Missing Export Data - Accounting document not being triggered for Billling

Hello All,
We are facing probem in getting an accounting document posted for an Invoice.
The error i found is that the deliverying country in the header of Invoice is NlL (Netherlands) and in the line item is CH (Switzerland).
But as per configuration Plant used to create the corresponding sales order has deliverying country as CH, so ow can the delivery country in header of invoice be NL..??
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Warm Regards,
Jatinder Bansal

Is this the first order / invoice you are creating for this Document Type / Customer? Yes / No
If no, try to see When this has happened and just think of any changes that you had done in the meanwhile duration.
Re-check the areas where we give Country. (Someone else could have changed without your knowledge). Some suggestions from my side
1. Customer (All Partner functions)
2. Plant
3. Shipping Point
4. Sales Organisation
5. Sales Office
Maybe you could think of more.
Kindly post your solution (when you get one). I am keen in knowing what caused this peculiar problem and how to solve the same.
Rajesh Kumar

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    Hello all,
    I was wondering if anyone came across this situation before. I activated user exit COOM0001 for overhead calculation. This user exit is triggered when I create PCE for plant A but not plant B.
    I can't figure out why it is not being triggered for plant B at all. I put a break point in function module EXIT_SAPLKASC_001, EXIT_SAPLKASC_002 and EXIT_SAPLKASC_003 and the system didn't stop in anyone of these function module.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    It seems that you are a Functional Consultant.
    Please follow the following simple step for any userexit to see where all its been called.
    1. Go To T. Code SMOD
    2. Enter the Exit name COOM0001
    4. U get Function Modules
    5. Now individually double click on each FM and put a break point ther.
    6. Open a new session and see wheather it stop at the break-points of the T. code you are looking for.
    I havent used this user exit, so no comments on how it ll be use ful.
    Reward points if useful

  • Accounting document not being generated from SD

    I have been trying to create billing documents from SD but I am getting this message that says that Accounting document can not be generated. Even when I release to accounting it just says no accounting document generated.

    Could be an issue with account determination (VKOA).  You can analyze via Environment -> Account Determination Analysis -> Revenue Accounts to see what is missing.  Please also search the forum with keywords from your subject line.  There are several messages.  Here is one example.
    No accounting document generated during billing

  • Accounting documents not getting generated for mvt. type 221 Q

    Hi friends,
    When goods are issued for consumption for project accounting documents are not getting generated.
    I have tried with mvt. type 412 Q, 211 Q,
    by mvt type 412 Q, the stock is transfered to project stock, it shows the stock of material in project stock, by movement type 211 Q the project stock gets consumed. So at the time of consumption of consumption account should hit and relevent accounting document should get generated. this is not happenning.
    When i check material document and check for accounting document, message flashses that movement is not rrelevent for accounting.
    Can any one throw more light on this?
    Thanks and regards
    SAP MM

    Please check in PO item details Delivery tab. In that GR Non-valuated checkbox might be checked.Generally for account assignment category asset it is ticked.
    If you tick GR non-valuated check box then at the time of GR accounting document will not be created.Accounting document will be created only at the time of IR.
    Have you mantained Chart of accounts.
    have you mantained Valuation area settings
    Transaction event key
    Valuation class settings.
    Check your material master data in accounting view have mantained Valuation class.
    Check your back ground settings OMWN.

  • Accounting documents not automatically cleared for invoice cancellations

    In some instances when an invoice has been cancelled the accounting documents are not cleared automatically (while in most cases they are).
    Any idea why this would be.I would expect them to be linked and cancel each other out and therefore clear.
    Thanks, Julie.

    Hey Satya,
    We didn't get any specific information why the automatic clearing is not happening. This is just behaving as if config was never made.
    Wierd thing is this is not the case in all the scenario's. in case of order related billing the clearing for cancellations happens fine and in some other sales orgs the clearing happens automatically.
    Do you have any idea where the clearing is actually linked in the configuration ?
    Appreciate the initiative you took to help me.

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    I have redeemed two cards and am not being given the option of using the credit on my account from the cards purchased. I do not want to use a credit card at all. Why is Itunes so inefficient? How can I use the credit?

    Use migration assistant.
    See http://pondini.org/OSX/MigrateLion.html
    Although this is only up to Mountain Lion it is still relevant to Mavericks.. only expect Mavericks to kick and buck a lot more.

  • Missing export data in R/3

    I haven't setup customs management (i.e. not setup for proforma transfers from ECC) to GTS.
    However, I get a message when creating billing document in ECC that missing export data even though billing doc is saved.
    Do I need to do any config in ECC foreign trade
    ANy idea?

    As now you using GTS for Foreign Trade acitivity you need not to maintain any detail under Foreign Trade Configuration in Feeder system.
    You will be getting this message because of the incompletion log schema activated  under  "Incompleteness Schemas for Foreign Trade Data" (Control Foreign Trade Data in MM and SD Documents). Deactivate those schema .
    Kind Regards,

  • Accounting document not generated for cancled credit memo

    its related to rebet
    den cancled credit memo.but accounting document not generated.
    after that created new rebet and accounting document generated..so in document flow status showing open for cancled credti memo. how to delete or clear this? or how to cancle this?
    kindly help me on this,
    Minesh Soneji

    Error message:
    validation user has got error " Doc.Date<=Post.Date and  Postind Date <= Current date"
    kindly help me on this..
    global docs creaetd.........................................completed
        global invoice created... ...............................completed
             accounting document created.............not cleared
                 cancle of credit memo ......................open
                     global docs created........................cleared
                          accounting docs created ........cleared.
    i need to remove this status cancle of credit memo , status is open, there should be accounting docs...
    kindly help me on this..
    this is related to rebet.
    minesh soneji

  • Accounting Document not generated after Post goods issue in delivery order.

    Dear Experts
    Greeting of the daays,
    Need your help on below issue.
    After making the post goods issue ,the system is not making the accounting document.
    The error given by the system is as follows:
    Material document 12365 does not include an accounting document
    The system cannot find an accounting document for the material document 12365.
    Possible reasons for this are:
    The goods movement has no relevance to accounting. Therefore, the system did not generate an accounting document for the material document.
    The material document is a document that was posted before Release 2.1. Such documents must be converted so that the system can find the relevant accounting document.
    The procedure for the subsequent calculation of value is not active in your system. For further information, refer to the documentation on the program for valuating goods movements: RM07MWBU.
    __Solution what I tried to solve this issue ,but not successful.__
    __Solution 1- maintain OMS2__
    __Solution 2 - maintain OMJJ- movement type 601 - PRCTR is required entry.__
    __Solution 3 - price maintain is material master.__
    __Solution 4 - OBYC - BSX - 7920 - GLA/c  and GBB- VAX and VAY - 7920 GLA/c.__
    __Pls let me know if there is any confirgation is missing.__

    Do this checks:
    In tcode OBYC check if you have the proper entries.
    Go to tcode OKB9 and do the settings for the G/L acc. that you have in OBYC.
    To populate PRCTR you can use OKB9 and you can check if you have values in MARC-PRCTR.
    I hope this helps you

  • Accounting document not generating

    hi friends,
    when i put internal order in sales order profit centre changes, delivery done,billing done , perhaps it generate acounting document regarding excise only ,and not revenue,
    does any one knows why is it so.

    Go to VF02 and press the release flag by giving the relevant billing document number then you will get the error for what reason accounting document not generated.You can also give in side the billing document and there in enviornment Account Determination analysis and revenue Account Determination there you will get clear picture for the reason.May be some setting missing in VKOA.

  • Accounting document not showing in G/L -fbl3n

    Dear All,
    We are facing a problem n accounting document not showing in G/L FBL3N. when i saw in FB03 then it showing with all details including GL account. but when i go in FBL3N it was not showing. The document posted from payroll hra component. fb03 screen shot attached.

    Hi .
    Did you enter the correct parameter in FBl3n . Its looks liek this is related to Fiscal year 2013 and posted on 31.05.2013. .
    Can you please neter below parameters in FBl3n
    company code 1000
    GL account  42001021
    All item
    Posting date  31.05.2013 to 31.05.2013
    I am little bit confused  that your header of document not showing any Ledger group as well . can you please run FBL3n with above parameters and if it doesn't display  letus know .



    in vf02 click on teh green flag to release to accnting. if there is an erro the system will tell. altenatively click the icn nxt to the green flag it will show u which cond was posted and how and which was not and why not. maintin the data in vkoa, ob40.

  • Delivery document not being picked while creating shipment document

    Dear All,
    Issue is regarding creation of shipment document.
    As i am creating shipment document in VT01N, am unable to get the delivery doc . ie., delivery document is not picked in shipment creation.
    I have created a sales order, picking is completed n saved, PGI not yet been done.
    Am unable to create a shipment document due to delivery document not being picked.
    i/p's will be of great help.
    with regards,

    Dear all,
    The issue is solved.
    As the Route was not picking in Sales Order so the delivery was not picked in shipment creation.
    Route determination setting was not correct.

  • Accounting document not generating for excise invoice.

    Dear all ,
    my issue is
    accounting document not generating for excise invoice
    we are creating accounting document in J1iin
    with refferance to billing document but the accounting docuemnt is not generating
    the accounting document for billing document is generated
    so why the accounting document for excise invoice is not genrating its showing the correct amount in BED ,cee and HE Secc.
    please help

    IMG -> In Logistics u2013 General -> Tax on Goods Movement -> India ->  Account Determination -> Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction
    Check if the following is maintained or not
    DLFC       CR Credit      PLAAED PLA AED account
    DLFC       CR Credit      PLAAT1 PLA AT1 Account
    DLFC       CR Credit      PLABED PLA BED account
    DLFC       CR Credit      PLACESS PLA cess account
    DLFC       CR Credit      PLAECS PLA ECS Account
    DLFC       CR Credit      PLASED PLA SED account
    DLFC       CR Credit      RG23AED RG 23 AED account
    DLFC       CR Credit      RG23AT1 RG 23 AT1 Account
    DLFC       CR Credit      RG23BED RG 23 BED account
    DLFC       CR Credit      RG23ECS RG 23 ECS Account
    DLFC       CR Credit      RG23SED RG 23 SED account
    DLFC       DR Debit       MSUSP CENVAT suspense account
    Also IMG -> In Logistics u2013 General -> Tax on Goods Movement -> India ->  Account Determination -> Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction
    Check if for all Excise group u2013 DLFC u2013 Company Code combination GLs are maintained or not (especially in production client)

  • Accounting document not generating for excise invoice-please help

    Dear all ,
    my issue is
    accounting document not generating for excise invoice
    we are creating accounting document in J1iin
    with refferance to billing document but the accounting docuemnt is not generating
    the accounting document for billing document is generated
    so why the accounting document for excise invoice is not genrating its showing the correct amount in BED ,cee and HE Secc.
    please help

    Dear G. Lakshmipathi,
    As uknow i am getting problem when i am creating the debit memo
    so is there any specific ETT for debit memo is there .because we are not maintaining delivery type to billing type here in CIN setting
    so its not goods removal through sales . so what will be transaction type for this.
    how to check the error that why the accounting document is not generated as no error log is also comming.
    so please help me in this regards.
    Thanks with Regards

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