Mpg-1 question

I have to take a 30sec promo vid that we did, and place it into a powerpoint at 1280 x 768. I would like to make this an mpg-1, anybody have any idea on the best way to do this?

hey calvin, you are aware that mpeg1 is VHS quality, right?
what version of power point are you running? what version will they playing back with?
i only ask because my version of PP (11.2.4) lets you import *.mov with h.264, shoot even with DV compression!
i dont know if earlier versions of PP will play this back though. also, i dont know if PP will convert the video to another format?
i guess my question is, why mpeg1?
Mikey M.

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  • .MPG delivery question.

    I have been using FCP 7 for some years, shooting and editing in 1920 x 1080 and delivering my edit masters on Pro Res HQ 1920 x 1080 50i which is a .mov file.
    Recently I have been asked by a new client to deliver on "MPG" for broadcast on cable. This is the spec they have asked for:
    Video: 25fps 1920 x 1080 Upper field first, YUV, 25 Mbps
    Audio: 384Kbps, 48,000 Khz, 16 bit stereo MPEG
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.333
    I cant seem to locate a means to achieving this either in the export section on FCP 7 or in Compressor. Can anyone suggest how to deliver this file type from my FCP project?

    I'd recommend checking with them first, but a lot of broadcasters use MPEG-2 Program Stream files for server based playback.  MPEG-2 Program Stream files will typically have a .mpg or .mpeg file extension.
    Compressor can create those (as well as MPEG-2 Transport Streams).  In the Apple presets, look in the Formats folder for MPEG-2 and then duplicate the preset.  Open the duplicate in the Inspector window and change the settings to your client's requirements.

  • Cropping my frame n importing my .mpg videos question

    hiii... i just made a frame for my videoo(frame by michael).. but once i import it to premiere, its automatically make the frame i made with black background (inside the frame) so how can i crop it? thxxx...
    and i found a problem importing mpg videos... why once i import to my premiere pro library, i dont found any audio in these video i have record
    thxxx againnn

    For your MPEG source material, what is the CODEC used, and also the specs. on those files? The freeware utility, G-Spot, will give you all of that info.
    Also, most file formats, like .AVI, .MPEG and .MOV are but "wrappers," and can contain all sorts of material inside. This ARTICLE will give you some more background on those "wrappers."
    For getting your video into your frame, Harm's way is about as good, and as simple as it gets.
    One could also use Corner Pin to "skew" the video (really a PiP - Picture in Picture), as could Track Matte Keying, but the latter is quite involved, and would require some reading, and practice. Go with Harm's method. You'll love it.
    Good luck,

  • .mov-mpg format questions

    **New FCP editor**. I created a movie and the client needs it submitted in a .mpg, .mov or .vmv format. The file is 10 minutes long and the final piece will be posted on a web site. The size needs to have a resolution of 720x480 or larger. I sent it to compressor, used DVD:best quality 90 min and adjusted the average bit rate to 9.0. It gave me a MPEG-2 file. It that the same as .mpg? Am I better off using Quicktime 7/H.264 800bps streaming setting. The encoder show a width and height as 428x240 so is that below the required specs.
    Thank you in advance for responding.

    David S. wrote:
    Duplicating it doesn't permit you to change the pixel size at all.
    It won't go beyond 320x240.
    Ah, I see that now, thanks, David, my mistake.
    Turns out that we use Cleaner for full frame MEPG1 output. For unknown reasons, Autodesk Cleaner has no such restrictions on MPEG1. I can set the output dimensions to anything.

  • Anybody having intermittent trouble with Godaddy webmail site?

    About every other time I log in to the webmail account I have with Godaddy, the site is frozen, incomplete download, curser will not work, can only log back out. All other websites work properly. Firefox is the only browser I have been using up till now. Does Firefox not support the STMP webmail accounts very well?

    i think everyone is over thinking this question i have.... i create a movie in final cut, i notice final cut uses .mov file extensions. my godaddy web site i use, its a pre made template site i use, i have created a page that allowys me to insert video, when i insert the video to the designated area its says godaddy does not allow .mov only uses mpeg,avi,wmv,mpg my question is when creating a project in final cut and it gives you a .mov extension and you need it to be mpeg,avi,wmv,mpg so that it can play on something requiring that, what would you recommend? the site only allowys the file to be 30mb so whatever compression i use, it needs to be able to make the file size to that...h.264 with one pass gets the file size right but again i am understanding the compression aspect but not the file type. i have inserted several files with mpeg extensions that were not created in final cut and they all work fine. I am not getting the web site to recognize the . mov. if you got the prompt can not use .mov must be mpeg,avi,wmv,mpg what would you do.... i have my project in final cut so you can walk me through it as if you had a open project in final cut. i assume it should go step 1. export to: ? and then adjust the different settings ? i noticed that final cut has some mpeg options, and i tried them but it didnt make the files small enough 30mb. is this a matter of converting my file to one that will work or am i needing to export it in a specific manner. Again i have successfully got multiple videos to work that have mpeg extension that were not created in final cut.

  • How to import mpg files & quick time question

    Hello. I found some previous answers here and followed them, which brings me to now. I bought the QT 6 MPEG-2 PLAYBACK-MAC OS X-INT plug in to allow me to bring mpg files from my sony digital camcorder. I keep getting a message that 'this file is not a movie file'. I don't know how to tell if the MPEG-2 plug in is installed, how can I find out in Quick Time? I have Quick Time Pro.
    What application would be best for me to start editing movies? I have IMovie 6.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hi Trib and welcome to the forums!
    Mpeg2 is the standard compressed final delivery format of a DVD, and is not intended for further editing.
    You need to convert your mpeg2 files to a DV stream that you can edit in iMovie 6.
    For that you need mpegStreamclip:
    which is free, but you must also have the Apple mpeg2 plugin which you have already installed.

  • 2 questions: cd's and saving mpg's

    I have many multisession cds burned with Nero on Windows. Nero has no Mac version. Is there a program that will allow my Mini to read them?
    Also, I am having trouble saving mpg's to disc. They will play with Quicktime in my browser, but when I click on them in the movies folder, I get an error saying they couldn't be opened. File size is only 4KB no matter what I try to save.

    It's difficult to see how you could have wisely spent as much as $1200 for a Mac mini based system in the first place - it is an entry level system after all, and the fact it is possible to max out RAM and add expensive extras and peripherals doesn't mean that it's necessarily wise to do so... particularly if not certain that it will perform the tasks you have in mind for it.
    As much as the majority of those who use mac systems are entirely happy that they do, it has to be said that Mac systems and MacOS is not perfect, and in a world where the majority of users are PC/Windows based, it's not surprising that many providers of services, software and content are focused primarily on supporting that majority. Sometimes that means things don't work well, or at all, on a Mac. That's one reason it's important to ensure that a Mac will work at the tasks needed for it, because where those needs relate to certain things, it may well not.
    In your case, it is still far from clear from your posts here, exactly what it is that you are trying to do and why you are not able to do it. Aside from complaints that something doesn't work that you want to work, you haven't given an example, or detail, sufficient that we can see what the problem is, let alone the solution. If it comes to the point that the expenditure you genuinely need to lay out for a Mac system that does what a Windows PC at less cost could have done, and that is your only real need, then I suspect that indeed you're right - a PC might have been a better proposition. There are certainly things a PC can do better than a Mac, just as there are things a Mac can do rather better than a PC.

  • Using QT Pro convert MOV to MPG (Probably very basic question)

    I purchased QT Pro with the hope of being able to convert a MOV to a MPG file. Is this possible?
    Can you please explain if so or if some plug-in or something else must be purchased?
    Thank you for your help.

    Sorry to keep you in suspense, but can't mention the name of the software except to say that it runs MPEG-2 and needs MPEG-2. Pretty much the main reason I'm trying to run down a software product to convert from WMV, MPEG-4, MOV, and other formats over to MPEG-2.
    I appreciate all your help and look forward to any future insights you might be able to provide.
    Thanks again for all you smart folks out there who have insight about such things. Going to email Roxio to ge more details about their tools and get their suggestion.

  • Noob Question 20: Applying FX To Source MPGs?

    I've discovered the wonders of various fx in AE. I'd like to render some MPGs with these fx, in effect replacing them. If I were to do this, ie. 'print' the fx onto the source MPGs I use in my Premiere project, will the 'effect' show up in the Premiere project?
    I'm trying to avoid having to import the newly rendered files into the Project and then laboriously replace all the clips one at a time with the 'effected' version. I thought that the 'clips' simply read from the source video files. My hope is that if you change the source video you'll change the resultant project clips. Have I got that right?

    Ideas? This is getting worrisome.
    Take a deep breath. At this point, I would stop editing for a moment. Navigate to another drive, and create a new folder structure for your PrProj files. I'd look at doing some sub-folders, with names like [Project Name]_AutoSaves, [Project Name]_Saved, etc.. Copy over your PrProj files, your incremented PrProj files and also your current AutoSave files for safe keeping. You never know how far back you'll need to go, so you want a copy of each of these, so no overwriting can occur.
    Now, a quick note about AutoSave files, provided that you have it turned on. If you did not change things in Preferences, you will have five .PrProj files in the AutoSave folder, within the Project folder structures. These will be incremented 001 - 005. What happens is that as you edit, PrPro will pause and write your PrProj file to this sub-folder. This takes place as soon as you do your first Save of that session, and is done however often you have it set to do so (5 mins. by default). This only happens if you are editing, so it doesn't just save the PrProj every 5 mins., if no changes wre made. However, if you make one change and wait 4 mins., it will save. Once PrPro has created all five (or however many you have set), it starts over with 001 and overwrites it. It's a FIFO situation. PrPro then moves to 002 and overwrites it. What this means is that it would very likely that 003 is actually newer than 005. The way to tell is to go to Detail View in Windows Explorer and look at Date/Time. This will tell you the newest file. Don't just assume that 005 is newer than 004, for instance.
    Now, the trick will be trying to determine at what point in the editing (and Save/Save_As/AutoSave), things got wonky (a very technical editor's term). You want to go to the file, just before that point. When you find that, I'd copy that PrProj file over to the rest of those files that you copied to a safe place, and put it into a folder named [Project Name]_Last_Known_Good, or similar. Now you can try things like creating a New Project, and Importing one of your later Projects into it. This will often clear up issues with the XML. If it does, you can then try to see what went wrong, and may be able to save all of your editing. If not, then you can always go to your Last_Known_Good PrProj file and redo the editing that came later.
    With intricate Projects, it's a given that "stuff happens," and you want a paper trail to go back along.
    It's probably from years of working with involved PS projects with looming deadlines and 24 hr/day editing sessions, where tired fingers can hit the wrong key, or mouse button, and everything can disappear in a heartbeat, but I have a backup scheme for all but the most simple Projects and stick to it. I hit Ctrl-s often, and do a Save_As (incrementing, and keeping on working) about 4x per day. Whenever there is a major edit, I'll also do a Save_As_a_Copy then. All the while, AutoSave is chugging along in the background. If I make a faux pas, or the PrProj file goes pear-shaped, I can go back to a point before and loose as little as possible. It's usually quicker to redo something, than to do it the first time, but I still hate to loose that time spent.
    Good luck,

  • Streaming MPG's in Safari...potential dumb question alert !

    I've noticed recently that whenever I try and stream an MPG video clip in Safari, it doesn't stream anymore but automatically downloads to my HD.
    As I remember, this never used to be the case, all MPG's I viewed streamed OK.
    Have I changed some setting somewhere by accident, I'm not aware of doing this but I guess it's possible ?
    I haven't downloaded any new updates recently and I regularly run all the normal hosekeeping routines.
    I'm running OS 10.3.9 and Safari 1.3.2 (v312.6).
    Any suggestions would be appreciated - apologises if it's obvious and I've missed it !

    QuickTime System Preference pane / Advanced tab
    Click the button for MIME Settings
    Place a check mark next to MPEG Video and quit and relaunch Safari.
    From this point on the QuickTime browser plug-in will download the MPEG-1 file in a new browser window instead of downloading to your default save location.
    MPEG-1 files do not stream.

  • Basic system struggling with Standard Def MPG files

    We built two news editors about 6 months ago and needed to build both computers for $1200.  These were replacing two old Avid Newscutter XP systems from 2004...
    Because we were shooting DVCAM on DSR-250 camera's or to .mov/.avi DV files on nNovia QC Decks on the camera's, the files were basic DV 25Mbps content in SD.
    Based on the System Requirements of Adobe for Premiere CS5, I didn't feel I needed to build these as top end machines at the time.
    They are as follows:
    MSI Motherboard 77T-C45
    AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition 3.2 GHz
    Seagate Barracuda 80GB C: Boot Drive, Page File
    Reused 1 TB Samsug 7200 rpm SATA Scratch drive from Avid system.  E:\  Projects, raw files, Media cache files
    Corsair XMS2 4GB (2x2GB) Dual Channel
    PNY nVidia Quadro FX 380 256 MB 128-bit GDDR3
    Corsair 400W Power supply
    Looking back at it now, and after reading a lot of posts, these systems are on the low end.  Guess that is how Adobe gets more people to buy software, make it look like it will run on what you have, after you shell out the cash on the program you realize you have to upgrade hardware too..
    The systems have been working great for the SD footage we needed them for.  We are not going HD anytime soon as our entire studio, routers, switcher, CG, playout system, studio camera's and pretty much everything else would need updating. So I wanted editors that were more user friendly and would handle what we were working with and that is what I got.  Figured in 3-5 years when HD comes along for us it will be time for entire new system on CS7 with 30 cores, 1 TB of memory and such... (More's Law)...
    So new twist to the issue.  We were having a lot of issues with camera's dying the last few months.  It was getting hard to keep the DSR-250s working and even though I can buy them for $1000-$1500 used off of e-bay and they are in way better shape than ours, they were big, bulky and our reporters "one man band" it a lot and two of the young women are just shy of 5 foot.  You should see a petite little reporter lug a huge shoulder mount camera up onto the tripod and run it when it is bigger than them.. Really funny!!
    So I pushed for new camera's and found the new Sony HXR-NX5U met all our needs in that it is a Z1/Z5 style camera (smaller format) but has "NO TAPE"...Shoots to SD cards and a 4 GB class 2 gives 58 min each in SD.
    It will shoot HD as AVCHD 24Mbps files and does SD as Mpeg-2 and 9 Mbps with AC3 audio.  I demo'd a camera from Sony and did a lot of testing with it, I played a few clips on the CS5 systems and everything seemed ok.  They did require a quick render and I think that has to do with the Mpeg-2 compression.  It is about 1/4-1/2 time render so a 5 minute clip will take 1-2.5 minutes roughly to render out.  Playback is ok even when not rendered but the video looks fuzzy on the CRT monitor looped off of our Firewire DSR-11 DVCAM deck.  Not a big deal, they can edit and render at the end before dumping to tape.
    Problem that came up today (we just started using the new camera's this week), when I went to diagnose system crashing, I found a simple news package on the timeline.  Maybe 40 small clips, edited into a package, with simple edits.  It was already rendered but I noticed the fan on the system was running fast which only happens if the CPU is working hard.  (Front Case Fan 120mm is on the CPU fan header PWM control, CPU fan is on Northbridge fan connector non-PWM controlled)  So the CPU fan (stock) is running at full speed but I used the MB temp monitoring to control the front fan so I could have a quiet system when it is not working hard.
    That led me to open the task manager.  I found that the CPU is running along at 94-98% for both Cores.  Ram is ok as Premiere was using about 1.8GB of the 4 GB in the system.  I checked the other system and it was doing the same thing.
    What is odd, is premiere is just sitting there with a timeline open, mpeg-2 clips on it and me not doing anything it stays at 92% continually.  I even close the project so I am out at the "new project" "Open Project" screen and no change.  If I hit exit, then the CPU drops right away down to 7% and is fine.  Open premiere back up into a project and CPU goes right back up.  During a timeline Render it is 100%.
    We are able to edit and they seem to work but it is causing the system to run Hot and is running the CPU at near max all the time. I added two more 80mm fans out the back that will help pull more hot air out.
    Is my chip way to slow for mpeg?  is there a setting that I must change to optimize editing mpeg-2?  I am assuming it is the work to decode the video on the fly, something the DV video didn't require so much CPU for.  I am not using GPU acceleration as I do not have a card that supports it even with the hack that I know of.  And GPU Acc. doesn't work for DV firewire output either.
    I am considering the following:
    1. Buy larger aftermarket CPU cooler and overclock my chip as many say this "Black Edition" with an unlocked multiplier is a breeze to overclock up to 4 Ghz range. (but still only 2 cores)
    2. Buy a replacement 4 or 6 core processor to replace it (also with the better than stock Cooler from above)
    The only problem is having to spend so much money on additional hardware.
    I am also going to optimize Windows 7 on these editors as I think Areo is running and other none essential things.
    The big question is why is it maxing out when doing NOTHING?????  Is it just trying to build that freeze frame on the screen as it is a picture between the I- frames? (i.e. not a real frame of video but one created by decoding the info of IPPBPPIPPBPPI etc.)
    Any idea's/help would be great.  Anyone else using this camera and the SD files?  I didn't think this would be an issue as I had read post that people were editing this kind of stuff on CS3 a few years back.  Can't believe it would cause a newer system so much grief..

    function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}
    function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}Harm Millaard wrote:
    As you may have seen I posted your results. Your statement:
    Looking back at it now, and after reading a lot of posts, these systems are on the low end. 
    is damn accurate. 8-th rank from the bottom and around 32 x slower than a fast system, out of nearly 200 systems tested. For DV that is still perfectly acceptable, but for AVCHD it is not enough.
    Your problem is the same in every industry. One can increase productivity and reduce hazards or improve working conditions (like less bulky and heavy cameras), but only at a price, by investing in new technology. It makes no sense to only invest in new cameras, without also investing in new computer equipment. It would be similar to investing in new production machinery in a plant, but postponing the training required for employees to properly use that new machinery. IMO that is a typical example of 'penny-wise, pound foolish'.
    When I built these systems 8 months ago, I was originally going to get CS4, then I read on the site the CS5 was just around the corner, didn't want to buy the version on it's way out so I held off.  I had never been to this forum, wish I had, things might be different....  I went off of this list when deciding what we would need:
    Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Phenom® II processor; 64-bit support required
    64-bit operating system required: Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 or Windows® 7
    2GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended)
    10GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash-based storage devices)
    7200 RPM hard drive for editing compressed video formats; RAID 0 for uncompressed
    1280x900 display with OpenGL 2.0–compatible graphics card
    Adobe-certified GPU card for GPU-accelerated performance
    Adobe-certified card for capture and export to tape for SD/HD workflows
    OHCI-compatible IEEE 1394 port for DV and HDV capture, export to tape, and transmit to DV device
    Sound card compatible with ASIO protocol or Microsoft Windows Driver Model
    DVD-ROM drive compatible with dual-layer DVDs (DVD+-R burner for burning DVDs; Blu-ray burner for creating Blu-ray Disc media)
    QuickTime 7.6.2 software required for QuickTime features
    Broadband Internet connection required for online services*
    I understand competely now that these systems are too slow, Adobe's own specs are way to low. I knew I was on the low end but the problem is we built them for DV so I wasn't expecting them to do much more than that.  According to Adobe, I was in the (recommended Spec, not even the minimum...)  If I was wanting to attempt AVCHD right now I would start over, but the desire now is to edit .mpg clips.  It seems to be able to do that but when we have a few on the timeline and they are rendered the CPU just maxes out for no reason. But I have trouble duplicating it myself...
    Today I went in and there was one .mpg clip on a timeline.  I checked the CPU and it was running at 98%.  I closed that project, started a new one with standard DV NTSC same as the reporters. Imported the same .mpg file that was on this reporters project.  I placed it on the timeline just as she had it and did some cuts and worked with it for over 5 minutes.  Rendered it all and the CPU looked fine, maybe 40-50% in bursts.  Playing it would cause it to go up some, stop it would go down.  Could not get it to do what it was doing for her.  Closed my project re-opened hers and boom CPU to 98% again.
    here are some screenshots:
    You can see here is where opening her project caused the spike.  Then not doing anything with Premiere it just floats along the top...
    Media Cache on E:\ Drive, same as the project and .mpg file.  1 TB 7200 RPM drive.
    Proceses that are running, mspaint only running as that is what I did the paste of the Alt+Print Screen to grab the task manager with.

  • Can't Edit Video Property Tags - e.g. .avi, .mpg, etc

    I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate and I wanted to organize my videos by adding tags such as title, genre, etc.
    I have read other posts on this and nothing has been helpful. It seems that the moderators keep making the same suggestion to go to Properties>Details, but once they are told
    it doesn't work, they do not respond again.
    I have tried right clicking on a video and going to Properties> Details and while I can see any information that is there, it is not editable.
    I have tried editing it through Windows Media Player. I can edit it there, but when I try to update the file by going to Organize> Apply Media Information Changes (as suggested
    in these forums) the files still do not update (i.e. if I go to properties>details, I will not see the information updated there).
    I can edit the sample video (.wmv) but as I said I cannot edit properties of my own videos (.avi, .mpg). I have windows 7 at work as well and I seem to be able to edit the properties
    of a couple of M4V and Quicktime Movie Files, can’t find any .avi files to test.
    I am getting really frustrated with this issue. It seems like it should be an extremely simple thing, and yet it doesn't work. I don't understand why it works for some video files
    and not others.
    Are there specific video file formats for which you can't edit the properties?
    Is there a way these files could have become "locked"? We have tried to make sure that we have full permissions set, and it appears that we do, but are there particular permissions
    we could be missing?
    The files in question are stored on an External Drive and accessed through the Video Library in Windows Explorer, although copying them to any other location doesn't make the properties
    The only way I have been able to edit these properties and see the changes in window explorer (see them by going back to properties>details) is by using a 3rd party program called
    abcavi but while it works sometimes, it corrupts the files other times, so it's not a good solution.
    Basically, I know HOW it's supposed to work, but it DOESN'T, so please give me some advice on how to make it work or explain why it doesn't. This is VERY frustrating.

    Windows Explorer and WMP probably don't write tags to files in AVI and MPEG format, because these formats don't properly support tagging. I think that it's advisable to instead use new formats, that have proper tagging support, like WMV or MPEG-4.
    To edit the tags of AVI and MPEG files,
    you could also give ExifTool a try. ExifTool is a command-line application, but you can download
    ExifTool GUI to get a nice interface. I haven't tried these programs myself, but it looks like they will do the job.
    Tim De Baets

  • WIndows 7 Ultimate WMP won't play MPG after installing Roxio Creator NXT Pro - Event ID 1000 (100)

    HP dv7t-6100 CTO Quad Edition Win 7 Ultimate SP1 fully updated (sfc, CHKDSK and Malwarebytes scanned - all clean)
    Seems like a simple DLL conflict per the Event Viewer details below:
    Faulting application name: wmplayer.exe, version: 12.0.7601.18150, time stamp: 0x518c6df8
    Faulting module name: dsfOggDemux2.dll, version: 0.80.15035.0, time stamp: 0x4f86e998
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x000042b7
    Faulting process id: 0x1394
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cf17b19b615a49
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Roxio Shared\OGG_Flac Codecs\dsfOggDemux2.dll
    Report Id: de83bdca-83a4-11e3-b32d-2c27d7a9fbb9
    I uninstalled Roxio Creator NXT Pro (& used their cleanup program and CCleaner only on Roxio remnants) and the problem disappeared.  Did a complete re-install of Roxio and the same problem came back.  Curious as to why WMP would link to a Roxio
    DLL anyway.  BTW: Windows Media Center plays the same MPG files (w Roxiol) just fine so maybe not worth the $$$ below.  Had no problem with WMP &  Roxio Creator 2011 but the USB video capture device failed so I had to upgrade.
    Per incident: Roxio wants $25 / MS wants $49.  Thought I'd try "free" here first, not sure who owns this problem.
    (I guess the ~$49 Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Converter package has NO SUPPORT and 65% ONE STAR Amazon reviews - support only for their "Premium Products")   Maybe if they sold stuff that worked none of them would
    need "support"!

    (a)  My account is an administrator account.
    (b) I did try turning WMP and WMC on and off independently within and without Roxio installed.  Without Roxio WMP works fine.  WMC works either way.
    (c) I did several more uninstalls / re-installs of Roxio product including using Revo Unistaller and Roxio's c2011_systemclean.bat "clean-up uninstall tool").  None of which worked and even made it worse (see below).
    My original key question still is:  Why does WMP fault via a Roxio dll?  dsfOggDemux2.dll (codec).  How is this even possible for there to be such a linkage?
    After all this effort now a clean reinstall of Roxio NXT Pro leaves me with this -->
    RoxioCentrtalFx.exe (their master gatewte interface) will not start-up with this new error (and un-fixable):
    Faulting application name: RoxioCentralFx.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x50077c71
    Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18229, time stamp: 0x51fb1116
    Exception code: 0xe0434352
    Fault offset: 0x0000c41f
    Faulting process id: 0x1a40
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cf1846d5b6b1cb
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT\Roxio Central\RoxioCentralFx.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll
    Report Id: 18f55045-843a-11e3-981e-2c27d7a9fbb9
    Although the two Roxio programs I use will start via shortcuts:  mediacapture14.exe &
    When the later program occasionally stops working, the application error, is via ntdll.dll which I noticed was updated in a series of Windows updates (about 12-14 of them) around the 8/27/2013 timeframe.  I kind of don't believe in co-incidences.
    My one and only Roxio Forum responder kind of suggested "why you and nobody else?" (having these problems, i.e., I am the crazy nut job here) to which I referred him to the hundreds of reviews on Amazon, etc that gave Roxio 2012 products, etc ONE STAR or
    less (about 50% out of >300).  I NEVER had this much trouble with Roxio 2009-2011.  Must be that new Corel culture ownership sinking in.

  • After installing PSE 8 Windows 7 no longer generates mpg thumbnails

    I recently noticed that Windows 7 was no longer producing thumbnails of .mpg files in Windows Explorer.  Much troubleshooting produced no solution.  Finally I un-installed PSE8, and immediately Windows was able to generate mpg thumbnails again.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Is there a solution (besides un-installing PSE8)?  By the way, I have PSE 7 installed and there is not effect on thumbnail generation in Windows Explorer.

    Since posting my original message, I have deleted PRE8 and PSE8.  I can't remember if PSE8 Organizer was able to make thumbnails for mpg files or not.  I'm sorry that I can't answer your question more clearly.  I did not want to leave PSE8 and PRE8 installed on my computer because of the problem I described above of how it affected Windows Explorer's ability to create mpg thumbnails.  So, I have removed PRE8 and PSE8 from my computer.
    After installing PRE8 and PSE8 have you found any problems with Windows Explorer creating mpg thumbnails?

  • Free ipod video converter or dvd to mpg or avi

    anybody know any webbie got FREE and without paid software for convert dvd to ipod or dvd to mpg?? not trial and not paid...heheheheh....
    i am glad if u can help me...
    ipod video is the collest gadget now... others SET ASIDE hahaha.....
    -javZ -

    Your question gets asked and answered several times a day.
    Please search the forum and read through previous posts.
    I am sure you will get the information you need.

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