MSS/Company property iview empty

We need to show company property iview from MSS/General Information. We've customized 40 infotype. We choose a user from Employee Search iView, when selecting an employee, the Company Property iView is empty.
Please, do you know how can I do so as to show data in this iView?
Thank you

If the iviews show blank or nothing.... You should check the permissions of the iviews or page, and see with the user,. give permissions to the rol as read permission and end user permissions.
This could be....
Hope its help

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    Hi All,
    We are getting the below issue. We are connecting to Essbase outline from OBIEE. What is causing this issue ?
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    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 43113] Message returned from OBIS. [nQSError: 43119] Query Failed: Essbase ANCESTOR_NAMES property is empty. (HY000)

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  • Essbase ANCESTOR_NAMES property is empty

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    I am using obiee on top of essbase.
    I get the following error when I try to drill down from the organisation dimension.
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    Is it an Essbase or OBIEE issue and any idea on how to fix it?

    Here is the MDX that is generated
    set [_Organisation1] as '{Distinct({[Organisation].[Organisation]})}'
    set [_Organisation2] as 'Filter(Generate({[_Organisation1]},[Organisation].currentmember.children), ([Organisation].CurrentMember
    IS [Organisation].[ABCD]))'
    set [_Organisation3] as 'Filter(Generate({[_Organisation2]},[Organisation].currentmember.children), ([Organisation].CurrentMember
    IS [Organisation].[EFG]))'
    set [_Organisation4] as 'Filter(Generate({[_Organisation3]},[Organisation].currentmember.children), ([Organisation].CurrentMember
    IS [Organisation].[HIJ]))'
    set [_Organisation5] as 'Filter(Generate({[_Organisation4]},[Organisation].currentmember.children), ([Organisation].CurrentMember
    IS [Organisation].[KLM]))'
    set [_Organisation6] as 'Filter(Generate({[_Organisation5]},[Organisation].currentmember.children), ([Organisation].CurrentMember
    IS [Organisation].[NOP]))'
    set [_Organisation7] as 'Generate([_Organisation6], Descendants([Organisation].currentmember, [Organisation].Generations(7), leaves))'
    {} on columns,
    {{[_Organisation7]}} properties MEMBER_NAME, GEN_NUMBER, [Organisation].[Ancestor_Names], [Organisation].[Default], [Organisation].[Memnor] on rows
    from [BalanceSheet]
    And NQQuery log doesn't show more then :
    2012-08-01T12:12:06.000+00:00] [OracleBIServerComponent] [TRACE:2] [USER-34] [] [ecid: 0000JZYBj_MBt1STaE^eoa1G3bNb0002so] [tid: 1b70] [requestid: 2801003f] [sessionid: 28010000] Query Status: Essbase ANCESTOR_NAMES property is empty.

  • The Data quality knowledge base property is empty

    I build Knowledge base and published it successfully (using the DQS client wizard  normally )
    But when i open new ssis project and try to use the DQS component i can't use the knowloedge base i build , i get the message The Data quality knowledge base property is empty
    How can i be sure that i published successfully (any query on repository ?)
     What do i miss ?

    Use the Data Quality Client to check in the Open Knowledge Base
    screen if the knowledge base was published. To do so, click Open Knowledge Base
    in the home screen of Data Quality Client, and then check the Date Published column.
    Alternately, you can also check the PUBLISH_DATE column in the DQS_MAIN.dbo.A_KNOWLEDGEBASE

  • Cuatomizing MSS Team Calendar iView on the Portal

    We have installed the ESS And MSS Business package.  But we are unable to access the MSS Team Calendar.
    The error message is:
    No views found: Missing customizing.
    Please advice.  Is there a how to guide?

    Hi Amr Azim
    Please check the below threads for similar issues :
    Team Calendar in MSS: No Views found: Missing customizing
    MSS Team calendar error - No Views found,  Missing Customizing
    For accessing MSS Team calendar iview in the sap portal, you need to check the IGS configurations
    [Internet Graphics Server (IGS) Administration |] , SAP Note 704604, 946153, 1294238.
    Hope it will helps
    Arun Jaiswal

  • MSS Start Process iView

        Can we skip the first step "Employee Selection" and move directly to the "Process Selection" in the "Start Process" iview with MSS 1.0.
    If this can be done, Can you please let me know how to skip the Employee selection step.
    Edited by: Kirupanand Venkatapathi on Jun 30, 2009 9:24 AM

    Hi Siddharth,
                       Nice to see your reply, i went to the table V_T5ASRPROCVALID but i haven't seen any of the below process 
    Change Employee Group and Subgroup
    Change Personnel Area and Subarea
    Request for Internal Transfer (Enhanced)
    Request for Promotion
    Request for Internal Transfer
    Request for Separation
    Request for Special Payment
    Request for Transfer
    Change of Working Time
    in that table, i want to remove the above process from MSS Start Process iView and you mention feature for this, if you have any idea about that feature please let me know.
    Really i appreciate.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Edit MSS 60.1 iView

    EP: 6.0 SP14
    SAP: 4.70 X200
    MSS : 60.1
    I need to make a couple of changes to the standard worksets. NWDI is not configured. So can I simply install NWDS and make the required changes to these iViews by importing the PAR files and adjusting them, or is there something else to be done? I have read something about using Content Mirroring here but not sure if I need to use it before updating the source files. Any suggestions are welcome.
    Thanks and regards
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            Shehryar Khan
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    Thanks for the reply. Can you please highlight why I'd need PDK? I have seen quite a few posts on this forum but none have mentioned about PDK so far. The procedure mentioned so far is to simply download the PAR file from Portal, Import into NWDS, adjust the application, and upload back into portal. Please correct me if I am wrong. What is PDK giving??? Wouldnt the application compile without it? Is there anything else to consider such as deployment descriptors???

  • MSS General Data iView

    Hi To all,
    I'm implementing MSS 60.1.5 <b>(No WebDynpro)</b>
    I have a problem with GeneraData iView
    It's a JSP and it utilize the RFC HRWPC_RFC_EP_READ_GENERALDATA
    The problem is that the iView do not show in a correct way the data. I.E. next to Employee SubArea(description) show the office adress, or next to salary class(description) show the value of the Employee status.
    Someone know how can I reorganize the view?
    Thanks in advance

            Can you help me regarding MSS iview customization (based on par and not webDynpro).There is one iview General data in which we have to add one new field.For that a new function Module is created in the Backend R/3 by ABAP persons.The New Function module wraps the old function Module + the new Field.Do you know How this filed can be shown in our iview.

  • Resource property is empty in Room mailbox , where Room was added as Resources with other Rooms

    HI ,
    I am trying to read Resource property using delegate account having calendar Delegate access ,  i am able to access these on different servers (Exchange  2007_sp1 & Exchange 2010 sp1) on QA server its comming as empty . Code i am using is as
    follows ,
    Object allAttendees = null;
     ExtendedPropertyDefinition prop = new ExtendedPropertyDefinition(DefaultExtendedPropertySet.Appointment, 0x8238, MapiPropertyType.String);
     appointment.TryGetProperty(prop, out allAttendees);
    please help me find the answer or if someone can suggest better approach then please please tell me , that would be great help
    Thanks in advance
    Dheeraj Kumar
    Thank you Dheeraj Kumar

    Hi Daniel,
    Since OWA works fine, I believe the issue should be related to Outlook autodiscover and EWS. You can check the settings by the following steps on an problematic Outlook
    a. While Outlook is running, click the CTRL key and then right-click the Outlook icon in the system tray and then select “Test Email Autoconfiguration”.
    b. Confirm that your email address is in the address field, uncheck “Use Guessmart” and “secure Guessmart authentication” boxes. Then click the “Test” button.
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact
    [email protected]
    Simon Wu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Changing Layout and RFC used in MSS Attendance Overview iview

    Hi There,
    We are using HTMLB based MSS iviews and need to change layout and information on Attendance overview screen. We got required PAR file and i can create a project based on this PAR as well.
    Now i see so many errors due to missing import, even com.sapportals.html* based import statements are indicated as error..
    If i have missed out something during import of this par file, how can i correct it now.
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

    thansk Prakash,
    Finally directed them to server files.. and it did the job )
    Edited by: Sudhir on Oct 13, 2008 10:17 AM

  • MSS - Compensation Profile iViews Error Messages (Parameter CREVI not set)

    Hello Folks,
    We are currently implementing ECM with MSS and SAP Portal. In the Plan Compensation iView when I click on the Employee Name hyperlink it is launching Employee Compensation Profile page having General Data, Compensation Adjustments, Salary Development, Salary Survey Data, Compensation Guidelines, Compensation Eligibility, LT Incentive iViews.
    I am getting below listed messages in these iViews, I am not able to trace where the configuration for these is missing i.e. either in the Resource or Service or in any of the SPRO step. Could you please help me in pointing to the location where I am missing in the config part.
    General Data iView - "Internal error; Parameter CREVI is not set, Salary Development: An error occurred while the data was read."
    Salary Development, Salary Survey Data, LT Incentive iViews - "No data available"
    Compensation Guidelines, Compensation Eligibility iViews - "To display data, first select an employee".
    Thanks much for your help!

    Enter in the iview PCD portal content :
    iView Compensation Planning - edit iview - in propertes search for the field Compensation Review (CREV) it's optional and fey from SAP Table T71ADM08
    Edited by: Javier Ignacio Serrano Zamorano on May 5, 2010 10:20 PM

  • MSS Status overview iview Objective Settings & appraisals

    Hi All,
    Currently the status overview Iview of MSS for appraisals display all the employees(in org unit) irrespective of whether the employee/appraisee has existing documents. This is because this Iview also has the functionality of creating the appraisal documents from here.
    In our case we don't create appraisal documents from this Ivew, so we hide the "In Preparation".
    Now the question is we want to filter the employees and display only those who has appraisal documents already created. How could we achive this?
    All we need is: We wanted to give an view to higher level manager with all the employees who has apprisal documents in completed status and he need to just approve/reject. Is there any other way we can achive this with out using the Status Overview Iview. I am not able to locate any bsp which serves this purpose from HAP_DOCUMENT.
    Please adive me, how can I achive this.
    Apprciate your inputs and any kind of help.
    Thank You,

    Hi, Check HAP_CALIBRATION / search.htm and result.htm you can enhance his behavior modifying filtering,
    Best Regards.-

  • MSS Organizational Assignment iView not displaying

    I'm using the MSS business package.
    When navigating to Team - Employee Info - General Info, selecting an employee and clicking on the organizational assignment hyperlink, nothing happens. The Org Assignment iview does not popup.
    However if I go into the other links under Team - Employee Info such as Personnel Development, and choose the same employee, the organizational assignment iview does start correctly.
    I'm not sure where the problem lies here or what config controls this behaviour.
    Any advise please.

    Hey Mr. T,
      First off, great name.
      Secondly, and to address your issue, can you say whether or not you've attempted to move (copy/paste) any of the XSS content from the default location in the PCD to another location? Any content that might use OBN and/or relative paths to call secondary content items will NOT work properly if you start moving content around in the PCD. That's not to say it can't be done, but additional steps must be taken after you've moved this content. Please comment on the current location of your content in the PCD... was it moved at all?
      Additionally, it may prove useful to captur an HTTP trace during the 'failure scenario' because you can often derive the target PCD location from the entries in that trace. HTTP Watch is a free tool that works well. There are others too, just Google-search for one. If possible, paste the last dozen or so lines of the trace into a reply here and we can try to see what exactly is being called and, hopefully, tell you why it's not rendering.

  • MSS Status overview displays empty screen

    We are configring the MSS PCR under the Team workset.
    Under PCR when the option for Status Overview for Personnel Change Requests  are clicked, I get an empty screen.
    Is there any additional configurations required?
    We are using EP7.0, ECC6.0 (nw2004s)
    Thanks for your help

    Hi Ulrike,
    I replicated exactly the steps your described but do not see the same system behaviour. On my system, just after creating the cart, in the section 'Approval status details for selected item', the status is 'No user decision'.
    I searched notes and messages and found nothing related to this issue.
    Can you send me screenshots showing exactly the steps you followed just to make sure I am following same steps in the replication.

  • MSS Salary Development iView issue for specific country

    This iView works for most countries (Salary Development iView + the Graph) but for certain countries namely China, the table will be empty but the graph will show the bars/values. Any ideas as to why this could happen?

    Created a new enhancement spot on FM  HRWPC_EP_READ_SALARY_IT when calling FM 'RP_SALARY_GENERIC_CALC', leaving USE_IT0014 and USE_IT0015 parameters empty.
                    PERSONNEL_NUMBER             = PERNR
                    EVAL_WAGE_TYPE               = lt_buckets-LGART
                    CURRENCY                     = lv_CURRENCY
                    SALARY_AS_OF_DATE            = lv_salary_as_of_date2
                    BEGIN_OF_EVALUATION          = YEARS-BEGDA
                    END_OF_EVALUATION            = YEARS-ENDDA
                    USE_IT0008                   = 'X'
                    USE_IT0014                   = ' '
                    USE_IT0015                   = ' '
                    USE_P0008_ANSAL              = lv_USE_P0008_ANSAL_INDICATOR
                    SALARY                       = lv_AMOUNT
                    ERROR_READ_0001              = 1
                    ERROR_READ_0008              = 2
                    ERROR_READ_0014              = 3
                    ERROR_READ_0015              = 4
                    NO_ENTRY_T511                = 5
                    ERROR_AT_INDIRECT_EVALUATION = 6
                    INTERNAL_ERROR               = 7
                    OTHERS                       = 8.

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