Moving Tracks From One Session To Another

I have a two DVD project that has one session for each. I wanted to know if there is a way to take a menu and track from one session to the other without having to build the track and menu buttons again. Somewhat like importing session data in pro tools if that helps. Thanks.

You can export the descriptions of the items then import them into the project you would like to bring them into. May have to relink items, but alot of it will be bought it.

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  • How can I copy a track from one session to another?

    I want to copy an entire track (strip setting and audio/midi) from one session to another. The only option I can seem to find is to bounce or export as audio.
    Is there any way to do this besides copy/paste the strip setting, copy/paste the software instrument, copy/paste the midi?

    Why don't you save the channel strip (including the Software instrument) as a preset and insert it in the new session? Doesn't affect Volume and panning though unless it is automated. Then you could copy+paste the Automation. Audio and Midi files have to be copied+pasted.

  • How can i move a podcast track from one podcast to another?

    I subscribe to a number of podcasts and  recenly some of them have started downloading to new podcast folders (One of them underwent a slight name change, and the others I'm not sure why). So now, some of my podcasts have two folders: one with the old podcasts and one where the new podcast download to. I want to keep all the tracks, because I reference them from time to time, but I hate having these extra folders. Is there some way to move podcast tracks from one podcast to another so I can consolidate these tracks?

    Use export/import.

  • Can I convert tracks from one format to another so that the converted tracks appear in the various playlists of the originals?

    I have a large number of tracks which I should like to convert from one format to another (aiff to Apple lossless).  These tracks are distributed in a large number of playlists.  Can I convert a track or tracks from one format to another so that the converted track appears in the playlist of the original track without going through a laborious and error-prone process of converting each track individually, determining the playlist of the original, and allocating the converted version to the playlist (or playlists, because in many cases the original track exists in more than one playlist) of the original track.

    I do not believe iTunes will do this.  The files created are essentially new media files, not regarded as replacements for old files.  There may be ways to trick iTunes if you are good at editing library files but that would be more trouble than it is worth.
    You can check the site below but I do not recall having seen such a script.
    Dougscripts - - Many itunes scripts
    If you're into writing Applescripts you could try it.

  • How can I script moving paths from one file to another?

    Hello. I have 1 image with various color correction layers. The other is the exact same size but only contains paths. How can I script moving paths from one file to another? Thanks, in advance, for any help you can offer. Thanks!

    Thanks! This one actually worked for me. Thanks for your help.

  • Moving images from one library to another; or how to have 2 libraries open at the same time in Aperture 2

    This may be something easy but for some reason I am having a hard time figuring this out. Basically this is the situation: I have a library on my MBP hd that I import pictures to when I am not hooked up to my external hd for the time being. The main library is of course on the external 2tb drive. How do I have 2 libraries open so that I can essentially drag and drop the pictures from one library to another? It would basically be like moving files from one project to another. Thanks for any help!

    Always keep a backup of your original images, before you delete them. I make a backup right form the card, before I even import them to Aperture.
    How are your images stored right now? Are the referenced or managed? On your big volume I'd consolidate the newly imported images, to be sure they are really inside the Aperture library before I delete any images outside the library.
    but they have the little yellow triangle caution symbol on them and I can see them but not really edit them
    That is a very typical problem, when you imported your images as referenced images then somehow delete or move the original master image files, that are stored outside the Aperture library.
    Do you still have the original masters of the images with the yellow triangle that you cannot edit? In Aperture 3 you can point Aperture to the location of the master image file "File >Locate referenced image" - probably Aperture 2 has a similar command to let you reconnect your masters, if you still have them. Look into the manual.

  • Moving Image from one Review to Another?

    I attempted to upload an image (open in Photoshop) to a specific review. However, I could not see the desired review in the Photoshop CS Review panel. Out of frustration - after attempting to "find" the desired review for several minutes - I uploaded the image to another review and then went online, using Safari, to
    There is no visible means of moving an image from one review to another. There is a way of dragging one review (with all sub-images) to another location. But I can't see a way of moving a sub-image from one review to another review.
    IF there is some "magic" that someone knows I would sure appreciate some education.

    This works quite well for a single image review. I've moved them from one workspace to another. The issue is when a review has multiple images and you want to take only one of them from that review and move it to another review in another workspace; I can't seem to get that to work at all.
    When I open a review and navigate to the desired image, then click in the lower left corner and select a new workspace to move the image to, it moves the entire review - not the single image - to the new workspace.
    I guess I could delete the "part" from the workspace it currently exists in and then create it as a stand alone review, but then I won't be able to imbed it into another review as I want to do.
    The source frustration here is that I can't get CS Review in CSPS5 to navigate to the desired workspace/review. I get "ALL REVIEWS" displayed but not the workspaces... Any ideas on how to display workspaces instead of reviews?

  • Moving Stack from one folder to another?

    Is there a way to keep a stack together while moving it from one folder to another. When I grab the stack and drop it to a folder, I view the folder and the images are no longer in a stack. It would save me a lot of time if they would stay stacked. Am I missing something?
    Thank you.

    Well your code is unreadable because you didn't post it properly, but I'd guess you've fallen into the old multiple-delete trap in a new way. It's like this:
    To start with you have messages numbered 0, 1, and 2, let's say. So you write a loop that lets i run from 0 to 2 and delete message number i in the loop. What really happens? The first time through the loop you delete message number 0, after which you are left with messages numbered 0 and 1. The second time through the loop you delete message number 1, after which you are left with message 0 only. The third time through the loop you delete message 2, which isn't there and you get that message.
    That's just a guess, I didn't have the patience to read that ugly unformatted code. There are two ways to do the multiple delete properly, if that's actually your problem: (1) run the loop upwards from 0 and always delete message 0; (2) run the loop downwards from N-1 to 0 and delete message i.

  • Moving personalization from one instance to another.

    Hi All,
    Could anyone guide me with the steps of moving personalizations from one istance to another..
    I tried this syntax..
    FNDLOAD <userid>/<password> 0 Y DOWNLOAD $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/affrmcus.lct <filename.ldt> FND_FORM_CUSTOM_RULES form_name=<form name>
    what could be the filename.ldt location,
    should i execute this from putty on unix box...
    Regards, Ashish
    Edited by: Ashish on Aug 30, 2010 9:59 AM

    I am followin that document, but it does not tell me where do i execute the script.. Please if you could..Run the command on the server as applmgr user and after sourcing the application env file. You can run the command anywhere provided that the directory is writable by applmgr user.

  • Moving Itunes From one computer to another

    Can anyone offer advice for moving Itunes from one laptop to another? The original laptop that has my itunes on it, has broke, it froze and will not operate. Rather that lose all my purchased music and playlists i would like to swap it to another laptop. Can anyone advise if this will be possible and how to do it? Both laptops have windows XP installed

    I am having a similar problem- when I record from Itunes to a cd it only works in "Data cd" format in the advanced tab. That's okay, but when I re-insert the cd and try to import it, it doesn't show anything- it plays in Itunes okay. There aren't any little boxes to check for selecting any songs and if I try to use the import function, it shows as blank.(file type shows as .txt) I am using Itunes 6- would Itunes 7 help this?
    thanks- I have a lot of music to transfer and this is a problem.

  • Moving tabs from one window to another makes the new window vanish. I have hot corners enabled so when I move up to the right corner of my display I can see all my open windows but when I click on the tab that I moved to make it its own window it vanishes

    Moving tabs from one window to another makes the new window vanish. I have hot corners enabled so when I move up to the right corner of my display I can see all my open windows but when I click on the tab that I moved to make it its own window it vanishes

    I came up with an alternative solution.
    Instead of actually trying to move the JInternalFrame from one JDesktopPane to another, I added a single, maximized JInternalFrame to the left side. When one of the right side frames is to be docked, I merely copy its ContentPane to the single JInternalFrame on the left, set the original to be non-visible, and adjust the properties of the JSplitPane to make the "docked" frame appear.
    When the "close" button on the docked frame is pressed, I simply undo this procedure to "undock" the frame and redisplay it on the right-hand side (with its content intact from the docked frame, but in its original position).

  • Migrate tracks from one server to another

    Hello, I've read a few guides how to migrate tracks from one server to another, but it doesn't help me.
    What I've done:
    1) I've exported my SC from SLD at my old server
    2) Then imported it at my new server
    3) Updated CMS from SLD
    4) Created a track at my new server and added imported SC
    Then I have to import my SC from old server with sources and there is some errors happens for me.
    First option: I have exported my SC from CMS, but the SCA file is about 5kB. I unzipped it and there was ARCHIVESOURCE folder but it hasn't anything seems to be my sources. That file is checked-in successfully through the transport studio, but no sources imported into DTR.
    Second option: I have exported the SCA file by using NWDS. It's exported OK, size ~1.3MB, ARCHIVESOURCE folder with mine sources. But when I try to check-in it, it fails with an error "import failed, because the sources are not contained in the archive
    Could anybody helps me to achieve my task? I stuck with source import.

    Hi Kirill,
    important to know that assembly ALWAYS uses the CONS/ACTIVE workspace for SCA generation.
    If you for instance create a change (an activity), and you activate and release it but you don't import this activity into CONS, then it won't be part of the CONS/active and then due to obvious reasons assembly won't produce the sources either (no possibility to do an explicit activation on cons level as here a force activation takes place at import, but of course the import into cons is a necessary step, because as mentioned assembly uses the cons/active).
    Can you please confirm/deny how this scenario looks like on your end?
    Thank you!
    Best Regards,

  • Moving Subtitles from one project to another

    To make work on a project more efficient, we started a project on one computer with only the film track for subtitling, whilst authoring the DVD on an other computer, another project.
    So, how do we move the subtitles created in one DVDSP project into another project?
    I cannot see that the subtitle stream creates its own asset, which could be imported into the authoring project, and DVDSP refuses me to copy the subtitles to past them into the "real" project and I find no export options which seem to apply.
    Humbly seeking help.

    Sorry Per - there is no direct way of moving the subs from one project to another, or exporting them directly as an asset. The very best advice is to construct subtitles outside of DVDSP as a text file which you can then import, edit, alter exactly as you want. I suspect it's beyond that point for you now, though!
    However, if you use the app 'Subtitler' then you can export an item description of your DVDSP track and extract the subtitles from it in STL format.
    Another thing to do is to export the track from one project as an asset and import it into the new project, but then replace the video and audio elements with the correct pieces that you need to use. It's a lot more messy than simply having a text file for the subs, but could get you out of a hole.

  • Copy tracks from one project to another

    (Hopefully, I'm just missing something obvious. Programs like Final Cut Pro and PhotoShop make it very easy to have multiple projects open and copy and paste between them.)
    I frequently copy tracks I like from one project to another. Although it's possible to do, it seems a given that Logic doesn't not like to have more than one project open at a time. This complicates it a bit, but I just copy the track I want, close the current project and open the new one.
    I wish in the edit menu or in the track drop-down menu there was a straight forward "Copy Track" option. Since there isn't, I just select the whole track (which is essentially all the regions) and copy and then paste into new project. The problem is that it brings the content over fine, but not the track info (name, etc.)
    Is there some better way to accomplish this? I don't want to export MIDI tracks as audio, so the Export option doesn't work.

    Harmonica_Lessons wrote:
    I looked at the video again and unless they did some editing in FCP (which would have to be the case), the following frame after selecting the regions shows both gone simultaneously.
    It is quite possible of some FCP editing but as I said first you can do that very fast using two neighbor keys so it can look as one magic shot. The screen capture tools use low FPS settings for media capturing about 15 fps for example.
    I tend to occasionally put a blank track between other tracks as a separator (been doing this since the Master Tracks Pro days).
    I think you can try a little trick for doing that. You can create a "Dummy" empty region inside a folder track for example, and use the folder track(s) as separator(s). I have not tried that yet, cause I'm away of my Logic but it must work this way.

  • Moving Variable from one class to another.

    I need to get a Variable from one class to another how would I do this?

    Well this is a very tipical scehario for every enterprise application. You always create logger classes that generate log files for your application, as that is the only way to track errors in your system when its in the production enviorment.
    Just create a simple class that acts as the Logger, and have a method in it that accepts a variable of the type that you are are trying to pass; most commonly a String; but can be overloaded to accept constom classes. e.g.
    class Logger
      public void log(String message)
        writeToFile("< " + new Date() + " > " + message);
      public void log(CustomClass queueEvent)
        log("queue message was: " + queueEvent.getMessage() + " at: " + queueEven.getEventTime());
    }Hope this makes things clearer

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