MSI GE60 2OE - blocked, Win 8.1 trouble

First of all, Hello everybody!
I'm in big trouble with my MSI, I got stuck and don't know what else to do. I have been trying to fix for three days, looking for information, I have read most of sticky post and searching in the forum and I haven't found any working solution.
I purchased my GE60 2OE about two months ago. I have been used it happily since first day with Win 8.1
I installed a mSata SSD and removed the old hard disk in order to make a clean install, then I started to install Win 8.1 but I cancelled it just after the installer formats the hard disk (I was installing it on the mSata) in the same installer I erased the partitions created so I could restart the installation from the beginning, but when I cancelled and restarted the installation the problem was there:
   The laptop starts and stops just at the beginning, with a blank screen. When I restart and press F12 or supr, or F11 for selecting boot device, a single line appears but I can't get into the bios neither select any device. I have discovered, that removing any hard disk and starting only with the Usb with Win 8.1 installer, first appears the blue windows logo, after that a blue screen appears: "your pc got into a problem and needs to restart..." "acpi bios error" and immediately reboots in a loop with the same thing. May be it's a error with the uefi Bios and Win 8.1
The current bios version: E16GCIMS.517 (I updated it, I think it was fine, installation went OK and I restarted the laptop twice)
The set up in the bios was AHCI, and UEFI.
Also I remember just before the installation I changed not to display the msi logo, just for trying what happened.
Well, I have tried with many rescue bootable Usb, linux distributions, and none of then starts, it just freezes at start with a blank screen.
I can't get into the bios, even I can't flash it, I have tried with bootable usb with bios flashing and nothing.
I have read that clearing the CMOS may help, but I can't find any jumper or button in the laptop, I have tried to unplug AC, disconnect the motherboard power for few minutes, etc. and no results.
I don't know what else I can do. Please, any different point of view or any help would be welcome.
Thank you very much!

Quote from: Mike1793 on 20-January-14, 01:09:25
nvm problem solved =D
Same prob here. I installed win8.1 and the light is orange always. How did u solve this?

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    Dear MSI user, Profession and support team
    I bought new MSI GE60 2OE 102XAE today (with below specifications)
    CPU Intel® Core™ i7-4800MQ Processor 2.70GHz With turbo boost UP TO 3.70GHz, cache 6 MB, QuadCore,8 Threads
    Ram 8GB DDR3 1600 (2*4Gb)
    HDD 1TB SATA+ 64Gb ssd
    Screen 15.6" Full HD LED (1920x1080), Anti-glare
    GPU nVIDIA Geforce GTX765M 2.0 GB DDR5 UpTo 4000Mb shared
    Communication WiFi,Killer Gaming LAN, Bluetooth 4.0
    Drive DVD/RW Super-Multi
     and I have couple of questions
    1-I want to install win8.1 64 bit for the first time, should i upgrade Bios (current version is 5.06)?
    2- where can i find Drivers for win8.1 64bit(its own cd drivers is only for win 864 bit) because the model that Msi put in Main site
    is little bit diffrent (MY laptops cpu is 4800MQ)
    thanks indeed in advance.
    with best regards

    No you don't have to upgrade BIOS, and if not required, don't do this. Very risky thing to do, especially on NB.
    It doesn't quite matter if your CPU is i7 or i5 (just an example), as the drivers are pretty much the same (apart from chipset). Also I think that if 8.1 SW is not available on MSI's website, then using win 8 should work fine too. Just about to try this out by you

  • MSI GE60 2OE Nvidia GTX 765m problem

    this is my first post here i bought MSI GE60 2OE 4 days ago i cant seem to run a single game for more than 5minutes, i get this error " your display driver has stopped responding and has resovered" NVIDIA windows kernel Driver, i tried using the lastest Beta drivers also which are 326.1 , also i ran driver sweeper before installing it, i also did a clean install of windows 8. im very frustrated i've spending hours on the interenet looking for a solution.  the games i tried were bo2, LoL , metro LL , GTA IV , i cant play any of them for more than a few minutes my screen goes black and i get this driver has stopped working error. i did everything... reinstalling multiple times the drivers, reinstall the windows..  sometimes the laptop just gets stuck, i have to hold the power button and reboot..
    my video card is NVIDIA GTX 765m
    here is a screenshot of the issue

    I'm with Svet on this one.
    >>How to contact MSI.<<

  • MSI GE60 2OE touchpad

    I just purchased MSI GE60 2OE. Upon using it, realized that the touchpad clicks at even a slight touch (almost the entire touch pad, not just the left and right click buttons). When i say click, i mean it produces that "clicking" sound, like as though u just left/right clicked. I thought it served the same function as the left click button but when i tried it, nothing happens. I'm wondering if the clicking of the touchpad is normal and what is its function.

    I can only speak about my GT70 0NE, and it doesn't have any 'clicking' type ability, and the touchpad is very solid feeling (as in I can't make it click when pressing hard on it).
    Something doesn't sound right to be honest. Unless this is a new feature that they added recently to the notebooks.

  • MSI GE60-2OE Fan Issue

    So I've had mine MSI GE60 for little over a year now and recently the fan has been making 'rattling' and 'grinding' noises. I went onto the forums and search for similar topics and people said there are a  few possibilities.
    1) Fan is not balanced
    2) Dust build-up
    3) Fan bearing being used up
    Many people said to contact MSI and ask for a replacement fan if the laptop is on warranty (Mine still is, Until Feb 2016)
    However here is the problem. When I purchased the laptop I registered it straight away. Now when I go onto the MSI Register Product page it is not there. I am being asked for the serial number of the Laptop but I don't have the box. I have the proof of purchase and all the warranty documentation but dont know where to look for the Serial Number of the Laptop. It is not on the back Sticker. All it says is "GE60 2OE I77400MQ / 16GB / 1000GB / GTX765M FHD"
    Is there any other way to get the serial number of the laptop? Device Manager? BIOS? (I'm running Win 8.1)

    try removing the battery - my GE60 has a sticker, with the serial number on the battery slot which will reveal once you remove it. good luck on your RMA :D

  • Msi ge60 2oe-002us Backlight not work !

    first i will say that my english is not good. Sorry for this.
    So my laptop is ge60 2oe 002us . The S/N number is : GE602OE002USK1310000065.  I have Windows 8.1 pro 64bit.
    I have the latest BIOS en EC firmware. The SCM is latest drivers. All the drivers are up to date.
    And i have bought a new keyboard :
    I have mounted installed.
    and the new backlight keyboard dont work when i press the button.
    really terrible.

    Yes I know but my laptop comes with a backlit keyboard and on the etiket says that it is a backlit keyboard.
    I have never seen blue light on the top.
    This is :
    Quote from: darkhawk on 12-January-14, 04:16:19
    If you go to that Ebay page...the top of the item description says this:
    *****This Backlit Keyboard Is Not Compatible With Previous GE60 Notebook Models That Shipped With A Non-Backlit Keyboard*****
    Did your GE60 come with a backlit keyboard to begin with? If not, then you can't use one....

  • MSI GE60-2OE upgrade to windows 8.1 bios/power button problem

    Just upgraded my GE60-2OE to windows 8.1, during start up pressing del key doesn't do anything (normally it will enter system bios), and that's not the only problem, my power button light which is originally suppose to be blue in colour has become orange even when my laptop is idle, i know orange means it is running on nvidia graphics but thats the problem here,how do i  make the light back into blue and how do i enter system bios at startup? my EC and bios is updated to latest version,i have latest geforce experience installed and also latest intel hd driver.

    Quote from: Mike1793 on 20-January-14, 01:09:25
    nvm problem solved =D
    Same prob here. I installed win8.1 and the light is orange always. How did u solve this?

  • MSI GE60 2OE, upgraded to windows 8.1, now back at 8.0

    Bought my son a laptop and added all the games and what not that he likes, as well I updated the OS to Windows 8.1.  All of this went well, and the laptop worked fine, but I ran in to an issue that I just couldn't live with.
    At home I have a WHS2011 server, after upgrading the laptop to Windows 8.1, it modified the EFI and system reserve partitions, actually moving one of them from the front of the drive, to in between the C and D drive.  Disk Management shows 100% free space in these partitions.  Anyways, the issue is that I could no longer do a BMR backup to the server, it was telling me my drive was to full (meaning those hidden partitions were too full.  There is a lot of info on the net about this and how to correct it, but to do so was a little different for my situation considering it had move one to the back of the drive, more or less, and they showed 100% free space.
    I decided to give a try, the steps in the Windows 8.1 FAQ that tell how to get back to windows 8 without a full system restore or use the Restoration disks that I had created originally.  You have to swipe the right side, select change system settings, update/recover windows, and then choose a recovery option.  I chose to do the refresh, which from my research was something that tried to fix issues, but wasn't anything major, it isn't supposed to affect your personal files.  However, MSI says this will get it back to Windows 8.0.  I did this this morning and it seems to have worked, at least to a point to where I can now do my BMR backup to my server.
    It didn't move the hidden partitions back to where they were, but now WHS2011 will do a backup with everything selected instead of just drives C and D.  It reinstalled ALL of the bloatware that I had removed, added everything back to the desktop, and left everything I had added as well.  Games that were installed on the D drive were still there and still fully functional.  Steam and the games it downloaded to the C drive were gone.  The windows.old directory that the upgrade to 8.1 created was still there on the C drive and a directory that appears to be remnants of Windows 8.1 upgrade appear to be there as well.
    This will all be easy enough to clean up, I'm just happy that my server is now happy with my son's new laptop.  Also, under computer properties, it does show windows 8, and WEI is available, which was done away with in 8.1.

    Quote from: Mike1793 on 20-January-14, 01:09:25
    nvm problem solved =D
    Same prob here. I installed win8.1 and the light is orange always. How did u solve this?

  • MSI GE60 2OE - Nvidia card not recognized after shutting off the laptop

    So I received my laptop from RMA some days ago. It was just coz the plastic hinge of the screen, broke.
    When I received it, I had some Windows problems.So I reinstalled  it 3 times, the last one from a different ISO (all were official 8.1 windows isos). The last time seemed to work fine, until I noticed I had a problem. Everytime I turn off the laptop, and turn it on, the nvidia card (765M GTX) isnt recognized. It doesnt appear in device manager at all, or it appears as unknown 3D device.I have to uninstall intel gfx drivers, nvidia drivers, and run Display Driver Uninstaller , so the drivers recognize the card again. But if I shutdown the laptop, then I have to repeat this process again...
    I tried different drivers, updated other component drivers from , I have the latest BIOS, etc..
    When the card is being recognized, it works fine, no overheating nor artifacts in games.
    What can it be?

    have you done OS restore to factory default?
    or a new fresh OS installation?
    Or when you turn it off,
    then boot to DOS and see if nvflash will see the card
    this will help to isolate if its Win OS issue or something else hardware related

  • New owner of MSI GE60 2OE-002US

    I want to reformat the computer and install only the programs which I need. Here are the default installed programs.
    I know I won't need programs like Cyberlink PowerDVD, Microsoft Office, Norton, Windows Essential 2012 and WinZip, but what are the other "unnecessary" programs? I will still be installing the drivers, but I want to keep it to the bare minimum.

    Quote from: crracer_712 on 20-December-13, 03:34:23
    If this is a brand new setup, then first create a set of recovery DVD's and/or a USB recovery key using the MSI recovery software that is on the desktop. 
    As far as I know, there is no way to reformat the drive and install the OS only.  You might be able to do it if you have a Windows 8 OEM DVD, but using the recovery method, it will simply set the laptop back up to exactly how it was when it was received new.  You will be fine by simply uninstalling the apps you do not want.  If you run in to a situation where you see the computer, upon a restart, say it is configuring windows features, and seems to start at 15% and work very slowly, you may want to remove all optional language packs, then perform a sfc /scannow after reboot, then a subsequent reboot.  This will cure the 'configuring windows feature' that will most likely pop up at random restarts.
    Thanks. I have the DVDs that come with the laptop, is that fine? If I reset it to back when I received it, doesn't that mean the unnecessary apps will come back? I can also get Windows 8 DVD since it comes with my school for free for students, but I can just use that right?

  • MSI GE60 2OE unlocked bios

    Hi i need unlocked bios because MSI bios prevents me from install linux in legacy mode. ( In uefi mode i have black screen when i try to install)
    I emailed MSI service but they didnt respond to my email. They did nothing. Absolutly i think i will never get respond from them.
    I have the newest bios version E16GCIMS.516
    What i want. I want to have possiblity, to install linux in Legacy mode or some fix for UEFI mode too.

    i don't know if unlocked bios would help with this

  • MSI GE60 2OE - BIOS Problems

    Hello everyone,
    The other day it was my long-awaited computer standing factory BIOS version E16GCIMS.10E, I've downloaded from the official website 117 version BIOS, for my OS: w7, everything was installed without any problems.
    Problems after installation:
    1. After restart MSI logo began to appear twice.
    2. The computer started to work very slowly.
    Kindly help to solve these problems.
    If smbody have this file please attach it, I want to make backup bios, back to old version.

    Do not bump topics, >>Please read and comply with the Forum Rules.<<
    About old BIOS, you can ask msi here for it: >>How to contact MSI.<<

  • MSi GE60 2OE 002US Backlight keyboard not work ?

    Hello everyone,
    My english is not good sorry for that.
    So i bought this laptop and everything is up to date but when i press the button on the top left of the keyboard, the led lights is not work. The latest SCM driver is also installed.
    the bios version is E16GCIMS.516
    EC Version is 16GCEMS1 5.06
    I have check the cable from the keyboard and the small cable ( thats under the hdd ) is good installed to the mobo.
    Please help and sorry for my bad english .

    Quote from: crracer_712 on 22-December-13, 01:22:46
    If this is a new laptop, I think I would either get ahold of MSI for warranty support or return it to the store you bought it from for repair or replacement.
    it is new but it has now no warranty because i have open the under hdd.
    And now i have a another problem. .!
    the battery was at 6% so I went charging.
    it says that the battery is charging but remains at 1%, and if I disconnect the adapter from the laptop, the laptop goes shutdown. 
    Without the adapter the laptop will not open.

  • MSI GE60 2OE - Lid sensor

    Seems my lid sensor isnt working. As in I close the lid, but the screen wont turn off. Tried multiple drivers, nothing. I setup Windows to sleep/poweroff on lid close, nothing. Tried Ubuntu, nothing.
    Seems its like a hardware problem. Does anyone know where the lid sensor is?

    Lid sensor, as far as I know and can guess, is a little mechanism inside the hinge of the screen/lid. I suggest you contact MSI about this, or RMA through seller if your notebook is still on warranty:
    >>How to contact MSI.<<

  • Bios unlock for MSI GE60 2OE

    Hey. I;m looking smb who can unlock my bios including cpu overcloock etc. Will be nice if all options will be avalible to be honest
    there is a picture of my bios

    i can start working on it once donation is received:
    and to send back to you when its done 3-4 hours later

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