a new vendor master record (With A/c group:0001) and maintain Inforecord and source list and create PO.
    Maintain all the conditions in the Inforecord from the quotations (you have the update info option from price comparision itself)
    Kannaiah Naidu

  • Vendors: One-time Vendor

    Master Data u2013 Vendors: One-time Vendor
    Plz. suggest how To control creation of One-time Vendor by creating authorisation groups and assigning to limited users ids.
    How to cofigure it.....

    Hi Navin,
    One time vendors can only be used for specific vendor account groups. Their is a flag for each account group in configuation for this. If one does not exist you will have to create a new vendor account group.
    To create a One Time Vendor use XK01 and select the OTV account group.
    When creating say a PO use your OTV account the transaction will prompt you for name, address etc (unlike a normal vendor).
    You experienced a problem with OTV's whereby users couldn't be bothered to create permanent vendors and just used the OTV account, so beware of that.
    For further inputs refer the links.
    [SDN Thread|one time vendor]
    [Ont time Vendor|http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_2_5333_711_208572_43/http%3B/pubcontent.state.pa.us/publishedcontent/publish/global/files/management_directives/financial_management/310_28.pdf]

  • Block One-time Vendor Account Group

    I would like to block an One-time Vendor Account, but at the transaccion OMSG there is just the option to eliminate.
    Deleting the account group is the only choice or there is another way to make it?
    If I delete a one-time vendor account group, I would like to know what are the risks and advices to tell may customer.
    Kathia Tsuboi

    There is no blocking of option to one time vendor. It is used for a single time and no further use of this one time vendor account. When you create one time vendor, just an vendor account number gets created and when prepare transaction data like invoice, the one time vendor address gets filled in.
    I would NOT recommend to delete the one time vendor account group, they may result in invalidate your master data. Therefore, not to delete the vendor account group, but you should create alternative one time vendor account group, if the requirement insists.

  • F110 and one time vendor

    Hi All,
    I am trying to do payments for one of the vendor under the vendor group One Time Vendor by using F110. But it is not allowing the payment. It is throwing as error as
    Customer/vendor does not have any allowed bank details
    No permitted payment method exists                   
    I have given correct Bank details and payment method.
    Please suggest.

    One time venodr should be included in the F110 because this one time vendor there can be many invoices belonging to different vendors and one payment will be made only.......so in which name check should be printed??
    I will recommend to use F-58 (if possible) or F-53...
    Chintan Joshi...

  • Get customer invoice address from one time vendor

    Hi All,
    I am working on cheque printing.
    I have a question with in that.Customer wants if Vendor is one time vendor.
    I can identify the one  time vendor using 'LFA1-XCPDK  is 'X'  then the customer invoice assress priting in screen
    How can identify the custome invoice address from one time vendor
    Please any suggestions are helpful

    Hi Tarangini,
    I hope it is a third party scenario. Get the sales order number from the purchase order created with that vendor. EKPO table contains PO line item with sales order as the reference document.
    From the sales order , get the invoice from VBFA table. Pass this Invoice number to get the customer from (VBRK). Pass this customer to (KNA1) to get the address number. Pass this Address number to ADRC to get the customer address.

  • Error message in case of One time vendor in MIR7 and MIR4.

    We have a requirement where we need to give a warning message when an invoice document is parked in case if it is a One time vendor and bank details are missing. It should be an error message if user is trying to save it as completed or posting the document. We have already found a BADI INVOICE_UPDATE method CHANGE_AT_SAVE for giving error / warning message but we also want the same to be appeared in the popup coming when we press Messages button in MIR4 screen same way as standard messages are shown. I know that there is a table T_ERRPROT which need to be populated in order to show the messages in the popup window but could not find any appropriate user exit or badi to populate this table. Any suggestion or solutions are welcomed.
    Thanks and Regards,

    in badi HEADERDATA_CHECK you have available as input parameter I_RBKPV.
    do something like:
    * If there is any error do not allow posting
        DATA: gt_errtab    TYPE TABLE OF mrm_errprot,
              gs_errtab    TYPE mrm_errprot.
        CONSTANTS:     c_errprot(23)   TYPE c VALUE '(SAPLMRMF)TAB_ERRPROT[]'.
        FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_errprotj_dt> TYPE table.
        ASSIGN (c_errprot) TO <fs_errprotj_dt>.
        REFRESH gt_errtab[].
        gt_errtab[] = <fs_errprotj_dt>[].
        DATA: c_okqx(17)   TYPE c VALUE '(SAPLMR1M)OK-CODE'.
        FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_okqx> TYPE ANY.
        ASSIGN (c_okqx) TO <fs_okqx>.
        IF NOT gt_errtab[] IS INITIAL.
          READ TABLE gt_errtab INTO gs_errtab WITH KEY msgty = 'E'.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            CASE <fs_okqx>.
              WHEN 'BU'. "POST
    * This is optional: you can either search for a particular message or
    * do not allow any error message
    * Here search for the message triggered in badi INVOICE UPDATE
                READ TABLE gt_errtab INTO gs_errtab WITH KEY msgty = 'E'
                msgid = 'ZXX' msgno = '030'.
                IF sy-subrc = 0.
                  CLEAR <fs_okqx>.
                  MESSAGE s030(zxx). "While errors exist document will not be posted
       IF i_rbkpv-YOURBANKFIELD IS INITIAL. "This is the New part
            CASE <fs_okqx>.
              WHEN 'BU'. "POST
                  CLEAR <fs_okqx>.
                  MESSAGE s031(zxx). "Please fill in bank details
    Best regards.
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  • Duplicate one-time vendor check

    Hello Guys
    It's necessary to activate a check whether one-time vendor already exists in the system as usual vendor.
    I think such check can be performed either during PO creation while entering vendor address, or during invoice posting while entering bank details, tax code etc.
    So please advise if you have any ideas.
    P.S. VAT Reg No is not used in our country, instead we use Tax Number 1.
    Great thanks.

    For normal vendor you can maintain duplicate check in OBA5
    Application Area F2
    Message No.144 for Vendor and 145 for customer, making it as information.
    I really doubt there is such control for One time Vendor in the system.

  • Report on one-time vendor

    Hello Experts,
    Is there a standard report or a way to get the payment information with address details on a one-time vendor account? As the addresses keep changing for this vendor account every time a check is printed for them, it is important to track the details. Any input is appreciated and rewarded.

    Hi UV
    In the payment proprosal and payment run you will see the details.
    Whe you run S_ALR_87012103 - List of Vendor Line Items  with option one time vendor you see the Name adresses, This is the information you fill in the posting!

  • One Time Vendor Set-up

    I have set up a one time vendor in our system, however when an invoice is being entered against the vendor there is no screen coming up requesting the vendors Bank Account Details, the screen coming up is titled Address and bank data but only shows Address data, when I click Edit, the bank selections are greyed out?
    Can anyone offer any suggestions please?
    Thanks in advnace

    Please be clear about One-time vendor
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  • One Time Vendor/Customer Accounts

    Hi All,
    Can anybody explain the part in quotes.
    For all customers or vendors with whom you rarely do business, a special customer and a special
    vendor master record should be created. Those master records are for One-Time-Accounts.
    "In contrast to other master records, no data specific to a single customer/vendor is stored in the onetime
    master record, since this account is used for more than one customer/vendor. Therefore, the customer-specific fields should be suppressed"

    Generally for regular customers, you create customer at three levels which are
    1. General Data
    2. Company code data
    3. Sales area
    IN One time customer you will be able to maintain only at two levels which are
    1. Company Code
    2. Sales are
    Because this one time customer number will be used by many customers who rarely trades with you. General data like address and all are not maintained because all customers have different address and other similar details.
    So when you create sales order, invoice or recieving payment at that time only system will prompt you to enter the general data for the customer.
    Similar is applicable for one time vendor.
    Chintan Joshi

  • One Time Vendor in F110

    1) In PO, under address tab, we entered a generic name and address for one time vendor.
    2) In IV (MIRO), we create multiple invoices for the PO under different payees by changing the one-time vendor's name and address.
    3) In payment (F110), we create proposal for the one-time vendor. In proposal list, each invoice generates a different payment number, however they are all lumped under the generic name we entered during PO under "payment to" field. After payment run, the payment list appears the same as the proposal list. The cheques printed show the correct payee entered during MIRO though.
    Anybody knows how I can get the proposal list and payment list to reflect correctly?
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    Do you able to find a solution for your requirement.
    My business need is also similar to your. If you have got a workaround,can you kindly share it.

  • DME File Problem with One Time Vendor

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    I created a payment method Y and assign RFFOM100 and used this to do postings for one time vendors.
    Then I ran automatic payment  for One Time Vendors, pertaining to 5 different vendors. Payment run was successful, however the DME file generated shows 5 payments but all payments shows 1 single payee name..
    Is there any configurations that I might have missed?
    Appreciate your assistance.

    Need assistance

  • PO Out Put Determination for one time vendor

    Dear all;
    For one time vendor master record from where the system will pickup the vendor specific data ,esp. fro whichj table and which field .Kindly reply in details .
    Thanking you;
    Joydeep Mukherjee

    In one time vendor we have to give vendor address and bank details manually while creating Po and Invoice respectively
    for vendor related table
    LFA1 - Vendor Master: General data
    LFB1 - Vendor Master: Company data
    LFM1 - Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Purchasing organization)
    LFM2 - Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Plant, Vendor sub-range)
    Kailas Ugale

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