Movieclip.onEnterFrame is not longer triggered in flash player 11.5.502.110

When I upgraded to Flash Player 11.5.502.110 today I found that none of my onEnterFrame event handler functions get triggered.  Reverting to 11.4 I find that all is ok.  Has anyone else experienced this?

check out the following url -
The wheel parts in left large image are appeared as faded effect. using onEnterframe method.
This animated effect was working fine a couple of days back.. but for 3,4 days.. its only initialising and stops..
I loaded it src file in Adobe Flash that worked fine.. but when I loaded as offline version in google chrome that was bugged.. then I loaded in internet explere and firefox.. there it was working fine.. then i realise the issue.. the Flash player was updated..
Flash CS3 -As2

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  • The new version of Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.110 does not display images in the flash movie.

    In the new version  of Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.110 the images are not displayed. In previous versions they are displayed. Tested on several computers. This is not a local problem. This is a problem of Adobe. The bad news is that the early versions are very hard to find and reinstall it.
    Many different systems tested. And all browsers.
    Now there is no big image.
    Example: oko/2012-11-01-12
    and many others.....

    hi i have noticed the same problem. also with Chrome and FP ver Firefox and Safari with FP 11.5.502.110
    it seems that MovieClipLoader class not returning onLoadInit event. I use to add a fadein function on loadInit to fade in the loaded images. with the latest Flash PLayer versions this is not activated so you cannot see the loaded images.
    I have tested this on 3 different systems and the problem is the same. I have not updated my FP for IE. There, the older FP still works well.
    test systems
    Mac OS LionSafari and FP 11.5.502.110 --- DOES NOT WORK WELL
    Windows 7 64 bit
    chrome 23.0.1271.95 with FP  - DOES NOT WORK WELL
    Firefox 16.02 with FP 11.5.502.110  - DOES NOT WORK WELL
    IE 9 with FP version 11.4.402.287  - WORKS
    Windows XP SP3
    Firefox 16.02 with FP 11.5.502.110 - DOES NOT WORK WELL
    IE 8 wth FP 11.4.402.287  - WORKS
    chrome 23.0.1271.95 with FP  - DOES NOT WORK WELL

  • New Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.110 is not cooresponding

    Recently updated to the Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.110 and when tried to load images or use program that requires flash a new window prompts me back to the Adobe Flash Player download page.  Tried several times, and then uninstalled and retried, even tried clearing all caches, history and retried downloading again and continue to have issue.   Any other suggestion to get this back up and running?

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  • Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.110 SCCM exit code 1003

    I'm currently trying to rollout Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.110 using Microsoft SCCM to our corporate machines (600 machines).  I am using the command line "install_flash_player_11_active_x.exe - install" in the SCCM package.
    However, when running this through SCCM it just fails with an exit code of 1003 and states "retrying".  This is the same on all 3 test machines that I have tried so far.
    When running the same command through a command line, it does install the software.
    The machines are all running Microsoft Windows XP SP3.
    Has anybody been able to successfully deploy this software to multiple machines using Microsoft SCCM?
    Thanks in anticiptation.

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  • Download Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.110

    After installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.100, I have lost my streaming capabilities:  Netflix, radios, videos.  The installation completes correctly, but when prompted to click on a selection, the download screen appears again and again.  What do I do to get this to work?

    Chris: Sorry, I am new to this forum and this is the closest discussion I could find to the problem I'm having.  When I turn my computer on, I get the Adobe "notice" that an update is available. I go to the link provided to load the update.  The page indicates that the program is "Loading". and that's where it stops.  I never get the direction to Install or any other of the prompts.   I close out and I still have the old version of Adobe Flash- 11.4.402.287 32 Bit. I have Windows 7 64 Bit.  Whatever download I am getting appears to stall my computer.  I have to do a System Restore to get my computer to lose whatever "ghost" I'm getting.  Can you please give me some direction.  I also DO NOT want Google Chrome or McAfee.   If this is not the correct discussion, please steer me.   Thanks so much.

  • Issue on Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.110

    Hi all,
    At every update of this  ** flash player pug in, I have an issue :  flash contents is not available in the next couple of weeks. And then the issue occurs an a low frequency.
    I don't know how to start with this.
    Re-installation and explorer update do not work. The last version makes the explorer crashed too.
    I use as explorer : Firefox and IE (last versions).
    Thanks & regards,
    EDIT :
    Regarding the link Chris mentioned earlier in airborne007's discussion, I can not open it as IE crash.

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  • Flash Player 11.5.502.110 freezes at 95% on OSX 10.8.2

    Have tried installing Flash v. 11.5.502.110 numerous times on my Macbook Pro and each time it freezes at 95% and nothing. I have let it sit for over 8 hours and it is still stuck at 95%. I have used the flash manager to remove all instances of flash, completely disabled all anti-virus to no avail.
    Any ideas?

    I have exactly the same issue, no clues yet. I'm afraid I'll just have to do as suggested by Firefox's plugin check page ( and disable Flash until Adobe sorts it out.

  • Flash Player 11.5.502.110 "msi distribution download" unavailable?

    Dear Adobe,
    Please would you kindly update the distribution download page:
    With the msi files for version 11.5.502.110?
    Thank you!

    Odd, you might have to restart your browser after clearing the cache to see this update.  Here's what mine looks like:
    Please let me know if this doesn't clear up for you.

  • Version seems incorrect on Flash Player 11.5.502.135 (distribution license version)

    I've downloaded the distribution license version of Flash Player 11.5.502.135.  In checking the version of the file after downloading it seems to be Flash Player 11.5.502.110.  Is the version wrong on the file, or is the file the wrong version?

    Let me help you. Change the file name to identify the version. Voila! unique name! Cached only as that name/version.
    Obvious if msi was not updated because the file name will reflect the old version.
    [BTW, I save your downloads as "install_flash_player_11_5_502_135_active_x.msi'  or similar so I can tell what version the file is for.]
    The current adobe msi files have no identification of the version other than the web page title preceding the link.  (Can right click EXE files in windows and the File Details tab will show version info.) The only way I know of checking to see if the Adobe msi link is pointing to a new file version is to check binary size or hash or look at file date-time (not so reliable).When I download your MSI file under .146, it matches the binary size of the .135 patch version.  (Download changes creation date-time.)
    You probably use the same file name so web site page manager does not have change a web page or handle a variable file name. A good web programmer could fix this easily. Not difficult to append together version info an insert into a file name.

  • I know longer have a flash player because the update will not accept my password.  I even changed my password.

    I no longer have a flash player because the update process will not accept my password even after I changed my password.

    We are all alive here, but not working for Adobe. Installing Flash Player isn't asking for your Adobe password.
    When you install or update most software you will be asked for your own computer's administrator password. This is the one you chose when you first switched on your machine, and nobody can tell you what it is.

  • Install user name and passcode,still not OK to install FLASH PLAYER!

    I download FLASH PLAYER,but when I install it, it need me to input my user name and passcode, I done, but still cann't get through it.
    I have my own user name and passcode in ADOBE, but seems it is not match the Install FLASH PLAYER request, now I cann't open website any video.
    Pls help!

    There are countless topics here on this same page with the same question: you need to enter your computer's administrator id & password.

  • After up dates and clearing history and cache disks and defraging, fire fox is not handling farmville . keeps freezing or "not responding. up dated flash player and java script so what is the problem that you cant keep up with the games.

    the last 2 times i updated fire fox, from the start it began "not responding".and its not handling any thing my yahoo homepage or anything is slow and unresponsive to any thing. have updated constantly everything that should be and cleared history . my pc is hp and not a year old . have maintained my pc. what is wrong with fire fox. have been told google chrome is better for facebook game but dont like chrome.

    Hi a, Glad you removed Norton. On Skype, go to Tools & Manage add ons. Find any add ons that pertain to
    Skype and Disable them. Once these problems have been solved then you can always enable any that have been disabled.
    Anytime you lose an Internet connection you will receive those kind of errors. Wireless connections are subject to a loss of signal. I would contact your Carrier and report them.
    Any site or game that tells you to update Flash Player, ignore. You did the right thing going to Youtube. If that works, then disregard anything to the contrary. That site is having a problem, not you. Take care not to disrupt your Flash Player Installation!!
    On Avast not being able to update would most likely be due to the loss of signal. That Avast updated 3 times is not unusual. That is just a sign of additional risks. I had Avast and during some periods that was done also. No problem.
    While you are still in the process of removing programs and troubleshooting, if there are any add ons/plug-ins/extensions that are causing an issue, I would disable them. Once you have your troubleshooting done, then see about them.
    On McAfee, didn't that Install with FP at one time? I think you removed that as I recall. You can refer to the instructions I gave you to remove it and make sure it is not there.

  • Can not able to download flash player

    i am using firefox 16.0.2 and my lappy is too old only have 512 mb i can not able to download flash player.i m nt able to watch video on you tube.please help me to solve the problem

    Help us to help you.
    What Operating System do you use?
    OS X can be 10.5.8, 10.6.8, 10.7.5, 10.8.5 or 10.9.2

  • I wanted to watch a BNN video on my iphone 4, but I was told I needed Adobe Flash Player. Adobe says Apple does not allow to install Flash Player on iPhones. Any suggestions?

    I wanted to watch a BNN video on my iphone 4, but I was told I needed Adobe Flash Player. Adobe says Apple does not allow to install Flash Player on iPhones. Any suggestions?

    See if BNN has an app in the app store or do without.
    Adobe does not make a flash player for ipod/ipad/iphone and likely never will.
    You can do a forum search and find coutless posts on this.

  • I receive the message "Error:  Failed to register" when installing Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.135 o

    I receive the message "Error:  Failed to register" at the end of attempting to reinstall Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.135 (after a complete uninstall of all Adobe programs) on my older machine running Windows XP and the older browser IE 7.    I have tried the offline download installer and my Google Chrome browser setting is "allow all sites to run Java".  I allowed the program to run from my AVG firewall dialog box.  Windows firewall did not ask.  I am logged in as administrator.  What should I do because some programs prompt me for this install in order for some functions to work correctly.

    See if this topic contains a solution for your problem: How do I fix Windows permission problems with Flash Player?

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