MS Project can't recognize this file format...

At work, I still have Project 98. When I try to open
an .mpp file, the following message appears:
"Microsoft Project cannot recognize this file format.
Do you want to open this file as text only?"
I've been assured it has been saved "down" to Project 98,
and in the Windows Explorer, it shows it is saved as .mpp;
Microsoft Project 8.0 Project. A user who has the Office
XP version states he's receiving the same message.
Can anything be done to restore this file?

MPP Repair Kit is a project management tool created by Microsoft and included in the MS Office suite. This tool can repair corrupted Microsoft Project (MPP) files and recover their content, or recover these
files altogether when they were lost, deleted or damaged because of various reasons.
Link to download its demo version:
Do the following:
1. Launch Microsoft Project Professional and log into Project Server
2. Open the project in question
3. Click File – Save As – Save As File
4. Save the project as an .mpp file
5. Log into PWA with administrator permissions
6. Click Admin – Clean Up Project Server Database
7. Delete the project and its associated SharePoint subweb
On the new Project Server instance, do the following:
1. Launch Microsoft Project Professional and log into Project Server
2. Click Tools – Enterprise Options – Import Project to Enterprise
3. Import the project
4. Click Collaborate – Publish – All Information
5. Click Collaborate – Publish – Republish Assignments
6. Select the “Overwrite actual work entered by resources” option
7. Click OK
Visit next source:-
Hope this helps.

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    Welcome to Apple Communities
    Install VLC. QuickTime is limited in Mac, so use VLC

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    Actually, AVCHDs load into Premiere Elements EASIER THAN mjpegs because the program is designed to use them (as long as you set up your project with a project preset that matches your AVCHD source specs).
    Version 9 will even edit AVCHDs natively. That means that you don't have to render them before you edit them, as you did in earlier versions (including version 9). If you're going to edit AVCHDs, you really should get version 9. It handles them much more effciently.
    But regardless, you won't see jitter related to the source files. Not with AVCHDs, if your project is set up properly.
    You WILL however, need a powerful computer. At least a quad core or i7 computer. Otherwise the program will work very slowly.
    The best advice for creating a DVD is to output your finished AVCHD video first using Share/To Computer/AVI using the DV settings. Then open a new project set up for DV, load the AVI to your timeline and output your DVD from there (using Share/To Disc). This will give you a sharper final video and will save you hours of rendering time.

  • Error while opening pdf in reader in windows 8:Can't open this file. There's a problem with file format

    I have a problem with a pdf file which does not open with reader in windows 8 but it opens properly with adobe pdf reader. All other pdf can be opened in reader.But when i open a pdf(see this link for pdf for which i got error
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    The same file opens properly in adobe pdf reader.You can check the pdf file which i have mentioned in the link above.But the reader which comes with windows 8 can open some other pdf in the same PC.What may be the error causing this??

    This has turned out to be an enormous issue for me as I sell PDF files as ebooks. I have done a fair amount of investigating this for my system.
    My files have to be compatible not just across readers but across operating systems.
    To date, I have over 200 PDFs that have functioned flawlessly across Mac, PC (Windows 7 and below), Android, iPhone/iPad, Linux.
    I personally test my PDFs using a variety of readers and PDF editors including
    PDF XChange (my favorite)
    Foxit (runner up for me and I recommend for most people)
    Adobe (the bloated monster)
    Nitro 9 (great for moving graphical elements around)
    And the Nuance PDF Create toolsets
    Those are off the top of my head. There are a bunch on Android that I test with too.
    I am running the Windows 10 Pro Tech Preview and I have this same problem so I know it isn't fixed yet in any kind of pre-release way (-sigh-)
    Here is what I've learned for my situation
    all fail using the built-in Windows 8/10 PDF reader.
    When I look at the PDF properties for these Nuance created files, the underlying engine used to write them is called "ImageToPDF". Using ABBYY it indicates their own engine as does everyone else that I've tried. It is easy for you to check to see
    what created your PDF by doing a "Control D" (look at the document properties). Perhaps there's a common engine causing issues.
    If I use the exact same source files to create a PDF using any of my other tools I have no issues. I checked the PDF versions made by the tools and they are all set to 1.5.
    A customer mentioned being able to convert them in a way they worked by saving them without having to do any kind of extraction, but I have not been able to duplicate that. Perhaps he did a "print" which seems like it could work.
    In summary, the workaround everyone is talking about, using an alternate reader, of course works. But not everyone wants to change.
     The culprit I have found is my Nuance PDF Creation tools that are using the ImageToPDF engine.
    I hope it gets FIXED as I really don't want to have to regenerate all of my PDF files.

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    Firstly, your country is detemined by several factors, including your phone's regional settings, your SIM card and your NokiaAccount settings, if you used this phone whilst abroad then you may need to check that your regional and account settings are up to date since you have arrived in Canada.
    For services like Gigs, you should also ensure that the MixRadio app has access to your phone's GPS location as well as the main location being on in the phone settings. To check this, as well as Location being turned on in the phone settings, in MixRadio itself go to Settings>Location>On:
    The concern with favourites may also be related to location, if the music from certain artists is available in Canada but not where the service might think you are, availability of content may vary from region to region.
    If all settings in both the phone, your Nokia Account and the MixRadio app are correct, we may have to investigate deeper.
    It is impossible to comment on your camera without seeing it, you cold have the phone checked by Nokia Care locally, but of course if it was supplied in Europe it will be covered by the European Limited Warranty which is not valid in Canada.
    If this or any post answers your question, please remember to help others by pressing the 'Accept as solution' button.

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    iMac G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   recently updated from 10.1.3

    I know you don't select individual photo files for the screen saver, but when I pick a folder (that contains photos recognizable by preview or iphoto) that is in my "photos" file in my home, the screen saver does not recognize that there are any photo files in it. And by the way, downloading new .jpg files from my camera in my new OS X 10.4.8 did not solve the problem. The strange thing is that the "desktop" program can see the files (both old photos that were created in OS X 10.1.3 and my newly created files). Weird and annoying!

  • I have Photoshop CS3 which I have used successfully for a number of years.  I now shoot pics with a Nikon DSLR D7100. When I try to open NEF files the following flag appears: "Could not complete your request because PS does not recognize this file.  What

    I have Photoshop CS3 which I have used successfully for a number of years.  I now shoot pics with a Nikon DSLR D7100. When I try to open NEF files the following flag appears: "Could not complete your request because PS does not recognize this file".  What do I need to do to open my NEF files??  Thanks.

    Thanks for the quick reply, CP
    FYI, the file is a photographic panorama based on several .CR2 photos taken in July, 2012 and processed in CS5's camera RAW/Photoshop.  Beyond the metadata, here are no fonts or text in the file.
    1.  I changed Maximize ...File Capability from "Never" to "Always" and the flattened file saved and loaded OK, though I can't figure why given Adobe's description of this option. "If you work with PSD and PSB files in older versions of Photoshop or applications that don’t support layers, you can add a flattened version of the image to the saved file...".  The file saved in this manner is ~8% larger and is not my preference as a routine since I've TB's of photo files.  By the way, out of thousands of .psd/.psb files, the one being discussed is the first to give me the error.
    2.  I've tried saving/reloading the file on another computer with Win XP Sp3/CS5...again with Maximize Capability OFF.  Same problem.  Turn ON Maximize Capability and it works.  As with the Win 8 machine, Bridge could neither create a thumbnail or read Metadata.
    3.  I've purged the Bridge Cache, made sure there were no old PS page files, reset PS preferences, and disabled my 2 plugins with no change in the problem.  Windows and Adobe progs are all updated.  Saving to a different HDD has no effect.
    The problem occurs on 2 computers (Win XP/Win 8), two versioins of Photoshop (CS5/CS6), and "Maximize" On/Off togles the problem.  My guess it is a bug in PSD processing routines.
    If I can't find a fix, will keep with Maximize ON and deal with the larger files that result...the cost of insurance, I suppose.
    Thanks again

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    Can you access the material with iMovie?

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    b) Can we generate a file with customized header and footer using APD/Open Hub?
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Swaraj,
    I think .CSV is the only file format supported for Open Hub, check the below link for the same.
    For generating a Customized header check the below doc.

  • I have sent a file to the trash bin. When I come to empty the trash bin everything goes out except this one particular file and I get a note saying the file is 'in use' but it is not. How can I delete this file from trash?

    I have a Macbook Pro with OS X Lion 10.7.2. I have sent a work file to the trash bin along with many other files. When I empty the trash this one particular file remains and I get a message that this file is still in use. I have tried returning the file to my documents, opening it, closing it and then sending it to trash and again I try to empty trash but the same message comes up - Q - How can I trash this file permanently?

    First just try logging out and back in.  Whatever is holding on to it may not be running after the logout thus freeing it so you can trash it after logging back in.
    You might also try Trash It!
    Lastly, look at the following for suggestions:
    The X Lab: Solving Trash Problems

  • Infopath submit - how to hide - Save as dialog box - You can only save this file to the current site

    I have a infopath form. In the submit options, i have used the below:
    submit options -
    sharepoint document library
    Data connection - Sharepoint Library Submit
    Doc library - lib location
    File name: concat("User Info - ", ResourceName, "-", PersonalID)
    Allow overwrite if file exists is checked.
    When I try to save a record, I am getting a popup:
    Save As:
    You can only save this file to the current site
    File Name: textbox
    save location: doc lib.
    save, cancel buttons.
    How to override this save as option(save as option should not be shown to user), and save the file using the file name mentioned?

    Are you clicking "Save" when you're using the form or "Submit"??
    You should be using "Submit" and it will ... submit your form to the document library with the file name you specified.
    To disable the "Save" button, click on "File" then "Form Options". Under the "Filler Features" area you can uncheck the box beside "Save and Save As". Click OK then re-publish your form.

  • An error occurred while opening the file, you can not open this file because it does not page???

    Dear all,
    i am test the report to show "No Data Found"  world, but, when i preview to PDF, i got  the message :An error occurred while opening the file, you can not open this file because it does not page.
    i try to load the other xml file that have data, and report work,no error.
    i don't know where is the problem, so i need some help....
    Thanks in advance for your response.
    my rtf report:
    <[email protected]:G_PLAN_CODE?>
      <?end for-each?>
    <?end template?>
      <?end for-each?>
    <?end for-each?>
    <?end if?>
    ====================No Data Found ===================
    <?end if?>
    about xml:
    if no data query back:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!-- Generated by Oracle Reports version -->
      <CF_OU_NAME>IT Department</CF_OU_NAME>
      <CF_PRINT_DATE>102.11.18  15:48:10</CF_PRINT_DATE>
    if have data:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!-- Generated by Oracle Reports version -->
              <PLAN_START_DATE1>2012/09/01 00:00:00</PLAN_START_DATE1>
              <PLAN_END_DATE1>2013/08/31 00:00:00</PLAN_END_DATE1>
              <DESCRIPTION>101 year</DESCRIPTION>
          <CF_TITLE_NAME1>TCS Company</CF_TITLE_NAME1>
          <CF_OU_NAME1>IT Department</CF_OU_NAME1>
          <CF_PRINT_DATE1>102.11.19  17:12:19</CF_PRINT_DATE1>
      <CF_OU_NAME>IT Department</CF_OU_NAME>
      <CF_PRINT_DATE>102.11.18  15:48:10</CF_PRINT_DATE>

    You mentioned you tried some steps but I'm not sure what they are, you may try my suggestion to resolve this issue, follow these steps:
    Click Start, right-click Computer, click
    Properties, and then click Advanced system settings.
    On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.
    Locate and select the __COMPAT_LAYER variable, and then click Edit.
    Set the value of the __COMPAT_LAYER variable to EnableThemes. Or, delete the __COMPAT_LAYER variable.
    If the issue persists, we can troubleshoot this problem in Clean Boot to determine whether background programs are interfering with PowerPoint:
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • I have an old file that was made by macromedia flash,but I can't run this file in my Windows 7 64-bit ,while I can run it in Windows XP 32-bit

    I have an old file that was made by macromedia flash,but I can't run this file in my Windows 7 64-bit ,while I can run it in Windows XP 32-bit

    Hi momi macrom,
    Have moved your post to the Flash forum. Experts here are better placed to help you.

  • Thunar does not recognize image file formats

    Hi Archers,
    My problem is that I use XFCE4 with Thunar file manager and Thunar does not recognize image file formats. I mean for example JPG format is an executable application fromat according to my Thunar, but I'd like Thunar to recognize JPG format as image or bitmap format appearing with small preview of the image.
    Any help is appritiated!

    Yes, I did.
    Activating Show Thumbnails button in Preferences of Thunar does not work.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Wont boot - Stop sign at boot

    Hi!. I have a iMac G5 "20 2.0 GHz Intel, and when i boot does just a Stop Sign up. Ive tried to use Disk Utility and boot form SL disk and i wont reinstall due to very inportant files that is not backuped (Family pictures and family videos). Post if

  • Segment and Accounts Recievable

    dear all,           i have activated document splitting for segment reporting for the co code.the issue is when payments & Reciepts are made in AR/AP system creates two line items for the same invoice for clearing purpose.however our client requires

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    Hello, I am run a BDC to upload Assessable value in J1ID transaction. When I am running the program in background it gives "Runtime error SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC has occurred" But when I am running the same in foreground mode it is running perfect