MP4 movie error: No audio and video tracks found.

I recently move all my movies to a better performance hard drive. I imported the movies or playlists to iTunes. All movies were playing flawlessly until one day I get the dialog "Can't access file" ... I tried several things I encounter on this communities but the files still not played.
I can see all the files with their size on the hard drive, but when I try to imported or drag to iTunes, they simply not appear or they don't import at all.
In one of my test I found a dialog appear indicating "Error opening file: No audio or video tracks found" ...
I need the way to fix this situation, since I have over 500 movies on that drive. Would somebody help me ???
My email is [email protected], just in case you want to help me directly.
I can even pay a nice reward to the person who help me fix this issue. Seriously.

What is a better performance hard drive and what operating system? Kind of sounds like this should be posted to the morons over at Power Mac forum and the bozo that moderates it

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  • Audio and Video tracks don't go up/down together EVEN when linked selection is checked!

    I'm sure this is something really simple but I just can't figure it out. And it must be a button or a option that I've checked because it didn't use to do that a few days ago.
    Basically, I have a clip on the timeline which has a video and an audio track. I want to move the video clip up to the next video track but I want the audio to move down to the next audio track too. Right now it's not doing that. Only the video file moves up to the next track and the audio clip remains in the same track. How do I fix that so that however many tracks I move the video up by the audio goes down by that same number of tracks?

    Hi Shooternz,
    shooternz wrote:
    Not sure how other NLES manage it but I think it would be a pain if audio  automatically followed video in this respect.  eg Blocked layers b'cos something is already there.
    FCP &, and earlier behaved that way. I prefer the way Premiere Pro does it. You often do not need to move the audio to a different track when you move video to another track. I want to control the placement of audio and video separately now.

  • In elements 10 audio and video tracks loaded but appear to be blank

    running windows 7 with elements premiere 10... i have my audio and video loaded in the session but the tracks, 2 video with audio and one audio only track, appear to have no info. they play, but i cant see the wave file image.  i need to see the file and be able to zoom in so i can line it up for syncing.  i had at least the audio showing up at first, but somehow that seemed to disappear now? how do i fix this?

    The wave representation that you seek is in the pek file of the cfa and pek set for the audio. Did you let your audio go to completion for audio conforming before starting any work on the project?
    But, I am suspecting something else which is easy to remedy and hope this is it.
    1. Look to the left where it says track name, Audio 1, to see a speaker icon. You can toggle that to get 2 different "Audio Track Display Styles"
    Please let us know if that was the issue, that is, the toggle choice for the "Audio Track Display Style".

  • Grouping Audio and Video tracks?

    iMovie HD:
    When I insert new clips or edit existing ones, my imported audio tracks lose sync with the clips that come after the place of edit. I am continuously manually re-aligning the audio which is very time consuming.
    Is there a way to group or link Audio and video so the that imported audio will stay in sync with my clips?
    I understand that it may not be possible for the clip I am working on, but what about the clips after the clip I'm editing?

    Found the answer: "Lock audio clip at playhead"

  • Audio and video tracks in movies and tv shows purchased at the itunes store do not play in sync on my desktop PC - can anybody help?

    Any thoughts?

    Purchased movies from iTunes are automatically available on Apple's cloud, but not as part of your purchased storage; purchased movies are stored free, since you can redownload them any time (unless the movies are no longer available).
    From Apple:
    iCloud automatically backs up the most important data on your device using iOS 5 or later. Once you have enabled Backup on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch .....
    What is backed up
    You get unlimited free storage for:
    Purchased music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books
    Notes: Backup of purchased music is not available in all countries. Backups of purchased movies and TV shows are U.S. only. Previous purchases may not be restored if they are no longer in the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore.
    Some previously purchased movies may not be available in iTunes in the Cloud. These movies will indicate that they are not available in iTunes in the Cloud on their product details page in the iTunes Store. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they have been refunded or are no longer available in the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore.
    You get 5 GB of free iCloud storage for:
    Photos and videos in the Camera Roll
    Device settings (for example: Phone Favorites, Wallpaper, and Mail, Contacts, Calendar accounts)
    App data
    Home screen and app organization
    Messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS)
    Visual Voicemails

  • Audio and video track strangeness

    I have a few camera angles that have 4 audio tracks associated with them, and other camera angles that are just one track...
    I was attempting to stack all of my camera angles in fcp, so that I could sync the audio up for the various angles, and then cut between them and drag various pieces to the top video track (I assume this is a standard way of working).
    Anyway, so the problem I was experiencing was, I had one video track with one audio track, and then the next video track above that had 4 audio tracks connected to it... So if I tried to take a slice of the 1st video track, and move it to the next track, the audio would go ontop of one of the 4 tracks....
    I thought I could solve this by locking the video and deleting 3 of the audio tracks so everything would just have 1 audio channel (I dont need the other 3 for my editing purposes)... However, it still causes the audio to behave oddly and jump 2 tracks rather than one....
    How do I fix this?? I don't even understand what is really happening here.

    Hmm after looking at it, it seems that what's happening is even though 1 audio track is assigned to each video track, FCP thinks that there should be 2 audio tracks? So when I move a video track to the next video channel, the audio is moving down two audio tracks instead of one...
    Ok, so atleast I do understand WHAT is happening, I just don't know why.

  • Scripting: How To Tell Between Audio and Video Track?

    When I create a collection of tracks from the main library and iterate through them, I get everything (in my case, video and audio tracks - no podcasts or TV shows as of yet). In checking the "Kind" class, they all have a value of "1".
    How can I tell if a track I'm looking at is audio or video? Also, when I do start downloading podcasts and/or TV shows, is there a way to differentiate them also?

       **** so much for that on the Western Digitals.  The interface is USB3
    goodness, yes, youve got one of those OLD WD drives that has the controller board AND USB all as ONE SINGLE UNIT
    write that HD off. 
    your "classique"  HD here:
    tjk Wisconsin 
    So being USB3 doesn't tell us anything at all.
    Yeah it does, it tells me its one of those OLD HD that was made with the "lets save 2 cents and make it all one piece" philosophical designs.

  • Locking Audio and Video Tracks in CS6 Tip

    I discovered, again on accident :-) that if you hold down the shift key and select the Lock Track Icon on the audio or video, it locks, and unlocks all the tracks.
    Works with selecting the "eyeball" icon, selecting all tracks and turning audio on or off for all tracks too
    I found this pretty helpful on the project I am working on.

    That's great. A simple adjustment and it works like a charm. Voila! One click of the mouse and the locks all snap like a year old bagel.
    Thanks once more for your help, Tom.

  • Lock audio and video track

    If I put a video on the timeline, with no audio, then I bring in an audio file for the video, how can I "lock" them together, so I can move them around the timeline as one. I know I can just select both tracks and move them as one, but I would rather have them locked together so if I cut they are still together. Thanks!

    Glad to help.
    Not begging for points here, but, at the least, please mark the thread as answered so others will know it's resolved.

  • Seperating audio and video tracks

    Hi there,
    Im using FCPX and i have a seperate audio track to the videos. I add the videos in to the storyline, and then try to move them to sync in with the audio, however every time i move them, it moves the audio. whats the best way to stop this so that i can move just video clips and leave the audio alone?
    Many thanks for any help you can give

    Since you have almost finished editing, I suggest you first make a duplicate of your project, just in case something goes wrong. (File->Duplicate Project, and choose to only duplicate the project, since you'll be using the same media and events).
    Consider this example:
    You need to move the video away from the primary storyline (select the clips there and do  Cmd-opt-up arrow to move the video up - this will leave a gap clip and move all the video above as connected clips).
    For some reason, it appears that Cmd-opt-down does NOT work with audio only clips (it does work for video clips).
    But the point is: it does not matter now. You can just leave the gap clip in the primary and adjust the video part. The audio will stay as it is, below the gap, so it looks like this will do what you need.
    Oh, and the "option" key is the same as "alt".

  • How to reset the feature that allows audio and video tracks to snap to other tracks on timeline

    I have somehow disabled the feature that allows you to drag and snap video and audio tracks on the timeline to other tracks or positions of import.  It is only one project that has been affected, and all I can think of is that while performing some other keyboard shortcut, I accidentally perfromed a shortcut that diabled this feature. 

    You mean, "Snap?" Press 'S' on the keyboard, or press the magnet button in the Timeline panel.

  • Locking all audio and video tracks

    Hmm. I want to lock all the tracks in video but Shift - F4 does zilch. Nor, for that matter, does Shift - F5 for video.
    Would appreciate help. thanks.

    That's great. A simple adjustment and it works like a charm. Voila! One click of the mouse and the locks all snap like a year old bagel.
    Thanks once more for your help, Tom.

  • Accidentally deleted timeline sequence, audio and video tracks from my project!

    I accidentally pushed Command+W and my timeline disappeared. When I brought it back under window it looked like this... It opens like this only under this project and not my other ones. Can someone help me out?
    Thank you for any advice!

    Open one of the auto save projects.
    And of course you did Save A Copy to another drive for back up?

  • Audio and video offset in imported media

    When I import a media from the camera who took the film, there is an offset of 2 seconds between audio and video track.
    I have to dissociate the two tracks and create manually an offset in order that the sound match the images.
    How to prevent that and get the 2 tracks audio and video in correct synchro, just like when viewing the film directly from the camera ?

    We are very glad that you have found the answer to your Premiere Elements question which appears to relate your Samsung Galazy camera/Premiere Elements 11 Mac/"out of sync" audio/.
    But, if you have the time, could you explain why you "...created the project using a PAL setting at 25 frames...." (you did not say what PAL setting beyond the frame rate)> I ask you this question since you stated earlier in this thread that your source media and project setting were:
    I use Premiere Elements 11 on Mac OSX 10.8
    The video is done with a Samsung Galaxy Camera.
    The format is MP4 1920x1080 30frames    H.264, AAC
    The settings of the project are in accordance with the file : image 1920x1080, 29,97 frames
    The answer to the above would help to explain how you came to your success when you wrote
    I've found the reason of the offset : I had created the project using a PAL setting at 25 frames. I've now created a new project using  the NTSC HD Full HD 1080i 30 and that works fine.

  • Consolidating audio and video

    I created a movie using separate audio and video from three separate disk drives.  I would like to consolidate all media used on one of the drives.  Will the consolidate media do this or does it just consolidate video?  Can I leave my original media where it was originally or will it be move with the consolidation?

    You choose Comsolidate Media for a Project. When you do, it will Move (or copy) the events used in the Project to the same drive as the project. It will also copy any audio tracks from iTunes or photos referenced in the project to the same drive as the project. This is a good command to use when you want to edit a project on a different computer, because it puts everything you need in one place.
    See iMovie Help here.

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    There seems to be a "fuzz" around everything once I print it. Type, objects, etc... Any Suggestions?

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    Hi gurus, what might happen if the lock settings of RCOCB004 (send process messages, plant dependent) are set to "No lock, paralle jobs allowed". Do I have to expect some consequence such as inconsistencies ? background: we send the process msg. even