Model Export problem

I wan to export a model to import the model on an other system.
But if I click on the Export button just another popup will be opened: "Exporting..." and nothing happens.

I have the same export problem as Armin and I haven't solved it yet. The CE 7.1 SP5 system runs on Windows Server 2003 and the browser is IE7. If I access Visual Composer remotely from another machine also with IE7 the export works! Thus, it is not a problem of the server but of the client. Maybe it has something to do with the MS XML parser or the SVG viewer together with IE7?
Please post if anybody has a solution for this.
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  • Hi Expert , crystal report export problem. system not responding

    crystal report export problem. system not responding.
    Rajkumar Gupta

    Dear Raj,
    Please try this
                Dim oSubReport As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.SubreportObject
                Dim rptSubReportDoc As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument
                Dim rptView As New CrystalDecisions.Windows.Forms.CrystalReportViewer
                Dim rptPath As String = System.Windows.Forms.Application.StartupPath & "\" & rptName
                Dim rptDoc As New CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument
                rptView.ShowExportButton = True
                rptView.ReportSource = rptDoc
                For Each oMainReportTable As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.Table In rptDoc.Database.Tables
                    oMainReportTable.Location = System.Windows.Forms.Application.StartupPath & "\" & SourceXML
                For Each rptSection As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.Section In rptDoc.ReportDefinition.Sections
                    For Each rptObject As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportObject In rptSection.ReportObjects
                        If rptObject.Kind = CrystalDecisions.Shared.ReportObjectKind.SubreportObject Then
                            oSubReport = rptObject
                            rptSubReportDoc = oSubReport.OpenSubreport(oSubReport.SubreportName)
                            For Each oSubTable As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.Table In rptSubReportDoc.Database.Tables
                                oSubTable.Location = System.Windows.Forms.Application.StartupPath & "\" & SourceXML
                        End If
                'Setting Paper
                Dim rawKind As Integer = 0
                Dim printSet As New System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings
                For i As Integer = 0 To printSet.PaperSizes.Count - 1
                    If printSet.PaperSizes.Item(i).PaperName.ToUpper = PaperName.ToUpper Then
                        rawKind = CInt(printSet.PaperSizes.Item(i).RawKind)
                        Exit For
                    End If
                Dim MyTest As New SaveFileDialog
                rptDoc.PrintOptions.PaperSize = CType(rawKind, CrystalDecisions.Shared.PaperSize)
                'rptDoc.SaveAs("C:\TBKING.xls", True)
                '''How to export the report
                    Dim CrExportOptions As ExportOptions
                    Dim CrDiskFileDestinationOptions As New _
                    Dim rename As String
                    rename = rptName.Replace(".rpt", "")
                    Dim CrFormatTypeOptions As New ExcelFormatOptions
                    CrDiskFileDestinationOptions.DiskFileName = _
                                                "c:\Report\" & rename & "_Export_File.xls"
                    CrExportOptions = rptDoc.ExportOptions
                    With CrExportOptions
                        .ExportDestinationType = ExportDestinationType.DiskFile
                        .ExportFormatType = ExportFormatType.Excel
                        .DestinationOptions = CrDiskFileDestinationOptions
                        .FormatOptions = CrFormatTypeOptions
                    End With
                Catch ex As Exception
                End Try
                '' end by kevin shah
                rptView.ShowExportButton = True
                Dim oFrm As New System.Windows.Forms.Form
                rptView.DisplayGroupTree = True
                rptView.Dock = System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle.Fill
                rptView.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(0, 0)
                oFrm.AutoScaleBaseSize = New System.Drawing.Size(5, 13)
                oFrm.Name = "Report Viewer"
                oFrm.Text = "Report Viewer11"
                oFrm.WindowState = System.Windows.Forms.FormWindowState.Maximized
                oFrm.TopMost = True
            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try
    By pressing this button XLS file be generated on C:\report\
    Hope this will resolved the issue

  • CS4 Audio Export Problem

    I'm fairly new to CS4 and have picked up an audio export problem, more than likely with a setting of sorts. For some reason when I export to MPEG2 -DVD via the Media Encoder, the video portion is fine as well as any audio that has been placed and edited on tracks audio 1 and 2 in PP. However, if there is additional audio placed on tracks 3 or 4 for example (say a music MP3 overlay) then this does not come out ... only audio placed on tracks 1 and 2 in PP come out. I have checked the obvious like making sure the tracks aren't muted etc but to no avail. Also tried changing from PCM audio to MPEG ... Stereo to 5.1 mixdown ... nothing doing.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and regards
    Videoman 1

    Thanks Harm ... got SnagIt and with a few helpful YouTube tutorials ... am in business. Hunt and John, also thanks ... the other method equally as good. Now, I have attempted to attach my screen shot which should display my CS4 timeline and associated audio monitor windows above. By the way, this was for a wedding and as indicated, you will notice an MP3 lying in audio track 3 which as mentioned is my problem as it is not audible after render via Media Encoder. But remember, the moment I slip this MP3 up into audio track 1 or 2 above ... problem solved. I know there must be something small like a setting gone wrong or incorrect. As mentioned, any help would greatly appreciated.
    Thanks to you all.
    Regards Paul ( Vryheid, South Africa )

  • Export Problem in LR 3.5

    Hi folks,
    I have been working with LR 2.7 for a while now and was happy with it.
    PC - Win XP - LR3.5
    Photo's stored on external hard disk (K:)
    The RAW captures of a Nikon 3100 I recently won were not being recognized/imported by LR 2.7 and I installed the 3.5 version to see if it was any better. I would have to buy it anyway by the time I switch to Win7. In 3.5 the Raw files were imported, the settings of 2.7 were nicely taken over but now and I cannot export the files I have worked on to the K: drive of the external hard drive as I used to do with 2.7.
    I get the message 'The folder could not be found' though it is set in the Export Window and I am looking at it in Win Explorer.
    The original RAW captures are on the D: drive but that was always the case with 2.7 as well... I am doing it exactly as I used to with 2.7.
    I tried with a photo from an older folder of my usual camera and everything works fine there.
    The problem seems to be only with the Nikon files. Now I start wondering if there is something with raw format of this Nikon camera that is putting LR in a twist...
    Anybody any ideas to help me out?
    Thanks and grts

    @ web-weaver:
    Of course they go to a different folder and they also get different
    titels/names once processed in LR. The originals are always RAW (NEF) and I
    export them as jpg or tiff files depending on what more I will do to them.
    @ ssprengel:
    I get the message when I have renamed the file in the export window, set
    the folder it has to go to and hit export.
    In the 2.7 version I got it already when I tried to import.
    As I said, this only happens with the Nikon (NEF) RAW files. With the
    Olympus (ORF) RAW files I have no problem at all and had no problem in LR
    2.7 either.
    I cannot see anything wrong in the Export panel nor in Preferences.
    Plug in is Metadata Wrangler and has been updated to the latest version >
    no joy...
    I tried import/export with jpg files and no problem there.
    Yesss! Got it! What I had overlooked was a question mark next to the folder
    in Library (sooo small). A rightclick and telling LR where it was solved
    the problem. Strange, though, as it has never done this before... the main
    folder and the path are still the same as the ones that work perfectly with
    Olympus exports... just a different subfolder named Nikon and another named
    Test... Also strange that if I started off with jpg, it was no problem
    Anyway, thanks a lot for shaking my senses for me
    2011/12/10 web-weaver <[email protected]>
       Re: Export Problem in LR 3.5  created by web-weaver<>in
    Photoshop Lightroom - View the full discussion<>

  • Model Export and Import - Error 40144

    I'm trying to transport a model from one system to another and I get the following error when I try the Model export and import functionality in IBP 4.0
    "errorCode":"40144","errorMsg":"Repository: delivery unit not found; deliveryUnit: 'SOP_MODEL_EXPORT_DU','"
    1. Model Export -> Create Export
    2. Once the Export is created, I clicked 'Download Deployment Unit' and that's when I get the above error.
    Am I doing anything wrong? If so, what is the procedure to execute the model export and import between systems?

    It turns out a transportation path has to be set up (one time) from the backend (by SAP) to enable this feature.

  • Export problems- it's renaming my MOVs to strange things and they're huge!

    Hey guys,
    strange fcp export problem. I have a 10 minute anim compressed fcp project, 1920x1080, 30fps on a top-of-the-range macbook pro with external terabyte HD. I did a test export a couple of days ago, because our deadline is really soon, and that all worked fine - a 10 minute quicktime, 100% anim codec, was 26GB. That was fine. I did another test clip, just a spinning bitmap for 10 mins, from AfterEffects with similar, succesful, results and file sizes.
    Now, however, when I export, it comes out as 60GB, and FCP changes the filename to something which is the first half of the filename I chose, and a strange number for the second half which is different each time I try it. Something like "", for example. This file seems to have video in it OK, but it's 3 times the size, and the data rate is much higher, too high to play back.
    The only changes I've made since my successful test are replacing many of the low res previews with hi res versions, and adding 1 minute to the end. And I changed my QMaster setup, not sure if that's anything to do with it.
    Anyone got any ideas? I'm getting pretty worried.....
    thanks in advance....

    Thanks for the quick reply! No, don't think that's the problem. The new render doesn't have an alpha channel - it's Animation 100% Millions (not Millions+), and I don't think that would add more than 25% to the file size anyway. It also wouldn't account for the strange renaming of filenames. And the increase in length is only 10%. The file size has tripled!
    The final delivery format was going to be animation, 1920x280, because it's going to projected on a 30m wide cinema screen and live TV tomorrow night but our playback solution (while it handles the test files ok) can't handle the data rate of these strange new files: it's 800mb/s, which is pretty ridiculous.
    The renaming of the files suggests (to me at least) some kind of bug/error, but it doesn't report any kinda error in either fcp or quicktime.
    Plan B is to recompress the strange big file using h264 which gives an ok quality and is 10% of the size. Reason I'd like to do it animation is I need to do several versions with different gamma, so I need to do further processing on the rendered file after it's dumped from FCP.
    Any thoughts? I'd like to get to the bottom of this.
    one thought - I didn't tick "recompress all files" and some of the source DOES have alpha - would it be taking the alpha channel even though I didn't ask for it?

  • Export Problem Solved (new problem)

    I had posted earlier about export problem it was a silly mistake as i had kept hide extention on dats y it happened
    Now problem is when i export the exported video has some pixcels and it hangs in between dunno wats wrong

    What's a pixcel?
    All video has pixels.
    Seriously, your question is completely incomprehensible.

  • CS4 Export Problem

    I have an external hard drive to which I export my encoded CS4 video files once I have finished editing.  The problem is that, in doing so, space seems to be used also on my C drive.  I need to find and delete these files on my C drive once my PP project files are rendered to my external drive.  I have looked in temp files but they not there.  Can anyone advise me on this?

    That's done it S.V.  Many thanks!
    Lewis B.
    Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 11:13:53 -0600
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: CS4 Export Problem
    I'm a newbie so don't take my word as gospel buuuuttt....
    If you're using Vista you might be making the same mistake as me. Go edit>preferences>media, hover the mouse over the media cache files location (i.e. C:\yadayada) and TYPE that into the bar at the top of the my computer. Don't click through and try and find it, TYPE it like you would an internet address in a web browser.
    Silly Vista.

  • Excel export problem using craxddrt

    I'm using craxddrt v.11.5 in our intranet application to export rpt.reports to different formats. My code works well with PDF and text exports, but when it comes to Excel after the .Export(false) method executes the browser window just goes into idle then the session finally expires. I never catch any error. I have tried several export options with no prevail.
    I suspect the Excel export is missing some info to complete and it is trying to prompt me, but no visible prompt gets displayed/answered so it just expires.
    Could anyone help me out. I've spent several days researching and fixing the code and ran out of ideas.
    Steve Komaromi

    Hi Steve, Is there some reason you are posting this question over and over again?
    Try looking at your same post: Excel export problem using craxddrt
    Also, RDC is legacy product. Look for you answer where you posted the exact same question in the legacy forum.

  • FCP quicktime conversion export problem

    issue exporting still image instead of video
    FCP quicktime conversion export problem
    within the last 2 weeks i have exported from FCP studio 7.0.3  as quicktime conversion, the settings are:
    export as QuickTime Conversion:
    > Options> quality> set to Best>
    Standard Video Compression Settings
    Compression Type: H.264
    Frame Rate: Current fps
    Key Frames: Every 24 frames
    check Frame Reordering
    Quality: Best
    Encodeing: Best (Multi-pass)
    Data Rate:
    Filter… none
    NTSC 720x486 16:9
    Sound: (don't change anything)
    Format: Integer (Little Endian)
    Sample rate: 48.000kHz
    Sample size: 16-bit
    Channels: (L R)
    the results i get a odd. - the video exports fine, except for the beginning titles, instead a still frame image from somewhere else in the video occupies that intro, until the first transition- in this case- dip to white, then the rest of the video is fine. the portion of the beginning  that does not show are composed of:  livetype text credits in V2 - in which i have done a manual opacity fade up and down - so the livetype text fades in, over matte color solid in V1. in the exported video -i do not see any of this, all i see is a seemingly random still from somewhere else in the video. i can however hear the audio as it is supposed be.
    cant figure out why this is happening. anybody know?
    i think the livetype files are 1920 x 1080.
    my FCP sequence is 720 p
    this has only recently started happening and doesn't seem to be consistent.
    im wondering if it has to do with the live type files, or the white solid?…
    or the conversion settings above?

    Earlybird is exporting H264 ... the Key Frames setting is determining the GOP length. This value should really be determined based on the complexity of the video, to my understanding, the actual frame rate has no bearing on it. If you have very complex fast moving content then a low Key Frame rate is advisable to ensure good image quality (although it will adversely affect the filesize) whereas if you have slow moving or static content (like an interview subject) then a higher Key Frame rate will still produce a good image but at a smaler filesize. The default of 24 should be pretty much fine as a catchall starting point.
    Corrupted render files (and render references) can be a pain because FCP will use those files and references  in place of the original media when building the export. And so it should as it does't want to waste time re-rendering sections that are apparently already rendered. Unfortuantely, as noted, if the render file has gone bad and/or starts referencing the wrong media then you'll get these wierd flashes of completely unexpeced and unwanted footage showing up where it shouldn't be. When you trash those files then QT / FCP will just go back and re-reference the original media ... so it's usually a worthwhile step to take just in case thats the problem.  The worse case scenario is that it only that doesn't work and you spend some time unecessarily re-rendering.
    As to why these files go bad? That I don't know. Why do Preferences get corrupted? That I don't know either but it definitely happens :-(

  • I have an exporting problem

    I have an exporting problem. I tried to export a little over 2 minute video in 1080p at 29 fps. I know that this setting has worked on all of my previous videos until now. When I tried deleting the files I believed caused the problem, the error still occur. Is there any way to fix this?

    Thanks for the follow up with further details.
    1. Please review the following Adobe document on Complying error for export
    "Error compiling movie" during render or export
    2. Please confirm error @
    Encoding Menus
    Encoding Media
    Actual Burn Process
    3. Best to make a copy of the problem project and work from that for the troubleshooting..File Menu/Save a Copy, with different name for copy or copies.
    3. Expand the Timeline with the -+ slider above the Timeline to get a better view of the Timeline content.
    a. look for obvious flaws in the Timeline tracks content -
    b. Explore for less obvious flaws
    ....Target the transitions...have you dealt with trimmed versus untrimmed clip where the transition is being made?
    ....Target the audio, looking for gaps
    ....Target the Timeline in general looking for debris, fragments of clips that you previously deleted
    ....Check Timeline menu marker stop marker after the last item on the Timeline
    ....Check Movie Menu customization area for overlapping buttons, presenting with red frames around the overlapping buttons
    c. When you have your disc in the burner tray, what does the burn dialog Quality area show for Space Required and Bitrate.
    d. What is the video compression for your .mp4? Have you set a 4:3 project for a 4:3 source or a 16:9 project for a 16:9 source?
    Let us start here and then decide what next.
    Thank you.
    Add On...If you are working with version 13, have you updated to 13.1 using an opened project's Help Menu/Update? If not, please do so.
    Also, determine if it makes a difference to the outcome with or without the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and Higher preference disabled. See
    Edit Menu/Preferences/General.

  • Lightroom 4.1 export problem

    Lightroom 4.1 will not export a deleloped image.  I have the metadata to new file set to automatic and I get no error mesage.  All my new exported files are the same as the original.  I need a detailed discription of what boxes need to be checked or unchecked and where to find them.  Something as simple as saving changes so that I might use them in another app should not be so difficult- version 2.7 worked fine so what's up with 4.1? 

    Still no luck... I just purchased a licence for my demo version- I was hoping not to have to do  a 1.1Gb download and/or redo my my catalog- is this required?
    Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 00:37:57 -0600
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Lightroom 4.1 export problem
        Re: Lightroom 4.1 export problem
        created by ssprengel in Photoshop Lightroom - View the full discussion
    Are you saying that LR4 is exporting over the top of your exiting images, or that it is not exporting anything?   To test whether you can export anything, try exporting to a subfolder under your originals, instead of new names in the original images folder, which I think is what you’re saying you’re attempting: On the Export panel, all the way at the top, make sure to set Export To: to Hard Drive. Set the Export Location – Export To:  value to Same folder as original photo. Put a checkmark next to Export Location – Put in Subfolder Enter in “output” into the Export Location - Put in Subfolder: textbox. Uncheck the Add to this Catalog unless you really want to include the output of this experimental export in the catalog. Set Export Location - Existing Files to Ask what to do, so LR will indicate if it’s trying to overwrite the same files, again, which it should if the output subfolder is empty. Uncheck the File Naming – Rename To: so the files aren’t renamed. At the bottom change Post-Processing – After Export to Show in Explorer Click the Export button and see what happens.  It should do the export then open up Windows Explorer on the output folder you specified.    Before doing any of this, it might be wise to make a screenshot of your current Export settings, the Export To and File Naming sections at least, which you can both post here and use to reset things back from what I’ve specified, above.
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  • PDF Export Problems

    bei using interactive functions in inDesign CS5 and then exporting to pdf, I am able to see exactly everithing I wanted in AcrobatPro, but not in Adobe Reader. What can I do, so that anybody who uses Reader can see it too? Anybody knows?? Thanks

    Re: PDF Export Problems
    created by Jeffrey_Smith <>  in
    InDesign - View the full discussion
    What is it that you can not see in Reader: button behavior, rollover effect,
    hyperlink, etc. ?
    Wow, I am impressed about the fast reaction:-)
    The interactive function I am using (unfortunately in German inDesign) is
    "button" > Action: by letting go (?). It's a file with some 100 pages and
    some 500 links. Exported as pdf interactive...
    The effect In AcrobatPro: when clicking on the thumbnail the original
    picture shows in a separate window without closing the original file. After
    closing the new window, I could continue in the multipage file...
    This is not happening in Adobe Reader. It says: the link was not found, and
    here and then, when shown in e new window, the multipage file is closed...
    Hope this helps..
    Thanks Jaro
    I did reply on the forum directly, but no success. There trying via mail.
    Hope it works:-)

  • Export logical model open all relational and physical model? -- Problem

    If I export only logical model ( file --> export --> To design Data Modeler) . Oracle Data Modeler open all relational and physical model, if I have 100 relational model open all, and this is very resource.
    Can it be avoided?

    Ok, thanks
    This bug Will solved for version final Data Modeler 4.1 ?

  • Premiere Pro CS4 export problem

    I am a new user of PP CS4 and I have created a short 2 1/2 minute clip with no problems.
    I have selected all the appropriate setting as per Adobe PP CS4 "Classroom In A Book" instructions.
    Exporting the clip as a MPEG2-DVD, NTSC 720x480, 29.97 Drop Frame Video.
    Main Concept MPEG Video, Variable Bit Rate.
    However, when I go to export I get the following error everytime:
    Adobe Media Encoder CS4 quit unexpectedly.
    Here are the details of the error report.
    Process:         Adobe Media Encoder CS4 [242]
    Path:            /Applications/Adobe Media Encoder CS4/Adobe Media Encoder Media Encoder CS4
    Identifier:      Adobe Media Encoder CS4
    Version:         ??? (???)
    Code Type:       X86 (Native)
    Parent Process:  Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 [202]
    Date/Time:       2009-11-14 15:13:02.554 -0800
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.6.2 (10C540)
    Report Version:  6
    Interval Since Last Report:          1206 sec
    Crashes Since Last Report:           1
    Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   1
    Anonymous UUID:                      B5DD95EC-13C1-4BA5-819F-22AA7BBBB3C8
    Exception Type:  EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
    Crashed Thread:  0
    Dyld Error Message:
      Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/LogSession.framework/Versions/A/LogSession
      Referenced from: /Applications/Adobe Media Encoder CS4/Adobe Media Encoder Media Encoder CS4
      Reason: image not found
    Model: iMac9,1, BootROM IM91.008D.B08, 2 processors, Intel Core 2 Duo, 3.06 GHz, 4 GB, SMC 1.37f3
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 130, NVIDIA GeForce GT 130, PCIe, 512 MB
    Memory Module: global_name
    AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x14E4, 0x8E), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (
    Bluetooth: Version 2.2.4f3, 2 service, 1 devices, 1 incoming serial ports
    Network Service: Ethernet, Ethernet, en0
    Serial ATA Device: WDC WD1001FALS-40K1B0, 931.51 GB
    Serial ATA Device: OPTIARC DVD RW AD-5670S
    USB Device: Built-in iSight, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x8502, 0x24400000
    USB Device: Hub, 0x050d  (Belkin Corporation), 0x0237, 0x24300000
    USB Device: Blue Snowball, 0x074d, 0x0005, 0x24320000
    USB Device: Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5300C/5370C, 0x03f0  (Hewlett Packard), 0x0701, 0x24340000
    USB Device: Hub, 0x050d  (Belkin Corporation), 0x0237, 0x24310000
    USB Device: Keyboard Hub, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x1006, 0x26400000
    USB Device: Apple Keyboard, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x0220, 0x26420000
    USB Device: Apple Optical USB Mouse, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x0304, 0x06200000
    USB Device: BRCM2046 Hub, 0x0a5c  (Broadcom Corp.), 0x4500, 0x06100000
    USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x8215, 0x06110000
    USB Device: IR Receiver, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x8242, 0x04500000
    Can anyone help me with this?

    Welcome to the forum.
    Looks like you are on an iMac. To help others help you, can you post the specs of your system?
    I was about to post links to a bunch of troubleshooting articles, but they were written for PC's so I dobut that any would apply here.
    With the important data, someone is very likely to see a potential problem and help you.
    In general terms, most problems sort out this way:
    Project/Sequence settings
    Those given, the exact detail will get you closer to resolution.
    Good luck,

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